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A resource covering the principles and applications, providing individuals and businesses with financial protection against potential risks and losses.
















Which conditions under implied conditions?

  • The subject matter cannot be identified
  • The insured has insurable interest
  • The subject matter of insured is actually in existence
  • The parties observes the duty of UGF

Under liability insurance policies, what does the term "personal injury" usuallymean?

  • Injury for such things as libel, slander, false arrest, or invasion of privacy.
  • Only bodily injuries are suffered by individuals.
  • Any form of injury that affects a person, including bodily injury, property damage, financial injury, and damage to one's reputation.
  • Injuries suffered by named insureds or family members who are insured under personal lines policies.


  • The person who is making the payment
  • The employees who get paid that week
  • The person who does payroll
  • The person named on the cheque

Premium: $80 Deductible: $500 Copay: $25 Out of Pocket Maximum: $2,500. What is the most you will pay for a year?

  • $3,460

What type of Medicare plan covers prescription medications?

  • Type A
  • Type B
  • Type C
  • Type D

Under most property insurance policies, the policy territory includes which ofthe following?

  • Only the United States
  • The United States, its territories and possessions, and Canada
  • The United States, Canada, and Mexico
  • All of North America and Europe

Car B is not insured, what is one way Car A can have the damages paid for.

  • If car A has liability coverage
  • If car A has Under-insured Motorist coverage
  • If car A has Uninsured Motorists coverage
  • If car A has Comprehensive coverage

An insured has a terminal illness and needs to access 1/3 of his death benefit to pay mounting medical expenses. Which rider would meet the insured's current needs?

  • Automatic Premium Loan
  • Accelerated (Living) Benefit
  • Assignment of Benefit
  • Payor Benefit

Your deductible is $550. So far this year you have paid $300 towards your deductible. If your medical bill is $100, how much will you pay?

  • $100

An agent follows the rules and terms of his agent contract. He is exercising his _______ authority.

  • Implied
  • Express
  • Apparent
  • Contractual

You laptop was missing during your vacation at one of hotel in Langkawi. Which subrogation that may arise from this situation ?

  • Arising from tort.
  • Arising out of contract
  • Arising out of statute
  • Arising out of salvage

Which are the followings are the role of the director general of Insurance ?

  • Inspects documents of insurer.
  • Inspects documents of insurer.
  • Cancel the registration of insurer who failed to comply with requirements
  • Controlling over the property and business
  • Doin investigation of the insurer's business

What does bodily injury cover?

  • Medical expenses
  • Compensation for lost wages and income
  • Legal fees
  • All of the above

Claims-made general liability coverage does notapply to bodily injury or property damage that occurs when?

  • On the policy's retroactive date
  • Before the policy's retroactive date
  • After the policy's retroactive date
  • Before the effective date, if there is no retroactive date

Two components of liability coverage.

  • Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability

What is the tallest mountain in the world?

  • [No Answer]

Annie had a railway accident in 2018. This considerably weakened her health and she never regained full agility after the railway accident. In 2023, she could not avoid a street accident and got run over by a bus. She has an which covers railway accidents but not bus accidents. Can she indemnify her losses due to the street accident under the policy?

  • Yes. Because the railway accident is the causa proxima for her street accident.
  • No. Because the railway accident is not the direct and proximate cause for the street accident.

Coverage that provides financial protection against loss from the damage caused by something other than collision, such as fire, theft, and vandalism is called _______________.

  • Comprehensive

The amount that must be paid by the patient for medical services before the policy begins to pay is the:

  • deductible

A cause of loss.

  • Peril

Call List

  • A list of people you must call on your lunch
  • List of Insurance Companies
  • List of Patients who can come in for an appointment
  • List of patients who are going to be made inactive

What is considered the total amount of income

  • Gross Income

Which best describes industrial insurance?

  • $2,000 or less in coverage and premiums collected by the agent.
  • $10,000 coverage and premiums paid by mail.
  • $50,000 coverage and premiums paid by mail.
  • $100,000 coverage and premiums collected by the agent.

