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Law Enforcement and Justice Administration

Provides comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for effective law enforcement practices, criminal justice administration, and maintaining public safety.

law enforcement

justice administration




criminal justice

legal system





juvenile justice



law enforcement agencies

public safety

Which is an example of a boycott?

  • convincing your family and friends to support a new product
  • refusing to purchase a product to support a cause
  • giving a friend helpful advice

I responded to the park after getting a report of _________activity.

  • Suspicious
  • Suspishous
  • Suspitious
  • None of these

Without an _________________ of complaint, no charges can be pursued.

  • Affidavit
  • Affadavid
  • Affidavid
  • Avidabit

Members from a variety of community groups are invited to share their views on 'how to improve delivery of policing services. A facilitator will ensure that everyone is provided the opportunity to be heard. Which of the following best describes the format of this event?

  • Ad-hoc committee
  • Community Survey
  • Community Profile
  • Focus Group

IN THIS STAGE THE POLICE output in the form of an arrested or booked suspect becomes input into the charging stage.


The justices are appointed by the president. Who recommends the list of justices to be selected by the president?

  • The Commission on Appointment
  • Department of Justice' Secretary
  • The previous Chief Justice
  • The Judicial and Bar Council of the Philippines

When is a charge considered to have been laid/valid?

  • When the accused is notified of his/her charge
  • When the accused is arrested
  • When the charge has been sworn to before a Judge or Justice
  • When the paperwork is served on the accused

A legal system used in the U.S. which place one party against another to resolve a legal issue, stipulating that only in an actual conflict will a judicial body hear the case.

  • Codified law
  • Common law system
  • Adversarial judicial system
  • Case law system
  • All of the above.

Within the community policing framework, the role of the police is to:

  • Work with other departments to reduce crime
  • Solve Crime
  • Secure public support
  • Take a problem solving approach to crime

Which of the following is the LEAST effective indicator of performance for a police service that is practicing community policing?

  • Community members attitudes towards police
  • Morale & attitudes of police service members
  • Reduced response times to calls for service
  • The extent to which the police service as been successful in developing community partnerships

In challenges facing law enforcement: A Risk Management Perspective, the author emphasizes a classic analysis chart that can be used to assess the risk with respect to anything that gets done in your operation. Which of the following types of events or tasks cause the greatest concern?

  • HR/LF/DT
  • HR/HF/DT

The chief of police or Commissioner, as the case may be shall ensure that Part B of the use of force report is destroyed no later than ______ days after the report is submitted. Part B of the report may be retained for an additional period if the board or Commissioner is of the opinion it is necessary. This additional period shall not exceed the ____ anniversary of the date the report is submitted

  • 30 and 1st
  • 90 and 1st
  • 30 and 2nd
  • 90 and 2nd

Which of the following does not require a use of force report?

  • Grounding a hand cuffed suspect who hits his head and cuts head open. Declines medical attention
  • Grounds a hand cuffed suspect who hits head and has a bruise. Declines medical attention
  • Officer kicks male in the thigh 3 times to gain control, leave bruise
  • Option 4

They are supposed to be applied equally to all citizens regardless of their religion, political persuasion and status in life.

  • Laws must be ordained for the common benefit
  • Laws must be prescribed by legitimate authority
  • It must be obligatory
  • It is a rule of conduct

No person shall drive a motor vehicle on highway while holding:

  • A hand held wireless communication device
  • Prescribed device that is capable of receiving or transmitting telephone communication, electronic data mail or text messages
  • Hand held electronic entertainment device
  • All of the above

When it comes to telling gay jokes in your workplace, which of the following is correct?

  • Provided there is no intent to offend, there is no offence
  • This behaviour constitutes harassment
  • Most people who are offended will voice their displeasure
  • You should not have to worry about overly sensitive people



According to Community Policing, Section 31(1) of the Police Services Act identifies the duties of the Police Services Board which include:

  • Appointing the members of the municipal police force
  • Establishing the priorities and objectives of the police services in consultation with the chief of police
  • Recruiting and hiring the chief of police
  • Allocating and administering police services budgets
  • Both C and D
  • All of the above

The use of sanctions and rewards within a group to influence and shape the behavior of individual members of that group is called

  • social control
  • probable cause
  • social justice
  • individual rights



The ________________ reported a dog was barking all night.

  • Complaintant
  • Complanant
  • Compilant
  • Complainant

The president is the commander in chief of the armed forces, but the legislative branch declares war and authorizes payment for it; this is an example of the checks and balances found in:

  • Article 5.
  • Article 6.
  • Article 2.
  • Article 3.
  • All of the above.

New law on environment was introduced due to

  • Bhopal gas tragedy
  • UC factory tragedy
  • Both (a) & (b)
  • None of these

It is a systematic method to understand the different affairs of every state in the world. It includes also the understanding of a state to draw self-analysis.

  • Comparative Government
  • Comparative Method
  • Comparative Politics
  • Systematic Comparative Government and Politics

Mayors can serve for at least 6 yrs per term.

  • True
  • False

What are the 3 R's of Traditional Patrol Practice?

  • Random patrol, rapid response, and reactive investigation
  • Random patrol, reconnaissance and recovery
  • Rapid response, rescue and relief
  • Random patrol, reactive call delivery and response investigation

Opponents of capital punishment most frequently cite this amendment:

  • The Sixth Amendment.
  • The Ninth Amendment.
  • The Second Amendment.
  • The Eighth Amendment.
  • All of the above.

In an effort to develop positive relations with teens, an officer attends a youth drop in centre. The officer meets a 13 year old Asian youth who is experiencing language difficulties, performing below standards in school and whose parents recently divorced. What conclusion can the officer draw about this individual?

  • This youth is a victim of neglect
  • This youth is at risk for criminal activity
  • This youth is abusing alcohol and/or drugs
  • This youth is suffering from a learning disability

Problem oriented policing is the primary component of community policing and focuses on

  • Examining underlying causes of crime
  • Managing each problem in isolation
  • Risk avoidance
  • Taking ownership of a problem

A student brings a pellet gun to school and points it at another student. What should you charge her with?

