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National Service Training Program 2

Is a civic education and advocacy program established by the Government of the Philippines on July 23, 2001, pursuant to the Republic 9163 Act.

civic welfare training service


reserve officers' training corps


literacy training service


community service

military training



social responsibility

civic consciousness


national defense

active citizenship

Which of the following can be considered in choosing a location for community immersion?

  • Number of Non-Government Organization.
  • Popularity of the Brgy. Chairman.
  • Peace and order situation.
  • Types of houses in the community.

NEDA is the Philippine government agency that has the function for a lot of country’s development, it stands for________________________.

  • National Economy and Developing Authority
  • National Economic and Development Agency
  • National Economic and Development Authority
  • National Environment and Disaster Agency

What is the major cause of Pollution of water, air, and land?

  • Deforestation
  • Gas emission
  • Improper waste disposal
  • Use of plastic

34. This is a form of internal evaluation that intends to involve as many people with a direct stake in the work as possible.

  • Self evaluation
  • Interactive evaluation
  • Participatory evaluation
  • External evaluation

Tells you that the input into the work is appropriate in terms of the output.

  • Efficiency

What changes can you, student, do to manage the social problems?

  • Study Hard
  • Share what you learned in school to other people
  • Give money to support different social advocacy
  • Give your things to foundations

Material that provides official information or evidence or that serves as a record.

  • Documentation

Social Advocacy is defined as __________?

  • An act of an individual or group of individuals to help the society
  • Institutions providing the needs of the less fortunate
  • Program initiated by the government
  • Organizations that dictates those less fortunate

15. Identify which of the following is NOT an example of corruption?

  • Too much costing of government project
  • A driver giving money to an enforcer after a violation done
  • Making a transparent audit on government funds
  • Jueteng runner gives money to NBI Officials.

These problems affect all people regardless of background, status or other classification.

  • social concerns
  • economic concerns
  • sectoral concerns
  • public concerns

What do you refer as the abuse of public power, office, or resources by elected government officials for personal gain.

  • Corruption
  • Poverty
  • Pollution
  • Social Advocacy

50. In the project implementation part, the proof of action taken during the project is placed. Which of the following is a proof of action?

  • letter to the baranggay
  • receipts of project material purchases
  • picture
  • all of the above

In preparing a project proposal, the following must be considered except for one.

  • A long proposal title
  • Contribution from members
  • Positive Outcome
  • Permits and clearances

46. The proposal outline: this part states the names of the persons involved in the project. It should also include the school name, course, subject and class coordinator (instructor).

  • appendices
  • project title
  • proponents
  • credits

External conditions that are helpful to achieving the development of a community are called:

  • Threats
  • Opportunities
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses

Which statement is NOT true about phase one in the process of community immersion?

  • Organizers should give a courtesy call for everyone that they may get in touch during the implementation of the project.
  • Organizers are expected to conduct a social investigation (S.I) on the target community.
  • Organizers must watch attentively the community’s way of living.
  • Organizers must be able to give ideas about the benefits and other involvement in the community immersion.

Find out overall concerns, opinions; Gather initial information or sense of direction.; Get details of/reasons for any problems; Test communication materials.

  • Quantitative Method

7. Which of the following conditions best describe the Absolute poverty?

  • A Pedicab Driver
  • A Cigarette Vendor
  • A beggar
  • A Bottle and Newspaper trader

What is an aggregation of families and individuals settled in a fairly compact and contiguous geographical area, with significant elements of common life, as shown by manners, customs, traditions and models of speech?

  • Congregation
  • Continent
  • Community
  • Committee

Why does conducting a SWOT Analysis is helpful in community immersion?

  • Because by SWOT Analysis, you can identify the future needs of the community after the project implementation.
  • Because by SWOT Analysis, you can easily decide what are the possible solutions to the community problem.
  • Because by SWOT Analysis, you can easily give solution to the problem of the community.
  • Because by SWOT Analysis, you can see the outcome of your project.

What is the difference between individual advocacy and self advocacy?

  • Individual advocacy focuses to one issue only while the self advocacy focuses on advocate’s own problem.
  • They differ to the duration of service.
  • No difference between them.
  • Individual advocacy supports only one or two person while the self advocacy may support a group with the same interest of the advocate.

Which of the following may exists in budgetary of the project?

