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Administrative Office Procedures and Management

Set of formal objective rules enacted by a private or governmental organization that govern management decision-making and establish the legitimacy.

binder organizer

develop procedures

prepare checklists

succession planning

correct tools




private organizations

Which one is not a type of communication?

  • non-verbal
  • inquisitive
  • verbal

What is the message of a letter called?

  • dateline
  • complimentary close
  • signature
  • body

Archive Records with historical value that are preserved permanently are called:

  • True
  • False

Good customer service is the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently exceed ---.

  • the customers perceptions
  • the customer's expectations
  • the customer's decision making-process

Which storage method requires the use of an accession log?

  • Alpha-numeric storage method
  • Numeric storage method
  • Alphabetical storage method

Documents that have no value to the organization are still considered records and should be kept.

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

Reg works at a sporting goods store. Which is the best way to answer the store's telephone on a busy day?

  • What's up?
  • Thanks for calling XYZ Sports. This is Reg. Can you call next week?
  • Thanks for calling XYZ Sports. This is Reg. Can you please hold for one moment?
  • Thanks for calling. Please call after 15 minutes.

To rename a file you have to...

  • Left-click the mouse and press rename
  • Right-click the mouse and press rename
  • Double-click the mouse and press rename
  • Right-click the mouse and press delete

The accuracy and efficiency of tracking physical records can be improved using bar codes.

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

Maria is in a face-to-face interview. Which is NOT an example of positive non-verbal communication?

  • making eye contact
  • grinning from ear to ear
  • sitting-up straight

This is a statement that a situation is unsatisfactory or unacceptable.

  • care
  • contemplate
  • curse
  • complaint

In order to comprehend a message, you must be ---.

  • speaking profusely
  • actively listening
  • writing the notes fast

Which storage method uses the letters of the alphabet to determine the order in which a record is filed?

  • Alphabetic storage method
  • Numeric storage method

To open a file you have to double click the file.

  • True
  • False

Communication skills are vital to individuals and businesses.

  • True
  • False

What word processing feature moves text to the next line by striking the enter key?

  • hanging indent
  • delete
  • backspace

The ________________is the face of the company and needs to have excellent written and verbal communication skills, a friendly manner and a professional demeanor.

  • writer
  • doctor
  • receptionist

Legal secretaries perform __________________functions, which include preparing legal documentation that is authorized by the lawyer.

  • clerical and administration
  • managerial and supervision
  • driving and assisting

Ge needs to place a non-urgent order with the sales representative at an office supply company. What should Ge not do if the representative does not answer the phone?

  • He should leave a voicemail that includes his name, company, and phone number.
  • He should lecture the representative about proper phone etiquette.
  • He should inform through voicemail the reason why he was calling the company.

Which of the following items is used to separate the file drawer into sections

  • File guide
  • Number guide
  • Alphabet guide

When working in office administration, there are limited opportunities available.

  • True
  • False

The field provides opportunities to work in__________ environments, and it allows the person to work with a variety of people on a daily basis.

  • diverse
  • medical
  • office administration
  • receptionist
  • set of skills

When it comes to pursuing a career in ________________, the options are many, and they allow you the opportunity to enter a variety of industries.

  • diverse
  • medical
  • office administration
  • receptionist
  • set of skills

Ge keyed a business letter at work. All lines in the paragraphs start at the left margin. Which format did he use?

  • friendly letter
  • block
  • modified style
  • semi-block

Office administration also provides the opportunity to work in specialized areas. Roles in these areas may require specialized knowledge of the ______________used in the specific industry.

  • fund
  • terminology
  • activity

What document type is a formal correspondence sent from a business to another business or to an individual?

  • Business Letters
  • Love Letters

Confidential information is data that should be kept private or secret from those who are not authorized to have access to this information.

  • True
  • False

These include gestures, facial expressions, and body positions.

  • Non-verbal communication
  • verbal communication

Ada wants to left align her text at 3 inches on the horizontal ruler. What feature should she use?

  • home
  • print screen
  • insert
  • tabs

Which of the following is an example of a professional e-mail address?

The following are examples of active listening except one.

  • staring out the window
  • smiling to the speaker
  • nodding at some point
  • clarifying some issues

Zoe is a computer technician. An older customer is asking the same questions repeatedly. What should Zoe must NOT do?

  • Demonstrate the answer.
  • Try to draw the explanation.
  • Use a different word.
  • Inform the customer that he had already answered the question.

The shortcut combination to copy is:

  • CTRL-G
  • CTRL-D
  • CTRL-F
  • CTRL-C

A ______________is responsible for managing the front of the office.

  • receptionist
  • legal secretary
  • medical transcriptioner

Ada is attending a work meeting. When is it appropriate for her to use her smartphone?

  • If the speaker is boring and the topic is super easy.
  • If she is the top player of Candy Crush game.
  • If she is bored and she has nothing to do.
  • If the meeting specifically requires the participants to access information on-line.

Which of the following is not an example of proper telephone etiquette in the workplace?

  • saying one's name and the department where the speaker is working
  • telling the caller that she will transfer his call
  • rushing the caller to get off the phone
  • asking the caller the reason why he was calling

For chronological filing, physical records are arranged by reverse date order within a file folder.​

  • True
  • False

Ada left out the first word of the sentence. Which operational key on the keyboard will take her to the beginning of the line the fastest?

  • end
  • tab
  • ctrl + alt
  • home

Which part of the table is centered, bold, and all caps?