  • No charge
  • Return pellet gun to parents
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Pointing a firearm



There are five skill sets (competency clusters) of Transforming Leadership. They are all required for successful intervention as a person or as a professional leader.1. Personal Mastery2. Interpersonal skills3. Problem-management and counselling 4. Consultative skills (team and organization development)5. Style-shifting, role shifting, and skill shifting

  • True
  • False

A special occasions permit is issued for a wedding or a stag. The hall is over crowded and persons under 19 are drinking, what do you do?

  • Notify the fire inspector of the violation of a fire regulation
  • Revoke the permit
  • Order the premise vacated
  • Charge the permit holder with 'permit persons under 19 years to consume liquor'.

A 78 year old widow requests to speak with the police about a family problem. She lives with her 45 year old son who has a mental capacity of a 10 year old. He reportedly chocked her for no apparent reason. Although she is having difficulty breathing, she has declined medical assistance. According to the Ministry Policing Standards how should police respond?

  • Warn the son regarding the assault and contact victim services
  • Apprehend the son under the MHA, however do not proceed with charges
  • Arrest the son and charge him with assault
  • Arrest and detain the son, however, do not proceed with any charges

___________were colonist who opposed a strong federal government.

  • Delegates
  • Federalists
  • Anti-federalist
  • Founding fathers
  • All of the above.

This is a type of government which means "Rule of the best" or the power and authority are vested on the hands of the most privilege ruling class.

  • Anarchism
  • Democracy
  • Monarchy
  • Aristocracy

What was the name of the company from where the gas had leaked in Bhopal ?

  • Amul diary
  • Ratnadeep
  • Union carbide

You find a group of youths at a free band concert in a park. They are carrying back packs that you believe contain alcohol. What can you do?

  • Arrest, search and seize under LLA
  • Search and seize under LLA
  • No authority
  • There is no offence unless observed consuming

It is an offence to store part bottles of opened liquor in a closed compartment on a boat that is within easy reach of the operator.

  • True
  • False

A system of basic laws and principles that establish the nature, functions and limits of a government or other institution.

  • Constitution
  • Pluralism
  • Compacts
  • Constitutionalism
  • All of the above

A formal, written accusation submitted to a court by a prosecutor, alleging that a specified person has committed a specified offense, usually a felony.

  • due process
  • reasonable suspicion
  • warrant
  • Indictment

According to Community Based Strategic Policing in Canada, there is evidence that foot patrols result in all of the following EXCEPT:

  • Increased job satisfaction for police officers
  • Reduced calls for service
  • Reduced citizens fear of crime
  • Decreased level of crime

The five traits of emotional intelligence are self awareness, self management, self motivation and:

  • Empathy, knowledge
  • Empathy, social skills
  • Confidence, knowledge
  • Confidence, empathy

Can you execute a Human Rights Code warrant if the person from the Human Rights Commission who is named (authorized) in the warrant is not present?

  • Yes you can act on their behalf
  • Yes, if there is a representative of the HRC present
  • Only if your supervisor is also present and authorizes you
  • NO, the person named in the warrant must be present

A criminal justice model perspective that assumes that the system’s components work together harmoniously to achieve the social product we call justice.

  • evidence-based model
  • consensus model
  • crime model
  • conflict mode

You have a valid out of province arrest warrant for a male party. After many days the male is observed going into the house.

  • You can enter and arrest on the strength of the warrant
  • Cannot enter the house without a Feeny warrant. Must have RG to believe male is present or will be present
  • You have to wait till he comes back out
  • Warrant not valid as it out of province

A society in which numerous distinct ethnic, religious or cultural groups coexist with one nation, each contributing to the society as a whole.

  • Constitution
  • Pluralism
  • Constitutionalism
  • Compacts
  • All of the above

What does SARA stand for:

  • Scanning, Analysis, Results, Assessment
  • Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment
  • Scanning, Assessment, Response, Analysis
  • Scanning, Acting, Result, Assessment

When did the Bhopal Gas Tragedy occur ?

  • 2nd December 1984
  • 30th August 2009
  • 5th November 1999
  • none of the above

The act was the result, not of any intent on the part of the accused, but of threats of loss of life, limb or a love one.


What is the range of jail term in case of violation of the child labour ban ?

  • 2 years-4years
  • 11months-4years
  • 6months -2years
  • 3months -7years

A set of rules given by the government or society in order to maintain peace and security.

  • Laws
  • Justice
  • Freedom
  • None of the above

According to Mill's method of agreement, it is the second step in a comparative analysis. Once things have been described and classified, the comparative scholar can move on to search for those factors that may help explain what has been described and classified.

  • Hypothesis Drafting
  • Data Gathering
  • Prediction
  • Hypothesis Testing

The power or right to speak, act, think or do whatever you want without being controlled, limited or coercion.

  • Laws
  • Justice
  • Freedom
  • All of the above

It is an offence for a person to walk through a park with a part bottle of liquor with the cap on?

  • True
  • False

Describe the American experience with crime during the last century? What noteworthy criminal incidents or activities can you identify during that time? What social or economic conditions have produced them?

  • [No Answer]

It is the stage where the offender will be reformed and rehabilitated prior to his reintegration in the community.


What is the only condition for which a JP may oppose a defendant bail under they Provincial Offences Act of Ontario?

  • To protect public interest
  • To prohibit the defendant from associating with a named individual
  • To ensure the safety of a member for the public
  • To ensure the defendants appearance in court

As a subculture, police officers tend to socialize with other officers and isolate from family and friends. According to Community based strategic policing in Canada, in which of the following assignments is this behaviour most likely to be reduced?

  • School Liaison Officer
  • Professional Standards
  • Intelligence Unit
  • General Patrol

power looms are small looms with _____ looms

  • 3-5
  • 6-7
  • 4-6
  • 5-8

Research indicates that higher levels of education can enhance performance of front line officers. Which of the following is not a benefit

  • Officers are ore sensitive to visible minorities
  • Officers generate fewer complaints
  • Officers make better supervisors
  • Officers have greater ability to process information

A charter is a document establishing how a community or colony chooses to govern itself.

  • True
  • False

The Quartering Act

  • Paid for the British troops staying in the colonies.
  • Required colonists to feed and house British solders.
  • Established the United States Mint.
  • Created the Secret Service to combat counterfeiting.
  • All of the above.