Bellatrix takes a life insurance policy in the name of her sister, Narcissa. A couple of years later, Narcissa dies by poisoning. It is later found in investigation that Bellatrix had in fact poisoned Narcissa. Is the insurance company bound to indemnify the loss of Narcissa's life to Bellatrix?

  • Yes. Bellatrix had insurable interest in Narcissa's life and now that Narcissa is dead, Bellatrix is owed the money.
  • No. Bellatrix cannot claim fruits of her own fraudulent act. The insurance company can rightfully repudiate the claim.

A device that is used to minimize small nuisance claims and that helps to keep insurance premiums down is called what?

  • Arbitration
  • Deductible
  • Valued policy
  • Coinsurance

What health insurance plan is sponsored by a large company who forms a contract with certain health agencies to provide certain types of health care at reduced rates?

  • HMO
  • PPO
  • Indemnity Plans
  • Out of Pocket

True or False? You must be enrolled in Medicare Plan C to be eligible for Medicare Plan D.

  • True
  • False

A(n) _________ is the amount of money you must pay each year before your insurance company starts paying

  • life
  • beneficiary
  • deductible
  • health

How old do you have to be to be eligible for Medicare?

  • 65

Something that might increase the likelihood that a loss will occur is called what?

  • Peril
  • Hazard
  • Risk
  • Catastrophe

In legal terms, the actions of one party might have the effect of giving up a known right. When this occurs, the party has created which of the following?

  • Unilateral contract
  • Representation
  • Warranty
  • Waiver

According to the California Insurance Code, what information is the agent required to include on their business card?

  • Identification of their relationship to the insurance company.
  • The license number must appear in the same size font as the phone number.
  • Must not include any titles, designations, or licenses that are not currently held.
  • All of the above.

Which statement about the life insurance code and ethics is not true?

  • Marketing plans to offer free insurance as an inducement to buy or rent real property are prohibited.
  • Acts of fair and unfair discrimination are prohibited.
  • Agents are not permitted to advertise that an insurer is a member of any insurance guaranty. association
  • The act of twisting could result in a license suspension for up to three years.

Which are the structures of scheduled policy? Please tick below.

  • Recital Clause
  • Recital Clause
  • Schedule
  • Exceptions

Tommy Greene has a CLU certification. Which of the following names would automatically approve for use as his agency's name?

  • Tommy Greene and Associates
  • Thomas Greene, CLU, & Company
  • Greene Insurance Agency
  • None of the above would be automatically approved

Insurance industry is supervised by ___________________

  • Bank Negara Malaysia

A crash that you cause, either partially or completely. After an at-fault accident, your liability insurance pays out up to the chosen limits for other people's injury and property damage bills, plus your legal defense costs if you're sued.

  • Additional Insured
  • Covered Incident
  • At-fault Incident
  • Liability insurance

When Do I need ALE insurance?

  • [No Answer]

Managed care networks are required to provide quality care at the:

  • lowest cost possible
  • highest cost possible
  • fastest rate possible
  • slowest rate possible

all of the following are the institutions under Insurance industry EXCEPT:

  • LIAM
  • AMLA

A client's flexible premium is invested into a separate account. What type of insurance product did he purchase?

  • Universal Life
  • An Annuity
  • Variable Life
  • Variable Universal Life

A small fixed fee paid by the patient at the time of an office visit.

  • Deductible
  • Co-payment
  • Premium

Oldest type of insurance

  • Life insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Marine insurance

When an uninterrupted chain of events resulting from a negligent act causes a loss, that act is considered to be which of the following?

  • An assumption of risk
  • An intervening cause
  • The proximate cause of loss
  • A matter of strict liability

You will keep paying the coinsurance until you have met this...

  • out of pocket maximum

A person who is blind is eligible for what type of state-administered medical assistance program?