  • Cell phone load
  • Food expense
  • Maintenance
  • Water bill

This section describes how the community is expected to get something from the project, both directly and indirectly.

  • Benefits of the Project
  • Objectives
  • Appendices.
  • Background of the Project

Why does the community organizing is important?

  • Because through this, the community will raise enough fund to feed its citizen.
  • Because through this, people work together in an organized manner for social change.
  • Because through this, all of the problem in a particular community will be solved.
  • Because through this, the people in the community can earn money for their living.

Review policy and operational context and clarify roles and responsibilities is one of the general steps in monitoring

  • True
  • False

It is more effective if documentation is generated during, rather than after a project .

  • True
  • False

25. Joining a small gathering or umpukan can be associated in the process of ________?

  • Community Profiling
  • Entering the Community
  • Community Assessment
  • Community Integration

Community immersion requires the students to give donations on the less-fortunate people.

  • True
  • False

31. What tells you whether or not what you did made a difference to the problem situation you were trying to address?

  • Impact
  • Effectiveness
  • Participation
  • Efficiency

Maps are important in completing the Location of the Project part. Which of the following is NOT included?

  • Routing map
  • Google map shot
  • Country map
  • Vicinity map

11. What is the major cause of Pollution of water, air, and land?

  • Improper waste disposal
  • Use of plastic
  • Deforestation
  • Gas emission

What do you call a representation done by an individual to show his/her concerns?

  • Social Belongingness
  • Social Representation
  • Social Advocacy
  • Social Importance

Communities of Culture refers to ethnic and religious groups.

  • True
  • False

In what way does knowing the requirements for community immersion significant?

  • It provides a list on what to bring.
  • It serves as list of comparison for each members.
  • It will help you pack your things.
  • It gives easy access to your things.

Community derived from the Old Tagalog word Comunidad.

  • True
  • False

What criterion to be considered if you want to identify how intense does the problem experience by the people?

  • duration
  • frequency
  • range or scope
  • severity

Wearing of expensive jewelries and bringing of gadgets shows a negative picture from being ___________.

  • Simple
  • Boastful
  • Rich
  • Adorable

Collect all press clippings from newspapers that have articles about your event. There are services available that will do this for a charge.

  • Press Clippings

Community organizer must have the ability to facilitate the community process by giving continues support to the locals.

  • True
  • False

Do not ask the community to take of your needs like water, food and other resources.

  • True
  • False

The following are benefits of advocacy except one.

  • It help people’s voice to be heard.
  • It can give people information for free.
  • It help people to complain for their concerns.
  • It help people to see what other services are available.

Is integrating with the locals really needed before formulating a project for community immersion?

  • No, it is just a waste of time.
  • Yes, because it can be a way to gather information about the current situation in that community.
  • Yes, because they will turn out to be your good friends afterwards.
  • No, it will give misinterpretation to the locals towards the real purpose of your group.

What do you call the issues and challenges the community is facing?

  • Community Conflict
  • Community Problems
  • Community Gossip

Which community organizing principle point up that the organizer must begin with the resources available within the community and just need to improve it?

  • “Start With and Build on What the People Know”
  • “Go to the People, Live Among the People”
  • “Teach By Showing, Learn by Doing”
  • “Not Relief, But Release”

Lina got pregnant at age of fifteen that’s why she didn’t finish her study in Secondary. What community problem that may reflect on her case?

  • child abuse and neglect
  • health disparities
  • adolescent pregnancy
  • racism

Which of the following is the not considered as the guiding principle in Community Organizing?

  • Teach by Showing, Learn by Doing
  • Feed them and do not teach them
  • Go to the People, Live Among the People

28. A typical Filipino trait that must be seen always among youth especially during your immersion?

  • Letting the elders go first
  • Ang Kabataan ang Pag-Asa ng Bayan
  • Using of po and opo
  • Giving out limos

A good proposal includes ___________.

  • A good background of the project
  • All of the above
  • Useful Appendices
  • Clear methodology

Which of the following should be avoided during community immersion?

  • Integrating with the group.
  • Knowing the purpose of the community immersion.
  • Performing any act without your facilitator’s consent.
  • Bringing of your own resources.