Through ______,_________and _______ laws, the government can control the activities of induviduals. (Write it as Answer1,Answer2,Answer 3)

  • making,enforcing,upholding

What was the name of the survivor of the Bhopal Gas tragedy ?

  • Aziza Sultan

is simply a Claim by the defendant that he or she was in another place when the crime happened and therefore could not have committed it.


A police officer arrests a male for an offence. The male admits that he committed the offence due to the victims sexual orientation. the police officer realizes that this is a hate motivated crime. The officer in charge shall ensure that all father following are implemented EXCEPT:

  • Ensure that the hat/bias chimer is noted on the outside of the crown envelope
  • Ensure that the occurrence states that it is a hate crime
  • Che to see if the accused has any firearms issued to him and consider seizer
  • Do not release the accused until a bail hearing

Which of the following leadership styles is LEAST consistent with the Path-Goal Theory?

  • Behaviourally consistent leader who displays a predictable leadership style with followers across situations
  • Directive leader who lets followers know what is expected of them
  • A participative leader who consults with followers and uses their suggestions to make a decision
  • A supportive leader who is friendly and shows cancer for the needs of followers

Law is considered a positive command imposing a duty to obey and involving a sanction which forces obedience.

  • It is a rule of conduct
  • Law must be just
  • It must be obligatory
  • Laws must be prescribed by legitimate authority

Police services that actively recruit women, visible and cultural minorities are doing so primarily:

  • In response to a shortage of white-male applicants
  • To meet legislative hiring quotas
  • To pacify activist groups in their community
  • To reflect the diversity of their communities

What do CCTV cameras NOT do?

  • A deterrence in crime
  • A stoppage of crime
  • Assist police in solving crime
  • Help identify criminal

What is a protest?

  • the act of supporting your favorite sports team
  • the separation of different racial groups in a country, community, or establishment.
  • a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.

The scientific study of the causes and prevention of crime and the rehabilitation and punishment of offenders.

  • Psychology
  • Criminology
  • Evidence-Based Model
  • Criminalistics

A criminal justice perspective that assumes that the system’s components function primarily to serve their own interest. Also views justice as more of a product of conflicts among agencies within the system than it is the result of cooperation among component agencies.

  • Crime Control Model
  • Due Process Model
  • Consensus Model
  • Conflict model

In the eyes of the lay it is illigal to deny workers their ..........................

  • wages

Which of the following statements provides an accurate description of community policing?

  • Community policing is a replacement of traditional policing
  • Community policing is a strategy that involves partnering with the community
  • Community policing is an approach for solving all types of criminal activity
  • Community policing is the sole responsibility of the police service

All of the following are characteristics of a learning organization EXCEPT:

  • Risk avoidance and collaborative thinking
  • Opportunity to question longstanding policies and practices
  • Clarify for members roles in achieving objectives
  • Networking with external organizations

At what age is a person presumed old enough to give evidence at court?

  • 12
  • 8
  • 14
  • 18

It is the system or group of people governing an organized community, generally a state.

  • Parliament
  • Government
  • Politics
  • Anarchy

A police investigation reveals that a 30 year old male has knowingly engaged in conversation with a 13 year old female using an internet chat line. Most recently, the male requested 'take of your clothes and rub your breasts'. Based on this information, which of the following statements is CORRECT with respect to the offence of luring?

  • The offence has not been committed until the subject meets the victim
  • The male has committed the offence of luring
  • There is no offence as the female is more than 12 years of age
  • Until a meeting time and place is established, there is no offence

The woman calls you and says that she has found a revolver that belonged to her deceased husband. As OIC what do you do

  • Tell her to bring to station
  • Tell her to call firearms registry officer
  • Send and officer to go get it
  • Tell her to keep it in his memory


  • TRUE

A type of government which literally mean, "Power of the people".

  • Republic
  • Democratic
  • Aristocratic
  • Liberal

Radio contact should be made with dispatch at this point of a traffic stop.

  • Before you activate emergency lights and stop the vehicle
  • After you stop the vehicle

-A law enforcement or correctional administrative process officially recording an entry into detention after arrest and identifying the person, the place, the time, the reason for the arrest, and the arresting authority.

  • Booking
  • Arraignment
  • Detainment
  • Pre-trial

Is defined as the written instrument by which the fundamental powers of the government are established, limited, and defined, and which these powers are distributed among several departments for their safe and useful exercise for the benefit of the people

  • Legislation
  • Custom
  • Constitution
  • Court decision

Ten Commandments

  • Divine Positive Law
  • Divine Human Positive Law
  • Divine Justice Law
  • Divine Intervention Law

A female alleges she was sexually assaulted by a police officer. Who is the investigating body?

  • Special Victims Unit
  • Internal investigations
  • SIU
  • Another independent police body

How the Constitution may be amended is found in:

  • Article 3.
  • Article 6.
  • Article 2.
  • Article 5.
  • All of the above.



Problem solving models vary, but the basic process is the same. according to COMMUNITY BASED STRATEGIC POLICING IN CANADA, the first step should always be to:

  • Identify the problem
  • Analyse the problem
  • Prioritize the problem
  • Identify and barriers to solving the problem

The crime ___________ is described as....

  • Scene
  • Seen
  • Sign
  • Sin

According to the CPTED 'crime triangle', what are the three elements that must be present in order for crime to occur?

  • Victim, opportunity, offender
  • Crime, victim, offender
  • Victim, opportunity, location
  • Offender, victim, location

Money spent to purchase new machinery or buildings or training so as to be able to increase or mordernise production in the future

  • Investment

The requirement that colonists purchase stamps to be placed on legal documents was known as:

  • Judicial activism.
  • A compact.
  • The Quartering Act.
  • The Stamp Act.
  • All of the above.

............... was a surviver of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy .

  • Aziza Sultan

They were _____________ in a physical altercation.

  • Engaged
  • Enguaged
  • Engauged
  • Engedged

means any rule of action or norm of conduct applicable to all kinds of action and to all objects of creation.

  • LAW

If an adult allows a juvenile to drink alcohol in their presence, they are guilty of Contributing to the ___________ of a Minor.

  • Delinkuency
  • Delinguency
  • Delinquency
  • Delinqency

Two or more courts authorized to hear a specific type of case.