  • Medicare
  • Tricare
  • Medigap
  • Medicaid

The insurance company's process of evaluating how risky you are is based on factors such as your vehicle, location, accident history, credit, and age. An insurer uses its underwriting findings to calculate your rates.

  • Underwriting

If a person has 80/20 co-insurance, what percent does the insurance company pay?

  • 80

If your policy covers $100,000 of Bodily Damage and you cause $234,000 of Bodily Damage what will happen?

  • The insurance company will cover all of it
  • You pay $134,000 out of pocket
  • The company will pay you $134,000 after you pay out of pocket.
  • The insurance company will cover none of it.

In a seven-year vesting schedule, what percentage of employer contributions is vested after seven years?

  • 0%
  • 60%
  • 80%
  • 100%

The Golden Gate Bridge is in the city of ________

  • san fransisco

What do the initials PPO stand for?

  • Preferred Provider Option
  • People's Preferred Option
  • Preferred Provider Organization
  • Partial Practice Organization

The things that you own like furniture, electronics, and clothing. Whether you own a home or rent an apartment, insurance policies typically include personal property coverage. This type of coverage helps pay to repair or replace your belongings after a covered loss, such as theft or fire.

  • Personal Liability
  • Personal Property
  • Personal Lines

Petty Cash

  • Unlimited supply of cash
  • Cash to spend on a shopping spree
  • Limited Supply of cash
  • Cash used to make change for patients

A page in your policy listing its most important details, including your car’s VIN and other information, your address, drivers insured on the policy, liability limits and included coverage.

  • EOI
  • Exclusion
  • Declarations Page
  • SR-22 Insurance Form

I own a Condo. Give the steps needed to get a Renters policy.

  • [No Answer]

Policies issued under the National Flood Insurance Program provide removal coverage for property removed to protect it from the flood. This coverage applies at another location for up to how many days?

  • 60 days
  • 45 days
  • 30 days
  • 15 days

Annual maximum

  • Total dollar amount that an insurance plan will pay for dental care
  • The amounts that the insurance pays for dental services
  • The cumulative dollar amount that a plan will pay for dental care

Advantages of Roadside Assistance

  • Fuel Delivery
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Lockout Service
  • Flat Tire Assistance
  • Towing and Vehicle Removal

A commercial property coverage part with the basic causes of loss form attachedcovers all of the following perils except which one?

  • Windstorm
  • Explosion
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Sprinkler leakage

Which below are the first Insurance regulations in Malaysia ?

  • Insurance Act 1946
  • Insurance Act 1963
  • Insurance Act 1996
  • Insurance Act 1997

If one of the parties in the contract breached the duty of UGH, it can leads to _________.

  • unenforceble contract
  • void contact
  • voidable contract
  • validity contract

__________ is acts on behalf of insured or customers.

  • Broker

Under the business auto coverage part, each of the following is true about theclassifications of covered autos, which are designated by numerical symbolsshown in the declarations, except for which ofthe following?

  • All classes of newly acquired autos are automatically covered.
  • An insured can select different classifications for various coverages.
  • "Any auto" is the broadest coverage classification.
  • "Hired autos" include autos the insured leases, hires, rents, or borrows.

Under Insurance Act 1996, person aged 10-16 years old is allowed to enter the contract.

  • TRUE

John must pay $10 for each visit to his physician. What term describes the $10 payment?

  • Deductible
  • Co-Insurance
  • Premium
  • Co-Payment

Which type of insurance professional does not actually sell insurance coverage but sells advice about insurance coverage?

  • Excess and surplus lines agent
  • Solicitor
  • Consultant
  • Producer

Which of the following is not true about difference in conditions (DIC)insurance?

  • DIC policies provide property and liability coverages.
  • Traditional perils (such as fire, lightning, and so on) are usually excluded by DIC policies.
  • DIC supplements other coverages and fills insurance gaps.
  • DIC can provide considerable protection at a reasonable cost.

What type of coverage do I need if I crashed but the other driver just hit and run?


