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Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things

Covers the principles and applications of cloud computing and IoT technologies, exploring their integration and potential for transforming industries and life.




data security

service level agreement

cost efficiency

hybrid cloud

cloud deployment models

cloud service models

cloud migration


smart devices

sensor networks

data analytics

What are the features to become a "Thing" in IoT?

  • Identification and Information storage Actuation Information collection Information processing Communications

A cloud computing service model by which a customer can provision additional cloud resources on-demand, without involving the service provider

  • On-Demand Self Service

This is a comprehensive cloud platform offered by Google, Inc that consists of both infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) offerings

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

What does SISD stands for?

  • single instruction single data

Choose below which are the Applications of IOT:

  • Transportation Medical Systems Manufacturing Environmental Monitoring Infrastructure Management Energy Management

What does RFID stands for?

  • radio frequency identification

This applications allow a business to manage relationships with current and future customers by providing the business with tools to manage sales, customer service, and technical support roles SaaS CRM applications, such as Salesforcecom, are very popular

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In a ________________, pooled physical and virtual resources are dynamically assigned and reassigned to tenants according to consumer demand

  • cloud computing model

is an application (or software) that is intended for large scale use by a (large) business

  • enterprise application

Applications developed specifically for cloud platforms

  • Cloud Native

These ‘__________' run their own processes and communicate with one another using lightweight mechanisms such as language-agnostic APIs

  • microservices

What does M2M stands for?

  • machine-to-machine

is any computing that involves multiple computers remote from each other that each have a role in a computation problem or information processing

  • distributed computing

Computing pioneer who developed the LISP programming language family who said that “Computation may someday be organized as a public utility”?

  • John McCarthy

This is a term used to reference the ability of a system to adapt to changing workload demand by provisioning and deprovisioning pooled resources so that provisioned resources match current demand as well as possible

  • elasticity

_______ computing system is a multiprocessor machine capable of executing different instructions on different Pes all of them operating on the same data set.

  • Multiple-instruction, Single-data

When did Cloud Computing began?

  • 2007

A ___________ a virtualization instance in which the kernel of an operating system allows for multiple isolated user-space instances

  • container

Once the different databases are “combined”, ____________ federated database is formed

  • one

A _______________ or virtual machine monitor (VMM) is a piece of software that allows physical devices to share their resources among virtual machines (VMs) running on top of that physical hardware

  • hypervisor

This is software that connects software components or enterprise applications

  • Middleware

is the use of two or more processors (computers), usually within a single system, working simultaneously to solve a single problem

  • parallel computing

An amalgamation of “development” and “operations”

  • DevOps

Match the term/details to complete each assessments

  • Match the term/details to complete each assessments

Computers can have shared memory.

  • Parallel Computing

Cite examples of a cloud.

  • Windows Azure Google App Engine iCloud Amazon Web Services

In computer science, a ____________ is any component within a computer system that is of limited availability

  • resource

What does SIMD stands for?

  • single instruction multiple data

is the combination of tasks performed by an organization’s applications development and systems operations teams

  • DevOps

This is an open-source operating system, built on Unix that is used for the majority of cloud services

  • Linux

What does MIMD stands for?

  • Multiple Instruction Multiple Data

Parallel computing has their own memory while Distributed computing can have shared memory.

  • False

In a hybrid cloud, ____________ cloud infrastructures remain distinct from one another but are bound together by technology that allows data and services portability between them

  • private and public

This is a model of computer storage in which data is stored in facilities (often multiple facilities) managed by a hosting company (cloud service provider) and is accessed remotely by the user via a network

  • Cloud Storage

The _____________ creates, runs and manages VMs

  • hypervisor

In computing, a ___________ is defined as a computer system that applications run on, or as a base of technologies on which other technologies (such as applications) are built

  • Platform

The databases typically involved in this kind of system exists independently of the others

  • Federated Database

Types of Cloud

  • Local Cloud Hybrid Cloud Public Cloud

A______is an application that provides a programming environment for

  • integrated development environment

_______ computing system is a multiprocessor capable of executing multiple instructions on multiple data sets.

  • Multiple-instruction, Multiple-data

An IDE typically includes a code editor, automation tools, and a

  • Debugger

The ability of a cloud solution to add new runtime and framework support via community buildpacks

  • extensibility

software development method emphasizes collaboration, communication and integration between developers and other IT personnel with the goal of streamlining software development and quality assurance

  • DevOps

Who coined the term “Internet of Things”?

  • kevin ashton

Azure was originally launched as a _____________ but now provides both PaaS and IaaS services

  • PaaS solution

_____________ infrastructure is a combined set of hardware and virtual resources that support an overall IT environment

  • Information technology (IT)

This is a deceptive marketing technique used to rebrand old products by connecting them to the cloud, or at least to the term cloud

  • Cloud washing

What does IOT stands for?

  • Internet of Things

Which device that is used to process data within digits, called binary numbers?

  • Digital

A _____________ is an online marketplace, operated by a cloud service provider (CSP), where customers can browse and subscribe to software applications and developer services that are built on, integrate with, or supplement the CSP’s main offering

  • cloud marketplace

The process of moving data between two or more storage systems, data formats, warehouses or servers

  • data migration

What does SMP stands for?

