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Paralegal Studies

A training in legal principles and procedures, equipping students with knowledge needed to support lawyers in legal research, documentation and case management.




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What must a commander ensure before recommending any type of involuntary discharge?

  • All rehabilitation requirements have been met and discharge for cause is not warranted.
  • Airman has met with the ADC and understands their options
  • Convening authority has concurred with the proposed action
  • Legal office has reviewed the file, and it is legally sufficient

When determining ROE, where is the place you need to check first and foremost?

  • SROE
  • Theater Specific ROE
  • Mission Specific ROE

What should you do first when conducting a witness interview?

  • Read the witness their Article 31, UCMJ, rights
  • Introduce defense counsel to the witness
  • Ask the witness to give a written statement
  • Identify yourself and any additional personnel witnessing the interview

Which LOAC principle prohibits the use of any kind or degree of force that exceeds that needed to accomplish the military objective?

  • Distinction
  • Proportionality
  • Military necessity
  • Rules of engagement

What peace operation is a diplomatic process aimed at establishing a cease fire or an otherwise peacful settlement of conflict?

  • Peace enforcement
  • Peace building
  • Peacekeeping
  • Peacemaking

A CA may withdraw from a PTA any time prior to the

  • Findings
  • Sentencing
  • Accused beginning performance of promises contained in the PTA
  • Defense counsel beginning performance of promises contained in the PTA

The suspension of punishment under NJP takes effect on the date the

  • Commander imposes punishment
  • SJA approves the punishment
  • Member was notified of the punishment
  • Chief, Military Justice approves the punishment

A court's power to hear a case before any other court is referred to as what?

  • First Jurisdiction
  • Supreme Jurisdiction
  • Original Jurisdiction
  • Pre-Jurisdiction

If the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals (AFCCA) has ordered a rehearing and the CA finds a rehearing impracticable, then the CA may

  • Declare a mistrial
  • Dismiss the charges
  • Re-prefer the charges
  • Reasses the sentence

While TJAG is responsible for the Legal Assistance and Preventive Law Program Air Force-wide, who is responsible for monitoring the program?

  • Community Legal Services Division (AFLOA/JACA)
  • MAJCOM Staff Judge Advocate
  • NAF Staff Judge Advocate
  • Base staff judge advocate

When may a paralegal represent a client?

  • Never
  • In a civilian court
  • In a court-martial
  • In a formal administrative proceeding

When an AIB is convened, the accident report must be completed within what maximum number of calendar days after receipt of the completed Part I SIB report?

  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 45

Which of the following indicates a properly typed fourth charge on DD Form 458, Charge Sheet?

  • Charge 4: Violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), Article 86
  • Charge IV: Violation of the UCMJ, Article 86
  • CHARGE 4: Violation of the UCMJ, Article 86

Under Aif Force Instruction (AFI) 36-3208, Aministrative Separation of Airmen, an accused submits a request for discharge in lieu of court-martial after what event?

  • Arraignment
  • Pretrial restraint
  • Preferral of charges
  • Pretrial confinement

What is the last paragraph in an enlisted involuntary discharge legal review?

  • Probation and rehabilitation
  • Convening authority's options
  • Legal and procedural sufficiency
  • Staff Judge Advocate's recommendation

If a CC receives a complaint or report regarding a member under his/her command, then the commander must

  • Prefer charges to court-martial
  • Place the member on administrative hold
  • Place the member into pretrial confinement
  • Make a preliminary inquiry into the charges or suspected offenses

Congress established TJAG on

  • 7 December 1941
  • 18 September 1947
  • 25 June 1948
  • 8 September 1948

What must take palce before charges can be referred to a GCM for trial?

  • CA must sign the covening order
  • Trial counsel must give the CA pretrial advice
  • An investigation under Article 32, UCMJ
  • SJA must choose the member panel

Who takes final action on a LOD determination case?

  • Member's commander
  • SJA
  • Appointing authority
  • Approving authority

Upon notification of a hearing, what is the first step that must be accomplished?

  • AFLOA/JAJM sends a transmittal letter to the original CA's SJA
  • AFLOA/JAJM sends a transmittal letter directly to the original CA
  • The SJA sends transmittal letter to the original CA
  • The SJA sends a transmittal letter to AFLOA/JAJM

What are the three main ways that a court can obtain personal jurisdiction over a defendant in a civil case?

  • Submission; out-of-state agent; state of birth.
  • Submission; domicile; out-of-state agent.
  • Consent; domicile; long-arm statute.
  • Consent; domicile; state of birth.

After how many days of continuous active duty is a commander not allowed to recommend an entry-level involuntary discharge?

  • 80
  • 90
  • 180
  • 190

Where in the R.C.M. is immunity discussed?

  • 754
  • 704
  • 154
  • 104

Prior to arraignment at trial, a reservist who will be tried by a general or special court-martial must be

  • On active duty
  • On Title 32 orders
  • Serving annual training
  • Serving inactive duty training

If a court-martial resulted in confinement for two years, whom is the ROT sent to for aunthentication?

  • MJ
  • TC
  • DC
  • SJA

If an accused waives appellate review, a sentence of a DD or BCD may be executed by the

  • CAAF

Which of the following statements concerning TJAG's Corps is accurate?

  • General James C. Cheney was appointed the first TJAG
  • General Reginald C. Harmon was appointed as the second TJAG
  • General James C. Cheney established TJAG's Department, 25 January 1949
  • The Air Force Chief of Staff established TJAG's Department, 25 January 1949

A brigadier general (0-7) has delegated NJP authority to a principal assistant in the grade of colonel (0-6). What do you tell the colonel regarding the level of punishment he can impose?

  • The colonel can impose punishment authorized for the colonel's grade
  • The colonel can impose punishment authorized for the brigadier general's grade
  • Because the colonel is a principal assistant, he/she can only impose punishment authorized for a lieutenant colonel's (0-5) grade
  • Because the colonel is a principal assistant, he/she can only impose punishment authorized for a major's (0-4) grade

R.C.M 707 (a) requires an accused be brought to trial within 120 days after

  • Referral of charges
  • Preferral of charges
  • Release from pretrial restraint
  • Date of discovery of an offense

After reviewing a request for off-duty employment in which you detect possible ethics concerns, what action should you take?

  • Dissaprove the request and send a courtsey copy to the SJA
  • Contact the off-duty employment manager
  • File a financial disclosure
  • Draft a brief legal review

Which of the following is the proper way to make a minor change to a specification on a charge sheet?

  • Use correction tape and retype the correct specification
  • Print a corrected charge sheet and have the commander prefer charges on the accused
  • White-out the incorrect material and have the trail counsel initial and date by each change
  • Line through the incorrect material and have the trail counsel initial and date by each change

What statute requires administrative or criminal sanctions for the misuse of appropriated funds?

