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Project Management

Is the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria.
















When a project is a temporary undertaking it needs to have a definite start and end. Many projects start on a specific date, and the completion date is estimated. What is this?

  • Time Frame
  • Attributes of a Project
  • Ownership
  • Purpose

The project team may present the project plan to a sponsor of the project. If the scope, timetable, and budget is approved, then the project plan will be authorized and the project will proceed to the next stage.

  • Progress reporting
  • Status reporting
  • Forecast reporting
  • Reviews

A project manager overhears a discussion between two stakeholders who discuss how upset they are about the project 's impacts on their own departments. Stakeholder A asks if the project is on schedule and stakeholder B replies that the SPI is 1.05. Stakeholder A questions if project manager knows about stakeholder B's concern for the project. Stakeholder B responds he is not certain. What is the best thing for the project manager to do?

  • Give a copy of the problem log to all stakeholders, and ask for more feedback.
  • Have a presentation of the project status to all stakeholders.
  • Make sure the stakeholders watch noticed by the project manager. Then ask them in writing to direct any questions to the project manager.
  • Arrange a meeting with all stakeholders so that they can share any issues that they might have.

These entities are responsible for the identification, development and implementation of the technological and organizational infrastructure to support the IT project.

  • Technical expert
  • Subject matter expert
  • Project Manager
  • Project sponsor

What is the correct order of process phases of the waterfall model?

  • Requirements, Design, Implementation, Maintenance, Testing
  • None of the above
  • Requirements, Design, Implementation, Testing, Maintenance
  • Design, Implementation, Maintenance, Requirements, Testing

It focuses on predicting the project's future status, or progress. It can include a trend analysis telling us when the project is most likely to be completed and how much it will cost.

  • Progress reporting
  • Forecast reporting
  • Status reporting
  • Reviews

A functional unit of work where the person responsible can be given unique duty and authority.

  • Estimateable
  • Manageable
  • Definable
  • Independent

When a team leader learns that during some important project tasks he will be on holiday, what is the right thing for him to do?

  • Request that the issue be added to the project issue log
  • Recommend preventive actions
  • Include the information in his next report
  • Contact the project manager immediately to provide the project manager with his schedule

How can milestone customer reviews help your design project during the design phase and during the building and test phase?

  • You can ask the client for a contract for his next project, too.
  • You can tell exactly where the client is completely wrong.
  • You get client signoff on the final project.
  • You get client feedback on your designs and clear up any misunderstandings.

This is the final stage of Project Management

  • Control
  • Closure
  • Initiation
  • Execution

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) helps to:

  • Ensure that the project managers recognize all materials and work elements
  • Making the most of opportunities to either reduce costs or shorten the timetable
  • Establish a groundwork for control
  • Integrate the project into the existing organization

Scope management ensures that the design of the project is correctly and thoroughly defined and done as expected. Additionally, scope control requires ways to ensure appropriate protocols are in place to adjust scope.

  • True
  • False

Which of the following may be used as a scheduling tool for the project?

  • Critical path method
  • Gantt chart
  • Bar chart
  • Pie chart

One of the best advantages of work breakdown structure is that it becomes outdated quite fast. You need to keep this in mind that boosting risks in your project won't be removed entirely, but they could be reduced to pose dangers to the team 's achievement.

  • True
  • False

Which of the following processes has the primary output risk register?

  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Identify Risks
  • Plan Risk Management
  • Monitoring and Control Risks

_Select the importance of project planning

  • to provide miscalculated timeline
  • to reduce uncertainty
  • the project management evaluate its assets
  • project management can prevent complications from occurring

The ability to manage conflict requires an understanding of why conflicts occur, the sources of conflict, and the stakeholders' specific needs. Conflict starts in many cases with poorly defined priorities, and undefined roles and responsibilities.

  • True
  • False

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a project?

  • Ongoing nature
  • Clear objectives
  • Uniqueness
  • Integration of interrelated tasks and resources

You were just appointed as project manager for a large manufacturing project. This one-year project is around halfway through completion. The project team includes 5 different sellers and 20 members of your company. You want to revisit quickly where the project is now. Which of the following reports will help the most find this information?