  • Symmetric Multi-processing

is an organized collection of data

  • database

Microservices or _________ a is a way of designing applications in which complex applications are built out of a suite of small, independently deployable services

  • Microservice architecture

This is Microsoft's cloud computing platform

  • Microsoft Azure

____________ is an example of on-premise software because it needs to be installed on the computer that runs it, while Office365 is not, because it is accessed via the internet and run remotely

  • Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Azure is formerly known as

  • windows azure

What are the Characteristics of Cloud Computing?

  • Location-independent resource pooling Measured device On-demand self-service Rapid elasticity Ubiquitous network access

This is a free, open-source cloud platform that is primarily deployed as an infrastructure as a service offering

  • Open Stack

A device that measures real world condition

  • Sensor

This is a company that offers a cloud computing service, such as PaaS, IaaS, or SaaS, to individuals or other businesses

  • Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

Each computer has their own memory.

  • Distributed Computing

It used to share resources and to increase scalability.

  • Distributed Computing

IOT is also referred to as:

  • Skynet Internet of Everything M2M

Who popularized the idea of the cloud?

  • amazon

Match the term/details to complete each statement

  • Match the term/details to complete each statement

Both wireless and wired connection can be used to connect in the internet or networks.

  • True

The three main cloud computing models are infrastructure as a service, software as a service, and ____________

  • platform as a service

_______ computing system is a multiprocessor machine capable of executing the same instruction on all the CPUs but operating on different data streams.

  • Single-instruction, Multiple-data

It is a platform in which every device becomes smart, processing becomes faster and every data and communication becomes more and more informative.

  • internet of things

This is also known as virtual machine

  • Guest Machine

_____________is a mode of operation for software in which multiple instances of one or many applications run in a shared environment

  • Multi-Tenancy

This is the act of replacing traditional on-premise IT operations with low-cost cloud-based services

  • Cloudsourcing

A system in which multiple databases appear to function as a single entity

  • federated database

It is a set of service-oriented architectures, which allow users to access a number of resources.

  • cloud computing

This is software or infrastructure that is run on computers on the premises (in the building) of the person or organization using the software or infrastructure

  • On Premise technology

Which of these are the examples of cloud?

  • Amazon Web Services iCloud Windows Azure Google App Engine

acts as a reverse proxy and distributes application traffic to multiple servers in order to prevent any single application server from becoming a point of failure

  • load balancer

This is an IT services provider that provides fully outsourced network, application, and system services across a network to clients

  • managed service provider

In Process Mechanism, Computers rely on message passing.

  • Distributed Computing

____________ is the process of transferring all of or a piece of a company’s data, applications, and services from on-premise to the cloud

  • Cloud migration

is the human process of developing programs that express what computations should be executed in parallel

  • parallel programming

A ___________ is a piece of physical hardware that hosts virtual machines

  • host machine

This is a model of cloud computing in which the vendor provides the hardware and software tools necessary to create, deploy and manage applications at scale to the user via the internet, as a service

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)

There is no global clock in parallel computing, it uses synchronization algorithms.

  • False

It uses to increase performance and for scientific.

  • Parallel Computing

Parallel computing occurs on one system while Distributed computing occurs between multiple system.

  • True

A ______________ is a network of distributed services that deliver content to a user based on the user’s geographic proximity to servers

  • content delivery network (CDN)

The core elements of parallel processing are CPUs.

  • True

The process of distributing computing workloads across multiple resources, such as servers

  • load balancing

This software allows a business or organization to manage a suite of integrated applications which are used to collect, manage, and store data on a variety of business activities

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

Unlike_______________, containers do not need to run a full-blown operating system (OS) image for each instance Instead, containers are able to run Answer 7 virtual machines separate instances of an application within a single shared OS

  • virtual machines

All but one, are the components of a microcontroller.

  • Low memory size

This is a model of cloud computing in which the vendor hosts virtualized computing resources, as well as network and storage resources, and provides them to the user as a service via the internet

  • infrastructure as a service

A type of cloud which is marketed based on availability and price

  • Public Cloud

_______ computing system is a uni-processor machine capable of executing a single instruction, which operates on a single data stream

  • Single-instruction, Single-data

This is an open-source cloud platform as a service that was originally developed as a joint venture between VMware, EMC, and General Electric, and is now owned by Pivotal Software

  • Cloud Foundry

This is a cloud computing environment that is comprised of a mix of private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises solutions

  • hybrid cloud

According to the official NIST definition, there are _______________ of cloud computing

  • five essential characteristics

Enumerate the evolution of cloud computing.

  • Software as a Service Utility Computing Cloud Computing Grid Computing

What does MISD stands for?

  • Multiple Instruction Single Data

A _______________ is the concurrent use of separate cloud service providers for different infrastructure, platform, or software needs

  • multi-cloud strategy

This is an example of cloud washing

  • Personal Cloud

This is a development model in which a product’s source code is made openly available to the public

  • Open Source

Cloud Computing is a set of ______________ architectures, which allow users to access a number of resources in a way that is _____, _____, and _____.

  • service-oriented; elastic, cost-efficient, and on-demand.

What does NIST stands for?

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology

Evolution of Cloud Computing

  • Grid Computing Utility Computing Cloud Computing Software as a Service

Challenges of Internet of Things

  • Security Signaling Bandwidth Diversity (wrong)

In Process Mechanism, Multiple processors perform processing.

  • Parallel Computing

This is a product that gives the user integrated management of public, private, and hybrid cloud environments

  • Cloud Management Platform

Computing systems are classified into categories:

  • Multiple-instruction, Multiple-data Multiple-instruction, Single-data Single-instruction, Single-data Single-instruction, Multiple-data