  • Authorization Act
  • Accountability Act
  • Appropriations Act
  • Anti-Deficiency Act

In assembling a verbatim ROT for a GCM, if an original document is missing, the absence of the original must be explained, and

  • A copy inserted or a new original created
  • A copy or signed duplicate original copy inserted
  • A certified true copy inserted or a new original created
  • A certified true copy or signed duplicate original copy inserted

Who is responsible for adminstering the host-tenant support agreement program?

  • Receiver SAM
  • SJA
  • Installation commander
  • Installation supplier SAM

When the authority for an international agreement falls under the MAJCOM, to whom must it be submitted for concurrence?

  • SecAF
  • Assistant Legal Advisor for Treaty Affairs
  • Chief, Headquarters United States Air Force, Operations and International Law Directorate

In a court-martial with members, what happens after an Article 39 (a), UCMJ, session?

  • Voir dire
  • Care inquiry
  • Arraignment
  • Presentation of evidence

What needs to be considered before you recommend an individual for training?

  • Job requirements
  • Manpower requirements
  • Proficiency requirements
  • Qualification requirements

During discovery, which type of information is madatory disclosure by the prosecution?

  • Name witnesses
  • Names of witnesses and their contact information
  • Intent to offer defense of alibi
  • Drug self-identification program information

Through what web page can indiviuals gain access to the WebFLITE Roster?

  • TJAG home page
  • AF Portal home page
  • AFLOA's home page
  • Your office's Webdocs page

What type of evidence plays a direct part in the incident in question?

  • Real
  • Derivative
  • Documentary
  • Demonstrative

What is the standard of proof in an administrative discharge board proceeding?

  • Beyond a reasonable doubt
  • Preponderance of the evidence
  • Clear and convincing evidence
  • Standards of proof do not apply to discharge boards

Which type of operation is conducted outside of the US to relieve or reduce the results of natural or manmade disasters?

  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Peace building
  • Peacekeeping
  • Peacemaking

Which one of the following is not a prerequisite for a person to be selected as TJAG?

  • Must be a lawyer
  • Must have at least eight years experience in legal duties as a commissioned officer
  • Must be a member of a bar of a federal court or the highest court of a state or territory
  • Must be appointed by the Air Force Chief of Staff with the advice and consent of the Joint Staff

Who has overall responsibility for managing the docketing of court-martial worldwide?

  • Director, USAF Judiciary
  • Central Docketing Office
  • Chief Regional Military Judge
  • Chief Trail Judge

What must be present if a person subject to the UCMJ is to be apprehended for an offense triable by court-martial?

  • Jurisdiction over the person
  • Intent to commit a crime
  • Witness to the offense
  • Probable cause

Which sister service does not have a paralegal career field?

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Marines
  • Coast Guard

A member may be placed on involuntary excess leave when

  • Awaiting appellate review of an unsuspected punitive discharge
  • Serving a term of confinement for one year or more
  • A punitive discharge was not imposed
  • Mandatory forfeitures were adjudged

What form is used to record and present facts in support of a determination of financial liability and to adjust property control records?

  • AF 262
  • AF 1063
  • DD Form 1342
  • DD Form 200

During a LOD determination, at a minimum, what document must be completed in every case where a member dies on active duty?

  • AF Form 348
  • AF Form 1075
  • DD Form 261
  • DD Form 1077

When conducting manual legal research, what is considered to be a secondary source?

  • The United States Code
  • Black's Law Dictionary
  • The Supreme Court Reporter
  • The Code of Federal Regulations

Within what maximum period of time must a PCRO conduct a review of the probable cause determination and decide to continue PTC or release the member?

  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours
  • Seven days
  • Eight days

Once you have found the case on point, what is your next step to shepardize?

  • Find the case in the index
  • Find the case in the topic section
  • Make sure the case is still good law
  • Find the case in the table of contents

Which of the following remedies for breach of contract must be included in the contract in order to be recoverable?

  • Consequential Damages
  • Attorney fees and costs
  • Equitable relief
  • Punitive Damages

To ensure mission readiness, who may add requirements for mobilization and deployment related legal assistance?

  • Base staff judge advocates
  • TJAG
  • NAF staff judge advocates
  • MAJCOM staff judge advocates

Who must authenticate a supplementary CMO?

  • CA and SJA
  • CA only
  • SJA only
  • Master sergeant or above, when delegated

What provides the framework for organizing the efforts of federal, state, local, and private organizations for national security?

  • SOFA
  • MSCA
  • NSHS
  • FEMA

Who is the principal air advisor to the JFC?


Which type of SOFA is accomplished through an exchange of diplomatic notes?

  • Full-SOFA
  • Mini-SOFA
  • Administrative and Technical Staff
  • Ambassador Executive Leadership Staff

Who sets the presumptive trail date?

  • Clerk of Trial Courts
  • Director, USAF Judiciary
  • Chief Regional Military Judge
  • Chief Trail Judge

All SOFAs except for the NATO SOFA are considered

  • Formal treaties
  • Multilateral
  • Reciprocal
  • Bilateral

Which of the following publishes the opinions of the Supreme Court?

  • Supreme Court of United States
  • The United States Reports
  • United States Reporters Association
  • None of the above

What are Federal Rules Decisions?

  • Reporter designated to publish decisions of the Federal courts.
  • Reporter devoted to publishing decisions of High courts.
  • Reporters employed to manage the decisions of the Federal court.
  • Reporters devoted to publishing decisions in federal cases within a state.

When a squadron commander believes he or she has an officer that should be discharged, you must tell the commander their first step is to

  • Send the officer to the ADC
  • Serve a notification memorandum on the officer
  • Send the file to the SPCMCA
  • Evaluate the information and consult with the SJA

In which section of the CFETP do you find a list of training objectives to be trained in the formal school?

  • Section A, Part I
  • Section B, Part I
  • Section A, Part II
  • Section B, Part II

What are legal journals and law reviews?

  • Similar to restatements, but limited to narrow subtopics within an area of law.
  • Sources of articles, usually written by law professors, that can provide persuasive authority.
  • Sources of concise summaries of a law or statute.
  • None of the options.

What is the first thing you should complete if publications are missing during the law library inventory?

  • A DD Form 200
  • A Report of Survey
  • A thorough inspection of the office
  • A replacement of Lost/Missing Law Library Publication(s) Memorandum

The Contract Disputes Act obligates the contractor to

  • Continue performance pending final resolution of a dispute
  • Continue performance only after final resolution of the dispute
  • Complete the contractual terms regardless of any disputes
  • Complete the contractual terms as modified by interim agreement

Who supervises and manages the tax assistance program at base level?

  • Wing commander
  • Staff Judge Advocate
  • Squadron Commander
  • Chief of legal assistance

Who normally authenitcates the record of proceedings for an administrative discharge board?

  • Legal advisor
  • Respondent
  • Reporter
  • Judge

A commander may continued demotion action based on incidents that occurred before an Airman's reenlistment.