  • Forecast
  • Progress
  • Work status
  • Communications

Reduced development time is a benefit of RAD

  • True
  • False

Project risk management includes the processes of planning, identifying, analyzing, planning responses, and monitoring and control of a project; most of these processes are updated throughout the project.

  • True
  • False

A consulting company can charge a consultant $200 an hour. Included in that hourly fee would be the consultant's salary and benefits, and sufficient margin to help cover the administrative and operating costs necessary to support the consulting office.

  • Reserves
  • Learning curve
  • Indirect costs
  • Sunk costs

This uses applications easily accessible and familiar to all

  • Gantt chart
  • Calendar method
  • Milestone chart
  • Network diagram

Which of the following is an activity that distributes estimated effort by allocating the effort to specific software engineering tasks over the planned project duration?

  • Software Macroscopic schedule
  • None of the given
  • Software Detailed schedule
  • Software Project scheduling

The project manager decides that additional human resources are required during project preparation within a matrix organization. Whom should he ask for such services from?

  • Team
  • Functional manager
  • Project sponsor
  • Project manager

Team is based on the conventional model where the majority of decisions are taken by a single member, delegates to subordinates and tracks the progress of the tasks assigned to them.

  • True
  • False

Software testing may uncover a number of problems or bugs which make the client unacceptable to the software system. As a result, these problems need to be addressed and fixed and the same tests may need to be carried out again. This process may be repeated several times until it meets the quality standards.

  • The WBS Should Support the Project's MOV
  • Learning Cycles and Lessons Learned Can Support the Development of a WBS
  • The WBS Should Be Deliverable Oriented
  • Developing the WBS Should Involve the People Who Will Be Doing the Work

It executes the project plan to deliver the IT product and to manage the processes of the project in order to achieve the goal of the project. It is during this process that a specific methodology and collection of system analysis and design tools are used by the project team to perform the system creation life cycle (SDLC).

  • Develop the project charter and detailed project plan
  • Conceptualize and initialize
  • Execute and control the project
  • Evaluate Project Success

Which of the following defines best an action for contingency?

  • An agreement that users recognize a given risk
  • An action taken at the beginning of a project which reduces potential damage if there is a certain risk
  • An activity scheduled to take place when a risk materializes
  • An activity that prevents a risk from occurring

It is part of a study on the closure of a project that outlines the analysis of expected and actual measurements to assess if the variances will prevent a project closing decision.

  • Project Summary
  • Baseline documentation
  • Proposed Action
  • Recommendation

Which of the lists below best describes what is to be considered when evaluating a risk?

  • Cost, benefit, business case
  • Probability, proximity, impact
  • Probability, proximity, owner
  • Impact, probability, team experience

It determines how they will provide the details. Possible forms include paper records, face-to - face records, electronic files, emails, or some other online medium, like the Internet. Defining the model often sets priorities and helps project managers to prepare the necessary resources to help the communications strategy.

  • Stakeholders
  • Medium or format
  • Timings/Availabilities
  • Information requirements

The project manager officially announces the project is finished by inviting key stakeholders to the meeting. This intervention offers a sense of closure not only for those close to the initiative, but also for the organization.

  • Transferring the information system from the project team to the organization
  • Acknowledging contributions.
  • Getting formal signoff.
  • Communicating that the project is over

Which of the following leadership aspects is MOST significant to a project manager?

  • Project control
  • Technical expertise
  • Communication
  • Team building

It reflects to the formal completion of the deliverable of the project and their delivery to the end users-usually internal or external clients. The process also involves 'administrative termination,' which is ending the project team 's operations, completing all project paperwork and officially signing any contracts.

  • Project Closure
  • Project Initiation
  • Project Execution
  • Project Planning

If several projects are going at the same time, what does matrix organization makes for a stronger company

  • Unbalanced resources
  • Balance of resources
  • Balanced capital
  • Prioritized resources

This is a combination of functional vertical structure and horizontal structure of a project. As a result, this company provides many of the opportunities and problems associated with the successful organizations and programs.

  • Informal Organization
  • Functional Organization
  • Matrix Organization
  • Project Organization

Which of the following criteria can be used to determine risks?

