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Nursing Informatics

Explores the intersection of nursing science, computer science, and information science to enhance patient care and outcomes through the development..

data analytics

workflow analysis

usability testing

human-computer interaction

information security and privacy

meaningful use

evidence-based practice

nursing documentation

practical nursing


This includes a wide range of topics ranging from clinical decision support to clinical documentation to provider order entry systems, and from system design to system implementation and adoption issues.


______________ is a broad term that encompasses nursing professionals who are knowledgeable of leadership practices as they relate to the nursing profession.

  • Nursing administration

__ encompasses the responsibilities and accountabilities associated with managing, collecting, viewing, storing, sharing, disclosing, or otherwise making use of personal health information.

  • Data stewardship

A widely used set of metadata elements that is easily embedded in a web page.

  • Dublin Core metadata set

An optical disk with more storage capacity than CD-ROMs, these disks are also called digital video disks, but do not necessarily include video.

  • Digital Versatile Disk (DVD)

________________ must be able to develop a successful vision for the nursing organization and nurture collaborative relationships among interdepartmental staff and management in an effort to implement that vision.

  • Nursing leadership professionals

The complex and multi-faceted nature of _______________ requires nursing leadership professionals who can create effective intra-departmental and facility-wide systems of healthcare delivery, while leading a productive and efficient workforce.

  • modern healthcare

An entity producing, marketing, reselling, or distributing heath care goods or services consumed by or used on patients.

  • Commercial Interest

__ is an effort by the Federal ONC division to support patients’ ability to download copies of their health records.

  • Blue Button

A person or organization that financially contributes to all or part of the cost of an activity in return for the right to advertise during the activity with an intent to increase the sponsor’s profit.

  • Sponsorship

Information about patients that is protected from inappropriate disclosure under the privacy and security mandates of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and subsequent related legislation.

  • PHI: Personal Health Information or Protected Health Information

That part of pharmaceutical quality assurance which ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use and as required by the marketing authorization.

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

1,024 gigabytes of digital data.

  • Terabyte

This refers to health software programs that run on software programs that run on Smartphone and other mobile communication devices.

  • Mobile Medical Applications

Standard, detailed, written instructions for the management of clinical trials.

  • standard operating procedures (SOP)

A collaborative body composed of several federal departments and agencies that provide a framework for linking health business processes to technology solutions and standards and for demonstrating how these solutions improve health performance outcomes.

  • FHA: Federal Health Architecture

A comprehensive description of the trial after its completion including a description of experimental methods (including statistical methods) and materials, a presentation and evaluation of the results, statistical analyses and a critical, ethical, statistical and clinical appraisal.

  • final report

Changing a record's file format, often to make the record software-independent and in a standard or open format.

  • Conversion

An institute at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) responsible for cancer research and training.

  • NCI: National Cancer Institute

An event that is associated with death, admission to hospital, prolongation of a hospital stay, persistent or significant disability or incapacity, or is otherwise life-threatening in connection with a clinical trial.

  • serious adverse event

Research in bioinformatics that is motivated by human health and thereby emphases the relationship of the work to human disease in areas such as diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and management.


Storage in a system that is not a direct part of the network in daily use, but that can be accessed through the network.

  • Nearline storage

_______________ are also known as nurse managers, first-line nurse managers are those professionals who are responsible for overseeing first-level nursing services.

  • First-Line Nurse Managers

A type of digital storage media, magnetic disks include the hard disk found in your computer that stores the programs and files you work with daily.

  • Magnetic disk

__ is a large American company that provides products to support application implementation via servers, cloud-based tools, and software as a service.

  • Citrix

These are the first trials of a new active ingredient or new formulations in man, often carried out in healthy volunteers.

  • Phase I

Nurse administrators are now often responsible for contract negotiation and the management of ________________.

  • interdisciplinary support services

The application of biomedical informatics methods and techniques, including information technology, to deliver healthcare services.

  • clinical informatics

__________________ such as vice presidents of nursing and chief nursing officers often hold doctorates, such as the Doctor of Nursing Practice-Executive Leadership degree.

  • Executive-level nurse leaders

Subject matter of an educational activity that is based on the best available evidence and reflects the desired learning outcomes.

  • Content

A person appointed by, and responsible to, the sponsor or Contract Research Organization (CRO) for the monitoring and reporting of progress of the trial and for verification of data.

  • monitor

Evaluation that samples the entire range of outcomes associated over a long period and assesses student mastery of those skills.

  • Summative Evaluation

The component of clinical informatics that deals with the roles and activities of individuals in the nursing profession.


Any untoward medical occurrence in a clinical trial subject administered a pharmaceutical product; it does not necessarily have a causal relationship with the treatment.

  • adverse event

The application of biomedical informatics in areas of public health, including surveillance, reporting, and health promotion.