  • By special approval of the SecAF
  • By special approval of the MAJCOM commander
  • If the Airman was promoted based on achievements prior to the reenlistment
  • If the facts and circumstances of the incidents were not known by the commander until after reenlistment

After arraignment in an Article 39(a), UCMJ, session, what is the next step if the accused does not enter a guilty plea?

  • Accused reads his/her sworn or unsworn statement
  • TC presents his/her opening statement
  • DC presents his/her opening statement
  • MJ calls the court to order with members

What interview approach is primarily used during interrogations?

  • Direct
  • Indirect
  • Alternating
  • Combination

Your first step when drafting a memorandum to place a member on administrative hold is to detemine

  • The type of court-martial to be held
  • If the member is a witness or accused
  • The length of time the member will be on hold
  • Which AAC to use

What information is only discoverable upon request?

  • Names of witnesses
  • Sentencing evidence
  • Any prior convictions of the accused
  • Intent to disclose classified information trail

What must be updated after you receive books purchased by AFLOA/JAS?

  • Card Catalog
  • Shelflist cards
  • Locally developed computer applications
  • NetRAMS

If acting as an assisant to the recorder in an administrative discharge board proceeding, you will

  • Need to have a copy of the script
  • Need to be organized and ready to proceed
  • Need to have a copy of the convening order
  • Be under direct supervision of an attorney at all times

If a ROT in a GCM with a finding of guilty is not reviewed under Article 66, UCMJ, and the accused does not waive or withdraw the right to appellate review under Article 61, UCMJ, then itis reviewed under

  • Article 64(a), UCMJ
  • Article 67, UCMJ
  • Article 67(a), UCMJ
  • Article 69, UCMJ

If a commander decides to open a NJP personal apperance to the public, he or she must have consent of the

  • SJA
  • Chief, Military Justice
  • ADC
  • Member receiving the NJP

When drafting a last will and testament, what term describes all the possessions of one who has died that are subject to probate administration and distribution to heirs and beneficiaries?

  • Estate
  • Domicile
  • Real property
  • Personal propert

For the drug demand reduction program, an audit of collection procedures at a GSU is required at least

  • Quarterly
  • Bi-annually
  • Annually
  • Every two years

If a SSgt Category A Reservist has an accession date of 1 September 2010, the first EPR is due by 1 September of what year?

  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013

After an Airman acknowledges receipt of a notification for discharge, what is his next action?

  • Go to the MPS for discharge processing
  • Report to the Medical Group for a medical examination
  • Make an appotinment with the ADC
  • Submit a statement in rebuttal of the discharge.

What is the first component of the AF OJT program?

  • Upgrade training
  • Qualification training
  • Job knowledge training
  • Career knowledge training

In an administrative discharge board hearing, to whom does the legal advisor administer the oath?

  • Reporter
  • Recorder
  • Legal Advisor
  • Voting Member

In a MSPB proceeding, what maximum number of days from the effective date of the adverse action does a complainant have to file an appeal with the MSPB?

  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 45

If the CA denies an expert witness request, the request may be renewed before the

  • MJ
  • SJA

If you have more than one volume in the ROT, then the first volume should be no more than how many inches thick?

  • 1
  • 1 1/4
  • 1 1/2
  • 1 3/4

If a member fails to appear at the hearing for his or her conscientious objector status without good reason, then the member

  • Has waived his or her rights to be present at the hearing
  • Has the option of appearing in a private hearing
  • Can request another hearing at a later date
  • Can submit a waiver at a later date

When may a paralegal disclose attorney-client privilege information?

  • With permission fromt the attorney
  • With permission from the SJA
  • With premission from TJAG
  • Never

When producing a POA in the WebLIONS for a client on the waiting list, the first step from the "actions" drop down menu is to select

  • "all open vists"
  • "your open vists"
  • "client waiting list"
  • "POA office setup"

SrA Smith received NJP with 30 days correctional custody. After 20 days into the punishment the commander decided SrA Smith had improved considerably, and wants to do away with the remaining punishment not served. What supplementary action would you prepare for this stituation?

  • Set aside
  • Remission
  • Mitigation
  • Vacation of suspension

Which of the following types of information will not be made available for use in litgation?

  • Personal
  • Privileged
  • Confidential
  • For Official Use Only

What is your first step in CALR when searching for a case?

  • Go to the Area Research Library
  • Access the Federal Cases research section
  • Access the Military Justice research section
  • Access FLITE

Before travel payments are accepted from a non-federal source, the

  • Designated agency ethics official must grant approval
  • Travel approving authority must grant approval
  • Base SJA must grant approval
  • Member's command must grant approval

What is your first step when you need to make a third amendment to convening order?

  • Do a pen and ink change, initialed by the SJA
  • Complete an AF Form 973, Request and Authorization for Change
  • Publish a new order convening the court with a saving clause
  • Accomplish an amendment to the original convening order

Some witnesses are reluctant to disclose information. What reason describes when people feel getting involved in an incident may require a great deal of time and they do not want to get involved.

  • Resentment
  • Inconvenience
  • Fear of involvement
  • Personality conflicts

Air Force chaplains are considered

  • Combatants
  • Noncombatants
  • Lawful combatants
  • Unlawful combatants

A MTF must receive a written request to suspend tracking of information request on a deceased individual within how many days?

  • 15
  • 30
  • 45
  • 60

Why is it important to keep your information up-to-date in the WebFLITE Roster?

  • Your supervisor uses the information when writing evaluations
  • TJAG and MAJCOM offices use it to prepare for SAVs
  • AFLOA uses it to order books for the law library
  • MAJCOM and NAF offices use it to prepare for SAVs

What must be met before an accused can be charfed for a violation of the UCMJ?

  • Lesser included offenses
  • Charges and specifications
  • All of the elements of the offense
  • There must be a witness to the offense

When is the final report for tax filing due?

  • March
  • June
  • September
  • December

When you have a civilian witness who is willing to testify and your office is funding the travel, your next step in witness funding is to prepare a

  • Subpoena and a DD Form 453-1
  • DD Form 453-1 and send it to the witness
  • Subpoena and have it served on the witness by U.S Marshals
  • DD Form 453-1 and give it to DC to serve on the witness

When referral to a GCM is recommended, the SJA's pretrial advice must contain

  • The names of the witnesses who may be called at trial
  • Maximum permissible punishments for each offense alleged
  • Personal opinions as to whether the accused committed the offenses
  • A recommendation of the action to be taken by the CA

Which legal support functional competency is the ablity to provide the war fighter with the complete set of legal capabilities at any place at any time?

  • Operational readiness
  • Authoritative counsel
  • Legal information mastery
  • Compelling advocacy and litigation

Assessments of the installation drug testing program must be performed at least?

  • Quarterly
  • Bi-annually
  • Annually
  • Every two years

The ADC program went into effect worldwide on

  • 1 January 1972
  • 1 March 1973
  • 1 July 1974
  • 1 October 1975

For a court-martial, what must be done before selecting the Punitive Articles of the UCMJ that a member is suspected of committing?