  • All of the given
  • Probability
  • Proximity
  • Impact

The most valuable resource on a project is the project manager. Human resource management focuses on building and improving the project team, as well as recognizing the behavioral aspect of project management and reacting appropriately.

  • True
  • False

The time required to complete a project is defined as:

  • Life cycle
  • Production cycle
  • Implementation time
  • Operations cycle

_Select which of the following is NOT of project closure significance

  • A never-ending cycle of improvement
  • When everybody is not paid
  • New project comes after an old one
  • The end is only the beginning

Which of the following statement is correct about Work Breakdown Structure?

  • A WBS shows the sequence of works to be undertaken
  • Various sections of WBS can be formed by different groups
  • The WBS should be developed by the people who end up doing the work.
  • A WBS should be established before scheduling and allocating resources

It is a project network diagraming tool that describes all project activities and tasks graphically, as well as their logical sequence and dependency.

  • Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM)
  • PERT Chart
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Activity on the Node

Which of these is the correct SDLC order?

  • Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Maintenance
  • Maintenance, Planning, Design, Analysis, Implementation
  • Planning, Analysis, Implementation, Design, Maintenance
  • Analysis, Planning, Design, Maintenance, Implementation

It has an advantage that helps project managers to do 'what if' analysis on project activities.

  • Mind map
  • Critical path method (CPM)
  • PERT
  • Gantt chart

If the company wants to build a tax decision-making method, having a project team tax specialist who can share his / her expertise would be more effective than having the technical people seek to learn more about tax accounting when designing the program.

  • Subject matter expert
  • Project Manager
  • Project sponsor
  • Technical expert

You are a project manager in a weak matrix environment, leading a cross-functional project team. None of the members of your project team report technically to you and you don't have the ability to explicitly reward their results. The project is difficult, with tight schedule constraints and high-quality requirements. In this situation, which of the following types of project management power will likely be the most effective?

  • Penalty
  • Formal
  • Referent
  • Expert

"It establishes four development phases: initiation, elaboration, construction and transition" Which of the following best describes the statement above?

  • Rational Unified Process
  • Inheritance
  • eXtreme Programming
  • Agile Methodology

What is the principle to be used when determining how many deep levels should a Work Breakdown Structure ( WBS) be "broken down" to?

  • Break down all tasks and activities inside the WBS to tasks of no more than 8 hours length, so that every day a task or operation is updated with a status.
  • Dismantle WBS projects and events to the level at which the project core team can handle and communicate at project meetings.
  • I don’t know
  • In project management methodology, use the WBS breakdown provided with the WBS template. That is the level that is right for each task.

The project manager asks each team member to explain the work he or she does during each project team meeting, and the project manager assigns new tasks to the team members. Such meetings have grown in duration as there are several different tasks to be performed. This could be happening for all the following reasons except:

  • Lack of team involvement in project planning
  • Lack of resource leveling
  • Lack of a WBS
  • Lack of a responsibility assignment matrix

A project manager has an issue regarding the performance of a team member. What is the best form of communication to address this issue?

  • Informal written communication
  • Informal verbal communication
  • Formal written communication
  • Formal verbal communication

Which of these are performed in the phase of Analysis?

  • Approve all project requests.
  • Perform a detailed analysis of the old system.
  • Review and allocate resources to the project.
  • Build a prototype.

What function does analysis play in the stage of planning and analysis?

  • How to handle a challenging client
  • Figuring out the best way to get the project done
  • How to handle scope creep
  • How to get from point A to point B

This includes several useful tools to plan, schedule and monitor the progress of the project. It uses the WBS as a basis to provide a visual representation of the process and task workflow. It also provides valuable information among the various activities or tasks on the logical sequence and dependencies.

  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Project network diagrams
  • Resource histogram
  • Gantt chart

The Communication Management Plans normally includes all of the following except:

  • Methods or technologies used to convey the information, such as memos, email, and/or press releases.
  • Email archives, correspondence, reports, and documents related to the project from all stakeholders.
  • Information to be communicated, including language, format, content, and level of detail.
  • Time frame and frequency for the distribution of required information and receipt of acknowledgment or response, if applicable.

