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A vast array of written works, including novels, poems, plays, a glimpse into different cultures, perspectives, and human experiences through storytelling.





short story












What was the date of birth of Dr. Jose Rizal?

  • June 19, 1861


  • Attractive
  • Rich
  • Poor
  • Foolish

Consonance is a stylistic literary device identified by the repetition of identical or similar consonants in neighboring words whose vowel sounds are different. (ex.: It will creep and beep while you sleep)

  • Consonance

Write 3 adjectives that define the Anglo-Saxons: What were they like?

  • warlike , adventurous, bold, fearless, ruthless, fond of fighting, courageous, brave, cruel, tough

Check All that ApplyAGES 0-2

  • brief, plotless, concept books with brightly colored pictures
  • brief, plotless, concept books with brightly colored pictures
  • simple-plot picture storybooks and folktales for reading aloud
  • often in the form of heavy, nontoxic cardboard or cloth books

It is a state of confusion or uproar.

  • titter
  • bedlam
  • pivot
  • bashing

Is on literary form that is slowly becoming extinct, if not, rare.

  • Drama
  • Folktale
  • Novel
  • Epic

In the story, I am one of the Mountain People, who is the narrator?

  • Bal – og
  • Ita Magdum
  • Nana Loling
  • A prince of the Mountain People

Children's books bring...

  • An opportunity for children to use their imagination.
  • Parents a way to punish the children.
  • A great way to keep children occupied while you are busy.
  • For relaxation

In the story, Blue blood of the Big Astana, what is an Astana?

  • Big house
  • River
  • Animal
  • Musical instrument

“Aruy! Katimyas na nitang Dalaga” is a good example of a pamuri folk song.

  • True
  • False

What was Rizal’s complete name?

  • Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda

Speculation is permitted in the Discussion section if it is

  • Faithful to the intuition of the authors.
  • Related closely and logically to empirical data or theory.
  • Expressed verbosely and eloquently.
  • None of the above.


  • Jump
  • Notice
  • Talk
  • Shine

- Use of Figurative Language – Most generally, figurative language refers to language that is not literal: it suggest a comparison to something else, so that one thing is seen in terms of another.

  • Poetry

A form of salutation meaning master or boss.

  • Baas
  • bogeyman
  • kaffir
  • titter

Who is the author of the story, " I am one of the Mountain People "?

  • Macario D. Tiu
  • Esther Viv B. Aringoy
  • Jose Garcia Villa
  • Ibrahim Jubaira

What is a conflict?

  • action that happens after the climax
  • the most dramatic part of the story
  • the end of a story
  • the struggle/problem a character must overcome

Children ages 0-2 enjoy storybooks with simple plots.

  • true
  • false
  • maybe
  • cannot be determined

Which of these plot elements are listed in the proper order?

  • introduction, falling action, climax, conclusion
  • exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, conclusion
  • conflict, rising action, falling action, climax
  • rising action, falling action, exposition

- Third Largest Ethnic Group

  • Ilocano
  • Tagalog
  • Cebuano
  • Aeta

In the story Magnificence, what did Vicente give to the girl as a present?

  • Chocolates
  • Pencils
  • Apples
  • Bread

In the story Prisoner, the narrator says, “But it was too late. The Germans were here. If I had only known then what I know now, I would have run.”His __________ is pessimistic and scary.

  • Setting
  • Tone
  • Conflict
  • Mood

It is when or when the story took place.

  • Title
  • Setting
  • Character
  • Lesson

The one who wrote the book.

  • Title
  • Author
  • Character
  • Lesson

Identify the Genre and the Sub-genreIt is a long poem about a hero.

  • Poetry - epic

What is the 1st class independent component city in Region 2?

  • Santiago, Isabela

Who was Balagtas’ mentor in poetry?

  • Huseng Sisiw

A form of poetry in Indonesia based on Sanskrit kavya.

  • kekawin
  • chbap
  • lakhon
  • sajak

In Harry Potter, Harry, Ron and Hermine are the people who make important decisions and actions in the story. Harry, Ron, and Hermine are the main ______.

  • Setting
  • Tone
  • Characters
  • Plot

This type of literature can also be called “informational” material.

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Drama


  • Sleepy
  • Drunk
  • Hungry
  • Poisoned

Lao literature served an important role as a vehicle with which to convey Islamic religious teachings and explain proper behavior for individuals in society.

