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Manufacturing Technology

Explores the processes, techniques, tools in manufacturing, providing insights into automation, material selection, production planning, and quality control.







quality control

lean manufacturing

additive manufacturing

3d printing

supply chain

inventory management

production planning

process optimization

industrial engineering

People order things just fun and never plan to pay and accept the delivered goods.

  • Junk orders
  • Waste Order
  • Order of Digital Goods

Manufacturing capability includes

  • Technological processing capability
  • Physical product limitations &Production capacity
  • A+B
  • None

The centrifugal casting method, is used for casting articles of __________

  • symmetrical shape about horizontal axis
  • symmetrical shape about vertical axis
  • irregular shape
  • sphere shape

3. In a hot chamber die casting machine __________

  • melting pot is separate from the machine
  • melting pot is an integral part of the machine
  • melting pot may have any location
  • there is no melting pot in die casting machine

Products that last fewer than three years are ______goods.

  • non-durable

Financial Reports are summaries of the firm's operating, financing, and investment activities. Which among the items is not part of the financial report?

  • Income Statement
  • Return of Investment
  • Balance Sheet
  • Capital Statement

What are some industrial regions all across the globe ?

  • Eastern America
  • Eastern America
  • South Asia
  • Eastern Europe

Producer to retailer to consumer

  • channel of distribution 1
  • channel of distribution 2
  • channel of distribution 3
  • channel of distribution 4

It follows the product chain but concentrates on the value added.

  • Product Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Value-Added Chain
  • Merchandising

Which of the following is Not an input of a manufacturing system?

  • people
  • casting
  • tools
  • energy

The purpose of the tools in the 'Lean Toolkit' are to ensure that(Check all that apply)

  • Processes deliver value to the customer
  • Processes deliver value to the customer
  • To lose weight
  • Activities that do not add value are eliminated or reduced

Inspecting the product to ensure it meets standards and/or requirements is know as

  • regulatory inspection
  • quality control
  • product specification
  • manufacturing engineering

----------casting, two halves of a mold are made from materials with high resistance

  • Permanent mold

is a 13-digit number product identifier used by publisher, booksellers, libraries, internet retailers and other supply chain participants for ordering, listing, sales records and stock control purposes.

  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
  • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
  • Bar code
  • None of the above

What are Cooperative Sector Industries ?

  • industries which is owned and operated by a group of people who are producing the raw material

Which type of industries ( based on raw materials ) uses plants and animals

  • Marine Based
  • Agro Based
  • Forest Based
  • Mineral Based

What is time value mapping?

  • A lean tool to map time taken for each process step and identify value and non value added steps
  • A basic flow chart tool that maps inputs, processes and outputs
  • A tool that analyzes the forces supporting or resisting a particular change
  • Used to create a workplace suited for visual control and lean practices

What financial statement shows the summary of assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity?

  • Income Statement
  • Return of Investment
  • Balance Sheet
  • Capital Statement

What are Private Sector Industries ?

  • industries which is owned by an individual or group of individuals

The foundation for the Toyota Production System is

  • Continuous Flow
  • Short Production Runs
  • Only small fraction for total process time adds value to customer
  • All of the above

Take the outputs of primary industries and convert them into consumer and capital goods - manufacturing is the principal activity

  • Primary industries
  • Secondary industries
  • Tertiary industries
  • All above

It isthe wireless use of electronic fields totransfer data for the purpose ofautomatically identifying and trackingtags attached to objects.

  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
  • None

________ is an example of a private sector industry.

  • BHEL
  • SAIL
  • CIL

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is considered as thestrong interlinking and coordination of all activities, which arerelated to procurement, manufacturing and transportation ofproducts.

  • True
  • False

The main principles of Lean are (Check all that apply)

  • Identification of value
  • Identification of value
  • Elimination of waste
  • Generation of flow

A CMS is application software that allows publishing, editing and modifying content,organizing, deleting as well as maintenance from a central interface.

  • True
  • False

Producer to agent to wholesaler to retailer to consumer

  • channel of distribution 1
  • channel of distribution 2
  • channel of distribution 3
  • channel of distribution 4

7. Sand casting consists of __________

  • placing a pattern in sand to make an imprint
  • incorporating a gating system
  • removing the pattern and filling the mold cavity with molten metal
  • all of the mentioned

ndia is the largest producer of raw jute and jute goods and stands at second place as an exporter after ______.

  • Bangladesh
  • Myanmar
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom

Frederick Taylor originated the production practices known as

  • just-in-time dellivery
  • time and motion study
  • scientific management
  • division of labor

The usual method of production in automobile plants is the _______line.

  • Assembly

Just-in-time delivery most directly affects

  • market research in the field
  • brainstorming in a design meeting
  • production schedules in a factory
  • availability of capital for product development

On the basis of raw materials used, industries are classified as _______

  • Public sector and private sector
  • Basic industries and consumer industries
  • Agro-based and mineral-based industries
  • None of the above

Listed below are the three categories of cloud services EXCEPT:

  • SaaS = Software as a Service
  • Paas = Platform as a Service
  • IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service.
  • None of the above

Two types of industry sources of opportunities.