3. As an advocate you must identify your true interest in joining an advocacy to avoid:

  • conflict of interest
  • loss of interest
  • none of the above
  • confusion

If the community organizer always stimulates the people to think critically when dentifying problems and finding new solutions, what role does he/she playing?

  • Animator
  • Facilitator
  • Stimulator
  • Enabler

12. Does the overpopulation serve as one of the driving factors of unemployment?

  • No, because it is not related to each other.
  • Yes, because there is scarcity of jobs for everybody.
  • No, because those unemployed people are lazy.
  • Maybe

How can we eliminate if not minimize different social problems?

  • Be a role model to be famous
  • Be a social advocate that will start the process of preventing the social problems
  • Be an example that will practice pollution
  • Be a hero to rescue all the human beings

5. How does pollution affect the daily life of humans?

  • It gives financial support.
  • It lessens the poverty.
  • It provides a good place to live.
  • It brings many diseases.

Which of the following states a valid project proposal objective?

  • To encourage the involvement of policy making of community members.
  • To improve the policy decision making transparency
  • To obtain the analyzed results of local people’s opinions of the policy making procedures.
  • All of the choices.

Who among the organizer created a logical project proposal?

  • The one who became the achiever of the year.
  • The one who resolved the issue in the community.
  • The one who documented every moment of the project implementation.
  • The one who established a friendly-environment community.

39. Reporting can be done in the following processes except for one:

  • Powerpoint
  • Written
  • Telekinesis
  • Verbal

Different community cases like robbery, theft, shoplifting and the like, were reported in Brgy. Malabanan in span of two years and continuously rising up to present. What problem may the community is encountering?

  • hunger
  • lack of affordable housing
  • inequality
  • crime

What community organizing principle to be considered when giving instructions or demonstrating procedures to the people within the community?

  • “Not Relief, But Release”
  • “Teach By Showing, Learn by Doing”
  • “Not Piecemeal but an Integrated Approach”
  • “Learn, Plan and Work with the People”

In a simple term, what is meant on the Methodology of the Project Proposal?

  • Project Implementation
  • Project Process
  • Project Cycle
  • Project Monitoring

Which of the following may be a best title for tree-planting project?

  • Go Go Power Saver
  • Green Saves the World
  • Just Plant All the Time
  • Let the Love Begin

What part of the Project Proposal emphasizing the primary goal for the implementation of the Project?

  • Objectives of the Project
  • Project Implementation
  • Background of the Project
  • Benefits of the Project

21. "A good leader must be a good follower" is an example of:

  • Favoring some of group members
  • Assigning all the task to its group members
  • Leading by good example
  • Doing all the responsibilities

45. We need to monitor and evaluate a project so that we would know if we are making a profit.

  • True
  • False

40. In your tree planting projects, which of the following can be done to document?

  • Your group members
  • All of the choices
  • People in the community
  • Your parents and teachers

Which of the following will not reflect on the proponents?

  • Coordinator
  • School Name
  • School Location
  • Students Namelist

44. It tells you that the input into the works is appropriate in terms of the output.

  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Usefulness
  • Impact

How can you conclude if the project proposal is well-organized?

  • By the outcome of the project implementation
  • By the expenses allotted during the project implementation
  • By the duration you spend in the project implementation
  • By the number of people involved in the project implementation

How would you classify a child that merely subject to abuse?

  • A child forced to work for his family
  • A child with proper education
  • A child that stows away
  • A child taking care by his parents

35. Reporting can be defined as the following except for one:

  • An account or statement describing in detail an event, situation, or the like, usually as the result of observation, inquiry, etc.
  • Assumptions, guesses or explanations as to why something happened
  • A formal account of the proceedings or transactions of a group
  • A spoken or written account of something that one has observed, heard, done, or investigated

Community Organizing is a continuous process of the following except for one:

  • Educating the people to understand their critical consciousness of their existing condition
  • Mobilizing people to develop their capability and readiness to respond
  • Organizing people to work collectively and efficiently on their problems
  • Maximizing profit of small and medium businesses in the community

What do you call is the introduction of a contaminant into the environment. It is created mostly by human actions, but can also be a result of natural disasters.

  • Pollution
  • Social Problem
  • Poverty
  • Corruption

38. Things to remember when documenting include the following except for one:

  • Consistency
  • Accuracy
  • Memorable
  • Meaningfulness

One of the purposes of Community Organizing is to complete the NSTP subject.