A process, using special software, that reduces the file size of a given electronic file.

  • Compression

A barcode system that works much like those in retail, except that a caregiver uses a handheld reader to verify the patient and medication to provide extra security against dosing the wrong medication or amount, or getting the wrong patient.

  • Bar Code Administration

A physical server that stores large amounts of data, usually media files such as scanned images.

  • BLOB server

A special type of database system that allows links among documents.

  • Hypertext

A record created, generated, sent, communicated, received, or stored by electronic means.

  • Electronic record

Maintenance of the privacy of trial subjects including their personal identity and all personal medical information.

  • confidentiality

A registered nurse who is actively involved in all aspects of planning, implementation, and evaluation of each CNE activity.

  • Nurse Planner

The fields of clinical informatics and public health informatics, including both applied research and practice.


A NIH grants program that promotes more rapid and effective translation of basic science discoveries into clinical settings, culminating in facilitated adoption in the community


A voluntary, private sector organization launched in 2004 to certify health information technology products such as electronic health records and the networks over which they interoperate.

  • CCHIT: Certification Commission for Health Information Technology

A list of names and e-mail addresses, organized into a group, that enables the e-mail message sender to enter only the group list name when sending an e-mail message to the group list members.

  • Group list

They are establishing a____________________.

  • budget and ensuring budgetary compliance

These can range from 1 bit/pixel for binary (fax type) images to 24 bits per pixel or greater in high quality color images.

  • Pixel Bit-Depth

The name of the file independent of location.

  • File name

Instructional methods and techniques that are in accord with principles of adult learning (e.g. lecture, simulation, case study, role play, etc).

  • Teaching strategies

This is the use of telecommunications and electronic information to support long-distance clinical healthcare.

  • Telehealth

The storage of digital data outside the network in daily use (e.g., on backup tapes) that is only accessible through the offline storage system, not the network.

  • Offline storage

A type of URL that is commonly used to store and exchange large files.

  • File transfer protocol (FTP)

An eligible organization credentialed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) after having submitted to an in-depth analysis to determine its capacity to provide quality continuing education over an extended period of time

  • Accredited Provider

The __________________ defines nurse administrators, or leaders, as those who design, manage, and facilitate patient care delivery within any number of healthcare settings.

  • Journal of the Medical Library Association (JMAL)

The process of collecting and analyzing information that can influence the decision to initiate a new program or revise an existing one.

  • Needs Assessment

The science that develops methods, techniques, and theories regarding how to use data, information and knowledge to support and improve biomedical research, human health, and the delivery of healthcare services.


This is conducted to support the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of patients with health conditions.


Nurse leaders must apply analytical and problem solving skills on a daily basis, and provide direct guidance and mentorship to their unit nurses, often acting as a liaison between staff, various levels of management, and the ________________.

  • hospital’s executive team

The planning, controlling, directing, organizing, training, promoting, and other managerial activities related to the creation, maintenance, use, and disposition of records.

  • Records management

This is a secure online website that gives patients convenient 24 hour access to personal health information from anywhere within internet connection.

  • Patient Portal

Statements that define the expected goal(s) of an educational activity.

  • Objective

A repository of electronically maintained information about an individual’s health status and health care, stored such that it can serve the multiple legitimate users of the record.

  • EHR: Electronic Health Record

The degree to which data is lost during file compression.

  • Lossiness

1,024 megabytes of digital data.

  • Gigabyte

They are arranging and overseeing __________________.

  • training of nursing staff

A __ is a count of the number of bits in a transmission unit that is included with the unit so that the receiver can check to see whether the same number of bits arrived.

  • Checksum

An affiliation or relationship of a financial nature with a commercial interest organization that might affect a person’s ability to objectively participate in the planning, implementation, or review of a learning activity.

  • Conflict of Interest

This is the electronic application that allows veterans the capability to download their personal health information from their VA patient portal in a very simple text file or PDF.

  • Blue Button

A clinical information system that allows clinicians to record patient-specific orders (tests, treatments, management plans, and the like) for communication to other patient care team members and to other information systems.

  • CPOE: Computer-Based Physician Order Entry

The problem in practice or the opportunity for improvement.

  • Professional Practice Gap

_____________ is the recognition of printed or written text characters by a computer.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

These DVDs are rewritable disks with exceptional storage capacity.

  • Digital Versatile Disk–Random Access Memory (DVD-RAM)

A document searching function that searches every word in a document or specified group of documents.

  • Free-text search

Refers to a system of IT governance where representatives from many departments meet regularly to approve or deny proposed changes to IT systems.

  • Change Control

They are overseeing the implementation of ___________________

  • policy and structural changes

A URI access protocol that provides the user remote control (not just access) to another computer. Most commonly used for interactive, text-based sites.