  • Develop a proof analysis case
  • Consult the SJA
  • Draft the specifications
  • Read through all the evidence

What joint command was created to unify the military defense of our homeland, coordinate the Department of Defense's assistance with civil authorities, and protect the US and its territories?


If you need to correct errors in the heading or close of a CMO, you must

  • Rescind the CMO
  • Publish a new CMO
  • Publish a corrected copy
  • Publish an amended copy

Who does the baliff report to 30 minutes before the trial begins on the first day?

  • SJA
  • MJ
  • TC
  • Case paralegal

When a commander is ready to impose punishment under NJP, from whom must he seek advice?

  • SJA
  • First Sergeant
  • Chief, Military Justice
  • The commander does not need to seek advice

When a list of proposed panel members is sent to the CA, what type of data must accompany the member list?

  • Disciplinary
  • Financial
  • Award
  • Credit

As a minimum, how long is an Air National Guard member required to work in an active duty office?

  • At least two weeks every four years
  • At least two weeks every three years
  • At least three weeks every four years
  • AT least four weeks every three years

TSgt Smith received NJP with a reduction to SSgt. Four months later SSgt Smith requested that his punishment be changed to forfeiture of one-half of one's month pay for two months. What supplementary action would you prepare for this situation?

  • Set aside
  • Remission
  • Mitigation
  • Vacation of suspension

Under which area of the preventive law program would the importance of preparing a will be stressed?

  • Legal assistance and consumer protection
  • Deployment readiness preparation
  • Commander awareness
  • Reports

What is the first step in the process of deactivating a law library account due to the closing of an installation legal office?

  • Installation law office manager notifies AFLOA/JAS 12 months in advance
  • NAF legal office notifies AFLOA/JAS 12 months in advance
  • MAJCOM legal office notifies AFLOA/JAS 12 months in advance
  • Installation LLAO notifies AFLOA/JAS 12 months in advance

Who must the baliff inform prior to delivering any item or message to a court member in closed session?

  • SJA
  • MJ
  • TC
  • Case paralegal

What interview preparation step includes outlining topics to be covered and in what order?

  • Information sought
  • Familiarity with the case
  • Identifying and organizing
  • Background of the interviewee

When vacating a suspended sentence, what must happen before the expiration of the suspension time period?

  • Probably cause must be present
  • Proof beyond a reasonable doubt must be present
  • The supplemental order vacating the suspension must be issued
  • The accused's CC must recommend vacation of the suspension sentence

What is the Code of Federal Regulations?

  • An official codification of the rules and regulations of federal administrative agencies.
  • An unofficial and annotated compilation of the rules and regulations of all federal administrative agencies.
  • Publishes, in chronological order, the rules and regulations of federal administrative agencies.
  • None of the above.

For guidance on preparing for an Article 6 inspection, you should review and be familiar with

  • TJAG Policy Memorandum: TJAG Standards-6
  • TJAG Policy Memorandum: TJAG Guidance-5
  • Article 6, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
  • 10 U.S.C 8037 (c)(2)

What is the primary source a supervisor uses to select tasks to develop indiviual JQS?

  • Master task list
  • Master training plan
  • STS

What is secondary law?

  • Mandatory law
  • Non-mandatory law
  • State law
  • Binding law

In using the case method to research, if you know the name of the case, what do you use to find the case?

  • Court Martial Reporter
  • Manual for Courts-Martial
  • United States Code, Annotated
  • Table of Cases Reported: Alphabetical Listing

A number of events take place as part of discovery in a lawsuit. Which of the following is not one of them?

  • Motion to Compel
  • Admissions
  • Request for Production of Documents
  • Motion to Dismiss

Using the Agency Ethics Reporting System, the first step in creating your ethics report for the current year is to select the

  • "creat/modify current year Agency Ethics Report" option
  • "Agency Ethics" option
  • "submit report" option
  • "open record" option

Within what maximom number of days must an Airman submit an appeal to a demotion action to the MPS?

  • Three
  • Five
  • Seven
  • Ten

When drafting a stipulation of expected testimony, what identifying information is in the first numbered paragraph of the body?

  • Defense counsel
  • Trial counsel
  • Accused
  • Witness

Which of the following is related to paralegals?

  • Sited
  • Bench Payment
  • Cited
  • Sermon

If a commander requests supplemental ROE, then the request must be classified at least

  • Secret
  • Top Secret
  • Confidential
  • For Official Use Only

When numbering convening order for a GCM, what letter prefix must be used?

  • A
  • AB
  • AC
  • AD

If a PTA was submitted and denied, it is filed in the

  • Defense exhibits section of the ROT
  • Prosecution exhibits section of the ROT
  • Pretrial allied papers section of the ROT
  • Appellate exhibits section of the ROT

What does the term "venue" refer to?

  • The proper location within a jurisdiction for trial to be held.
  • The court with subject-matter and personal jurisdiction.
  • A defendant whose place of residence is outside the county or state of the plaintiff’s place of residence.
  • The location that the court chooses to hold the trial.

In an Equal Employment Opportunity case, if a complaint is unable to be resolved at the informal complaint stage, the counselor will

  • Issue an NOFI letter
  • Forward the case to the installation legal office
  • Inform the complainant of his/her right to file suit in US District Court
  • Forward the case to the AFCARO

A paralegal is most likely to inadvertently violate attorney-client privilege in which of the following circumstances?

  • Mailing discovery to opposing counsel
  • Talking to the client on the phone while you are in an elevator with others
  • Talking about your day in court at the bar with your friends
  • Sending an email to your boss that discusses details of the case and copying co-counsel

What is the first thing an Airman wishing to leave active Air Force service must do?

  • Submit his/her request in writing to MPS
  • Submit the request to his/her unit commander
  • Submit the request to his/her separation authority
  • Submit an AF Form 31

Airmen who have been upgraded in their specialties receive additional training through which program?

  • Upgrade training
  • Qualification training
  • Job knowledge training
  • Career knowledge training

What report is a statistical summary of all cases involving jurisdiction over US personnel?

  • Trial observer report
  • Serious indient report
  • Montly visitation report
  • Annual foreign criminal jurisdiction report

An addendum to the SJAR must be served on the accused and DC when the

  • SJA comments on the contents of the PDS in the addendum
  • SJA comments on the contents of the ROT in the addendum
  • DC and accused did not respond to the SJAR
  • Addendum contains new matter

If found guilty in a GCM, the most severe discharge that can be adjudged on an enlisted member is

  • A dismissal
  • A bad conduct discharge
  • A dishonorable discharge
  • An other than honorable conditions discharge

The purpose of the due process of law is to what?To...

  • Ensure everyone is judged fairly.
  • Ensure all needed documents are signed.
  • Ensure that the required time is well spent.
  • Ensure that offenders serve their term completely regardless of status.