  • True
  • False

Afer may be from the Phoenician Afar which means ______.

  • cold
  • sunny
  • dust
  • windy

Which among the statements below is not true about creative nonfiction.

  • Creative nonfiction is a created story but sticks to the facts.
  • It is solely for imparting ideas.
  • Stories are told with the craft of fiction
  • the writer of this genre can sound poetic or a journalist.

“Atin Cu Pung Singsing” is a good example of a goso folk song.

  • True
  • False

Check All that ApplyPersonal Value of Literature for Children

  • imagination and Inspiration
  • imagination and Inspiration
  • Enjoyment
  • Understanding and Empathy

Which King was brave enough to fight and defeat (at least for a time) the feared Danes in the 9th Century ?

  • King Alfred the Great

It has been written for or by African people in different languages and various genres.

  • African Literature
  • Afro-Asian Literature
  • World Literature

It is an act of religious sacrifice.

  • debauch
  • diffuse
  • oblation
  • odoriferous

If a researcher has completed a thorough search of the World Wide Web:

  • The literature search can be concluded.
  • It may also be fruitful to search an electronic database.
  • It may also be fruitful to search the Internet.
  • He/she will find largely redundant information on an electronic database.

When writing a report of original research, the sections should reflect the

  • The problem, participants, essential features of the study method, basic findings, and conclusions.
  • Raw data statements with conclusions.
  • Conclusions not found in the text of the report.
  • F values, degrees of freedom, and probability levels.

The review of the literature can be curtailed when:

  • You are no longer encountering new ideas or information.
  • All of the work done by top researchers in the area has been reviewed.
  • All published work related to a topic has been reviewed.
  • Two to four weeks have been devoted to the search.

he/she define the literary text as offers a simple illustration of the importance of form in conveying information.

  • Kramsch
  • Gower

he/she define the literary text as primarily in terms of how readers interact with them.

  • Rosenblatt
  • Widdowson

What is this little girl's name?

  • Donna
  • Deanna
  • Dora
  • Didi

A well-written literature review:

  • Avoids evaluation or critique of the literature reviewed, so as not to bias the opinion of the reader.
  • Emphasizes critique and synthesis of the work of others that is related to your own research problem.
  • Avoids summarizing the work of others so that details of the original work are not lost in the reviewing process.
  • Emphasizes detailed reporting of each piece of research included in the literature review.

Jane wants to search for information about the variety of attention disorders that are seen in childhood. Which of the following sets of keywords would best get Jane started on an effective and efficient search?

  • “attention disorders”
  • “ADHD,” “ADD,” and “children”
  • “disorders” and “children”
  • “attention disorders” and “children”

The main purpose of the review of the literature is to:

  • Acknowledge the work of others by listing their findings prior to proposing your own project.
  • Show how your study is superior to other work done in the area.
  • Publicly demonstrate your mastery of the research literature in your area.
  • Show how your study is related to, and extends, other work in the area.

literature as content provides three major benefits for learners what are these?

  • it demonstrates the ''importance of authors' choice of form to achieve specific communicative goals.
  • it demonstrates the ''importance of authors' choice of form to achieve specific communicative goals.
  • it defines literary texts primarily in terms of how readers interact with them.
  • it is an ideal resource for integrating the four skills, and
  • it raises cross-cutural awareness.

“Long ago, the kingdom of Ayodhya was ruled by a wise king. Ayodhya is part of the Ancient Sarayu in India.” What literary element is emphasized from this statement?

  • character
  • character
  • plot
  • setting

The Cagayan Valley Region is the fourth largest region in the Philippines.

  • True
  • False

Who is the author of the story " The Chieftest Mourner "?

  • Vivian Ringo
  • Aida Rivera Ford
  • Jose Garcia Villa
  • Amador Daguio

The __________ inscription is theearliest extant specimen of Burmeseliterature.

  • kekawin
  • myazedi
  • pali canon
  • chbap

The most dramatic or intense part of the story, the turning point is called

  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • Resolution

It is a writing that is based on facts, real events, and real people.

  • Non Fiction

In the story, The Chieftest Mourner, Why did the other woman give up her placein the funeral?

  • She was shoved away by the family
  • She had a tummy ache and needed to go to the bathroom
  • She declared that they can have all that is left of him
  • She had to walk her dog

In the story, A footnote to youth, what was the name Dodong's eldest son?