  • Product types and Functions of the product and service & Product and Value-added Chain

This process describes the general pattern of making business indelivering goods or providing services and getting payments.

  • Primary Process
  • Secondary process
  • Initial process
  • Last process

B2C stands for

  • Business to Consumer

Which of the following is a centre for Woollen textiles?

  • Indore
  • Porbandar
  • Ujjain
  • Bikaner

What are the type of industries based on raw materials ?

  • Agro based, marine based, Forest based, mineral based
  • mineral based, cement based, tree based, clothing based
  • Agro based, sun based, water based, wind based
  • Agro based, marine based, Forest based, Solar based

9. Which of the following fill the flask uniformly with sand under a high-pressure stream?

  • Sand slingers
  • cores
  • patterns
  • chills

It is the cost of products being processed and not yet completed at end of period.

  • Finished goods
  • Work in process
  • Raw materials
  • Factory overhead
  • Supplies

_______is a schedule to receive materials and supplies just before they are necessary for manufacturing.

  • just-in-time

Which of the following is not a goal of lean?

  • Reducing set-up times
  • Utilizing activity-based costing
  • Increasing machine utilization
  • Producing smaller lot sizes

Employees with open sores, bleeding wounds are not permitted to work in the food handling areas including production

  • True
  • False

_________ are owned and operated by the producers or suppliers of raw materials, workers or both

  • Cooperative sector industries
  • Heavy industries
  • Light industries
  • Public sector companies

Producer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer

  • channel of distribution 1
  • channel of distribution 2
  • channel of distribution 3
  • channel of distribution 4

What are some of the SEZs in India ?

  • Kochi
  • Kochi
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Noida

In the Balance Sheet Report, the total resources invested into the enterprise in the form of liabilities and capital must be equal to the total value of assets.

  • TRUE

Competitors' Profiling is part of market potential and prospects.

  • TRUE

___ refers to the salaries of workers producing the product.

  • Direct labor

A Web application server is a piece of software, which provides the run-timeenvironment for the server part of a client server application (For Web applications theWeb browser is the client part of the application).

  • True
  • False

Top management needs to be included in Lean projects.

  • True
  • False

--------------- casting technique, the molten metal is forced upward by gas pressure into a graphite or metal mold

  • Pressure

Which is an example of abrading?

  • sanding wood
  • pouring a mold
  • bending metal
  • squeezing plastic

___________________ focus on the economy and society as a whole.

  • Microenvironment
  • Macroenvironment

There is a commonality between inventors and entrepreneurs.

  • TRUE

All of the following are manfacturing processes except

  • abrading
  • fastening
  • conditioning
  • distributing

Steel = Fe-C alloy & Cast iron = Fe-C alloy

  • 0.02% to 2.11% C & 2% to 4% C
  • 2%to 3& & 1% to 1.5 %
  • A+B
  • None

A data file that is stored on your computer or device when you visit a website as well as it remembers your activities on a website.

  • Recommendation Engines
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Cookies
  • None of the above

___ refers to all the costs of producing the goods that cannot be classified as direct materials or direct labor costs.

  • Manufacturing overhead

Classification of industries based on size

  • Petit industries and Grande industries
  • Small Scale industries and Big Scale Industries
  • Small Scale industries and Large Scale Industries
  • Tiny Scale Industries and Large Scale Industries

1.The directional solidification in casting can be improved by using __________

  • (a) chaplets and riser
  • (b)chills and padding
  • C) Chapplets and padding
  • (d)chills and riser

Entrepreneurs use their senses to create opportunities for their community or target market.

  • TRUE

What do these products have in common?

  • They are all manufactured
  • Help our society and its members live better
  • A+B
  • None

Which type of industries ( based on size ) do not need huge investments, do not need many laborers and do not use much tech ?

  • Small Scale Industries
  • Large Scale Industries

What is Manufacturing?

  • Derived from two Latin words manus (hand) and factus (make)
  • Made by hand
  • Production of hardware like nuts bolts cars computers
  • All above points

An example of a durable good would be

  • a microwave oven
  • a pen
  • fresh produce
  • milk

Which type of industries ( based on raw materials ) uses forests

  • Forest Based
  • Mineral Based
  • Marine Based
  • Agro Based

four factors in the pre-feasibility study


Which item is most likely to be a production material?

  • metal ore
  • raw cotton
  • sand
  • spools of metal wire

What are the benefits of implementing Lean?

  • Decreased lead times
  • Reduced inventories
  • Improved knowledge management
  • More robust processes
  • All of the above

Higher-income leads to profitability and viability of business.

  • TRUE

Money remaining after bills are paid is _______.