It helps pay to repair damage you cause to another person's vehicle or property.

  • Liability
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision

If coverage for personal liability and medical payments is attached to adwelling policy, what basic limit of coverage applies to medical payments unlessa higher amount is purchased?

  • $500 per person
  • $1,000 per person
  • $2,500 per person
  • $5,000 per person

Rank from lowest to highest the amount of monthly income that would result from the following annuity settlement options:

  • Life with refund option, life with ten years certain, straight life
  • Straight life, life with ten years certain, life refund option
  • Life with ten years certain, life with refund option, straight life
  • Life with refund option, straight life, life with ten years certain

You have reached your deductible of $2000, but you have not reached your maximum out-of-pocket limit of $4000 and your co-insurance begins. Your co-insurance is 20%. How much do you have to pay if you go to the doctor and the visit is $150?

  • $150
  • $120
  • $30
  • $0

All of the following statements about mutual insurance companies are correct, except:

  • If a mutual company goes public, it demutualizes.
  • Mutual companies issue policies referred to as participating.
  • Policy dividends issued by mutual companies are guaranteed and not taxable.
  • Dividends allow policyholders to share in a mutual company's divisible surplus.

Once you pay your deductible, you will have to pay this...

  • co-pay

WFI Landlord Plan - We pay up to _____ times the weekly rent payable (Rent Default)

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20

An insurer's loss ratio is determined by dividing what?

  • Premiums by combined losses and expenses
  • Premiums by underwriting losses
  • Operating expenses by total premiums
  • Underwriting losses by total premiums

What is the largest country in the world?

  • Russia
  • China
  • Africa
  • United States

You have met your deductible. How much will you pay on a bill if your coinsurance is 25% and your bill is $2,850?

  • $712.50

This is what you pay at the beginning of the month for health insurance.

  • Deductible
  • Premium
  • Out of pocket maximum
  • Co-pay

What is meant by underwriter?

  • Another word for Insured in life insurance contract
  • Another word for insurer in life insurance contract
  • Another word for insurer in marine insurance contract
  • Another word for insured in marine insurance contract

When someone uses Medicare to pay for health care services, what percent does the individual pay?

  • 80%
  • 20%
  • 30%
  • 50%

Buffer Time

  • Time reserved in the daily schedule
  • Waiting period between patients
  • Time at the end of the work day

All of the following are dividend options, except:

  • Interest only option
  • One-year term option
  • Reduce the next premium payment
  • Accumulate with interest

In which two states can you drive without any auto insurance?

  • Virginia and Ohio
  • Virginia and Connecticut
  • Virginia and New Hampshire
  • Connecticut and Maine

What is a Preauthorization

  • Asking the dentist for their permission to proceed with treatment
  • Treatment must first be approved by the plan before the treatment is rendered
  • A term used to describe a benefits plan
  • The amount that the dentist bills and is entered on a claim

A beneficiary decides to take the option that will have the largest amount per payment, knowing after death, no money will be paid out to any descendants. The settlement option is:

  • Life Guaranteed
  • Life with Period Certain
  • Life Income (Straight Life)
  • Life Refund Income

In your personal opinion, what is the main problem you have with insurance products as a customer ? Please tick ONE (1) only.

  • insurance is difficult product to understand
  • information not fully provided by insurer or insurance agents.
  • financial security of insurer is questionable. (claim settlement problems)
  • commitment issue (insurance pricing)

Bob and Neal are partners in a law firm together. If one of them were to pass away, they want to make sure that their surviving family will receive a fair value for their stake in the business. What life insurance arrangement would be most suited for transitioning the business during this time of loss?

  • Split-Dollar Plan
  • Executive Bonus Plan
  • Buy-Sell Agreement
  • Deferred Compensation Plans

What is the definition of out-of-pocket maximum?

