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Hospitality Management

The study of managing operations and resources in the hospitality industry, preparing students for career opportunities in hotels, restaurants, and tourism.














hospitality industry



Welfare catering's main motive is to earn profit

  • True
  • False

According to the Competency Guide, a key component of a crisis plan is

  • Evacuating the premises quickly
  • Allowing the manager to handle all responses
  • Assigning each person a specific response action
  • Determining in advance each position's response actions

Identify one Strategies to manage a hospitality services business


The investment decision, also called the capital dividend, is the allocation and reallocation of capital and resources for an organization's projects, products, assets, and divisions.

  • True
  • False

Public area supervisor has the duty of ..............

  • managing each floor
  • cleanliness of lobby and general area
  • cleaning and maintaining guest rooms

The process by which companies create value for customers and society, resulting in strong customer relationships that capture from the customers in return.


A software that assists hotels, resorts, and similar properties with day-to-day tasks and operations, such as reservations, payment processing, performance analysis, and inventory management

  • Property Management System

A total system designed to plan, price, promote, and make available market goods and services that create satisfied guests to achieve organizational objectives.


Once a problem is defined, what is the next step in the problem-solving model?

  • Determine alternative solutions and consequences
  • Document for future reference
  • Determine the root cause
  • Develop an action plan

what are the essential competencies required in the hospitality industry?

  • The staff needs to be well groomed, have good hygiene, orderliness, good manners andetiquettes besides a smiling face.
  • The staff needs to be well groomed, have good hygiene, orderliness, good manners andetiquettes besides a smiling face.
  • The cheerful attitude, self discipline, courtesy, physical fitness and good communication skills along with self-confidence and multiple language skills add to the possibility of ideal front office staff.
  • Nails should be clean and properly manicured. The front office staff must be seen at their best at all times as this projects a good image not only of themselves but also of the establishments.
  • Some of the other aspects to be kept in mind by the staff are a clean and neatly pressed uniform, minimum accessories and well groomed hair.

Which of the following is often referred to as "standing in someone else's shoes?"

  • Regret
  • Empathy
  • Sympathy
  • Consideration

Any message presented to staff to create a cohesive and productive workforce is an example of

  • Internal communications
  • External communications
  • Nonverbal communications
  • Organizational communications

Customers judge service not by its technical quality, but also by its functional quality.

  • External Marketing
  • Internal Marketing
  • Interactive Marketing

what offers rented accomodation for sleeping but no food or other services

  • motel
  • hotel
  • resort
  • lodge

The interconnection of everyday physical devices such that they can communicate directly or indirectly with each other via local communication networks or over the internet

  • Internet of Things Technology

It is how segments of tourism and hospitality such as transportation, accommodations, hotels, restaurants, resorts, amusement parks.


In the four stages of team growth, what occurs during the storming phase?

  • Teams are getting to know each other
  • Interpersonal conflicts begin to surface, making this stage difficult
  • Members are able to analyze and solve problems effectively together
  • Members settle their differences and develop cohesive and trusting work relationships

Service provided by Internet of Things where guests are provided with digitally interactive activities such as virtual tours, in-room preview etc.

  • Augmented Reality / Beacon Technology

Called the “Father of the Modern Hotel,” he revolutionized the travel industry by providing affordable, comfortable, dependable lodging.

  • Kemmon Wilson
  • Thomas Cook
  • Conrad Hilton
  • John Willard Marriott Sr.

According to the Competency Guide, the best preparation for an evacuation plan is (9, 216)

  • Practicing the plan on a regular basis
  • Assigning an employee to secure all cash and other valuables
  • Establishing multiple locations outside the building for evacuess to assemble
  • Posting evacuation manuals around the workplace, enabling employees to read over the plan at their leisure

a lodging establishment that caters to travelers with automobiles and provides self-service parking on premises

  • Hotel
  • Motel
  • Nursing Home
  • Dormitory

In determining how well a company's present strategy is working, a manager has to start with what the strategy is

  • True
  • False

It is often considered the single best measure of a firm's competitive position and overall attractiveness to investors

  • Financial condition

residential building that offers food and housing for visitorsUsually, they think of the facility as their home.