  • True
  • False

How will you differentiate absolute poverty from relative poverty?

  • Relative is having an equal measure of income while Absolute has unequal measure of income.
  • Absolute is having an equal measure of income while Relative has unequal measure of income
  • Absolute is having no income while Relative is having a little income to support the basic needs.
  • Absolute is having a little money while Relative is the lack of income to support basic needs

What is Social Advocacy?

  • A condition that at least some people in a community view as being undesirable.
  • Representation done by anyone committed to the concerns of any particular group in society.
  • It is the inability to satisfy the basic needs because one lacks income to buy services
  • Is the payment for services or material which the recipient is not due, under law.

How would you classify the community of two different subdivisions within a particular town?

  • by their religion
  • by its location or boundary
  • by their interest
  • by its member/population

What is known to be the contamination of the environment due to human activities and natural phenomena?

  • Poison
  • Poverty
  • Pollution
  • Pollutant

Proper documentation demands consistency and attention to details.

  • True
  • False

A periodic review of the performance of a plan, project or program

  • Evaluation

Integrating with the locals is also one of the best strategies one organizer can practice in order to catch-up with the current situation of the community. This approach is called:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Socialization
  • Community assessment
  • Community integration

26. It is important to have objectives because

  • Objectives are cool to read
  • It is hard to implement a project with no objectives
  • Objectives support the background of the project
  • Objectives tell what you want to accomplish with your project

It is important to have objectives because

  • Objectives support the background of the project
  • Objectives tell what you want to accomplish with your project
  • It is hard to implement a project with no objectives
  • Objectives are cool to read

If the coordinator asks you to prove your proof of action during the community immersion, what part of the project proposal you may show?

  • Part 11-Appendices
  • Part 9-Budgetary of the Project
  • Part 8-Methodology of the Project
  • Part 10 – Project Implementation

One of the things that are needed to bring during community immersion are extra clothes.

  • True
  • False

18. In this process, set goals and objectives are met and implemented.

  • Termination of the Project
  • Project Planning
  • Phase Out
  • Project Implementation

Which of the following should be place on Budgetary of the Project?

  • Letters
  • Site
  • Materials
  • Fares

What criterion to be considered if you want to identify how many people were affected by the community problem?

  • duration
  • severity
  • frequency
  • range or scope

What do you call the process of creating or forming a group that will practice the common and shared interest of each member?

  • Community Organizing
  • Community Alert
  • Community Immersion

How does pollution affects the daily life of human?

  • It provides a good place to live
  • It gives financial support
  • It lessen the poverty
  • It brings many diseases

Count things or people; Measure your program against a benchmark.; Monitor trends over time; Statistically correlate factors: Is there a connection between variables.

  • Qualitative Method

19. Which of the following must be included in Community Assessment?

  • Both SWOT Analysis and Community Profile
  • None of the choices
  • Community Profile only
  • SWOT Analysis only

Can we find maps in project proposal?

  • Yes, in part V – Location of the Project
  • No, it is in the phases of the community immersion.
  • Yes, in entering the community
  • Yes, in last part or the termination of the project

It is important to be able to provide relevant client information at any given time and the organisation’s response to their needs.

  • Accountability

Identify which of the following is NOT an example of corruption?

  • Making a transparent audit on government funds
  • Too much costing of government project
  • A driver giving money to an enforcer after a violation done
  • Jueteng Runner gives money to NBI Officials

Reports focus on activities and therefore improve subsequent work plans

  • True
  • False

Any act which results in non-accidental and/or unreasonable inflicting of physical injury to a child.

  • child trafficking
  • psychological abuse
  • physical abuse
  • deception

Who will be the head of a particular community organizing?

  • School Principal
  • Team Leader
  • Community Organizer
  • Barangay Captain

Which statement is not true about background of the project?

  • It describes the critical issue in that community.
  • It explains how the beneficiaries were involved in the project.
  • It usually consists of one to two paragraphs.
  • It discusses the ancient history of the community.

Proper use of language is appropriate while visiting a community for it shows courtesy and politeness. An example of this language is:

  • using po and opo when talking to elders
  • showing annoyance when distracted
  • cussing at the community leaders
  • talking behind someones back

The following are implications of community immersion except for one

  • It is a tool for the students to have their completion in NSTP 2.
  • It is a way of discovering the student’s strengths and potentials.
  • It is a form of service learning.
  • It is an extension of student learning beyond the classroom.