  • The amount of money your pockets can hold
  • Maximum money you can pay out of pocket before insurance pays the rest
  • The deductible you have to pay for insurance
  • The amount of money you pay to your insurance company every month

You have met your deductible. The bill is $300 and your coinsurance is 30%. What will you pay?

  • $90

Tom Baxter has an automobile insured by a personal auto policy. He trades in his car and purchases a new private passenger auto as a replacement vehicle. If he does not notify the insurance company, the liability coverage for his replacement vehicle will apply automatically for how long?

  • 10 days
  • 30 days
  • 60 days
  • Until the end of the policy period

Which of the following is NOT considered Contents in a Landlord policy?

  • Fine art
  • antiques
  • paintings
  • tenant's rugs

What kind of health insurance would someone who works for a corporate company usually have?

  • group insurance
  • co-insurance
  • private insurance
  • no insurance

It covers injuries or damages to third parties and their property—not to the driver or the driver's property, which may be separately covered by other parts of their policy.

  • Liability Only

What type of health insurance is available for low income families, children needing assistance or the disabled?

  • medicaid

Give THREE (3) reasons why insurance business is subjected to government regulation.

  • [No Answer]

Which health insurance plans allows for freedom of choice when it comes to provider but usually requires the patient to pay up front for services?

  • PPO
  • HMO
  • Indemnity Plan
  • Medicaid

Which one is NOT one of the seven continents of the world?

  • Australia
  • India
  • North America
  • Europe

Our Landlord policies do not cover for tenant _____, carelessness, ____ housekeeping, or ________ living habits

  • neglect, poor, unhygienic

Pays for other drivers and passengers' injuries when the policyholder is at fault in an accident. Bodily injury liability can cover medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages, legal fees, and other related costs.

  • Bodily Injury Liability

Under a personal auto policy, if an insured already has physical damage coveragefor at least one vehicle, a new vehicle will be automatically covered from thedate it is acquired as long as the insured notifies the insurer and requests thecoverage within how many days?

  • 30 days
  • 14 days
  • 10 days
  • 7 days

What is the term we used when we need to make alterations or amendment in our original insurance policy ?

  • Endorsements

The cost of treating injuries to the driver and passengers of the insured's auto if involved in an accident.

  • Medical Payments

A life-only agent issues a binding receipt to his client since the client did include a check for the initial premium with his completed application. Which is true?

  • The client is covered during underwriting.
  • The agent faces potential suspension or revocation of their license.
  • The client is not covered during underwriting since binders only start once underwriting is complete.
  • Since the medical exam hasn't been completed yet, the client is not covered at all.

What type of Medicare plan covers outpatient services which usually require paying a premium and deductible?

  • Type A
  • Type B
  • Type C
  • Type D

What's the longest river in Africa?

  • Nile

What is a copayment?

  • Coordination of benefits
  • Portion of the cost of service to be paid by the insured (a set dollar amount)
  • Term of conditions not covered by the insurance company
  • Provider bill for service

What is not covered by collision insurance?

  • Damage to your vehicle not related to driving (examples: hail or theft)
  • Damage to another person's vehicle
  • Medical bills (yours or another person's)
  • All of the above

A deductible is described as the following: A dollar amount that each enrollee must pay for certain covered services before insurance begins paying benefits.

  • True
  • False

Is a coverage that helps pay to repair or replace your car if it's damaged in an accident with another vehicle or object.

  • Collision

According to the code, any person legally capable of making an insurance policy is considered:

  • An agent
  • A broker
  • An insurer
  • An underwriter

Davis is planning to get motor insurance for the stolen car. This situation is refer to the missing of ______________ under insurance's principle .

  • Indemnity
  • Subrogation
  • Contibution
  • Insurable interest
  • Utmost good faith

Under which type of marketing system do agents or agencies operate asindependent businesses but agree to represent only one insurance company?

  • Direct writer system
  • Exclusive of the captive agency system
  • Direct response system
  • Independent agency system

CGU Landlords - Accidental Damage by a Pet ....