  • General jurisdiction
  • Limited jurisdiction
  • Concurrent jurisdiction
  • Exclusive jurisdiction
  • All of the above

The geographical area in which a specific case may come to trial and the area from which the jury is selected.

  • Jurisdiction
  • Common law
  • Standing
  • Venue
  • All of the above

Refers to the reading of charges against the accused and declaration of his plea.


You have reasonable ground to believe a person has committed thee offence of 'fail to leave premises when directed.' Under which of the following circumstances is there NO lawful arrest authority

  • Person fails to provided documentary identification
  • A person has trespassed and made fresh departure from the premises, and that person is refusing to identify themselves
  • A person is refusing to leave a premise
  • A person is continuing to engage in a prohibited activity on a premises

Act of breaking law means

  • Violation
  • Breaking of fundamental rights
  • Both (a) & (b)
  • None of these

The government had ordered the people of Delhi to switch from diesel to which gas?(Write short form)

  • CNG

The Philippines highest judicial body

  • Civil Service Commission
  • President
  • Regional Trial Court
  • Supreme Court

The judge sentences Joe to five years to serve in prison for a case. Then sentences Joeto 2 years to serve in prison on another case. Joe will be allowed to serve time for both cases at the same time. This is an example of a

  • consecutive sentence
  • suspended sentence
  • concurrent sentence
  • intermediate sentence



An approach to identify short term crime solving and community needs:

  • Proactive Approach
  • Community Service Approach
  • POP (a strategy that advocated that police examine the underlying or root cause of recurring incidents of crime and disorder - Goldstein)

What is the ultimate goal of the criminal justice system?

  • justice

The first three articles of the Constitution establish:

  • Judicial activism.
  • The legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.
  • The Articles of Confederation.
  • Names of the states.
  • All of the above.

Fundamental rights are guaranteed by _______.

  • Goverment
  • Court
  • Constitution
  • Law

Headed by the President and supported by different departments or agencies of the government such as DTI, DILG, DOJ, DOH, DENR, DBM, DepEd, etc. This branch carries out and executes the law.

  • Executive

Crime-fighting strategies that have been scientifically tested and are based on social science research

  • Evidence-Based model
  • Consensus Model
  • Conflict Model
  • Criminal Control Model

A woman has an argument with her husband. She points a flare gun at him and says 'Im going to shoot a hole in your face'. What charge do you lay.

  • Charge point firearm
  • No charge because its a flare gun
  • Threatening
  • It would be an imitation firearm

Is an accusation in writing charging a person with an offense subscribed by the prosecutor and fled with the court.


The first ten amendments to the Constitution are known as the:

  • Magna Carta.
  • Articles of Confederation.
  • Constitution.
  • Bill of Rights.
  • All of the above.

Refers to the ultimate source of authority or power in a society and/or state.

  • Sovereignty
  • Nationalism
  • Constitution
  • Government

A key strategy to identify short term priorities for addressing crime, and to affirm the public's support of the police mandate is known as

  • Community Consultation
  • Interagency cooperation
  • Problem-oriented Policing
  • The pro-active approach

the Criminal Justice System is the machinery which society uses in the prevention of crime.


The primary purpose of the scanning stage of problem-solving process is to:

  • Access the extent to which a community mobilization is required
  • Conduct a preliminary inquiry to determine whether a problem exists and whether further analysis is required
  • Determine the cause, scope and impact of the problem
  • Develop an appropriate response to an identified crime problem

Anyone can swear to a Provincial Offences Act information

  • True
  • False

You are executing a search warrant and find a large quantity of cash. What do you do?

  • Nothing
  • Seize as offence related property
  • Seize for safe keeping
  • Document and turn over to owner of residence

______________________ management is a characteristic of police leadership within community policing model.

  • Administrative
  • Change
  • Bureaucratic
  • Maintenance

It was created for decentralization of administration or decentralization of government.

  • Autonomous Regions
  • Shariah Courts
  • New People's Army
  • Governors and Mayors

____________ becomes even more important when the laws seek to protect the weak from the strong.

  • Enforcement

In the context of community policing, the Association of Black Law Enforcers (ABLE), member of the gay community and the media are examples of:

  • Special interest groups
  • Lobby groups
  • Key players
  • Anti-police organizations

set of rules which establishes what is right and what is wrong as dedicated by human conscience and as inspired by the eternal law

  • Physical Law
  • Moral law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law

The requirements for a fair trial are found in:

  • The Second Amendment.
  • The Sixth Amendment.
  • The Third Amendment.
  • All of the above.

A farmer calls the police re: 2 hunters trespassing who have refused to leave. As the police arrive the hunter freshly depart the property. What can the police do?

  • Stop and request they identify themselves
  • Cant do anything unless they find dead animals
  • Arrest and ID
  • Hunting is legal

A male is found driving a car without and interlock device, contrary to the condition on his licence. What do you do with the car

  • Allow another person to drive the car away
  • Impound car for 7 days at the expense of the owner
  • Impound car for 30 days at the expense of the owner
  • Park the car off the highway



The smallest local government unit in the Philippines.

  • Family
  • Church
  • Barangay
  • Sangguniang Kabataan

You have been assigned to oversee a new storefront police station. You are planning a community meeting to get to know the local business owners and residents. This format will provide the community members an opportunity to voice their needs and concerns which, in turn, will assist you in:

  • Improving the police service image
  • Reducing fear inter community
  • Enhancing police intelligence
  • Developing a community profile

In which year was PENCIL implimented ??

  • 2001
  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 2017

The Magna Carta:

  • Established the concept of due process in Roman law.
  • Was drafted in England after the establishment of American colonies.
  • Was relatively unimportant to the development of the American Constitution.
  • Was drafted in England prior to the establishment of American colonies.
  • All of the above.

The Minimum Wages Act was passed to:

  • Give everyone a wage
  • To protect the rights of the workers
  • To protect workers from exploitation
  • Both answer options 2&3

In order to search a dwelling house for liquor kept for illegal sale, you would need to obtain a Criminal Code search warrant

  • True
  • False

Law is derived from different sources, namely:

  • Legislation, Precedent, Custom, Court decision

When was the Child Labour act amended by the government ?