Xandrei is a Project Manager for Blue Valley project. A risk management plan has been prepared for the project. Which of the following should Xandrei do next?

  • Plan Risk responses
  • Identify Risks
  • Perform Quantitative risk analysis
  • Perform Qualitative risk analysis

This phase ensures that the team and the sponsor complete all the work as planned and as agreed. The documentation that all promised deliverables were completed as specified is often capped with a final project report and a presentation to the client.

  • Define Project Goal
  • Close Project
  • Execute Project Plan
  • Evaluate Project

Which of the following is NOT a risk-reduction action?

  • prevent it
  • transfer it
  • accept it
  • reduce it

A project has a time chart that was developed by

  • Ivar Jacabson
  • Henry Gantt
  • None of the given
  • Barry Boehm

The individual performance and postmortem reviews provide an important insight into the project's internal workings. These reviews are conducted generally between the project manager and the project team.

  • True
  • False

Which of the following is NOT one of the main needs for good scheduling of projects?

  • Breaking down idle time
  • Reducing prices and cutting time
  • Develop better procedures for trouble shooting.
  • Reduces the time required to take decisions

The work breakdown structure will allow team members to see the delineation of steps needed to provide all stakeholders with the right products and service.

  • True
  • False

The following are the Feature Driven Development (FDD) strengths except:

  • Uses predefined development standards, so that teams can move quickly
  • Easy, five-step processes for faster development
  • Allows larger teams to continue to move products forward with success
  • Heavily reliant on lead developers or programmers

For high probability, high impact risks, during which stage of risk planning are modeling techniques used to determine overall effects of risks on project objectives?

  • Perform Quantitative risk analysis
  • Plan Risk responses
  • Perform Qualitative risk analysis
  • Identify Risks

The following are the responsibilities of agile project manager except:

  • Ensures and facilitates efficient and transparent team contact.
  • Let’s project team leaders transform backlog specifications into usable working applications.
  • Reduce the amount of resources so that they can be shared with on other endeavors.
  • The agile project manager removes obstacles as the core function of that role.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of agile project team values and practices

What sort of dispute resolution strategy a project manager uses when he says, "I can't handle this problem now!"

  • Withdrawal
  • Compromising
  • Forcing
  • Problem solving

Which of these statements is correct about agile?

  • The agile approach to software development is linear
  • Someone who is agile can do sick flips
  • The delivery of software is continuous from the early stages of the software
  • Agile is a method for developing software

"My task is to go through the company's books that I'm working on to determine what data is being entered into the system." What analysis method is mentioned above?

  • Collecting Documents
  • Interviews
  • Observation
  • _Questionnaire

When dividing the project plan into tasks what allocations of human resources should be identified?

  • Staff working on project tasks, billing rates, and task due dates
  • Staff working on project tasks, their roles and responsibilities, and task due dates
  • Staff time, computer time, and task due dates
  • Staff hours, billing rates, and marked-up material costs

At what stage of risk preparation are risks based on probability and effect prioritized?

  • Perform Quantitative risk analysis
  • Perform Qualitative risk analysis
  • Plan Risk responses
  • Identify Risks

Low priority is given to the Project processes. This method focuses more on team communication, team member skills, people and interaction, rather than the processes.

  • Crystal Methods
  • Feature Driven Development (FDD)
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Dynamic Systems Development Model (DSDM)

A prerequisite for handling time effectively is:

  • Knowing the dictated project completion date
  • Has the most advanced project planning, scheduling and control software package
  • Have a well-personed scheduling team
  • Creating a successful WBS project defining the main outcomes and activities of the project and the person responsible for each of them

The meeting offers the project manager an opportunity to appreciate the hard work and efforts of the project team and other key stakeholders.

  • Transferring the information system from the project team to the organization
  • Getting formal signoff.
  • Acknowledging contributions.
  • Communicating that the project is over

Which one of the following does a payback calculation given to an organization?

  • An assessment of how quickly an implemented system will produce a profit
  • The overall value of the benefits that the project will deliver
  • Annual average percentage profit of a project
  • How much future income from an implemented project will be worth in present-day terms

What stage is this "The main part of the phase is the project contract, which identifies the sponsors, explains the timeframe of the project, describes the basis for the project and starts the successful actions."