This group is one of the major key players in the conflict in Zamboanga happened in couple of weeks last September.

  • Muslim National Liberty and freedom (MNLF)
  • Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)
  • Muslim Nur Misuari Group (MNMG)
  • Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)

42. This is the comparison of actual project impacts against the agreed strategic plans.

  • Evaluation
  • Participation
  • Monitoring

The community profile includes the following except for one

  • Narrative text
  • Visual maps
  • Tables or graphics
  • Community navigator

Maps are important in geographic profile except for one.

  • World Map
  • Routing Map
  • Vicinity Map
  • Google Map

What is the major contributor of pollution?

  • Natural Phenomena
  • Human
  • Factories and Plantations
  • Animals

27. The NSTP Coordinator and group Leaders shall provide all the needed requirements during the community immersion?

  • Either true or false
  • False
  • Neither true nor false
  • True

Monitoring cannot review progress

  • True
  • False

A courtesy call can be done on what process of community immersion?

  • Termination of the Project
  • All of the choices
  • Entering the Community
  • Pre-entry

What is the difference between the implementation and evaluation?

  • Implementation means assessing the problem encountered during the immersion while the evaluation is giving solution to the assessed problem.
  • Implementation and evaluation is just the same especially in community immersion.
  • Implementation means putting in action what has been formulated while evaluation is examining the result of the implementation.
  • Implementation is the result of any evaluation in the community immersion.

What is the important document and part needed before you may start any project?

  • Project Catalog
  • Project Proposal
  • Project Outline
  • Project Overview

The actual tree planting or Community emerging is under the process of ____________?

  • Project Implementation
  • Project Planning
  • Termination of the Project
  • Phase Out.

10. What is one of the major effects of Poverty in our society that is also considered as a wide social problem?

  • Combustion
  • Unemployment
  • Global Warming
  • Crimes

Which of the following proves that community organization improves the quality of people’s lives?

  • People feel the sense of belongingness
  • All of the choices
  • Community projects allow people to share their thoughts and ideas
  • Everyone is encouraged to participate and be part of the community

Which set arrange accordingly?

  • Project Title, Objectives, Materials Needed
  • Project Title, Appendices, Background of the Project
  • Project Title, Budgetary of the Project, Proponents
  • Project Title, Methodology of the Project, Objectives

17. This project aims to build a nurture environment. This is an example of:

  • Objections
  • Proposals
  • Appendices
  • Objectives

Issues can be based on the occurrence of certain situations or events.

  • characteristic of the issue
  • effects of the issue
  • key players
  • background of the issue

How can an organizer show his or her role as a catalyst?

  • By creating a harmful environment for the community locals.
  • By giving inspiration to the community members.
  • By consistently directing the people to follow his or her rules.
  • By becoming a medium to the transformation of the community.

Who among the list may really in need for the support of an advocacy group?

  • an old lady looking for a friend.
  • a businessman that is a victim of deflation.
  • a disabled person
  • a senator with criminal charges

Community immersion also carryout the school’s goal for students – becoming a concerned citizen.

  • True
  • False

36. Purposes of documentation includes the following:

  • Provides an interpretive infrastructure to a whole organization
  • Allows someone who has not been involved in the data creation process to understand the data collection and the process by which it was created.
  • None of the choices is acceptable purpose of documentation
  • Both choices are acceptable purposes of documentation

Identify which of the following should be included in the Proponent part.

  • School
  • All of the above
  • Students
  • Coordinator

23. In a group of students conducting a project, it is most imperative to have

  • A Uniform
  • A Good Leader
  • An Assistant Leader
  • All Male Members

During community immersion, you have to make a lot of promises to the locals so that they will look for you after implementing your project.

  • True
  • False

6. What is meant when we say there is a relative poverty?

  • Salary range
  • Terms of median family income
  • Lack of opportunity
  • Contractual employment

Identify which of the statements is correct.