  • 1986
  • 2016
  • 2007
  • 2021

Gang related activity typically instills fear throughout a community, thereby preventing potential witnesses from coming forward. This situation demonstrates the need for police to:

  • Develop open lines of communication with community members
  • Make community members accountable for their actions and inactions
  • Promote the use of Crime Stoppers
  • Seed adequate funding to address crime

According to COMMUNITY BASED STRATEGIC POLICING IN CANADA, which of the following statements with respect to officers resistance to community policing is correct?

  • Only officer who support community - policing principles should work in this field
  • Resistance is more prevalent in larger police services
  • Resistance is due solely to the lack of time to do community policing
  • Shifting from law enforcement to service delivery is challenging for most officers

Which of the following approaches to risk management is (overwhelmingly) endorsed by Paul Ceyssens and Gordon Graham?

  • Reactive
  • Proactive
  • Lawyer exclusion
  • Common sense

A police officer may arrest without warrant any person in an intoxicated condition in a public place and a danger to himself or other.

  • True
  • False

According to Community Based Strategic Policing in Canada, one of the most common barriers to effective problem solving is

  • Failing to communicate clear objectives
  • Failing to examine the problem in sufficient detail
  • Examining the symptom of the problem rather that the cause
  • _Selecting an appropriate problem solving process

Law specifically set fort in organized, structured codes such as the U. S. Criminal code, state statutes or local ordinances. Also called statutory law.

  • Codified law
  • Common law
  • Case law
  • Comparative law
  • All of the above.

He wouldn't allow her to leave, which is why he was arrested for false ______________.

  • Inprisonment
  • Imprisonint
  • Imprisonment
  • Inprimosoment

Police attend a licensed bar following a report of a disturbance. On arrival, the bar manager reports that multiple fight are occurring at different locations throughout the bar. Patrons exiting the bar report receiving injuries from broken beer bottles. How should the officers respond

  • Require that all persons vacate the premise
  • See the consent of the bar owner to vacate the premises
  • Report the occurrence to the Alcohol Gaming Control Board of Ontario to have the liquor licence suspended
  • Remove the person believed to be causing the disturbance

A good business plan or strategic plan can provide a police service with a number of benefits, including all of the following EXCEPT:

  • A basis for assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational practices
  • A barometer of the health of the organization
  • Focus for the organizational framework that determines organizational needs and practices
  • A long term perspective

What do you mean by the term 'Investment'?

  • Money spent to purchase new machinery
  • Money spent to purchase new building
  • Money spent to increase production in future.
  • All of these

An auxiliary officer is assigned to accompany a constable on foot patrol in the downtown area. In the course of his duties, the auxiliary officer suffers a sprained ankle that requires medical attention. In accordance with the WORKPLACE SAFETY & INSURANCE ACT, a police service should

  • Take no action. The auxiliary officer is not an employee of the police service
  • Suspend the auxiliary officer until fit for duty
  • Provide transportation to the hospital and notify WSIB of the accident
  • Notify WSIB within 30 days of the accident

What is The full form of NCLP ? (Write first letter of each word in caps)

  • National Child Labour Project

Do you think that the workers of Bhopal gas tragedy got justice . Explain your answer.

  • [No Answer]

A wood lot situated on land used primarily for agricultural purposes does not require a sign prohibiting entry.

  • True
  • False

Restriction of the types of cases a particular court might hear.

  • General jurisdiction
  • Limited jurisdiction
  • Concurrent jurisdiction
  • Exclusive jurisdiction
  • All of the above

6 months ago your service implemented a program developed by a patrol officer. Front line officers are now handing out coupons to kids for free admittance to local recreational facilities. Costs are absorbed by local businesses. As a result, police contacts with youth have increased and youth related complaints in the downtown core have decreased. According to the LEADERSHIP reading, this officers efforts are best described as:

  • A leadership neutralizer
  • Cross-cultural leadership
  • Leading without authority
  • Management by exception (Active)

In response to repeated incidents involving teenagers fighting at a local high school property a police service assigns an officer to attend at the this location on a regular basis. This form of directed patrol is likely to achieve all of the following EXCEPT:

  • A displacement of crime to other areas
  • An opportunity to pursue proactive policing
  • An increased level of cooperation and tryst between youth and police
  • An increased level of fear in the school community

An officer attends a residence at 03:00 and believes a 5 year old is home alone. Can the officer enter the residence?

  • The officer must be in the company of a Children's Aid Society worker.
  • There is no authority to enter
  • Enter with force if necessary and apprehend the child in need of protection
  • Must have evidence the child is in the residence

What is the full form of PENCIL ?(Write first letter of each word in caps)

  • Platform For Effective Enforcement Of No Child Labour

You respond to a call regarding two males smoking marijuana. Your partner tells you he saw one of the males throw a joint and recovers it. What can you do?

  • Arrest and charge the male who threw the joint
  • No charge as they no longer in possession
  • Arrest and charge both males with possession
  • Marihuana is legal

What is the name of the has that had leaked during the bhopal gas tragedy ?

  • methyl-isocyanite

Read the statements below about state."The state is more than its government. The state defines the political community of which government is the executive branch."

  • The first statement is TRUE the second statement is FALSE
  • The first statement is FALSE the second statement is TRUE
  • Both statements are TRUE
  • Both statements are FALSE

It is the current meeting of the national legislature of the Philippines, composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The convention of the ____ was followed by the 2022 presidential election, the 2022 Senate election, which replaced half of the Senate membership, and the 2022 House of Representatives elections which determined the entire membership of the House of Representatives.

  • 17th Congress of the Philippines
  • 20th Congress of the Philippines
  • 19th Congress of the Philippines
  • 18th Congress of the Philippines

"Law" can be defined as:

  • Contributions from representatives of the pluralistic union formatting what was to become the United States of America.
  • A compact or charter.
  • A body of rules promulgated to support societal norms, enforced through legal consequences.
  • A conceptual framework.
  • All of the above.

Under the TTPA a police officer may arrest without a warrant any person that the officer believes on reasonable and probable grounds to be on the premises in contravention of the act.

  • True
  • False

§Refers to the presentation of the prosecution and the defendant of their respective case and arguments before a court.


The legislative power is vested in the Congress of the Philippines which consists of the Senate of the Philippines and the House of Representatives. Senators are elected to a term of three years.