After you have entered or verified a client's information for their legal assistance appointment in the WebLIONS, what is your next step?

  • _Select the "client waiting list" button
  • _Select the "complete AF 1175 inputs" button
  • _Select either the "all open visits" or "your open vists" button
  • _Select either the "legal assistance" or "documents/notaries" button

Who has overall responsibility for implementing status of forces policies and procedures in each foreign country?

  • US Ambassador
  • Secretary of State
  • DCO

Who is the only person that can grant immunity to a witness?


What must the people you supervise do in order to successfully accomplish the mission?

  • Work within time constraints
  • Understand training schedules
  • Be able to understand the mission at hand
  • Produce high-quality work in a timely manner

What is the first step in the LOD determination process?

  • Legal office review
  • Medical officer's review
  • Investigation by security forces
  • Commander directed investigation

A defendant in a civil action wants to file a claim against the plaintiff. What is the proper name for this pleading?

  • Cross-claim
  • Reply
  • Answer
  • Counterclaim

What is the objective of legal research?To...

  • Find a legal issue that matches the client’s legal issue.
  • Find legal rules.
  • Find factual issues that are exactly the same as the client’s case.
  • Find legal authorities that are controlling in determining a specific legal issue.

When drafting a last will and testament, what term describes when a gift fails or goes away?

  • Issue
  • Adeem
  • Devise
  • Bequeath

Which category is not a part of the US Air Force LAWS?

  • Legal information
  • Legal worksheets
  • Online survey
  • Reports

If a commander assumes command of his squadron on 5 September 2011, by what date must he review the UIF on his assigned personnel?

  • 4 January 2012
  • 31 January 2012
  • 4 December 2011
  • 31 December 2011

A lawsuit has been filed and the summons has been delivered to the defendant. He fails to file an answer within the time frame set by the court. What happens next?

  • The defendant will be held in contempt of court.
  • Plaintiff's counsel will file a motion for default judgment.
  • The clerk of the courts will contact the defendant.
  • The suit will move to trial.

When the defense counsel requests a postponement of trial, the request should be in wirting and addressed

  • Directly to the SJA
  • To the CA
  • Directly to the TC
  • To the MJ

Which Task Force(s) did legal personnel deploy to ensure detainees in US custody were afforded due process?

  • Task Force 134 in Iraq and 435 in Afghanistan
  • Task Force 134 in Iraq only
  • Combined Joint Task Force 76 and 151
  • Combined Joint Task Force 76 only

Upon receipt of the final record in a conscientious objector case, if the applicant does not submit a rebuttal within 15 calendar days from receipt of the record, then the member

  • Can submit a rebuttal up to 30 calendar days late
  • Can request a rehearing
  • Can request an extension
  • Loses the right to rebuttal

If you are performing an investigation to preserve available evidence for use in claims, litigation, disciplinary actions, administrative proceedings, then you are performing a(n)

  • Article 32, UCMJ, investigation
  • Accident investigation
  • Claims investigation
  • Safety invesitgation

After an administrative hold memorandum is signed, what agency needs to have copy?

  • MPS
  • AFO
  • The member's unit

What situation would require a mandatory ROS?

  • Items become unserviceable due to fair wear and tear
  • Loss, damage, or destruction is caused by Acts of God
  • Lost hand tools or other pilferable items over $100 unit cost or $500 total cost
  • Air Force property is damaged from operation of privately owned vehicles, boats, aircraft, or conveyances

If you are researching a case and need to know how the courts have defined a term for legal purposes, what reference should you use first?

  • Code of Federal Regualtions
  • Words and Phrases publication
  • Uniform Code of Military Justice
  • American Jurisprudence 2d publication

As a new paralegal, what is the first thing you should do in the WebFLITE Roster?

  • Certify your roster information
  • Ensure your personal data is correct
  • Upload your photograph and biography
  • Match your data to the UMPR

What is the period of time for which approproations are available for obligating O&M funds?

  • One year
  • Two years
  • Three years
  • Five years

An attorney asks you to check the validity of a case he cites in his brief. You Shepardize it. Which of the following case histories indicate that the case is no longer good law?

  • The case was distinguished on appeal.
  • The case was followed but distinguished.
  • The appellate court opinion vacating the case was overturned.
  • The case was vacated on appeal.

When interviewing a victim of the opposite sex, ensure you

  • Have at least three people present at all times
  • Read them their rights under Article 31, UCMJ
  • Have a member of security forces present at all times
  • Have another person of the same sex as the victim present

Information must be included in the addendum to the SJAR that advises the CA

  • Of the member's service record
  • On the nature and duration of any pertrial restraint
  • On the findings and sentence adjudged by the court-martial
  • That all written matters submitted by the defense must be considered

What is the final step in the SF 278?

  • The Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of General Law signs as the agency reviewer
  • Priority Mail the form to the Deputy General Counsel, Fiscal, Ethics, and Civilian Personnel (SAF/GCA)
  • The SJA signs as agency reviewer
  • Express Mail the form to SAF/GCA

With NJP, when may a member withdraw their appeal to the punishment?

  • At any time
  • If the imposing commander has not acted on the appeal
  • The member cannot withdraw an appeal once submitted
  • Only after seeking advice from the ADC

If your evidence does not meet all the elements of the Punitve Article, or is not received legally, then it

  • Is considered hearsay
  • Is considered admissible
  • Will not be allowed to be used
  • Is considered business records

For members who have more than one type of special access to particular programs, CCs must obtain permission to proceed authorizations from

  • TJAG
  • DOD
  • DOJ
  • Each appropriate agency

Within what maximum number of days must a DRB review a detainee's status once the detainee is transferred to a theater detention facility?

  • 30 days
  • 45 days
  • 60 days
  • 90 days

SSgt Smith commits a simple assault consummated by a battery in violation of Article 128, UCMJ. If tried by a general court-martial, the maximum punishment would be a bad conduct discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for six months. Why would you recommend NJP for this minor offense?

  • Because no weapon was used
  • Because it is not against a commissioned officer
  • Because it is not against someone under 16 years old
  • Because it does not result in a dishonorable discharge or confinement for more than one year.

When AFLOA./JAJM receives a request for informationon disciplinary action that they do not have immeediate access to, what is their first action?

  • Answer the request with a letter of denial
  • Forward the letter to the organization involved
  • Request the information from the organization involved
  • Forward the letter to the GCMCA of the organization involved

Which acts includes provisions that encourage employers to continue to pay victims and witnesses for work absences in order to assist investigations and procesutions?

  • Victim's Rights and Restitution Act of 1990
  • Victim and Witness Protection Act of 1982
  • Victim of Crimes Act of 1984
  • Crime Control Act of 1990

What is the first thing that should be done to an indiviuals training record after the trainee achieves the required job proficiency level of a task?