  • CHED Form is not necessary in the Project Proposal
  • Proponents of the Project are those individuals that will take into action the Project Proposal
  • Proof of action like photos, copy of letters submitted are only needed in the Project Implementation
  • Background of the Project discuss the community profile

In a group of students conducting a project, it is most imperative to have

  • An Assistant Leader
  • All Male Members
  • A Uniform
  • A Good Leader

4. Economic development refers to the ability of a country to improve the social welfare of the people.

  • True
  • False

An example of a good title for a tree planting project proposal is _______.

  • A Greener Environment for a Brighter Future
  • None are good example of proposal title:
  • Greening The Earth: A tree-Planting Activity
  • Both answers are good examples

Rural community is different from urban community basically in terms of ___________________.

  • tradition, culture and customs
  • population, architecture and means of transportation
  • religion, food and water
  • language and history

What is the current program the government is doing towards tree planting?

  • Reforestation Campaign
  • Clean and Green Drive
  • National Greening Program
  • National Tree Planting Program

47. It briefly explains the motivation of the project and the need of the project to be implemented, also the current efforts being done by the proponents and what the project is expected to bring.

  • Background of the project
  • Methodology
  • Rationale
  • Benefits of the project

43. A summative evaluation takes place before and after the project.

  • True
  • False

Which statement is true about the purpose of community organizing?

  • Transform every aspect of the community specially the lifestyle of the locals.
  • Sustain permanent organizational structures for resource management.
  • Provide opportunity only for youth to participate in social awareness.
  • Strengthen the power of the authorities elected in the community government.

Documentation comes from the Latin word ?

  • Documentum

Which of the following is an example of Tribal or Indigenous Community?

  • illegal settlers
  • professionals
  • family
  • Tausug

Community Profile includes the following except for one.

  • Demographic Profile
  • Geographic Profile
  • Location Map
  • Biography

What is the basic courtesy to the people in the community before phasing out?

  • Giving out Souvenirs
  • Prepare and inform the community
  • Saying goodbye
  • Taking pictures

The following are ideal qualities of a community organizer except for one

  • Creative
  • Discipline
  • Dishonesty
  • Flexible

2. If your advocacy is primarily concerned with changing the political system, who should ask for help?

  • your professor
  • a legal expert
  • an advocate
  • the President

1. It is acting, speaking, and writing with minimal conflict of interest on behalf of the sincerely perceived interests of a disadvantaged person or group to promote, protect, and defend their welfare and justice.

  • Immersion
  • Sponsorship
  • National Development
  • Advocacy

30. What is the current program the government is doing towards tree planting?

  • Clean and Green Drive
  • Reforestation Campaign
  • National Greening Program
  • National Tree Planting Program

An element of community derived from public documents, folk history, historical roots is

  • History
  • Resources
  • Internal relation
  • Technology

Mrs. Carmona attends her work at the city every morning, but she lost her job recently because of tardiness. What maybe the reason of her tardiness in line with their community problem?

  • environmental contamination
  • poor transportation
  • domestic violence
  • violence

49. Which of the following is NOT included in the “Location of the project”?

  • names of the baranggay officials
  • brief description of the community
  • address of the location
  • location map

The goals of community organizing includes the following except for one:

  • Leadership development and mobilization
  • Social transformation
  • People empowerment
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship

Are poverty and pollution interrelated?

  • Yes, because they are both social problems
  • Yes, because most less fortunate individuals contribute more on the pollution
  • No, because they do not know each other
  • No, because they are not related to each other

29. Discussion of the current situation, problems and issues affecting the community should be presented in ____________.

  • Location of the Project
  • Project Objectives
  • Background of the Project
  • Benefits of the Project

Women, Youth, Farmers, and Fishermen are examples of

  • Geographical communities
  • Functional communities
  • Sectoral communities
  • Rural/urban communities

41. This is the systematic collection and analysis of information as a project progresses.

  • Monitoring
  • Participation
  • Evaluation
  • Interaction

How can you become a role model during the community immersion?

  • By promising a lot of good things to the community.
  • By showing annoyance if a certain inconvenience has been encountered.
  • By presenting the right manner and discipline.
  • By using po and opo to everyone.

Which is true about functional community?

  • it ranges from the local clique, sub-culture, ethnic group, religious, pluralistic civilization, or the global community culture
  • it consists of people who share some common interests or role
  • it ranges from the local neighborhood, suburb, village, town or city
  • it may be included as communities of need or identity, such as disabled persons, or frail aged people

What is the type of community pertaining to territories and boundaries?