  • Evaluation
  • Initiation
  • Closing
  • Planning

The length of time required to complete can be estimated, and the cost can be estimated in the resources required to complete.

  • Measurable
  • Estimateable
  • Manageable
  • Adaptable

Work breakdown structure allows cost and time estimates to be allocated for all those who have certain work packages. These projections will also boost a clearer and more achievable timetable and a budget that will be adopted by team leaders and thereby raise the morale of the team and employees.

  • True
  • False

To crash a schedule, you should:

  • Increase research efforts on those essential route tasks.
  • Replace those workers not performing at the same degree as the productive ones.
  • Increase the time permitted for floating tasks.
  • Seek only those activities which are behind schedule to increase the time spent.

The project has 13 team members and affects the organization’s more than 15 departments. Because the project has been completed by 20 per cent to date and the team has had successful performance reports from five of the departments affected, the project manager is holding a party to celebrate. The project manager invites key stakeholders from all departments to the party to provide an informal forum for those giving positive feedback to convey good things to other departments that the project has not yet impacted. The project manager at the party is wandering around trying to find some useful details that will help her make the project even more successful. She happens to hear one department manager speaking about setting up more regular meetings on the project. The best thing the project manager would do is to first:

  • Hold an all the stakeholders meeting to discuss their concerns.
  • Make sure the manager has a copy of the communications management plan, so that he is reminded that the project manager should be informed of such concerns.
  • Review the effectiveness of a communications management plan for the project.
  • Record the party 's effectiveness in the lessons learnt from the project.

An effective time management prerequisite is:

  • Knowing the project completion date
  • Have a well-staffed schedule team
  • Has the most advanced project planning, scheduling and control software package
  • Creating a successful WBS strategy defining the main outcomes and objectives of the project and the person responsible for each of them

Christienne is a reforestation project planner. Christienne is sending out a questionnaire to collect expert feedback to identify the risks involved. What strategy does Christienne employ?

  • Documentation review
  • Delphi technique
  • Interviews
  • Brain storming

Why would a project manager decide to change a Work Breakdown Structure ( WBS) from the standard template provided in the methodology of project management?

  • The project manager needs to arrange the WBS according to the approach he or she would use to handle and monitor the project's progress.
  • The project manager will update the WBS to ease the use of new tools for project management.
  • I don’t know
  • The project manager should not be modifying the configuration of the WBS.

What does PERT stands for?

  • Programmer Expire and Revised Timescale
  • Process End and Replace Technique
  • Project Evaluation and Review Technique
  • Programme Estimate and Reward Time

When the final project report and presentation is completed, an individual performance review of the project will be performed by the project manager and project team. It will be done before the actual project team is released.

  • True
  • False

This is structured as the hierarchical structure, but a brief summary of each work package is included. This is also used in addition to a WBS visualization when recording a project. It helps clarify the scope of each task so all members of the team can understand their responsibilities.

  • Hierarchical structure
  • WBS Dictionary
  • Tree Structure View
  • Outline view

You have just been appointed to a massive telecommunications project as the project manager. This one-year project is around halfway into completion. The project team is made up of 5 sellers, and 20 employees of your company. You want to understand who's in charge of doing what on the project. Where are you going to find that information?

  • Project organization chart
  • Resource histogram
  • Bar chart
  • Responsibility assignment matrix

This tool is useful for the recognition of interdependent project tasks. It also helps find out the shortest route to successfully complete the project. This tool demonstrates event dependence assuming an event can only move to next if the previous one is completed.

  • Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM)
  • PERT Chart
  • Activity on the Node
  • Critical Path Analysis

The MOST popular causes of a project conflict are timetables, project goals and:

  • Cost
  • Management
  • Resources
  • Personality

Individuals or groups which have a claim in the outcome of the project and are therefore the recipients of the project information that we send. This group would generally include the project sponsor or client, the project manager and the project team because each would have a specific interest in the performance and progress of the project.

  • Medium or format
  • Timings/Availabilities
  • Information requirements
  • Stakeholders

A team member on the project is not performing well as she is inexperienced in the work of system development. There is no other who is better suited to do the job. What is the best Project Manager solution?