  • The trainee initials the task in the AF Form 623
  • The trainer initials and dates the task in the AF Form 623
  • The trainer signs off the task in the MTL
  • The trainee initials the task in the CFETP

What additional identifiers should be included on a notary's raised seal or inked stamp to ensure notarized documents are accepted as authentic?

  • "U.S Air Force and Judge Advocate"
  • "U.S Air Force and Authentic"
  • "U.S Air Force and Paralegal"
  • "U.S Air Force and Civilian"

If an employee is using a government property to further the organication's mission, then that use of government property is considered to be

  • Official
  • Unofficial
  • Authorized
  • Nonmission essential

A paralegal is to give notice to a witness of a deposition. Which of the following are acceptable means to give notice of a deposition?

  • Written notice by mail
  • Written notice by mail, phone call, email or face-to-face communication
  • Written notice by mail, phone call or email
  • Written notice by mail or a phone call

If you receive a written congressional inquiry within the CONUS, which of the following must happen within 24 hours of receipt?

  • The inquiry must be answered
  • The inquiry must be forwarded to the proper agency
  • Fax a copy of a written inquiry to the Legislative Liaison Inquiry Division (SAF/LLI)
  • Fax a copy of a written inquiry to TJAG

An in camera proceeding is an

  • Article 39(a), UMCJ, session which excludes the public
  • Article 39(a), UCMJ, session which includes the public
  • Opening session which excludes the public
  • Opening session which includes the public

What final action must take palce on the AF Form 3070 to meet Air Force metrics?

  • MPS and AFO distribution
  • Servicing SJA legal review
  • GCMCA SJA administrative supervisory review
  • Signature of the member acknowleding UIF and appeal decision

Which acts permits, under certain limited circumstances, the compensation of crime victims with money obtained from criminal fines, penalties, court costs or other assessmetns against convicted federal criminals?

  • Victim's Rights and Restitiution Act of 1990
  • Victim and Witness Protection Act of 1982
  • Victim of Crimes Act of 1984
  • Crime Control Act of 1990

The first step in assembling a magistrate court file is

  • Tab the file A through Z
  • Put the cover sheet on the file
  • Obtain a copy of the report of investigation
  • Obtain the defendants federal magistrate court consent form

Does a codification consolidate all session laws sanctioned in all sessions?

  • No.
  • No, unless the United State Supreme Court or a state supreme court orders complete incorporation.
  • Yes.
  • Yes, but only entirely new statutes, and not amendments to existing statutes.

In pratical applications, a member being offered NJP is not required to accept or reject NJP in less than

  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 72 hours
  • 96 hours

The Federal Government superseding the State in regulations is referred to as

  • Federal Preemption
  • Legal Invalidation
  • Federal Supremacy
  • Legal Supremacy

Nominations for any of TJAG awards must be submitted on

  • AF Form 1206, Nomination for Award
  • AF Form 1000, Award Nomination
  • Plain bond paper
  • Appropriate MAJCOM form

Your efforts as a supervisor will be judged in terms of how well you meet the requirements and by

  • The morale and production of your workers
  • The amount of corrections your subordinates' work requires
  • Your subordinates attitude towards your decisions on priorities
  • The volume and quality of production achieved within the established time limits

If a commander places an active duty Airman on a control roster on 1 September 2011, what is the latest date he or she may remove the inidividual from the control roster?

  • 2 March 2012
  • 31 January 2012
  • 29 February 2012
  • 31 December 2011

Which of the following is the first step in preparing for a magistrate court case?

  • Determine jurisdiction
  • Assemble the court file
  • Request a report of investigation
  • Request a copy of the DD Form 1805

What Air Force Instruction (AFI) provides guidance on TJAG awards?

  • AFI 36-2803, AF Awards
  • AFI 36-2808, Outstanding Young Judge Advocate
  • AFI 2809, Air Reserve Component Judge Advocate of the Year
  • AFI 36-2855, Judge Adovcate General Awards

When a court can hear cases in a certain subject area which other courts aren't permitted to, it's said to have what?

  • Supreme Jurisdiction
  • Total Jurisdiction
  • Exclusive Jurisdiction
  • Jurisdiction Dominance

When drafting a stipulation of fact, besides prosecution and defense, who else stipulates and agress to the facts that follow in the body of the stipulation?

  • Accused
  • Military Judge
  • Convening authority
  • Staff Judge Advocate

In a federal magistrate court case, immediately following arraignment on petty offense where the defendant pleads guilty, the magistrate will

  • Impose a sentence
  • Set a date for sentencing
  • Assign a public defender to the accused
  • Request a presentencing report from Pre-Trial Services

In a GCM case where an ROI is published, the ROI is published, the ROI should be completed within what maximum number of days of the date of the discovery of the offense?

  • 30
  • 45
  • 60
  • 75

When assuming LLAO duties, the first thing that must be done is to complete an inventory along with

  • An AF Form 614
  • An AF Form 1025
  • An AF Form 1175
  • A certificate of transfer

Once you have determined that a client is eligible for legal assistance, what is your next step?

  • Ask if they have retained a civilian attorney
  • Check to see if a legal assistance attorney is available
  • Make copies of all documents they brought with them
  • Enter their personal information into the WebLIONS

When a deposition that has been transcribed is used in a court-martial, who reads the deposition to the court?

  • Defense
  • Prosecution
  • Military Judge
  • Party offering it

What is the highest ranking Air Force officer assigned to a JFC at the unified, subnified, and joint task force level?


Who is responsible for the custody, care, and safekeeping of Air Force property and can be held financially liable for failure to exercise this obligation?

  • Property custodian
  • Responsible officer
  • Accountable officer
  • Financial liability officer

What happens after the SJA completes his or her legal review for a request for discharge?

  • SPCMCA forwards the request with its recommendations to the MAJCOM SJA
  • SJA forwards the completed case file to the GCMCA
  • SJA forwards the completed case file to the SPCMCA
  • SPCMCA forwards the request with its recommendation to the GCMCA

What is included in the heading of a convenig order?

  • Department of the AirForce, complete unit designation, MAJCOM, and date
  • Department of the AirForce, complete unit designation, order number, and date
  • Department of the AirForce, complete unit designation, MAJCOM, and order number
  • Department of the AirForce, complete unit designation, MAJCOM, order number, and date

A secondary source that provides background and explanatory information on legal topics with references to case law and other legal authorities is called what?

  • Legal dictionary
  • Law book
  • Legal encyclopedia
  • Law notes

Upon receiving a request for release of information for litigation, which is not an option of the SJA?

  • Consult the Operations & International Law Directorate (HQ USAF/JAO)
  • Forward the request to the appropriate authority to deny
  • Consult the US attorney
  • Approve the request

What is one of the reasons that congress enacted HIPAA?

  • To support the core functions of medical treatment and coverage
  • To improve the portability and continuity of health insurance coverage
  • To standardize the electronic exchange of medical administrative and financial data.
  • To allow the health information of an individual to be freely used for treatment and health care.