  • Communities of Culture
  • Geographic Community
  • Community Organization

22. Appendices include the following except for one.

  • Letetr to DENR
  • Letter addressed to the Barangay Chairman
  • Pictures during actual community service
  • Copies of Receipts

48. This part discusses the process you go through to make a proposal possible.

  • Benefits of the project
  • Background of the project
  • Methodology
  • Budget

Proper documentation contributes substantially to a data collection 's scholarly values.

  • True
  • False

The flowchart of the process of the community immersion will be indicated in?

  • Budgetary of the Project
  • Methodology of the Project
  • Appendices
  • Objectives

Tells you whether or not what you did made a difference to the problem situation you were trying to address.

  • Impact

What is the very first thing to do in starting a community immersion?

  • Find your class in NSTP 1.
  • Formulate a tree-planting project.
  • Integrate with the community member to know them better.
  • Looking for the site or location for the immersion.

13. Can eliminating poverty be the solution to also eliminate other social problems?

  • No, it will not be eliminated but it will lessen other social problems.
  • Yes, because all people will get rich.
  • Yes, because poverty is the root problem of other social problems.
  • No, because it is both present in the society.

Between Charity Volunteer and Barangay Tanod. Who is consider as a social advocate?

  • Charity Volunteer Only
  • Barangay Tanod Only
  • None of them
  • Both of them

A project proposal is significant because

  • It prolongs the duration of the project
  • It serves as a guide in the project implementation
  • All answers are correct
  • It serves as a proof of a finished project

Make a collection of comments from people who attend the event as well as those involved with the event (such as participants and volunteers).

  • Surveys

The primary purpose of Social Advocacy is to _______?

  • To give out support
  • To give money
  • To gain popularity
  • To gain money

The following are basic requirements you have to consider when you conduct a community immersion except for one:

  • Pocket Money
  • Food and Drinks
  • First Aid Kit
  • Cellular Phones

It is a social strategy in public safety education and training designed to bridge the gap between theoretical instruction and the realities of public safety work through experiential learning.

  • Community immersion
  • Community integration
  • Community service
  • Community profiling

Community organizing defined is a process of both process and method.

  • Partially true
  • True
  • Partially False
  • False

How can the community immersion help the students?

  • By teaching them how to feed others.
  • By limiting the students in doing non-educational things.
  • By developing to them the sense of caring for others.
  • By creating a more friendly community for them.

16. What process in the community immersion will you do for the site selection?

  • Pre-immersion
  • Community Integration
  • Community Assessment
  • Entering the Community

Monitoring is an integral part of a day-to-day management

  • True
  • False

Proof of actions in a community service project can be any of the following except for one.

  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Project Proposal

Project outline serves as the _________.

  • Backbone of the Project
  • Backtrack of the Project
  • Back-up of the Project
  • Background of the Project

Which of the following data you may collect in completing the community profile?

  • Age and gender distributions
  • All of the choices.
  • Community historical background
  • Common and endemic diseases

24. Proof of actions in a community service project can be any of the following except for one.

  • Project Proposal
  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Photos

What is a systematic, planned and liberating change process of transforming a complacent, deprived and malfunctioning community into an organized, conscious, empowered and self-reliant, just and humane entity and institution?

  • Community evaluating
  • Community servicing
  • Community organizing
  • Community planning

What is being explained in the benefits of the project?

  • The description of how the community is expected to gain from the project.
  • The process you go through to make the proposal possible.
  • The expenses expected to the implementation of the project.
  • The benefits of the students from the project implementation.

Tracks the operational work of the project.

  • Monitoring

9. What is known to be the contamination of the environment due to human activities and natural phenomena?

  • Poverty
  • Poison
  • Pollution
  • Pollutant

37. The following are reasons why do we keep on documenting while implementing a project except for one:

  • Continuity of Care
  • Service Improvement
  • Services Marketing
  • Ensure accountability

A measure of the extent to which developments programme or project achieves the specific objectives it set

  • Effectiveness

Lot of Filipino feels angry about this current issue regarding the misuse of people’s fund by giving it to fake NGOs.