  • Hotel
  • Motel
  • Dormitory
  • Boarding House

Are hospitality services also provided by hostels?

  • true
  • false

A firm's liquidity, leverage, working capital, profitability, asset utilization, cash flow, and equity can eliminate some strategies as being feasible alternatives.

  • True
  • False

UNWTO stands for

  • United Nations War Tourism Organization
  • United Nations World Travel Organization
  • United Nations World Tourism Organization
  • Unified Nations World Tourism Observation

To refrain from over scheduling, managers have employees on staff that can, in addition to their regularly assigned tasks. occasionally train and perform other managerial tasks in other areas of the job. The individuals are known as

  • Shift leaders
  • Nepotisms
  • Favorites
  • Floaters

After a crisis occurs, what is done in order to put a positive media focus back on the restaurant?

  • A media policy is developed
  • The manager speaks to the media
  • Information on the damages is released
  • A spin is used

House keeping department does not require special trained personnel

  • True
  • False

Understanding how to leverage the firm's ______________________ is a key outcome decision-makers seek when analyzing the internal environment

  • unique bundle of resources and capabilities

The manager is the primary source of

  • Newsletters
  • Policy manuals
  • Customer feedback
  • Employee information

Which of the follow would be considered a "Leadership" task?

  • Motivating Others
  • Maintaining Order
  • Writing written reports
  • Planning and budgeting

who heads the front office department of a small hotel?

  • front office assistant
  • front office director
  • front office supervisor
  • front office manager

Ethical behavior in a business encourages

  • A loyal customer base
  • An expensive service
  • Change in competitors
  • A change of direction in society

The local manager of a restaurant has decided that since business has increased and the shift managers have been succeeding expectations, it was time for more responsibility to be given to them. Now they are taking on more day-to-day activities that the manager used to have, and they need very little supervision. Which type of team dud the manager put together?

  • Self-directed
  • Inter-functional
  • Problem-solving
  • Cross-functional

What are the Five Basic Types of Financial Ratios

  • Liquidity ratios, Leverage ratios, Activity ratios, Profitability ratios, Growth ratios

All types of wages combined with other rewards or benefits that an employee receives as part of a package is

  • Salary
  • Merit pay
  • Commissions
  • Compensation

Inbound Tourists for Nepal means

  • Residents of India visiting India
  • Residents of Japan visiting India
  • Residents of India visiting Nepal
  • Residents of Nepal visiting India

__________________ is responsible for planning, organizing and controlling the kitchen operations.

  • executive chef

A performance review cycle is when

  • An employer decides whether an employee stays or leaves the company
  • An employee calls a meeting with the manager to discuss their performance.
  • A meeting is regularly scheduled between employee and employer to discuss the employee's job performance.
  • A meeting to discuss an altercation an employee had on the job.

These devices gather user data that's interpreted by hospitality service providers so they can offer new services in-line with the data related to guests' health, well-being, and comfort

  • Body sensors

The Basic Types of Financial Ratios that consist of current ratio & quick ratio

  • Liquidity ratios
  • Leverage ratios
  • Activity ratios
  • Profitability ratios
  • Growth ratios

it is an industry that includes restaurants, hotels, casinos, amusement parks, events, cruises, entertainment, and other tourism-related services.

  • Hospitality Management
  • Hospitality
  • Service
  • Accommodations

Using effective boddy language to convey attentiveness is a skill of a

  • Performer
  • Presenter
  • Listener
  • Writer

In The DMAIC Approach, what does D stands for?