  • $2,000
  • $3,000
  • $2,500
  • $5,000

The policyholder protected in case of a loss or claim.

  • Insured

Robin has a fire insurance policy for his shop premises in Kalamassery. Unfortunately, it catches fire on a day. Later, it was found that while the efforts to put out fire were going on, someone/ some persons stole Rs.10,000 that Robin had kept in his table from the store. This is where he usually keeps the moneys received during the course of business and takes it with him at the end of the day. Can Robin claim the losses under his fire policy?

  • Yes. Because the theft would not have happened if the fire had not happened. Theft is a probable and reasonable consequence of fire.
  • No. Because Robin ought to have been careful in not keeping such a huge sum of money in an accessible place. The loss occurred due to Robin's own negligence.
  • No. Because theft cannot be considered as a probable and reasonable consequence of a fire breakout.
  • No. Robin deliberately kept the money in the table which was accessible to the people who came to put out the fire. He ought to have acted as a prudent and reasonable man and foreseen this event.

Consideration flowing from the insured to the insurer in a contract of insurance is called _______.

  • Premium

Which rider pays a multiple of the original face amount?

  • Accelerated Death Benefit
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Cost of Living

Karla has been receiving social security for two years and now has a disability. What federal insurance is she eligible for?

  • Medicaid
  • Medigap
  • Medicare
  • Tricare

What is the disadvantage of belonging to an HMO?

  • monthly fee, no additional charge for care
  • required to see only HMO affiliated providers
  • care is directed toward prevention of disease
  • private insurance option

Is a way to purchase extra liability coverage that goes above liability limits in another insurance policy. That means if you cause an accident and reach your auto policy's liability limits, this policy would kick in to help pay the remaining covered costs.

  • Umbrella

How are the standard Homeowners policies divided?

  • Property coverage and Liability coverage

Is the part of a homeowner's insurance policy that may help pay to rebuild or repair the physical structure of your home.

  • Dwelling Coverage
  • Personal Property
  • Loss of Use
  • Personal Liability Insurance

What kind of insurance covers a worker who is injured on the job?

  • Worker's Compensation

1. Is used when the at-fault driver doesn't have enough (or any) liability coverage.2. Can save you from having to pay out of pocket for a car accident you didn't cause.3. Usually costs more to add to your policy in states with more uninsured drivers.

  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage

An employee has lost access to their group term life insurance plan, but they are allowed to convert to a new plan. Which best describes this new plan?

  • The new policy will be term life. The employee pays all premiums.
  • The new policy will be term life. The employer will pay a portion of the cost.
  • The new policy will be cash value. The employer will pay a portion of the cost.
  • The new policy will be cash value. The employee pays all the premiums.

CGU Loss of Rent - after the death of a sole tenant we will pay up to ____ to a maximum of ____

  • 2 weeks $1000

In the event of a physical damage loss that makes a covered auto unavailable fora period of time, a personal auto policy will provide coverage fortransportation expenses at the rate of $20 per day up to how much?

  • A maximum payment of $300
  • A maximum payment of $460
  • A maximum payment of $600
  • A maximum payment of $740

Who pays the medical bills in the first stage of health insurance?

  • You
  • You and the Insurance Company
  • The Insurance Company

In disability insurance, the period of time between when the disability started and the commencement of benefits is the:

  • Cancellation Period
  • Elimination Period
  • Probationary Period
  • Grace Period

An insurance or licensed to operate by the state insurance agency where the company operates. They typically contribute to the state guaranty fund, which protects policyholders from the bankruptcy of their insurance carrier.

  • Admitted Carrier

Under the NCCI worker's compensation and employers liability policy form, thebasic, or minimum, limit for employer's liability coverage is how much peraccident?

  • $50,000 per accident
  • $100,000 per accident
  • $250,000 per accident
  • $500,000 per accident

What's the Maximum limit for Rent Default under a CGU Landlord policy

  • $5500
  • $5000
  • $50000
  • $55000

An insurance contract has to be in writing

  • True
  • False

True or False? Type A Medicare covers the cost of a nursing home.