  • First statement is True and the second statement is False
  • First statement is False and the second statement is True
  • Both statement is True
  • Both statement is False

The defendant was found guilty of ____________ of a firearm by a convicted felon.

  • Posesion
  • Posession
  • Possession
  • None of these

You pull over a driver with 6 sealed bottles of beer in a beer case. There is no offence by the driver.

  • True
  • False

The three components of the criminal justice systems are police, corrections and

  • consensus model
  • courts
  • medicine
  • collection agencies

What is social justice?

  • lack of fairness or justice.
  • justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.
  • a feeling or expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude

The Constitution is considered a "living law" because:

  • It has the ability to change to meet the currents.
  • Those who promulgated it were alive at the time.
  • It represented the "living tree of freedom."
  • Only political office holders can affect it.
  • All of the above.

"Let the decision stand"; similar scenario & facts are approached in the same way


Refers to the means and methods of setting the court in motion, making the facts known to them and effectuating their judgments

  • Substantive Private Law
  • Objective Private Law
  • Procedural/Adjective Private Law
  • Dominant Private Law

§refers to the “orderly progression of events from the time a person is arrested or taken out of the community


According to the Ontario Policing Standards Manual, every police services procedures regarding prisoner care and control should require that:

  • Developmentally disabled persons are not placed in hiding cells
  • Meals are provided at regular meal times and recorded
  • Physical checks are performed on prisoners who are wearing clothing (ex. belts) that could cause harm
  • Prisoners are permitted to self administer prescription medication

According to 2011 census, _______ million children aged between 5 and 14 work in various occupations including hazardous ones.

  • 4

An officers stops a vehicle that they believe contains a speed measuring device. What can the officer

  • RG to believe - can arrest the driver and search him and vehicle and seize device
  • RG to believe - can search the vehicle and seized the device
  • Has to be in plain view
  • RG to believe - can impound the vehicle

Passing of laws are not enough. One must ensure

  • enforcement of laws
  • Inspection of worksites
  • Punish those who violate laws
  • All of the above

bodies of rules which creates duties, rights and obligations and the means and methods in setting courts in motion for the enforcement of a right or of a redress of wrong

  • Private Law
  • Divine Positive Law
  • International Law
  • Administrative Law

What is meant by a minimum wage ?

  • A certain amount less than which a worker cannot be paid.
  • A wage that is related to the workers rights
  • A wage that is revised periodically
  • All of the above

A criminal justice perspective that emphasizes individual rights at all stages of justice system processing.

  • Consensus model
  • Conflict model
  • Crime control model
  • Due process model

You are executing a CDSA warrant and located a expandable baton during the search of a residence. You immediately seized the baton and charge the accused with possession of a restricted weapon.

  • True
  • False

The law against child labour was implemented in

  • 2001
  • 2005
  • 2012
  • 2006

Goal setting is most likely to enhance performance when:

  • When your best goals are set
  • Formal management by objectives programs are avoided
  • Task complexity is high
  • Goal commitment is high

Is a person accorded the legal rights and duties flowing from membership of a state.

  • National
  • Citizen
  • Alien

The Mayflower Compact is considered to be the first formal attempt at self-government by the colonists.

  • True
  • False

The only courts that can hear specific cases.

  • General jurisdiction
  • Limited jurisdiction
  • Concurrent jurisdiction
  • Exclusive jurisdiction
  • All of the above.

Who is a consumer ?

  • An induvidual who buys goods for personal use and not for resale
  • A person who eats lot of food
  • A person who sells goods in bulk
  • None of the above

Pumps at contaminated wells are painted______.

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • None of the above

A hearing to establish whether sufficient evidence exists against a person to continue the justice process.

  • Preliminary Hearing
  • Trial
  • Arraignment
  • Sentencing

is a claim that the defendant should be exonerated from criminal responsibility because she or he was suffering from mental condition or mental incapacitation.


Your organization is planning to shift from traditional policing methods to a "service delivery" model of policing. Which of the following would be LEAST effective in creating buy-in from officers?

  • Involving police officer planning and implementing programs
  • Consulting with only senior members in the development of policies and practices
  • Developing relevant criteria for performance evaluation
  • Providing the training and skills to do the job

Which of the following would constitute an offence under the LLA?

  • A part bottle of liquor stored in a closed compartment on a boat that is underway
  • A closed part bottle of liquor on the rear seat of a motor vehicle directly behind the driver
  • An unopened bottle of liquor in a paper bag on the front seat next to the driver of a motor vehicle
  • An open beer case containing 22 unopened bottles, located on the rear seat beside a passenger in the motor vehicle

What is a minimum wage ??

  • [No Answer]

A woman had been charged with corrupting children in her family home. Her husband is the complainant in the case. The womans brother is a witness to the events. How do you respond when the investigating officer asks you if the complainant may be called to testify for the crown?

  • No. Spouses are neither competent not compellable in this case
  • Yes. Provided the womans brother testifies, her spouse is not compelled in this case.
  • Yes. He is both competent and compellable in this case
  • Yes. He is competent, provided he is willing to testify in this matter.



A 12 year old has sex with an 11 year old. The 12 year old is charged with sex assault.

  • True
  • False

Courts have the ability to hear a wide range of cases.

  • General jurisdiction
  • Limited jurisdiction
  • Concurrent jurisdiction
  • Exclusive jurisdiction
  • All of the above.

Following an incident in which a gay person was arrested and search in public place, members of the gay community challenged the police with respect to their actions. According to Community Based Strategic Policing in Canada, what key benefit could be served by the police service having a cultural resource unit?

  • To minimize allegations of excessive use of force
  • To ward off lawsuits from special interest groups
  • To aid in diffusing interest-based tensions
  • To meet provincial legislation requirements

A police officer observes a motor vehicle fail to stop at a stop sign in a shopping plaza parking lot. A subsequent CPIC check reveals the driver is prohibited from driving a motor vehicle following a criminal code conviction. What if any is the most appropriate charge?

  • Drive while under suspension
  • Operate motor vehicle while disqualified
  • Disobey stop sign
  • NO offence

COMMUNITY BASED STRATEGIC POLICING IN CANADA identifies a multiple-step process for developing police-community partnerships, first of which is to

  • Initiate dialogue
  • Organize community meetings
  • Identify potential partners
  • Conduct and environmental scan

In which direction should the patrol vehicle usually be offset during an unknown risk traffic stop?