  • Maria
  • Blas
  • Christina
  • Rodolfo

- First ever recorded ethnic group that fought against the Spanish

  • Ilocanos
  • Cebuanos
  • Maranaos
  • Ilongo

Which of the statements below is not true about Literature.

  • A great work of Literature endures time.
  • Literature is any form of written work
  • Literature has to be evaluated properly before it can be considered a great work of Literature.
  • Literature is a work of art.

Who is the author of the story, " The Wedding Dance "?

  • Estrella Alfon
  • Jose Garcia Villa
  • Amador Daguio
  • Estheria Vivia


  • Lazy
  • Drunk
  • Idealistic
  • Hopeful


  • Light
  • Strange
  • Twisted
  • Picked up

Dimension of culture in which a culture's conceptual system is embodied in the language.

  • semantic sense
  • sociological sense

What did Victor refer to when he told Mariana, "It's barbecue today."

  • The act of cooking something over fire
  • How the dog was cooked
  • How hot and sweaty he is
  • Lunch was chicken barbecue

Poems of love or nature in Burmese literature.

  • pyo
  • yagan
  • myil-taza
  • yadu

It holds all of its other elements in place.

  • Form
  • Theme
  • Characterization
  • Style

When the Romans left in circa 410 BCE, the Angles, Saxons and Jutes invaded and... (choose the most complete answer)

  • enslaved the Britons, pillaged and burnt villages and destroyed the Roman heritage. But then, they chose the most fertile land to settle down and grow cattle and crops.
  • They pillaged and burned the Britons, enslaving and killing hundreds. Later, they fought among themselves for predominance.
  • They destroyed the Roman buildings, raped women and enslaved everybody. Afterwards, they settled down as farmers in 7 kingdoms.

In the story, the Wedding Dance, how was Awiyao seen in the village for his marriage to Lumnay?

  • Shameful
  • Honored
  • Misplaced
  • Incompetent

Who was the first Roman who tried to conquer Britain [or Britannia - as the Roman eventually named this province]?

  • Julius Caesar

In the story, A footnote to youth, what happened to Dodong's life when he married young?

  • Ruined
  • Contented
  • Accomplished
  • Happy

Exaggerated statements (ex.: I am so hungry; I could eat a horse)

  • Hyperbole

In Twilight, Edward is a vampire who loves Bella. Edward wants to be close to Bella, but he is afraid he will hurt her. This describes the ______ of the story.

  • Conflict
  • Tone
  • Mood
  • Plot

How can you describe Mariana in the following sentences?"Now who's talking? When was the last time you went to church, ha Victor? That was the time the Legion Mary brought us to Fatima Church to be married and you fought with the priest in the confessional. And now here you are mentioning God's name to me."

  • Contemptuous
  • Religious
  • Loving and sweet
  • Begging

What is Children's Literature?

  • Books written by award-winning authors
  • Books are written for children meeting high literary standards
  • Books with lots of pictures.
  • Books that are engaging.

Who is the author of the story, “ A footnote to youth “?

  • Jose Garcia Villa
  • Amador Daguio
  • Esther Viv B. Aringoy
  • Ibrahim Juhaira

The belief that a certain object or a thing possesses magical or supernatural power to protect the bearer.

  • Galley
  • Barter
  • fetishism
  • Lithely

Repetition only in a first syllable, same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent (ex.: Crunchy Caramel Cabbage)

  • Alliteration

“Ravana abducted Sita and forced her to be his wife. Rama came to rescue Sita. He fought and confronted Ravana and his evil brothers. Finally, Rama killed Ravana and freed Sita.” In this situation, the struggle is directly set between the protagonist and the antagonist. What type of conflict is used by the author?

  • man vs. man
  • man vs. society
  • man vs. self
  • man vs. supernatural


  • Manly
  • Dangerous
  • Delicious
  • Animalistic

Who is the native man that captured Princess Magayon's heart?

  • Ulap

In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet met at a party and fell in love. Their families hate each other. Romeo and Juliet, and other characters take actions that resulted to a tragic ending of the story. These are some actions in ______ of the story.

  • Setting
  • Conflict
  • Mood
  • Plot

What is a plot?