  • True
  • False

Any person who misappropriates fiduciary funds for personal use is guilty of:

  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Misrepresentation
  • Pre-texting

A house, apartment, or other place of residence.

  • Dwelling

Some property insurance policies provide for payment of the full policy limit in the event of a total loss by a covered peril, regardless of the actual value of the property. These policies are known as which of the following?

  • Indemnity policies
  • ACV policies
  • Valued or agreed amount policies
  • Market value policies

Mrs. Anderson needs to invest the proceeds from her late husband's life insurance. She invests a portion of the money into an annuity. Since she is 62 and is still working, she decided to purchase a single premium deferred annuity. She won't need an income for a few more years. What should the agent make sure Mrs. Anderson understands?

  • As a life insurance product, future proceeds are tax-free.
  • She has a 30-day free look period in case she changes her mind.
  • Since she only has a few more years before she retires, she should invest with the objective of making as much money as possible. Her time horizon is limited.
  • She will have to begin taking withdrawals within six months of receiving the proceeds.

Causa proxima in relation to risk means

  • The peril insured in an insurance policy is the last occurring cause in a chain of events that led to the happening of the risk event.
  • The peril insured in an insurance policy is the direct and proximate cause of the risk event, irrespective of where the peril insured stands in a chain of events.

Under liability insurance policies, what does an "aggregate limit" mean?

  • It is the most the insurer will pay for any one accident.
  • It is the most the insurer will pay for all losses during any one policy period.
  • It is the maximum limit for each claim when multiple claimants arise out of the same occurrence.
  • It is the single largest limit that applies when a loss is covered by two or more policies issued by the same insurer.

Is the stuff you own - furniture, electronics, and clothing. It helps to pay to repair or replace your belongings after a covered loss, such as theft or fire.

  • Personal Property

What health insurance plan is designated for military personnel and their families?

  • PPOs
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare

Savithri has a life insurance policy in her name. The insurance company has a condition that she ought not do things that alter the risk. With her friends, she climbs up a small peak in her locality to enjoy the sunset. Can the insurance company repudiate her policy?

  • Yes. She has altered the risk here by putting herself in a higher risk of death.
  • No. This cannot be considered as a risk altering event.

what is the meaning of "consensus ad idem" or meeting of minds under consent ?

  • [No Answer]

It is the amount equal to the replacement cost minus depreciation of a damaged or stolen property at the time of the loss.

  • Actual Cash Value

What kind of information that going to be asked in proposal forms ? Kindly list out any FIVE (5) of it.

  • [No Answer]

The amount of money the policyholder must pay on a loss.

  • Deductible

The most you will pay for the year is...

  • Premium + Deductible
  • Premium + Out of Pocket Max
  • Deductible + Out of Pocket Max
  • Co-pay + Deductible

Medical payments under a homeowners policy are available for expenses resulting from an injury to which of the following?

  • The named insured
  • A residence employee
  • A person who is at the insured location without permission
  • Any regular resident of the insured's household who pays rent

Someone who processes claims filed with insurance companies, either from insureds or claimants. They review the facts of each case and determine an appropriate claim settlement under the terms of the insured's policy.

  • Claims Adjuster
  • Policyholder
  • Broker
  • Agent

The out-of-pocket max is a cap or limit on the amount of money you have to pay for covered services in one year.

  • True
  • False

A part of your homeowners policy that provides reimbursement for living expenses when loss of or damage to property by a covered peril forces you to maintain temporary residence elsewhere. Also known as additional living expenses.

  • Loss Payee
  • Loss History
  • Loss of Use
  • Loss

Your deductible is $600. Copay is 25%. So far this year you have paid $200 towards your deductible. If your medical bill is $150, how much will you pay?

  • $150

In the WFI Landlord Plan --- Damage caused by tenants falls under an optional benefit in WHICH section of the policy?