**BONUS**(write 'bonus')

  • bonus

The tourism industry is the kind of industry associated with providing leisure activities concerned with

  • Travel, natural beauty, earning, accommodation
  • Travel, natural beauty, work, food
  • Travel, natural beauty, food, accommodation
  • Travel, entertainment, food, earning

The travel and tourism industry comprises of

  • Hotel, Resorts
  • Restaurants, Fast Foods
  • Water Parks, Cinema
  • All of the above

Hotels located near the city or downtown are

  • Downtown hotel
  • Sub-Urban Hotel
  • Transit Hotel
  • Resort

The most widely used method for determining an organization's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Financial Ratio Analysis

An interface in Hotelogix that allows front office personnel to access housekeeping data

  • housekeeping module

The hospitality industry involves both __________ and intangible features in the service delivery process.

  • tangible

In The DMAIC Approach, what does M stands for?


The Basic Types of Financial Ratios that consist of inventory turnover, fixed assets turnover

  • Liquidity ratios
  • Leverage ratios
  • Activity ratios
  • Profitability ratios
  • Growth ratios

According to the Competency Guide, employees tend to work for a company that

  • They enjoy
  • Pays the most
  • Has the easiest work
  • Schedules more hours

It describes the normal work of preparing, pricing, distributing, and promoting the service to the customers.

  • Internal Marketing
  • External Marketing
  • Interactive Marketing

Meetings that share communication, such as status reports, updates, orientation, and training are known as what type of meetings?

  • Action
  • Brainstorming
  • Information
  • Problem-solving

what is kitchen stewarding concerned with?

  • [No Answer]

Allowing employees to use derogative terms with a sexual connotation to describe coworkers is thought to be

  • Accepted as pure humor
  • Sexual harassment
  • Behavior that the crew learns to tolerate
  • The manager connecting with their employees

A niche market segment that is enthusiastic about current and emerging available and accessible technology

  • Technophile

displays typical Japanese furnishings and offers four to six built-in bunk beds for a reasonable price.

  • Ryokans
  • Capsule Hotel

Effective SMART goals and objectives must be

  • Accurate
  • Achievable
  • Advance
  • Appropriate

Cash register in restaurants that allows operators to use cash management and is integrated with payment service providers

  • Point of sale

The three decision comprises the functions of finance/accounting according to James Van Horne.

  • Investment decision, Financing decision, Dividend decision

Which of the below country was the country with the highest number of tourists in the year 2019.

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Thailand

what are the activities done in the pre arrival stage?

  • [No Answer]

Hospitality is an industry where your career does not have to revolve around a typical nine-to-five schedule. What does it mean?

  • You should work hard
  • You should be ready on a flexible working pattern
  • You should sacrifice your festivals, holidays, etc. for others
  • All of the above

It is how well the employees know about their service.

  • External Marketing
  • Internal Marketing
  • Interactive Marketing

________________ is the relation betwwen the guest and the host.

  • hospitality

On-screen and/or on-line interface that allows interaction between the guests and the service providers

  • guest-facing apps

The first thing to pin down is the company's competitive approach

  • True
  • False

The investment decision, also called capital budgeting, is the allocation and reallocation of capital and resources for projects, products, assets, and divisions of an organization.

  • True
  • False

A local manager sets periodic goals for his staff in order to see improvement in team building. Each goal is realistic and always has a measurable outcome. The manager is using

  • Departmental objectives
  • SMART goals
  • Strategic priority
  • SWOT analysis

Another strategy is the firm's _____________ within the industry, i.e., what its geographic market coverage is and whether it operates in just a single stage of the industry's production and/or rendition of various services or is vertically integrated across several stages.

  • Competitive scope

What are typically based on concepts of honesty, responsibility, respect, and caring?

  • Work styles
  • Working ethics
  • Core values
  • Personal values

what does the hospitality industry provide?

  • a home away from home

A problem arises in the dining room and the manager of the dining room has the day off. The chef is the only manager on duty. Since the chef does not know much about the dining room, he calls the next available manager to assist with the problem. This is an example of

  • A contigency plan
  • Cross-training
  • A floater
  • An on-call designation

desk control supervisor is a part of which department?

  • housekeeping department
  • support service department
  • front office department
  • food and beverages department

it is a facility that cares for patients who don't require hospitalization but can't be treated at home.