The development of a systematic compilation of statutory laws in a given jurisdiction is referred to as what?

  • Documentation
  • Compilation
  • Codification
  • A & C

Which of the following is considered to be the least severe form a administrative discipline?

  • LOR
  • LOA
  • Placement on a control roster
  • RIC

When funding Reserve personnel through CWF, what type of orders must the witness be on before funding will be approved?

  • Title 10 orders
  • Title 32 orders
  • TDY orders
  • IDT orders

What must be proven first if a search authorization is to be issued?

  • Intent
  • Jurisdiction
  • Probable cause
  • Status of the member to be searched

What pamphlet do you compare the elements in the MCM against when listing elements within a proff analysis?

  • AFPAM 27-9
  • AFPAM 29-7
  • DA Pamphlet 27-9
  • DA Pamphlet 29-7

If congress requests a release of information that must be disclosed only with the consent of the SecAF, then the information is

  • Classified
  • For official use only
  • Privacy act information
  • Information for congressional constituents

Prior to filing an optional document in an Airman's UIF, the decision authority must first notify the member of the intent to do so by using

  • DD Form 1058
  • AF IMT 1058
  • DD Form 2907
  • AF IMT 2907

What type of jurisdiction allows for both the federal and state government to have jurisdiction over offenses committed on the installation?

  • Foregin
  • Exclusive
  • Concurrent
  • Proprietary

Who normally fulfills the duties of a recorder for an AIB?

  • Paralegal
  • Judge Advocate
  • An officer in the rank of Colonel or above
  • An enlisted member what a background in maintenance

A case that presents the court with issues of law that have not been decided upon in that jurisdiction is called what?

  • A compelling precedent.
  • A case of first impression.
  • A case for notice.
  • A case for hearing.

If a judge is appointed to the United States CAAF, the term of appointment is for

  • 10 years
  • 15 years
  • 20 years
  • Indefinite

The first step in a notification discharge is when the member

  • Reports for a medical examination
  • Submits a statement in rebuttal of the discharge
  • Receives oral notice of the reason(s) for disharge
  • Receives written notice of the reason(s) for discharge

What statute prohibits obligations or expenditures in excess of or in advance of an appropriation?

  • 31 U.S.C. 1341
  • 31 U.S.C. 1512
  • 31 U.S.C. 1514
  • 31 U.S.C. 1517

When a witness is required for courts-martial, your first step is to determine

  • Where the witness lives
  • The status of the witness
  • Who will provide the funding
  • Whether the witness is for the prosecution or defense

Under Article 138, UCMJ, if a complaint is properly submitted and the commander refuses the redress, the next option for the member is to submit the complaint

  • Directly to the officer exercising general court-martial jurisdiction
  • Directly to the inspector general
  • To the equal employment office
  • To their congressman

At a minimum, each AIB shall be composed of a

  • President and a recorder
  • President and a legal advisor
  • Legal advisor and a reporter
  • Legal advisor and a recorder

One of the core ethical principles for paralegals states that all paralegals must demonstrate professional competence and personal integrity at all times. How might you violate this rule?

  • Meeting a client after hours for personal business
  • Forming a personal relationship with a client
  • Accepting a gift from a client
  • Any of the above

When releasing records of trial after court-martial, which items must be redacted?

  • Name of the accused
  • Place of duty of the accused
  • Names of the victims of sex offenses
  • Place of duty of the defense counsel

What is a request for information regarding government records called?

  • FOIA request
  • DA request
  • BRs request
  • PA request

When a BOI is to be convened, within how many days must the officer be notified, in writing, before the BOR hearing?

  • 10
  • 15
  • 30
  • 45

An addendum to the SJAR must be accomplished when the SJA

  • Recevies matters submitted by an accused or DC in response to the SJAR
  • Receives new evidence submitted by an accused or DC in reponse to the SJAR
  • Comments on the contents of the PDS in the SJAR
  • Comments on the contents of the ROT in the SJAR

If you are involved in critical national or international situations, then what type of report must you submit?

  • Special interest report
  • Investigation report
  • AAR

Which of the following is not a reason for requesting a voluntary discharge?

  • Accepting public office
  • Early release for Chirstmas
  • Sole surviving son or daughter
  • Conditions that interfere with military service

What are digests?

  • Compilations of the headnotes prepared for judicial opinions that are organized by the date of the judicial opinion.
  • Reference works containing short summaries of judicial opinions organized by the federal and state jurisdictions.
  • Reference works containing short summaries of articles published in law reviews and bar journals.
  • Compilations of the headnotes prepared for judicial opinions that are organized under an outline by topic and subtopic.

If you receive a request for information regarding records that pertain to an individual, you have received a

  • FOIA request
  • DA request
  • BR request
  • PA request

When may a MJ order a deposition be taken on request of a party?

  • After charges have been referred
  • After charges have been preferred
  • Any time during an Article 32, UCMJ, hearing
  • Any time during the initial investigation

How may the prosecution or defense present a motion before the court?

  • Orally only
  • Written only
  • Written and, at the discretion of the military judge, orally
  • Orally and, at the discretion of the military judge, written

A GCM is composed of a military judge and not less than how many members for non-capital cases?

  • Three
  • Five
  • Ten
  • Twelve

The first supervisor in the chain of command, whether a commissioned officer or civilan above general schedule (GS)/ general manager (GM)-11, is the individual to seek aprroval for

  • Volunteering for nongovernment sanctioned activities during duty hours
  • Volunteering for government sanctioned acvtivities during duty hours
  • Using government property for limited personal use
  • Using personal property for government use

When producing a POA in the WebLIONS, after you've entered all the information required for the power of attorney, your next step is to select the

  • "produce POA" button
  • "print POA" button
  • "submit" button
  • "next" button

Once a client provides you with his/her ticket number, what do you log into in order to access his/her Will and Advance Medical Directive worksheet?

  • The DL Wills Program
  • The Air Force Legal Assisstance administration site
  • The WebLIONS

Which of the following have historically been used to prosecute enemy combatants who violate the Laws of War?

  • ICRC
  • CCCI
  • ICC
  • Military Commissions

Which action must be accomplished within 48 hours of a member being place in PTC?

  • Charges must be preferred on the member
  • A probable cause determination must be made
  • The confinement facility notifies the accused's unit CC
  • The confinement facility ensures the accused receives a medical examination

The "discovery rule" tolls the running of which of the following?

  • The statute of limitations
  • The time to respond to a request for interrogatories.
  • The statute of frauds
  • The time to file an appeal.

When working with contracting issues, when should you use an LOGCAP/AFCAP contract?

  • When the contract is under $250,000
  • When the contract is under $100,00
  • As the first option
  • As a last resort

If an accused is sentenced to confinement, he or she can submit an application for deferment of confinement any time after

  • The sentence is announced
  • Being placed in confinement
  • The service of the ROT
  • The service of the SJAR

What must be considered when the US Armed Forces deploy to a foreign country?