  • Left
  • Left
  • Right
  • Center
  • It depends

Pluralism is defined as:

  • Many people, many laws.
  • An existential framework upon which a complex set of substantive and procedural law is built
  • A liberal ideal that seeks to incorporate the thoughts and ideas of many into a single government.
  • A society in which many distinct ethnic, religious or cultural groups coexist within one nation, each contributing to the societal whole.
  • All of the above.

a set of facts and circumstances that would induce a reasonably intelligent and prudent person to believe that a specified person has committed a specified crime.

  • Affidavit
  • Probable Cause
  • Warrant
  • Arraignment

A community meeting has been called in response to an increasing number of complaints involving youth, most of which involve alcohol and mischief in the downtown core. For what purpose should police gather and present crime statistics at this meeting?

  • To provide information on the underlying causes or conditions
  • To demonstrate that police are already practicing pro-active enforcement
  • To illustrate that the problem at this location is not any better or worse that in other areas
  • To support the need for increased enforcement

refers to political subdivisions of a nation or state which are constituted by law and has substantial control over local affairs.

  • Barangay
  • Local Government Unit
  • Regional and Provincial Government
  • All of the above

Right Against Exploitation

  • permits owners to exploit their workers
  • permits the workers to take a minimum wage
  • is not an example of the government interfering in the lives of the workers
  • is an act that does not allow exploitation of people in any form

Parents discover that their 14 year old daughter is having sexual relations with a 21 year old male. How will you respond?

  • No criminal charges apply due to age and consent to engage in a sexual relationship
  • No criminal charges apply due to age difference
  • The adult boyfriend can be charged with sexual exploitation
  • The adult boyfriend can be charged with sexual assault



Making law is not enough government has to ensure that these laws are

  • Implemented
  • Enforced
  • Both (a) & (b)
  • None of these

As a check against judicial power, Congress is authorized to regulate the courts' dockets by deciding what kinds of cases the Supreme Court may hear on appeal.

  • True
  • False

According to the ONTARIO PSA, a public complaint alleging police misconduct must be launched within what time period for it to be investigated?

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months

evidence on the facts in issue necessary to establish his or her claim or defense by the amount of evidence required by law.


Is a political community formed by territorial population which is subject to one government.

  • Nation
  • Population
  • State
  • Territory

A police officer stops a motor home on a highway. The driver has not consumed any liquor, however the passengers are consuming beer. The motor home is equipped with sleeping and cooking facilities. Who if anyone is committing an offence under the LLA?

  • Driver
  • Driver and passengers
  • Passengers
  • Nobody. Facilities refer the motor home as a private dwelling

It consists of those habits and practices which through long, and uninterrupted usage have become acknowledged and approved by society as binding rules of conduct.

  • Legislation
  • Precedent
  • Custom
  • Court decision

A male strikes a female at a bar. They were in an intimate relationship 2 years prior to the incident. The male is charged for 'domestic assault'.

  • True
  • False

In India incident occurs rapidly because of

  • Safety laws are less in India
  • Safety laws are not enforcement
  • Both (a) & (b)
  • None of these

The Constitution and Bill of Rights abolished slavery.

  • True
  • False

What is the term used for a ten-year old child working in a factory?

  • Child labour
  • Factory worker
  • Baildaar
  • All of these

The period of safety training for workers was brought down from 6 months to ____________.

  • 12 days
  • 20 days
  • 15 days
  • 17 days

Organization in a political system who have the power of policymaking on behalf of the people.

  • Governance
  • Administration
  • Congress
  • Government

What distinction is made by the author of the ETHICS reading about "police ethics" versus ethics?

  • Breaking the law and being unethical are synonymous
  • Police ethics have a higher standard
  • Police ethics refer to on-duty; ethics refer to off-duty
  • There is no such thing as police ethics

An ideal that embraces all aspects of civilized life and that is linked to fundamental notions of fairness and to cultural beliefs about right and wrong.

  • social control
  • multiculturalism
  • social justice
  • individual rights

Which article states "No child under the age of 14 shall be employed to work in any factories or mines or engage in any other hazardous occupations".

  • Article 20
  • Article 21
  • Article 22
  • Article 23

The four components of the PARE model are:

  • Problem identification, analysis, response, evaluation
  • Probing, analysis, response, evaluation
  • Probing, assessment, reports, evaluation
  • Problem Identification, analysis, response and response investigation

is the system in the community charged with direct responsibility for the prevention, reduction and control of crime


If a person is not found guilty of a crime, the judgment will be:


The Constitutional Commissions are headed by different government bodies which claimed to be independent as written in the constitution. The commissioners could be removed from office through ________________.

  • Impeachment
  • Recommendation of the Congress
  • Resignation
  • Constitutional provisions

The Articles of Confederation were found to be inadequate as the foundation for an effective government because they:

  • Established a league of friendship between the states.
  • Copied the antiquated Magna Carta
  • None of these choices.
  • Lacked a balance of power between the states and the central government.
  • All of the above.

After interviewing everyone I was able to _____________ their statements.

  • Corrobirate
  • Corroborate
  • Corrobarate
  • Croborate

Wife and husband separated. The wife applies for an order of exclusive possession for the matrimonial home. Wife tells police that her ex-husband keeps coming inside the house. You speak to the husband and he tells you he is removing personal belongings. What can you do?

  • Warn not to attend
  • Charge him with disobeying a court order
  • Advise to attend in the presence of a police officer
  • No offence

Changes to a contitution or bylaws.

  • Pluralism
  • Law
  • Charters
  • Amendments
  • All of the above

The money spent to purchase new machine or building for gaining profits in future is called

  • Investment
  • Expediture
  • Losses
  • None of these

This means that the decisions or principles enunciated by a court of competent jurisdiction on a question of law do not only serve as guides but also as authority to be followed by all other courts of equal or inferior jurisdiction in all cases involving the same question until the same is overruled or reversed by a superior court.


In ----a public officer or private detective induces an innocent person to commit a crime and would arrest him upon or after the commission of the crime by the latter.