  • Telnet

An independent body (a review board or a committee, institutional, regional or national), constituted of medical professionals and non-medical members, whose responsibility it is to verify that the safety, integrity and human rights of the subjects participating in a particular trial are protected and to consider the general ethics of the trial, thereby providing public reassurance.

  • ethics committee

This access allows the user to install or update software or make configuration changes among other things.

  • Administrative Rights

A federal grant program for communities to build and strengthen their health information technology (HIT) infrastructure and health information exchange (HIE) capabilities.


A collection of data for the investigator consisting of all the relevant information on the investigational product(s), including chemical and pharmaceutical data and toxicological, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data obtained from studies in animals as well as in humans, and the results of earlier clinical trials.

  • investigator’s brochure

The ability of a software program to create files that can be read by more advanced versions of the software.

  • Forward-compatible

Data about data. Information (e.g., creator name, creation date) that is used to facilitate intellectual control of, and structured access to, other information.

  • Metadata

Any supplementary treatment provided to relieve the trial subject of symptoms caused by the investigated disease in the clinical trial.

  • escape treatment

_______________ inclusive of clinical nurse managers, coordinators and case managers, middle nurse managers are often responsible for overseeing several units within a facility.

  • Middle Nurse Managers

These include patient focused informatics, health literacy and consumer education.


The specified registered nurse learners or health care team members the educational activity is intended to impact.

  • Target audience

An officially-conducted examination (i.e. review of the conduct of the trial, including quality assurance, personnel involved, any delegation of authority and audit) by relevant authorities at the site of investigation and/or at the site of the sponsor in order to verify adherence to Good Clinical Practice as set out in this document.

  • inspection

For users of clinical technology, improperly configured systems can present false warnings, leading users to mentally tune them out over time.

  • Alert Fatigue

It defines how much medical care is needed for the condition or patient.

  • Acuity

An electronic health record that is maintained by the patient, typically combining information from a variety of encounters with multiple providers.

  • PHR: Personal Health Record

The length of time a given records series must be kept, expressed as either a time period (e.g., four years), an event or action (e.g., audit), or a combination (e.g., six months after audit).

  • Records retention period

The method of identifying the difference between current knowledge, skills, and/or practices and the desired best practices.

  • Gap Analysis

Moving files to another computer platform which may require changing their formats.

  • Migration

______________ inclusive of Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs), nursing directors, and executive vice presidents of nursing, these professionals are responsible for designing patient care delivery systems and directing patient care services throughout a facility.

  • Nurse Executives

Data that consists, at its most basic level, of just 0s and 1s.

  • Digital data

The component of clinical informatics that deals with the roles and activities of individuals in the dental profession.


A type of graphics file that stores the images as a collection of pixels.

  • Raster graphics

In a Healthcare facility, these are the systems used to physically secure medical supplies and medications in vending machine-like devices that require a user ID and password to access.

  • Automated Dispensing Units

Those individuals, organizations, organized health care systems, educational institutions, or governmental agencies offering continuing education as approved by the board.

  • Approved Provider

A response to a pharmaceutical product that is noxious and unintended and which occurs at doses normally used or tested in man for prophylaxis, diagnosis, or therapy of disease, or for the modification of physiological function.

  • adverse reaction

They are planning work schedules and__________________ to nursing staff.

  • delegating responsibilities and tasks

The location of the file as it is stored in a series of directories.

  • File path

A protocol commonly used to access resources on the Internet.

  • Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)

At least two individuals responsible for planning each educational activity; one individual must be a Nurse Planner; and one individual must have appropriate subject matter expertise (content expert).

  • Planning Committee

Nurse administrators are often responsible for ________________, staff management, financial resource management, and business management, in addition to their core responsibilities of coordinating and supervising the delivery of health care.

  • large-scale policy planning

A tiered set of objectives related to the ARRA Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs.

  • MU: Meaningful Use

Under HIPAA, a health plan, a health care clearinghouse, or a healthcare provider who transmits any health information in electronic form in connection with a HIPAA-covered transaction.

  • CE: Covered Entity

Any research program intended to determine the relative efficacy of alternate approaches to patient evaluation or treatment, intended to develop evidence that supports one approach over another in a given patient or context.

  • CER: Comparative Effectiveness Research

This is the field devoted to informatics from multiple consumer-patient views.


The investigator serving as coordinator for certain kinds of clinical trials, e.g. multicentered trials.

  • principal investigator

A term generally used to refer to uses of clinical data for purposes other than direct patient care (e.g., for research purposes, for public health surveillance, for billing, for analysis in disease registries).


A standard for clinical studies which encompasses the design, conduct, monitoring, termination, audit, analyses, reporting and documentation of the studies and which ensures that the studies are scientifically and ethically sound and that the clinical properties of the pharmaceutical product (diagnostic, therapeutic or prophylactic) under investigation are properly documented.

  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)