  • the problem or struggle a character has to overcome
  • the ending of a story
  • the important events in the story
  • the characters in the story


  • Strange
  • Light
  • Soft sob
  • Harshness

Where did the Celts come from originally?

  • From Northern Scotland.
  • From Germany, Western and Central Europe.
  • From Cornwall and Wales
  • From Ireland

Generally speaking, the best time to begin the literature review associated with a specific research project is:

  • After the research problem has been clearly articulated.
  • After the data have been collected, but before they are analyzed.
  • Based on personal preference; there is no single best time.
  • Before or during the formulation of the research problem.

How did Mariana view Victor as he crawled on the floor, strain his body toward the wall and search for his slippers under the table?

  • He looked like a dog.
  • He looked like Mr. Philippines.
  • He looked like he was suffering a sickness.
  • He looked so sexy and muscular.

It is a Malay free-form style (meaning “rhyme” in English) that was full of nationalistic symbolism.

  • Sarawak
  • Sarjak
  • Sajak
  • Sarak

he/she believes that literary texts should be read and enjoyed.

  • Kramsch
  • Gower

What does the underlined word in the following sentence mean?He looked like a dog tracking the smell of some hidden carrion.

  • Gory reverse horror game
  • Carry on tracking the hidden smell
  • A native or inhabitant of Caria, an ancient region of southwestern Asia Minor
  • The decaying flesh of dead animals

If an important reference you want to include in your literature review is checked out to another library patron, you might:

  • Obtain it through interlibrary loan.
  • Obtain it by asking the library to recall the reference.
  • Obtain it through an online document delivery service.
  • Decide to make do without it.

Who is the author of the poem "My Country for Mandela"?

  • Zindiziswa Mandela

It is a kitchen and cooking apparatus of a ship or an airplane.

  • galley

The rising action is

  • a related series of events in the plot leading to the resolution of the conflict and moving toward the conclusion of the story
  • a related series of events in the plot building suspense toward the climax of the story

- Ordinary Language, Direct or Straightforward, Pragmatic, Contains Sentences and Paragraph, It is Utilitarian,

  • Prose


  • Fried
  • Foolish
  • Joy
  • Crazy

The information I expect to get in the introduction of a story (Check all which apply)

  • falling action
  • characters
  • setting

It is a created literature to be performed and witnessed by an audience.

  • Poetry
  • Novel
  • Epic
  • Drama


  • Weaken
  • Strengthened
  • Working
  • Cursing

A _________ is more creatively crafted than novels, but lack specific and minute details.

  • Short Story
  • Essay
  • Epic
  • Folktale

In the story, The Chieftest Mourner, how did the narrator react when she read about her uncle's death?

  • She tried to be brave
  • She was happy
  • She was depressed
  • She drank beer to it

If you want to find statistics on health care spending is broken down by state, ______ will probably be your best resource.

  • The library catalog
  • Government publications
  • An online database
  • The reference lists of important papers in your area

A novel could present various themes organized in “_____”, and, sometimes, “______.”

  • scenes
  • acts
  • volumes
  • chapters

It means to ask.

  • query

Identify the Genre and the Sub-genreIt is an encyclopedia entry that describes Vit.E.

  • Non-Fiction - Reference Material

Enumerate the uses of literary texts to develop language.

  • Comparing two short stories : Characterization : point of view

- Ilocano brothers and Sisters- Sao mi Daytoy- Sao mi Ditoy

  • Samtoy
  • Santol
  • Ditoy

Who is the Father of Modern African Literature and author of the novel Things Fall Apart ?

  • Chinuah Achebe
  • Chinua Achebe

Identify the Genre and the Sub-genreIt is a book about the life of a famous artist.

  • Non-Fiction - Biography


  • Like
  • Soft sobsoft sob
  • Unforgettable
  • Light

States that one thing is another thing, not literally true (ex.: laughter is the best medicine)

  • Metaphor

Typically, the literature review should:

  • Include few or no works more than five years old to avoid having the work become prematurely obsolete.
  • Be limited to work coming out of the very best labs and universities in the country.
  • Give a broad overview of the area, without getting bogged down in the details of particular studies or theoretical perspectives.
  • Emphasize how the studies being reviewed are related to the research problem under consideration.

In the story, The Chieftest Mourner, how did the guests react towards the two women during the funeral wake?