Which is not a concept of Comparative Politics?

  • The goal of comparative politics is to encompass the major political similarities and differences between countries.
  • To analyze the root cause of poverty, social discrimination, inequality, poor educational system etc., in the world.
  • To increase our appreciation of the advantages and disadvantages of our own political system and to enable us to learn from other countries.
  • To enable us to become more informed citizens.

When an order is made by a JP under the MHA for a person to be apprehended and taken to a psychiatric facility, how long is the order good for.

  • 1 month
  • 72 hours
  • 7 days
  • 48 hours

The woman complains that her ex-boyfriend has shown up at her son's school. Police records indicate the suspect has no criminal record, however, he recently attempted to commit suicide. Which of the following is the recommended course of action?

  • Arrest the suspect for fail to comply with restraining order
  • Warn the suspect not to attend school
  • Apprehend suspect under authority of MHA
  • Investigate further for criminal harassment

A member of your police service obtained a Provincial Offences Act search warrant from a Justice. The officer was off sick and comes back after 11 days at 10pm stand time. the officer want to know if he can still execute the search warrant. What do you tell them

  • The time limit to execute the warrant is 7 days
  • The warrant must be executed between 6am and 9pm standard time unless otherwise authorized
  • The warrant should have been executed as soon as practicable
  • Search warrants are not issue under the POA

Which of the following should influence a police officers decision to lay charges in a domestic violence occurrence?

  • Verbal assurances by either party that violence will cease
  • Likelihood of obtaining a conviction in court
  • Denial by either party that the violence occurred
  • Reasonable grounds formed as a result of the evidence at the scene

All provinces are grouped into ____ regions for administrative convenience.

  • 17

Describes a society that is home to a multitude of different cultures, each with its own set of norms, values, and routine behaviors.

  • Multiculturalism
  • Social Justice
  • Individual rights
  • Justice



You arrest a woman from Manitoba under the LLA for knowingly supplying alcohol to minors. You know that she will not be back to Ontario. What is the appropriate release?

  • Take $500
  • The bail cannot exceed the fine of the offence
  • Take $300
  • Take them before a JP

Residents of an apartment complex have been experiencing an increasing number of problems with young persons, including drugs, alcohol and mischief to property. A community meeting is planned to look more closely at this problem. A trained facilitator will lead discussion to indentify and analyze the problem. This model of problem solving is referred to as the

  • Expert model
  • Democratic model
  • Collaborative model
  • Informative model

Constitutionalism refers to a government in which power is distributed and limited by a system of laws that must be obeyed by those who rule.

  • True
  • False

Is a sworn statement charging a person with an offense subscribed by the offended, any peace officer, or other public officer charged with the enforcement of the law violated.


While investigating a break and enter at a used car dealership, an officer suggests to the owner that surveillance cameras be installed in the property. This suggestion is a good example of:

  • Crime prevention through environmental design
  • Entrance screening
  • Environmental scanning
  • A neighbourhood watch program

What does COMMUNITY BASED STRATEGIC POLICING IN CANADA suggest about community members involvement in community policing initiatives

  • The role of the community is clearly defined in the Ontario Police Services Act
  • The one residents most likely to be policed are least likely to participate
  • Police must insure that there is equal representation from all segments of the community
  • Police should minimize participation from special interest groups

One or two sentences imposed at the same time after conviction for more than one offense, and served in sequence with the other sentence.

  • concurrent sentence
  • intermediate sentence
  • suspended sentence
  • consecutive sentence

An 18 year old male attends a wedding reception held at a local community hall. His mother purchases a bottle of beer from the bartender and delivers it to her son. He consumes the beer. Who is committing an offence under the LLA?

  • Mother
  • Son
  • Mother and Son
  • Bartender

_________concerns itself with fairness in relationships between citizens, government agencies, and business in private matters, such as those involving contractual obligations, business dealings, hiring, and equality of justice.

  • Individual rights
  • Social Justice
  • Civil justice
  • Administration of Justice

You stop a vehicle and smell alcohol on the drivers breath:

  • Give an ASD
  • Arrest for impaired
  • Investigate under LLA
  • If she doesn't look drunk let her go

At this time, ask your instructor for a D.W.I. Incident Report. After you complete it select "complete" as the answer.(THIS QUESTION IS A FREEBIE IT IS A CORRECT ANSWER!!)

  • Complete
  • Complete
  • Incomplete instructor is not here

During a a unknown risk traffic stop how far back from the violator vehicle should the patrol vehicle be located?

  • 5 feet
  • 10 feet
  • 15 feet

•Refers to the facility or program to which the defendant.

  • TYPE

Means procedural fairness. It recognizes the individual rights of criminal defendants facing prosecution by a state or the federal government.

  • Social Justice
  • Justice
  • Due process
  • Individual rights

A federal law enacted in response to terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.The law broadens the investigative authority of law enforcement throughout America and is applicable to many crimes other than terrorism.

  • Due Process
  • Civil Rights
  • Miranda Warning
  • US Patriot Act

VROOM - What does V.I.E stand for

  • Vigilant, Informative, Expectant
  • Valency, Informative, Expectancy
  • Valency, Instrumentality, Expectancy
  • Vigilance, Instrumental, Expiring

What are the 3 P's in community policing?

  • Protection, privacy and perfection
  • Prevention, problem solving and partnership
  • Police, pistols and pretence
  • Politics, perseverance and protection

There were no ___________ of physical abuse.

  • Allagations
  • Alligations
  • Allegations
  • Alogations

The Right against exploitation prohibits :

  • Forced labour
  • Child labour
  • Human trafficking
  • All of the above

Invoked when a case comes to court too soon, preventing the court from getting prematurely involved in a case may eventually resolve through other measures.

  • Consensus theory
  • Mootness
  • Ripeness doctrine
  • Conflict theory
  • All of the above.

Union Carbide was

  • A British Company
  • An American Company
  • An Indian Company
  • A Chinese Company

what is the full form of "PENCIL" ??

  • Platform for Effective Enforcement of No Child Labour .

In response to an increasing number of child sexual assaults incidents, your police service is planning to gather information from a wide variety of community members to determine how best to respond. This approach is best described as:

  • Auditing
  • Benchmarking
  • Environmental scanning
  • Best practices