  • Arrange for the team member to get training
  • Obtain a new resource more skilled in development work
  • Allocate some of the project schedule reserve
  • Consult with the functional manager to determine project completion incentives for the team member

This methodology focuses on quicker, higher quality product development. Uses the laboratory approach when it comes to gathering specifications. Prototyping is used to achieve specific specifications and to re-use the software components to speed up the timelines for development.

  • Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Rational Unified Process (RUP)
  • Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Waterfall (Traditional)

A project must have a goal of guiding the project in terms of identifying the work to be completed, its timeline and budget and having a clear path for the project team.

  • Time Frame
  • Ownership
  • Attributes of a Project
  • Purpose

What role does planning play in the life cycle of construction projects?

  • How to handle project scope
  • How to get from point A to point B
  • How to handle a challenging client
  • Figuring out the best way to get the project done

What should you start with when developing a schedule for a project?

  • Estimated costs
  • The end product and due date
  • Deliverables
  • Human resources and material resources

What happens in the Analysis stage in the SDLC model?

  • Decide just how well the new system works
  • Create and test new system
  • Look at the existing structure, and consider areas for change
  • Put the new system into the enterprise for use

A minor, family-owned manufacturing company may have an entirely different corporate culture, strategy and structure than an electronic commerce start-up. As a result, the chosen programs, the technological infrastructure, and the IT function will be different for each organization.

  • Operating in an Environment Larger Than the Project Itself
  • Interdependent Tasks
  • Risks and Assumptions
  • Organizational Change

It is a very easy to use layout. It presents a good overview of the entire project and also allows easy modifications. It records the different stages of a project using numbers.

  • Outline view
  • Tree Structure View
  • WBS Dictionary
  • Hierarchical structure

What happens in process of implementation?

  • The deliverables of the implementation stage are created e.g. the code
  • Making changes when the software has been created
  • The code is tested against the specification
  • Planning the solution, look and feel of the software interface

It is time to put the plan into action once the goal and plan of the project have been defined. As the work on the project progresses, it is necessary to actively manage the scope , schedule, budget and people to ensure the project achieves its goal. Progress must be reported against the baseline plan and compared.

  • Close Project
  • Define Project Goal
  • Evaluate Project
  • Execute Project Plan

This approach can be used by the project team and stakeholders to define evidence, assumptions, and analysis, to define different risks.

  • Brainstorming
  • Nominal group technique (NGT)
  • Learning Cycle
  • Delphi technique

A metric is meant to be intuitive and easy to understand; otherwise the metric would be of no use and most likely not used.

  • True
  • False

What is Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)?

  • Completion of the scope checklist ends with an internal or external review with your customer;
  • A project map and project outline with various degrees of detail
  • Answers the questions about what, when and how much
  • A product or service must have specific criteria to perform properly

What is critical path method (CPM)?

  • A project management tool to show how the project will proceed.
  • A colorful graph displayed
  • A step-by - step process planning project management technique, which defines critical and non-critical tasks
  • A graphical overview of project tasks to help users understand the tasks' relationships.

He is accountable for guaranteeing that all the processes of project management and technological development are in place and conducted within a set of basic criteria, specified procedures, and quality standards.

  • Technical expert
  • Subject matter expert
  • Project Manager
  • Project sponsor

To produce a metric, data have to be collected. A metric should subsequently be fairly simple and inexpensive to construct, and should not be seen as a major disruption.

  • True
  • False

Which of the following is not a Human Resource Plan method and technique?

  • Networking
  • Organization charts
  • Organizational theory
  • Rewards and recognition

What types of methods can be used to assess risks?

  • Qualitative methods only
  • Quantitative methods only
  • Neither Qualitative or Quantitative methods
  • Both Qualitative and Quantitative methods

A team that comes from many countries including Brazil, Japan , the United States and Britain has just been assigned to a project manager. What is her best tool for success?

  • Team communication with the WBS
  • The responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)
  • Communication and well-developed people skills
  • The teleconference

What is the maintenance designed to do of a risk log?

  • eliminate risk
  • prevent system development failure
  • control risk
  • save money

What are the stages of the Project Life Cycle?