  • The PDAF scam.
  • The DAP argument.
  • The attack in Zamboanga.
  • The effect of supertyphoon

8. What is the major contributor of pollution?

  • Animals
  • Human
  • Factories and Plantations
  • Natural Phenomena

14. How would you classify a child that merely subject to abuse?

  • A child that stows away
  • A child taking care by his parents
  • A child force to work for his family
  • A child with proper education

What process in community immersion do you need to come up with different strategies and preparation?

  • Phase out
  • Project Planning
  • Termination of the Project
  • Project Implementation

Which part may be universal for all project proposals?

  • Location of the Project
  • Methodology of the Project
  • Appendices
  • Project Implementation

What is considered as undesirable condition in the society?

  • Social Advocacy
  • Social Changes
  • Social Problem
  • Social Status

Which statement is true?

  • Locating of the site is the last step in formulating project proposal.
  • Having tarpaulin is SOP in conducting a community immersion.
  • Documentation is important only after the termination of the project.
  • Letters and other forms can be found in appendices.

Why should an advocate be free from conflict of interest?

  • To resolve the queries of other people that is interested in the advocacy.
  • To avoid misconception between the advocate’s interest and the client’s need.
  • To limit the time in giving solution to the problem.
  • To show respect to the client.

32. This refers to the comparison of actual project impacts against the agreed strategic plans.

  • Monitoring
  • Evaluation
  • Documentation
  • Reporting

Advocacy requires vigor of action which means an advocate can take time and be slow in responding to his advocacy groups' needs.

  • True
  • False

The following are basic requirements during community immersion except for one

  • Rain coat or umbrella
  • Extra clothes
  • Music player
  • Insect repellent

Frequency is one of the criteria should be considered in identifying community problems.

  • True
  • False

What happens during the phase out in the process of community immersion?

  • The community authorities looking for new organizers to be their partner.
  • The community organizers depart themselves to the locals as fast as they can.
  • The community organizer totally let go the whole community after a year.
  • The community organizer starts to withdraw from the community.

20. Community Immersion is also known as _____________?

  • Community Engagement
  • Community Integration
  • Community Advocacy
  • Community Simulation

A Latin word describing quality implying "fellowship community of relations and feelings" is:

  • Constituo
  • Cogito
  • Contineo
  • Communis

33. Monitoring involves the following except for one:

  • Collecting and recording the information
  • Setting up systems to collect information relating to these indicators
  • Establishing indicators of efficiency, effectiveness and impact
  • Assessing its progress towards what it wanted to achieve, its impact targets.

________ refers to the inability to satisfy the basic needs.

  • Poverty
  • National Advancement
  • Social Problems
  • Social Advocacy

Which is true on these statements. (I.) Absolute Poverty can still supply basic needs but for a limited volume only; while relative poverty was the severe deprivation of basic human needs. (II.) Absolute poverty refers to severe deprivation of basic human needs; while relative poverty was the situation wherein it can supply basic human needs but for a limited volume only.

  • None of the Above
  • Both Statement I and II
  • Statement II
  • Statement I

In what part of the project proposal you may include the expected outcomes of your proposed project?

  • In the Objectives
  • In the Background of the Project
  • In the Project Title
  • In the Proponents

Which is the correct example of a Social Advocacy?

  • Protest
  • Transport Rally
  • Clean up drive
  • Boycott

What is the best example of pollution prevention?

  • Organizations that form to rescue bodies of water
  • Ordinances that protects the animal welfare
  • Ordinances that prohibiting the use of plastic bags
  • Organizations that securing human welfare

Before you will be able to go on the project implementation such as tree planting. You need to finish first the Parts I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.

  • True
  • False
  • Partially True
  • Partially False

What part of the project proposal will give knowledge on the specific area/site that is subject to the project?

  • Background of the Project
  • Location of the Project
  • Project Implementation
  • Methodology of the Project

Which of the following is NOT an example of Community problems?

  • Crimes
  • Adolescent Pregnancy
  • Medical Mission

Community immersion is important to schools because

  • It can fulfill the school goals for their students.
  • It can give recognition to the school.
  • It will give additional award to the school.
  • It may be another form of income to school.

What does Social problems are also known to be?

  • Community Gossip
  • Community Progress
  • Poverty
  • Undesirable Condition

An official record of a given period in the life of a project that presents a summary of project implementation and performance reporting.

  • Report