  • They were happy
  • They were eager to see the scene
  • They danced along the confrontation
  • They filmed the scene

A country at the center of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.

  • Brunei
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Laos

What was Francisco Balagtas’ nickname?

  • Kikong Balagtas

What form of literature is shown based on the text?

  • Essay
  • Short Story
  • Poetry
  • Epic

An epic combines both styles of a _______ and ______ story.

  • romantic
  • drama
  • humorous
  • narrative

If an important book that you want to include in your literature review is not owned by your library, your best move would probably be to:

  • Obtain it through interlibrary loan.
  • Obtain it by asking the library to recall the reference.
  • Obtain it through an online document delivery service.
  • Cite it anyway for the benefit of the reader.

Dimension of culture in which cultural norms influence what language is appropriate for what context.

  • pragmatic sense
  • sociological sense

Africa is the second largest country in the world.

  • True
  • False

In the story, the Wedding Dance, how did Lumnay feel when Awiyao told her about his plan?

  • She felt happy
  • She felt betrayed
  • She felt worried
  • She danced to it

Which of the statements below is not true about Manga.

  • it is a comic.
  • scenes are with various onomatopoeia
  • it has less dramatic effects
  • it delivers spectacular actions.


  • Laos
  • Myanmar

What was Victor's ambition?

  • To become Mr. Philippines
  • To be the President of the Philippines
  • To drink tuba and eat dog food everyday
  • To have many children

In the story, A footnote to youth, at what age did Dodong decide to marry?

  • 35 - 40
  • 17 - 18
  • 25 - 30
  • 50 - 60

Who sponsored Francisco Balagtas’ studies when he was in Tondo?

  • Doña Trinidad

What is the end of the story called?

  • Rising Action
  • Exposition
  • Denouement
  • Climax

It is also recognized by the world as the Golden Land.

  • Myanmar

The roles of griots are to tell stories and keep track of history and developments of African people over time. Aside from these, they are also good

  • orators, musicians, lyricists

What was Rizal’s last words during his execution?

  • Consummatum Est

The most important figures in a Celtic tribe were these 3:

  • the warrior, the druid and the bard

In 1891, Rizal published a sequel, titled "El Filibusterismo." When published in English, it was titled ________.

  • The Reign of Greed

A well-structured literature review:

  • Contains highly detailed descriptions of each work chosen for inclusion in the review.
  • Begins with those studies most closely related to the research problem, then opens up to a broader perspective.
  • Begins with broad/general information, then narrows the focus to those studies most closely related to the research problem.
  • Contains general summaries of each work chosen for inclusion in the review.

If you want to find information about books available in your local library, ______ will probably be your best resource.

  • The library catalog
  • Government publications
  • An online database
  • The World Wide Web

______ is an example of a search engine.

  • Altavista
  • Books in Print
  • ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)
  • Humanities Index

Dimension of culture by Britten and fahsi which language is associated with the literature ,film, and music of a particular country.

  • aesthetic sense
  • pragmatic sense

Who is the antagonist in Legend of Mayon Volcano?

  • Shariff Patugo

A folk song is a traditional song from a particular region, or a modern song, usually with a tune played on a guitar, that is written in a style similar to that of traditional music.

  • True
  • False

Identify the Genre and the Sub-genreRefers to the story about the life in the year 3033.

  • Fiction - Science Fiction

Historically known as Siam.

  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar
  • Thailand

How did the Celtic tribes in Britain contribute to English Literature?

  • They left us stories such as that of Tristan & Isolde.
  • They left us legends passed on by word of mouth.
  • They left us romantic legends like that of King Arthur and also Gaelic, still spoken in Wales.
  • They left us their love for Nature, trees and lakes.

It is a poem that tells a story.

  • Narrative

In the story Magnificence, what did the mother do to her child after knowing what happened to her?

  • She bathed her child
  • Slapped her child
  • She told her to go to bed
  • Fed her porridge

Cambodia had a rich and varied traditional oral literature. There are many legends, tales and songs of very ancient origin.

  • True
  • False

Who is the princess in Kahariang Rawis?

  • Daragang Magayon

Africa terra means the land of ______.

  • Afri
  • Afar
  • Afridi
  • Aphrike

Which of the following are the two main types of literature?

  • Fiction
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction

Post-colonial African literature refers to the literary period after colonization.