  • Nursing home
  • Condominium
  • Motel
  • Hotel

Which federal law allows eligible employees to take an extended amount of time off for medical and other personal reasons

  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Federal-State Unemployment Compensation Laws

There have been multiple complaints that the customer service at the restaurant is horrible. The root cause of this problem is that

  • Managers didn't fully train the employees on customer service
  • Managers do not know that the customer service is bad
  • Employees cannot tell whether or not a customer is satisfied
  • Employees are lazy and rude to the customers.

It describes the training and motivating employees to serve customers well.

  • External Marketing
  • Internal Marketing
  • Interactive Marketing

Write down two positive social impacts of tourism.

  • [No Answer]

Which of the following is among the three types of goals that an effective team sets throughout the life of a project?

  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Evaluation
  • Information

A kind of management method which emphasizes flow-oriented performance improvement and takes efficiency as the center of the whole management process.


Which of the following is a domestic chain restaurant brand?

  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut
  • Baskin Robins
  • None of the above

Culinary Tourism refers to

  • experiencing unique foods
  • cooking unique foods
  • buying unique foods
  • All of the above

In The DMAIC Approach, what does C stands for?


Define catering establishment.

  • [No Answer]

The weekly meeting is called and the manager asks a server to have his customers take a survey to show how the foos has been so they can discuss the progress. This is an example of a(n)

  • Meeting a goal
  • Warm-up activity
  • Agenda item
  • Action item

Connecting with several people to build relationships that may result in career advancement, updates, and knowledge enhancements is known as

  • Professional development
  • Continuous improvement
  • Mentoring
  • Networking

in which stage is the guest ready to check out?

  • arrival
  • pre arrival
  • departure
  • leaving

An essential and mandatory step taken to rectify errors, control the , and to start the operations for next day

  • night audit

Tourist profiling means:

  • Give an Identity Card to Tourist
  • Gather information about Tourist
  • Give information about Tourist
  • Sell Information to social media companies.

The Basic Types of Financial Ratios that consist of debt-to-total-assets ratio, debt-to-equity ratio

  • Liquidity ratios
  • Leverage ratios
  • Activity ratios
  • Profitability ratios
  • Growth ratios

what are the commonly used equipments for cleaning?

  • vacuum cleaners, brooms, mops, cleaning cloth e.t.c

an establishment that provides lodging and usually meals, entertainment, and various personal services for the public.

  • Hotel
  • Motel
  • Condominium

Which of the following is included in SWOT analysis?

  • Finding weakness
  • Crew members' schedules
  • Ways to satisfy the customer
  • Evaluation of team members

It describes the employees' skills in serving clients.

  • External Marketing
  • Internal Marketing
  • Interactive Marketing

According to the Competency Guide, the most effective method for ensuring that your communication conveys all vital information is by asking "how" and the five "Ws," which include

  • Will
  • With
  • Would
  • Who

in the kitchen department what are supervisors of some sections called?

  • chef-de-parties

which is the department that involved in the overall management of the hotel?

  • front office department
  • housekeeping department
  • support service department

The work of kitchen steward is to see that the kitchen is clean

  • True
  • False

The color of a room under housekeeping module when it is tagged as DNR (Do not reserve/release)

  • mustard yellow

what is a resort known for ?

  • it's leisure activity

Allowing an employee to have advance notice before unemployment helps the employee to

  • Fight the termination
  • Become rehire eligible
  • Claim unemployment against the company
  • Find alternative employment

staff is trained for environmental conservation and eco friendly practices

  • true
  • false

Skills needed to effectively use time management include

  • Brainstorming
  • Training
  • Decision making
  • Team development

includes all the duties and responsibilities related to running a hotel. These companies place a strong emphasis on making consumers feel welcome and giving them enjoyable experiences, whether those experiences involve dining, accommodation, events, entertainment, or travel.