  • Initiation, Planning, Execution, Evaluation
  • Initiation, doing & Evaluating
  • Initiation, testing, doing & Evaluating
  • Analysis, Planning, Execution, Evaluation

A downside of the waterfall process is that research is performed only at project end?

  • True
  • False

An individual who has knowledge and expertise in a particular field is likely to have a stronger understanding of what tasks need to be carried out in order to achieve a specific project that can be delivered. While the project manager is responsible for ensuring a practical WBS is created, if they are involved in its creation, the people who are expected to carry out the activities and tasks will be more committed to the plan.

  • The WBS Should Be Deliverable Oriented
  • The WBS Should Support the Project's MOV
  • Learning Cycles and Lessons Learned Can Support the Development of a WBS
  • Developing the WBS Should Involve the People Who Will Be Doing the Work

In the SDLC model, which stage comes after Design?

  • Evaluation
  • Documentation
  • Development and Testing
  • Design

When you take the position of the previous project manager, a big, one-year telecommunications project is about half way completed. The project includes three separate vendors, and a 30-person project team. You would like to see the communications requirements of the project and what technology will be used to help with project communications. Where are you going to find that information?

  • The information distribution plan
  • The communications management plan
  • The bar charts
  • The stakeholder management plan

The first stage of the methodology for the IT project is focused on defining the overall project objective. For a specific purpose, a project is undertaken, and that purpose must be to add tangible value to the organization.

  • Conceptualize and initialize
  • Execute and control the project
  • Evaluate Project Success
  • Develop the project charter and detailed project plan

What happens in the Process of Design?

  • Planning the solution, look and feel of the software interface
  • Making changes when the sotware has been created
  • Ensuring the requirements are understood
  • The code is produced

The major Project Communications Management processes are:

  • Plan Communications Management, Manage Communications, and Monitor Communications.
  • Plan Communications Management, Develop Responses, Report Progress, and Distribute Information.
  • Plan Communications, Distribute Information, and Schedule Reporting.
  • Distribute Information, Report Changes, Update Project Documents, and Accept Project Deliverables.

What is the correct order of process phases of the JAD model?

  • Session Preparation, Session Conduct, Documentation, Define Objectives
  • Define Objectives, Session Conduct, Documentation, Session Preparation
  • Define Objectives, Documentation, Session Preparation Session Conduct
  • Define Objectives, Session Preparation, Session Conduct, Documentation

The project schedule is developed in which of the following phases of the project?

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Design
  • Conceptual

A kind of danger that we bring into the project in terms of projections or forecasts. They are what we use to estimate scale, schedule and budget and determine project risks.

  • Interdependent Tasks
  • Internal risk
  • External risk
  • Assumptions

A project manager had a dynamic problem solving and promoted a team consensus about what to do. The problem resurfaced several months later. What most probably didn't the project manager do?

  • Have the project sponsor validate the decision
  • Use a WBS diagram
  • Perform proper risk analysis
  • Confirm the decision solved the problem

Time management is essential to create, track and manage the timetable for the project. This involves determining the stages and tasks of the project, and then calculating, scheduling, and allocating resources for each process to ensure the objectives and aims of the project are achieved.

  • True
  • False

This organizational structure offers funding for ventures as the dominant business type. A project organization can usually support several projects at once and can incorporate project management methods and strategies around the enterprise. Each project is viewed within the organization as a separate and fairly autonomous entity.

  • Matrix Organization
  • Informal Organization
  • Functional Organization
  • Project Organization

The project manager now expects a deliverable from a team member to be submitted by e-mail. The project manager will contact the team member at the end of the day to notify him that they have not received it. The member of the team apologizes and explains that he was unable to send the deliverable by e-mail, and instead it was sent by mail. The team member goes on to remind the project manager that during a phone conversation, he had informed the project manager that this would happen. "Was that the conversation we had when I told you that, due to poor cell phone coverage, I could not hear you well?" asks the project manager. "Yes:' the team member answers.

  • Feedback during the communication
  • Adding to the issue log after the phone call
  • Better attention to determining communications requirements
  • Paralingual communication

Incorporates other work elements of the project and higher cost estimates and schedules to cover the entire project.