  • body text
  • main title
  • sub title

An example of verbal communication is ---.

  • nodding
  • shaking hands
  • winking
  • phone conversation

Olivia is careful of how she communicates with people at work. Which is NOT an example of positive non-verbal communication?

  • smiling
  • saying, "excuse me"
  • nodding

An office manager is responsible for a limited set of administrative tasks.

  • True
  • False

When Ada's cursor gets to the end of the last line in a paragraph, what is the best way for her to get the cursor to the next line?

  • re-type everything
  • indent left
  • indent center
  • keep typing

Carla works at an accounting office. Which of the following should she must not do before sending a wok-related e-mail?

  • proofread the grammar
  • cc. everyone who should be informed about the letter
  • use texting and slang lingo

The office administrator needs to be organised and a fast learner, pays attention to detail, and has the ability to work on his own as well as in a team.

  • uncertain
  • disagree
  • agree

Which storage method requires that each record be read completely to determine the filing segment?

  • Plastic storage method
  • Subject storage method
  • Clear storage method

Keyboard combinations are better know as:

  • keyboard warriors
  • computer assistance
  • shortcuts
  • monitor

Being a journalist is all about providing support, with duties such as scheduling meetings and appointments, answering phone calls and e-mails, organising documents, making travel arrangements, producing reports and ordering supplies when needed.

  • disagree
  • uncertain
  • agree

An Image or a photograph will use the following extension.

  • .klaus
  • .html
  • .gif
  • .jpg

__________ secretaries work in the medical office environment.

  • diverse
  • medical
  • office administration
  • receptionist
  • set of skills

A _______________ works in the field of law, in a lawyer’s office. They usually work under the supervision of a lawyer.

  • legal secretary
  • journalist
  • political analyst

A subject filing system can be a direct or indirect access system.

  • Maybe
  • No
  • Yes

Most applications of micro-form storage are for records that are accessed frequently.

  • Maybe
  • No
  • Yes

Wendy decided that she wants the title to stand out with a darker font. What formatting option would she use?

  • underline
  • italic
  • bold

This is an example of non-verbal communication.

  • saying "hi!"
  • demonstrating the rules
  • eye contact

Ada wants to duplicate the first sentence in a a paragraph one and insert it as the first sentence in paragraph three. Instead of retyping the sentence, she would use which formatting features?

  • CTRL + tab
  • copy and paste
  • alt + 164
  • CTRL + enter + insert

Along with having the right _____________, the legal secretaries also need to understand the terminology and processes within a law firm.

  • diverse
  • medical
  • office administration
  • receptionist
  • set of skills

Toto is delivering a sales presentation. During his presentation, he should do all the following EXCEPT ---.

  • Smile and greet the participants.
  • Give an interesting trivia related to his topic.
  • Look down and read directly from his notes.

Working as a ______________ allows you to interact with different people, and it is an occupation that is found in a variety of fields.

  • diverse
  • medical
  • office administration
  • receptionist
  • set of skills

The shortcut combination to UNDO is:

  • CTRL-K
  • CTRL-M
  • CTRL-Z
  • CTRL-N

When is it not appropriate to shake hands with someone?

  • before the presentation
  • in the middle of the presentation
  • after the presentation

Ada is keying a report. What is appropriate alignment for the main title?

  • left
  • center
  • page down
  • right

Vertical drawer cabinets are the traditional storage cabinet for physical records

  • Maybe
  • Yes
  • No

Communicating non-verbally through conscious or unconscious gestures and movements is called?

  • body language
  • mannerism
  • habit
  • social actions

What are Times New Roman and Arial?

  • special keys
  • spacing
  • fonts
  • number keys

The shortcut combination to cut is...

  • CTRL-Z
  • CTRL-M
  • CTRL-X
  • CTRL-U

The office administration can be seen as the backbone of a company.

  • True
  • False

As an administrative professional, you generally will be the person who creates a retention schedule for the company’s records.

  • True
  • False

Marge is resigning from her company. Which is the best way for her to communicate this information?

  • Just stop coming to work.
  • Send a letter through e-mail.
  • Speak to her supervisor in person.

Len is participating in a conversation. Which did not demonstrate a good listening skill?

  • browsing the Facebook account
  • nodding
  • making eye contact

When should text messages NOT be used in the workplace?

  • to provide a quick response
  • to ask a simple question
  • to inquire about the latest gossip
  • to share urgent information

For the alphabetic storage method, a special folder holds records for names that do not have enough records (usually three to five records) to warrant an individual folder.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

The shortcut combination to paste is:

  • CTRL-Z
  • CTRL-D
  • CTRL-U
  • CTRL-V

Rapport is building a relationship with a customer.

  • True
  • False

What spacing should be used between the complimentary close and the keypad signature line?

  • double
  • single
  • triple
  • quadruple

When writing a personal business letter without letterhead, what should be keyed first?

  • introductory statement
  • inside address
  • timeline
  • dateline

Records management is the systematic control of records, from the creation or receipt of the record to its final disposition.

  • True
  • False

To move a file you can...

  • select file and hold left mouse button to drag.
  • select copy and hold left mouse button to drag.
  • select paste and hold left mouse button to drag.
  • select shut down and hold left mouse button to drag.

Pete reminded his assistant to quadruple the space after complimentary close. Why is the space needed?

  • attachment
  • signature
  • design

The shortcut combination to DELETE is:

  • CTRL-Y
  • CTRL-U
  • CTRL-D
  • CTRL-X