  • Hospitality Management
  • Hospitality
  • Service
  • Accommodations

Bonus Questions: what is the name of this subject

  • Introduction to Hospitality Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Basic Manners in Hospitality Management

Done as a means to counter check all transactions and to allow the system to start for the next day of operation

  • End of day
  • End of Shift
  • Night Auditing
  • Night Auditor

You got a job in hotel and your responsibility is to organize, supervise and control all uniformed services. You must be appointed as______________ .

  • lobby manager

An effective way to ensure a customer's information on the telephone is being received by the employee is to

  • Tell the caller to call back at a better time
  • Transfer the caller to a manager's office phone
  • Paraphrase or repeat what the caller has stated
  • Write down some of the information and say, "Good-bye."

In The DMAIC Approach, what does A stands for?


In The DMAIC Approach, what does I stands for?


The benefits of paying dividends to investors must be balanced against the benefit of internally retaining funds.

  • True
  • False

It is also called capital budgeting, is the allocation and reallocation of capital and resources for projects, products, assets, and divisions of an organization.

  • Investment decision

Variability in the nature of hospitality means:

  • Variation in the price of the product
  • Variation in the price of service
  • Variation in the service provided
  • Variation in the types of guest

The Basic Types of Financial Ratios that consist of gross profit margin, operating profit margin

  • Liquidity ratios
  • Leverage ratios
  • Activity ratios
  • Profitability ratios
  • Growth ratios

was a businessman who founded the Holiday Inn hotel chain.

  • Kemmons Wilson

A local restaurant's monthly sales are $250,000 and its payroll standard is 20%. What is the restaurant's monthly payroll?

  • $30,000
  • $40,000
  • $50,000
  • $60,000

what are the services provided by the staff in front office department?

  • [No Answer]

A room with a single-sized bed separately attached together with a single headboard is called.

  • Lanai
  • Cabana
  • Hollywood twin bedded room
  • Penthouse

Who is known as father of tourism?

  • John Willard Marriott Sr.
  • Kemmon Wilson
  • Thomas Cook
  • Conrad Hilton

Hiring a relative and then choosing that relative for special assignments or tasks is considered

  • Favoritism
  • Hiring privileges
  • Nepotism
  • Managerial rights

The introduction, body, and conclusion are the key components in the structure of a(n)

  • Message context
  • Organizational communication
  • Telephone conversation
  • Written message

In the process of developing an effective organizational communication, what should the speaker do to verify that a message was effective?

  • Print out copies of the speech and distribute them to the audience
  • Re-read the speech to make sure it was understandable
  • Solicit feedback from a cross section of the audience
  • Evaluate the audience's characteristics

Give atleast 3 sectors of the hospitality industry?

  • Accommodation
  • Accommodation
  • Food and Beverages
  • Travel & Transportation

__________ is the main focus in order to ensure and encourage the guest to patronise and use the services of the establishment again.

  • guest satisifaction

Which of the following are the components of tourism?

  • Attraction, Accommodation, Accessibility, Amenities
  • Airport, Attraction, Amenities, Access
  • Affection, Attraction, Amenities, and Accessibility
  • All of the above

A business software that allows a property to carry out important revenue management tasks

  • revenue management software

Self-disclosure allows people to become closer and the interpersonal relationship to strengthen because

  • It releases stress
  • It fulfills control
  • Listeners feel threatened
  • The sender reveals unknown information

In order to strive for an efficient business, management must

  • Concentrate solely on the customers
  • Allow employees rather than managers to greet the guests
  • Establish a strong and consistent presence with the customers
  • Relate to the employees on a friend-to-friend basis

In a media policy, who would be the best person to handle media interviews?