  • True
  • False

the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named (ex.: “tiktok” of the clock)

  • Onomatopoeia:

What is this Filipino extemporaneous verse debate that was named after Balagtas?

  • Balagtasan

If you want to conduct a keyword or author search of research reports published in professional journals, ______ will probably be your best resource.

  • The library catalog
  • Government publications
  • An online database
  • The World Wide Web

African literature comes from ____________________________.

  • South Africa
  • South Africa
  • East Africa
  • Suburb Rhodesia

What is the most important indigenous lingua franca in Africa?

  • Swahili
  • Huasa

What is your instructor's last name for this subject?


literary texts to integrated skills what are this?

  • reading
  • reading
  • speaking
  • listening
  • writing

There are two kinds of Literature_______ and ___-_______

  • Fiction and Non-fiction


  • Fashion
  • Like
  • Unforgettable
  • Picked up

Proverbs express norms or codes of behavior, community beliefs or they instill values by offering nuggets of wisdom in short, rhyming verse.

  • True
  • False

In no less than five (5) sentences, write a gist of “The Legend of Mayon Volcano”.

  • [No Answer]


  • Incompetent
  • Impossible
  • Difficult
  • Impression

The setting of the short story, "The Dog-Eaters."

  • Saray
  • Pasay City
  • Artiaga Street
  • Garbage Dump

Cambodian literature is heavily influenced by Buddhism, the predominant religion, as well as by the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.

  • True
  • False

Dimension of culture in which language is linked to the customs and institutions of a country.

  • sociological sense
  • aesthetic sense


  • Open
  • Regret
  • Secret
  • Throw

Orature means

  • oral literature
  • oral literature
  • traditional literature

Giving forth a strong odor or scent.

  • dispose
  • diffuse
  • profusion
  • odoriferous

It refers to a work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact.

  • Fiction

In the story, the Wedding Dance, what was Lumnay's ailment that made her husband leave and marry another?

  • She was barren
  • She cannot cook
  • She was a rock star
  • She cannot bath

What is the most spoken language in Africa?

  • Swahili
  • Huasa

Thailand’s nationalepic is a version of the Ramayanacalled the __________.


Give at least one genre of the African Literature.

  • Poetry

The two most common language used in Africa are

  • Swahili and Huasa

In a paper that integrates several experiments, you should

  • Not combine the discussion with the description of results.
  • Have only one Results section for all the experiments.
  • Make it at least twice as long as a one-experiment study.
  • Include a comprehensive general discussion of all of the work.

Action which happens right after the climax, where the tension decreases is called

  • rising action
  • conflicting action
  • falling action
  • conclusion

In the story, The Chieftest Mourner, who is the other woman?

  • Evie
  • Esa
  • Sophia
  • Mary

Which of these elements were most important to shape Anglo-Saxon Literature?

  • 1.The tradition of passing by word of mouth the sagas of their warriors to the future generations.2.The sharing of food and mead.3. The giving of "rings" by the chief of the tribe to his warriors.
  • 1.The Mead Hall, where families would gather and listen to the scop or gleeman reciting whole sagas.2.The deeds of their warriors, remembered forever in poems passed on by word of mouth.3. The use of literary devices (alliteration, caesura, etc) to help the scop / gleeman remember the lines.
  • 1. The scop composing (in his head) the poems later recited by him or a gleeman.2. The sound of the harp, which accompanied the recitation. 3. The sense of a shared heritage and a shared past in the tribe.

Identify the Genre and the Sub-genreIt is a story about plants that come to life and talks.

  • Fiction - Fantasy


  • Door
  • Outdoor floor
  • Ground
  • Roof

In the story, Blue blood of the Big Astana, how was the narrator treated in the Datu's Astana?

  • He was treated as a servant
  • He was kicked out
  • He was ignored
  • He left immediately

What are the basis of a great work of literature?

  • [No Answer]

In the story, The Prisoner who Wore Glasses, the word "bogeyman" means?

  • a terrifying person

Region 2 is also called as __________________.

  • Cagayan Valley Region

In this type of literature, authors can also choose to include factual information in a made-up story.

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Drama
  • Poetry

In the story, Blue blood of the Big Astana, what was the relationship of Jafaar and Dayang – Dayang?

  • Siblings
  • College mates
  • Milk siblings
  • Master and Servant

Who is the author of the story Footnote to Youth?