  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 6

Rajat who lives in Kerala loves and adores actor Mohanlal. He has met the actor a couple of times and spoken to him. He genuinely wishes the actor well and wants to insure the actor's life. Will A be able to do so?

  • No. Because A has no insurable interest in the actor's life.
  • Yes. Because A has insurable interest in the actor's life.

What is the name of platform created by BNM along with few institutions for customers to assess any insurance information and matters?

  • InsuranceInfo

How many elements of contract of insurance ?

  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

An action, condition circumstance or situation that makes the occurrence of a loss more likely. Read more to understand hazard insurance for your home.

  • Hazard
  • Peril
  • Loss
  • Damage

How does the IRS classify the two different types of retirement accounts?

  • Qualified and unfunded
  • Fully funded and non-qualified
  • Qualified and non-qualified
  • Contributory and noncontributory

Which of the following characteristics would not stop an insurance company from accepting an insurance risk?

  • The item to be insured faces high catastrophic loss exposure.
  • The item to be insured is part of a large group of homogeneous exposure units.
  • The item to be insured has a market value that is difficult to determine.
  • The item to be insured holds no hardship to the owner should it be lost or damaged.

Which key features of new legislation that relates to Islamic financial sector ?

  • Focus on Shariah compliance and governance in the Islamic financial sector.

Which of the following does NOT affect the cost of your car insurance?


Does the WFI Landlord policy cover damage caused by or arising out of or in connection with germs, bacteria, disease, virus or other contagions?

  • [No Answer]

Which of the following statements about a resident life-only agent licensing is incorrect?

  • A licensee has 30 days to update a change in address.
  • Licensees are required to have an in-state residential address.
  • Loss of a precious professional license could result in the automatic denial of the life-only license application.
  • A plea of nolo contendere is considered a conviction. Thus it could hinder attempts to obtain a life-only license.

Vandalism or a Malicious act : a wrongful act motivated by malice, vindictiveness or spite with the intention of ........................

  • damaging your property

It is a damage or theft to your insured's auto.

  • Property Damage

advertising is the one of the function of proposal form. Why ?

  • [No Answer]

The cost of your auto insurance, either monthly, yearly or per six-month period.

  • Premium

Your health care policy starts over every year.

  • True
  • False

If general liability "claims-made" coverage is renewed by "occurrence" coverageand the insured purchases a supplemental extended reporting period (ERP), theperiod for reporting claims under the policy will be extended for how long?

  • Indefinitely
  • 5 years
  • 3 years
  • 60 days

Which is a false statement? The California Insurance Commissioner is:

  • Elected by the people of California every four years
  • _Selected by the Governor as an appointee
  • Is a representative to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
  • Capable of becoming the conservator of a financially impaired or insolvent insurer

Pays to repair or rebuild your house and structures attached to it.

  • Dwelling
  • Other Structures
  • Personal Property
  • Additional living Expense

Which of the following would not be considered a speculative risk?

  • Every week your client plays $20 on the lotto.
  • Any action that could do harm to your client's well-being, such as reckless driving.
  • Your client invest 5% of his salary into the defined benefit plan at his work.
  • All of the above situations involve some risk.

Your insured's legal responsibility to others for bodily injury or property damage

  • Property damage liability
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Liability

CGU Landlords - When a rental agreement defaults to a periodic tenancy, we will only cover you for .......

  • [No Answer]

Which dwelling policy forms are named peril forms?

  • All dwelling forms
  • The basic form only
  • The basic and broad forms
  • The special form only

What's the name of the policy that covers for jewelry, fine art or sports?


When the special causes of loss form are attached to a commercial property coverage part, coverage for theft of furs and fur garments is limited to how much?

  • $2,500
  • $2,000
  • $1,500
  • $1,000

In a non-contributory group policy:

  • 75% of eligible employees must elect to join the plan.
  • 100% of eligible employees must participate.
  • 75% of employees must elect to join the plan.
  • 100% of employees must be allowed to participate.