  • The person who has been at the restaurant the longest
  • The contact person should depend on the crisis
  • A spontaneously chosen employee
  • The shift manager on duty

It determines the best capital structure for the firm and includes examining various methods by which the firm can raise capital. It must consider both short-term and long-term needs for working capital

  • Financing decision

A tourist must

  • not involved in any employment or earning purpose
  • stay in the destination for at least 24 hrs.
  • involve in activities of economic nature
  • All of the above

Once the manager turns a delegated task over to an employee, the manager must

  • Acknowledge the employee's efforts
  • Explain why the task is being delegated to that employee
  • Monitor the situation and discuss any requested adjustments to the original plan
  • Outline the results expected and resources needed, and have a time frame for completion

It concern issues such as the percentage of earnings paid to stockholders, the stability of dividends paid over time, and the repurchase or issuance of stock. The benefits of paying dividends to investors must be balanced against the benefit of internally retaining funds.

  • Dividend decisions

An unexpected win during a weekend of football tournaments causes an increase in business. Employees have indicated their ability to become available if necessary and have signed up for when they will be available. This is an example of what backup strategy.

  • Overtime
  • Contigencu plan
  • Deployment charts
  • Seasonal adjustment

Independent and self organized budget travelers are called_______________.

  • Backpackers

A bad indication of the company's strategy is whether the company has made moves recently to improve its competitive position or performance like cutting prices, improving the design, stepping up advertising, entering a new geographic market, or merging with a competitor.

  • True
  • False

Sales and Marketing department are not en essential part of hotel industry

  • True
  • False

All forms of harassment are unhealthy and in order to encourage employees to speak out, a manager could

  • Separate certain employees on shifts
  • Terminate an employee suspected of sexual harassment in front of the crew.
  • Allow employees to discuss situations with coworkers
  • Put into place an open-door policy that prevents fear of revenge against the complaint

The executive chef is also called ................

  • Chef-de cuisine

What pops-up when you drag the mouse pointer across two dates in the front office interface?

  • Quick reservation window

Name the personnel working under the floor supervisor

  • [No Answer]

Known for his optimism, honesty, and unfailing sense of fairness.

  • John Willard Marriott Sr.
  • Kemmon Wilson
  • Thomas Cook
  • Conrad Hilton

A guest under a group reservation may check-in and/or check out ahead of time. The one who made the inquiry is automatically the owner of a group reservation

  • 1st statement is true; 2nd statement is false
  • 1st statement is false; 2nd statement is true
  • both are false
  • both are true responsible for receiving cash and bill payment

  • front office cashier

"Teamwork results in high-quality products and services" is an example of a

  • Vision statement
  • Value statement
  • Mission statement
  • Performance standard

which department is responsible for providing a healthy environment?

  • housekeeping department
  • front office department
  • support service department

The Basic Types of Financial Ratios that consist of sales, net income, earnings per share

  • Liquidity ratios
  • Leverage ratios
  • Activity ratios
  • Profitability ratios
  • Growth ratios

What describes what an organization wants to become and why it exists?

  • Core values
  • Mission statements
  • Value Statements
  • Vision statements

Welcoming of guests in a hotel is the work of ..............department

  • House keeping
  • catering
  • front office

The supposed status of a room when it has been cleaned by the housekeeping after the guest have checked but is not ready to be sold yet

  • inspect

Diversity means

  • Providing service to guests from different countries
  • Working with people/staff from different countries
  • Experiencing culinary delights from around the world
  • All of the above

Another term for Point of sale (POS)

  • cash register

It requires that evaluators examine the firm's portfolio of resources and the bundles of heterogeneous resources and capabilities managers have created.

  • Analysis of the firm's internal environment

Shifting the baggage of the guests to their rooms is the responsibility of .............

  • Bell boy
  • Bell Captain
  • Lobby Manager

What are the costs that have both a fixed and variable elements?

  • Variable costs
  • Controllable costs
  • Semivariable costs
  • Noncontrollable costs

How many rooms do medium hotels have?

  • up to 100 rooms
  • 101 to 200 rooms
  • 201 to 500 rooms

Owners of these inns would not allow guests to stay unless they carried a “letter of ______”

  • Solicitation
  • Eviction

Restaurant Manager is responsible for ...............

  • laying and clearing the tables
  • serving food in the rooms
  • overall functioning of the restaurant
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