  • Estimateable
  • Measurable
  • Adaptable
  • Integratable

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) format is designed to establish a shared understanding of the nature of a project. This is a hierarchical summary of the work that needs to be performed to complete a project's deliverables. Each level descending in the WBS represents an increasingly detailed description of the outcomes of the project.

  • True
  • False

An organization that does not find risks associated with the project at any semi-formal risk management?

  • External environment
  • Internal environment
  • Uncertain future
  • Market value

Which of the following is NOT managed by the project manager?

  • Time, cost and scope
  • Engagement with the stakeholders
  • The project sponsor
  • The project team

Quality management requires the prompt and reliable delivery of project knowledge to stakeholders within the project.

  • True
  • False

RAD will be used when a program with a high budget for designers has to be produced within a limited time frame

  • True
  • False

The decision to apply for an improvement in project funding is the accountability of the __________________.

  • Director of project management
  • Customer
  • Project manager
  • Functional manager

A project manager has a project team that includes people from four countries. The project is very important to the company and its success worries the project manager. The length of time for the project is appropriate. What form of contact should he be using?

  • Informal written communication
  • Formal written communication
  • Informal verbal communication
  • Formal verbal communication

Projects rarely require resources outside the organization (people, equipment, software, etc.). Procurement management ensures proper procurement of those capital.

  • True
  • False

"As a system analyst I went to a company, sat down to see how the current system works. I didn't talk to anyone." What research method is described above?

  • Interview
  • Observation
  • _Questionnaire
  • Collecting Documents

Which of the following statements concerning risks is true?

  • Another term for Risk Management Plan is the risk response program.
  • Risks have always a negative effect if they arise and not a good one.
  • Risk register provides detailed documentation of all risks.
  • Their impact should be considered when evaluating risks, but likelihood of occurrence is not significant.

Many stakeholders’ criteria for inclusion in your project have not been accepted. So, you had a hard time getting formal project management plan approval. The stakeholders argued and held up the project after meeting about their requirements while meeting. The project was finally approved and, six months ago, work began. All of the following would be good preventive actions to implement except:

  • Keep stakeholder meetings to go through the research that is not to be applied to the project.
  • Maintain a log of the issues.
  • Make sure the change control process is not used as a vehicle to add the requirements back into the project.
  • Keep a file of what requirements the project didn't include.

A ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­______________________ is a series of tasks networked in an order and aimed at achieving the project's objectives.

  • Process
  • Project management
  • Project cycle
  • Project

Most of the time the productive project managers spend in:

  • Studying the results of the projects.
  • Connection with team in the project
  • Planning with their staff
  • Top-management preparation

What is Critical Path Analysis

  • A graphical overview of the project activities represented by a land area displaying physical characteristics
  • A vibrant diagram representing the total cost visually against the time taken to complete a project
  • A process planning project management technique that defines important (milestones) and non-critical tasks
  • A collection of drawings consisting of floor plan, site plan and landscape drawings to promote on-site construction

In this strategy, the team may use the IT risk framework and the WBS to classify risks starting with the phases of the project life cycle and moving towards the center or MOV of the system or moving outward from the MOV to the phases of the project.

  • Learning Cycle
  • Brainstorming
  • Nominal group technique (NGT)
  • Delphi technique

Work breakdown structure will boost transparency and accountability at your place of work. It facilitates the identification of skills that are required to complete assignments on time.

  • True
  • False

It is the duty of the risk register to ensure appropriate risk control including whether and at what times a risk should be managed. Where the essence of a risk changes during this period, earlier risk management action plans that need to be revised.

  • True
  • False

The specific structure is based on arranging resources to carry out complex tasks or activities to attain the organization's goals. Projects are usually organized and housed within a specific role across customary networks.

  • Informal Organization
  • Project Organization
  • Matrix Organization
  • Functional Organization

Which of the following is a tool for project scheduling which can be applied to software development?

  • CPM
  • CMM
  • PERT
  • Both PERT and CPM

Which of the following tools indicates who is responsible for what?

  • A resource histogram
  • An activity network chart
  • A resource levelling chart
  • A responsibility assignment matrix
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