  • Currency rate
  • International law
  • Country's location
  • United States laws only

You have found work as a litigation paralegal. Which of the following is NOT likely to be one of your duties?

  • Sign the pleadings
  • Interview witnesses
  • Assist in jury selection
  • Draft the complaint

If an accused is adjudged one year confinement, Article 58b, UCMJ, allows the CA to waive mandatory Forfeitures for

  • Three months
  • Six months
  • Nine months
  • One year

If an accused is in confinement, a copy of the AF Form 1359 must be furnised to the CA and

  • Confinement officer only
  • The commanding officer responsible for the confinement facility only
  • MPS, Finance, and the confinement officer
  • The commanding officer responsible for the confinement facility and the confinement officer

As a manager, what is your primary concern

  • Being impartial
  • Obtaining results
  • Setting job priorities
  • Being interested in subordinate welfare

Which of the following indicates that the statute of limitations has been tolled?

  • Receipt of sworn charges
  • Charges have been referred
  • Charges have been investigated
  • Receipt of the ROI

If you discover additional allegations during an investigation, who should you consult with to see if the scope of the investigation should be expanded?

  • Your supervisor
  • Your attorney
  • SFS
  • OSI

Which agency is responsible for the protection or evacuation of US citizens and nationals abroad?

  • DOS
  • DOD
  • CIA
  • FBI

A conscientious objector who sincerely objects to participation as a combatant in war in any form, but whose convictions or beliefs will permit him or her to serve in a noncombatant status is classified as

  • Class 1-0
  • Class 1-A-0
  • Class 1-B-0
  • Class 1-C-0

A notary act should be performed when the client

  • Makes changes to their will
  • Requires a copy of their birth certificate
  • Has a completed document signed in your presence
  • Has a completed document not signed in your presence

SSgt Smith commits an offense in violation of the UCMJ while deployed with joint forces. The joint forces commander imposes NJP. Which of the following offices must process the action?

  • Servicing joint forces SJA for the host command
  • Servicing host nation SJA for the host command
  • Servicing Air Force SJA for the host command
  • Servicing home station SJA for the member

When a commander imposes NJP, the SJA must help the commander evaluate the facts, understand the punishment options, and determine a just punishment because the

  • Commander has a fundamental responsibility to take temperate, well-conveived action that is just and conducive to good order, morale, and discipline
  • SJA has a fundamental responsibility to take temperate, well-conceived action that is just and conducive to good order, morale and discipline
  • Commander has fundamental responsibility take swift action that is conducive to good order, morale, and discipline
  • SJA has a fundamental responsibility to take swift action that is conducive to good order, morale and discipline

Which statement describes a victim who is entitled to transitional compensation?

  • Dependent of active duty military that was punitively separated as a result of court-martial
  • Dependent of active duty military that was administratively separated for misconduct
  • A rape victim that was innocent of wrongdoing, reported the crime promptly to the police, cooperated with the criminal justice system and submitted a timely application
  • Dependent of active duty military that was on active duty for more than 30 days, and after 29 November 1993 was separated from active duty under a court-martial sentence resulting from a dependent abuse offense

When the accused is a foreign national, who is responsible for ensuring the accused's records are examined?

  • SJA to the SPCMCA
  • SJA to the GCMCA
  • Accused's immediate commander
  • Trial counsel

After an inquiry or investigation is completed, what type of report provides for a logical step-by-step layout?

  • Report of review
  • Report of inquiry
  • Report of investigation
  • Report of facts and circumstances

With new arrivals, what should you do first?

  • Do a good initial in-brief
  • Introduce new arrivals to their office co-workers
  • Ensure the new arrivals have a comfortable place to live
  • Explain work center policies and procedures so new arrivals know what to expect.

With NJP, within what maximum number of calendar days must a member decide whether or not to appeal the punishment?

  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Seven

In determining eligibility of legal assisantce you find the client has hired a civilian attorney, what is your immediate response?

  • Defer to the SJA for a decision on the matter
  • Refer the client to their civilian attorney
  • Refer them to another agency on base
  • Sign them in for legal assistance

You begin notifying trial participants immediately after

  • Referral of charges
  • A docketed court-martial
  • A puublished convening order
  • Service of charges on the accused

In a joint command, if NJP is imposed on an Air Force member by a commander of a different service, the decision as to collateral administrative action will be made by the

  • Commander that imposed the NJP
  • Commander of the member's home station
  • SPCMCA of the member's home station
  • Senior Air Force officer or commander of the Air Force element in the joint command

Where would you look to identify the most common enlisted Air Force specialty tasks that require training?

  • JQS
  • STS
  • CDC
  • AF Form 623a

What will the federal courts NOT issue under the U.S. Constitution?

  • Mandatory opinions
  • Default judgments
  • Advisory opinions
  • All of the Above

Which WebLIONS report lists all legal assistance activities, grades and services of clients served, and services broken down by subject?

  • Notary report
  • Annual report
  • Workload report
  • Client saving report

Once a person fills out his/her OGE Form 450, what is the next step in the filing process?

  • Send the report directly to his/her supervisor for review
  • Sign the report and send it to his/her supervisor for review
  • Send the report directly to the installation legal office
  • Sign the report and send it to the installation legal office

If you are researching elements of an offense in the Manual for Court-Martial, you are using

  • Finding tools
  • A case method
  • A primary source
  • A secondary source

What form is used to maintain a complete chain of custody accounting of all personnel who handled evidence?

  • AF Form 52, Evidence Tag
  • AF Form 2521, Turnaround Transaction Log
  • DD Form 1327, Pick up and Transfer Request
  • DD Form 1342, Department of Defense (DOD) Property Record

What is the right to privacy, under the U.S. Constitution?

  • Limited to the reasonable expectation of privacy under the Fourth Amendment.
  • The major issue under the Fifth Amendment.
  • Implied under the penumbra of individual rights.
  • Specifically stated under the penumbra of individual rights.

Which of the following identifies a member that has conditions put on her/his liberty?

  • Member has been physically retrained
  • Member has been restricted to a specific area
  • Moral restraint has been imposed upon the member
  • Member has been ordered to do or refrain from doing specified acts

Once opening statements have been made, who first presents evidence in an administrative discharge board proceeding?

  • Respondent's counsel
  • Legal advisor
  • Recorder
  • Reporter

If a member refuses trail by SCM, then

  • The member must submit a request to be discharged
  • The member must accept NJP
  • The member must submit resignation in lieu of court-martial
  • Charges may be preferred to trial by special or general court-martial as appropriate

After suspected offenses are investigated, who normally assists the CC in evaluating the facts?

  • First sergeant
  • TC
  • DC
  • SJA

What is the first step in considering local purchasing for supplies or services?

  • What type of contract to utilize
  • How much money you need to spend
  • Which type of supplies or services are needed
  • Who will be using the supplies or services needed
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