  • Estrella Alfon
  • Jose Garcia Villa
  • Ibrahim Jubaira
  • Macario D. Tiu

If an important recent research article that you want to include in your literature review is not owned by your library, you might:

  • Cite it anyway for the benefit of the reader.
  • Obtain it by asking the library to recall the reference.
  • Obtain it through an online document delivery service.
  • Decide to make do without it.

In the story, I am one of the Mountain People, Why did the narrator study in a Christian school?

  • To not be stupid and ignorant as the Mountain people
  • To be urbanized
  • To be Christian
  • To learn to dress better

Human characteristic to something non-human. (ex.: the car danced on the icy road)

  • Personification

It is the products of the writer’s imagination, or they could be the very compelling point-of-view that the writer thinks in.

  • Theme
  • Style
  • Form
  • Characterization

Who is the author of the story, " Blue blood of the Big Astana "?

  • Abdul
  • Mary Viv
  • Ibrahim Jubaira
  • Macario D. Tiu

Why did Mariana kill the dog?

  • The dog represents Victor and Mariana's relationship, noisy and very troubled.
  • To unleash her fury against Victor and the life she is leading.
  • She wanted to eat the dog and drink tuba.
  • Ramir was so noisy and she was jealous because Victor liked him.

Children's literature is not books about childhood that are told in a nostalgic form.

  • true
  • false
  • maybe
  • cannot be determined

Young adults (children 9-12) read literature that helps them find themselves and important situations.

  • True
  • False
  • Maybe
  • Cannot be determined


  • Quiver
  • Worry
  • Run
  • Stare

Who is the author of How my Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife?

  • Manuel E. Arguilla

Which type of literature is a product of a writer’s imagination?

  • fiction
  • feature
  • literature
  • non-fiction

In the story, A footnote to youth, how many children did Dodong have during his married life?

  • 9
  • 6
  • 7
  • 12

In the story Magnificence, what did Vicente do to the little girl, which caused the mother’s anger?

  • Tutored the child
  • Jogged with the child
  • Walked with the child
  • Molested the child


  • Shady
  • Hut
  • Living room
  • Lot

Dalit is a Kapampangan lullaby.

  • True
  • False

What are your realizations upon reading the three biographies of the Region 1 authors? Explain your answer in no less than five (5) sentences.

  • [No Answer]

In the story, I am one of the Mountain People, why did the narrator decide to go back homeagainst his father's will?

  • He was ashamed of what he has become
  • He finished high school
  • He could not pay tuition anymore
  • He wants to be with his people


  • Counseling
  • Admiring
  • Advertising
  • Vomiting

_________ who are considered gifted are conversing with the spirit world are highly regarded in their communities.

  • young and old
  • tribesman
  • Gods and Goddesses
  • men and women

in poetry, the repetition of the sound of a vowel (ex.: I'm reminded to line the lid of my eye)

  • Assonance

Francisco Balagtas was born in what province?

  • Bulacan

In the story Magnificence, what did Vicente do to win the trust of the mother and the little children?

  • He was gentle and kind
  • He was generous and wealthy man
  • He was intelligent and smart
  • Helped around the house

It is the oldest known poem in Thai Literature.

  • Lilit Phra Lo
  • Suphasit Phra Ruong
  • Ramakien
  • lakhon

Most literature in Brunei is either written in Malay or in Chinese.

  • True
  • False

Identify the Genre and the Sub-genreIt is a poem about a girl's ideas about friendships

  • Poetry-lyric

It is the Cambodian version of the ancient Ramayana epic, which appears on bas-reliefs and frescos at temples and pagodas throughout the country.


The Sin Say is the most popular literature in Laos and deals with the life of Buddha before his enlightenment.

  • True
  • False

Choose the answer that best describe the Roman contribution to British literature and culture:

  • They built huge walls, stone roads and villas. They enriched English with their Latin and taught people to read and write.
  • They 'civilised' the Britons with their order, their buildings, their legions, their religion (Christianity) and their trade opportunities.
  • They erased the Celtic heritage and replaced it with theirs, based on Latin and Christianity.
  • They contributed to English through the introduction of Latin ( new words), to civilisation through their discipline, their stone villas and roads and their love of order. And they brought Christianity, which changed Britons' lives forever.

It is the second largest continent on earth.

  • Africa

What is a CHARACTER?

  • a person or animal which is part of a story
  • someone with a large personality
  • a person who is mentioned by another person in the story but never heard from
  • someone who writes a story


  • Thailand
  • Indonesia

It is deemed as the most relatable and tangible among the other literary forms.

  • Poetry
  • Essay
  • Epic
  • Novel


  • Retreated in fear
  • Soft sob
  • Squeezing
  • Like

What does dog-eaters mean?

  • Gluttons
  • People that eat dogs.
  • Ravenous eaters
  • Dogs that eat people.

Children between the ages of 7 and 9 are...

  • Solidifying their reading ability.
  • Enjoy reading long books that challenge them.
  • Gaining independence and determining their point of view.

Why does Mariana want to abort her baby?

  • She doesn't want to have another child.
  • Her husband does not have a job thus nothing to feed the baby.
  • The baby had an inborn defect that could greatly affect his life.
  • The gender of the baby was not to her liking.

In the story, I am one of the Mountain People, who was the only friend of the narratorat Santa Barbara?

  • Abdul
  • Ita Magdum
  • Nana Loling
  • Esther Viv B. Aringoy

It refers to the oral and written literary pieces produced on African continent.

  • African Literature

Africa is known as the _______ of the earliest known human.

  • tribesman
  • tribe
  • local
  • cradle


  • Forgettable
  • Remembrance
  • Ignorance
  • Noisy

It talks about the general structure of the literary piece.

  • Characterization
  • Form
  • Style
  • Theme

When was Rizal’s execution?

  • December 30, 1896

Francisco Balagtas’ poems were written in what language?

  • Tagalog

This author is known as the "Father of Ilocano Literature".

  • Pedro Bucaneg

Decorative motifs are use to honor the _________ and plant life of a region.

  • animal

Comparison of one thing to another thing, use of like, as. (ex.: brave as a lion)

  • Simile

They are the story-tellers of west Africa.

  • Parasols
  • Griots

He/she define the literary text as involves an understanding of how it communicates : what and how distinct.

  • Widdowson
  • Kramsch

A landlocked nation in the Southeast Asia occupying the northwest portion of the Indochinese peninsula.

  • LAOS


  • Brunei
  • Cambodia

There are how many countries in Africa?

  • 54

The early Thai literature was primarily concerned with religion.

  • True
  • False

Before writing the introduction section, consider the following questions:

  • How do hypotheses and reserch design relate to one another?
  • What are the theoretical and practical implications of the study?
  • What statistical tests were used?
  • All of the above.
  • A and b

It refers to the serious, solemn play based on an important social, personal, or religious issue.

  • Tragedy

Literature came from the latin word ____________ which means letters.

  • Littera

In the story, the Wedding Dance, who is Kabunyan?

  • God
  • Pet snail
  • Lumnay's mother
  • Dance teacher

Check All that ApplyAges 4-7

  • informational books for beginning readers that help children find out about the world and how it works
  • informational books for beginning readers that help children find out about the world and how it works
  • easy-to-read picture storybooks, folktales, and rhymes for reading aloud, storytelling, and “play-reading”

Identify the Genre and the Sub-genreIt is a story about characters who lived during the World War I. (the characters are not real but seem real)

  • Fiction - Historical

______ is an example of an electronic database.

  • Altavista
  • Books in Print
  • ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)
  • Humanities Index

Drama is divided into "_____" and "_____", forming a text filled with dialogues and stage directions for the actors’ movements.

  • chapters
  • acts
  • scenes

What does magnificence mean?

  • Roaring lion
  • Glamorous
  • Glory
  • Gigantic

What is the academic value of children's literature?

  • Opportunity to foster language development.
  • Exposure to common vocabulary and writing styles.
  • An opportunity for publishers to make a quick dollar off teachers.
  • Imagination and Inspiration

What was Francisco Balagtas’ most notable work?

  • Florante at Laura

In the story, Blue blood of the Big Astana, what is the meaning of the word ‘Babo’?

  • Hungry
  • Aunt
  • Tall
  • Poor

It reflects the struggle of the African People.

  • poetry
  • African Literature
  • drama
  • genre

A/An _______ is the biography of a person written by that person.

  • Autobiography


  • Endless
  • Resume
  • Cut short
  • Placement
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