  • profit

In the early years, the cotton textile industry was concentrated in the cotton growing belt of ______ and _______

  • Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh
  • Maharashtra and Karnataka
  • Maharashtra and Gujarat
  • Gujarat and Rajasthan

A type of business that is engaged in buying and selling goods by changing the form of the product through a certain conversion process.

  • Merchandising
  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Finance
  • Infrastructure

Lean principles can be successfully applied on business processes.

  • True
  • False

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth advanced time and ______study in manufacturing.

  • motion

TCP/IP or known as Transmission ControlProtocol/Internet Protocol was introduced in 1978 by the USA-DoD (Department ofDefence) as a standard for heterogeneous networks.

  • True
  • False

India is ranked ______ among the world’s crude steel producers.

  • 172
  • 11
  • 1
  • 4

______is a way to find out what people will purchase.

  • market research

What is the purpose of the lean tool 'Kaizen'?

  • To ensure that the workstation does not make anything until the next work center requests supply
  • An improvement activity to create more value and remove waste
  • To analyze the forces supporting or resisting a particular change
  • To create a map of the physical path taken by the product as it passes through the process

What are SEZs ?

  • an area in which business and trade laws are different from the rest of the country, they are used to attract foreign manufacturing industry

Three Basic Financial Statements

  • income statement, capital sheet, balance sheet

To increase the life of permanent molds, the surfaces of the mold cavity usually are coated with a -------------

  • Refractory slurry

__________ is the only industry in the country, which is self-reliant and complete in the value chain i.e. from raw material to the highest value added products.

  • Agriculture industry
  • Textile industry
  • Light industry
  • Heavy industry

It traces the industry from its most basic raw materials down to its various consumer applications.

  • Product Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Value-Added Chain
  • Merchandising

Advertising and telling people about your product is ______.

  • marketing

Maryam is packing powdered spices when she suddenly started coughing and sneezing. What should she be doing?

  • Turn away from the exposed food product
  • Cover mouth and nose by sneezing in elbow
  • Wash hands and change gloves
  • All of the above

A (n) _____is a person or company that provides something for making a manufactured product.

  • supplier

What are Joint Sector Industries ?

  • industries which is owned by the state and individual or group of individuals

Traditional ceramics & Modern ceramics is

  • Clay (hydrous aluminum silicates)
  • Alumina (Al2O3)
  • A+B
  • None

What are Public Sector Industries ?

  • industries which is owned and operated by the government

One source of seeking opportunities in offering products/services is to look for the problematic situation of your community or target market.

  • TRUE

Surveying people of a certain age group about a new product is an example of

  • scientific management
  • just-in-time delivery
  • quality assurance
  • market research

The seven wastes, as outlined in the Lean Manufacturing are

  • Over Production, Waiting, Transport, Manpower, Over Processing, Motion, Overtime
  • Over Production, Waiting, Transport, Inventory, Over Processing, Motion, Defects
  • Over Production, Waiting, Transport, Inventory, Scrap, Rework, Defects
  • All of the above

4. Cast iron and steel pipes are produced by __________

  • slush casting
  • investment casting
  • true centrifugal casting
  • die casting

What is a value stream?

  • An activity that does not add value to the customer
  • Is a mapping of complete processes
  • The linkage of events or activities that ultimately delivers value to the customer
  • The excessive movement of materials in a plant

Lumber is the ______material made from the raw material wood.

  • production

A company must organize itself by adding these departments in the factory

  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Production planning and control
  • Quality control
  • All above

Consumer preferences, pique, and perceptions can be sources of opportunities.

  • TRUE

It is okay to store food and drinks in the lockers.

  • True
  • False

Producer to consumer

  • channel of distribution 1
  • channel of distribution 2
  • channel of distribution 3
  • channel of distribution 4

What financial statement shows the summary of revenue and expenses?

  • Income Statement
  • Return of Investment
  • Balance Sheet
  • Capital Statement

What financial statement reports the sources and uses of cash or working capital for a specific period of time?

  • Income Statement
  • Return of Investment
  • Balance Sheet
  • Capital Statement

________ is the second largest industry in India in terms of employment generation by giving employment to 35 million people.

  • IT industry
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Agriculture industry
  • Textile industry

________ industery is the second largest industry in India in terms of employment generation by giving employment to 35 million people.

  • IT

It is possible to create a business during a crisis.

  • TRUE

Which type of industries ( based on size ) need a huge investment, technology and many laborers are needed

  • Small Scale Industries
  • Large Scale Industries

Most engineering materials can be classifiedinto one of three basic categories:

  • 1.Metals2. Ceramics3. Polymers
  • Metals2. Ceramics3. Polymers4. plastic
  • Metals2. Composites 3. Polymers
  • All above

Eating, Drinking and Smoking are allowed only in the designated and authorized areas.

  • True
  • False

The first successful textile mill was established in ________ in 1854

  • Chennai
  • Mumbai
  • Surat
  • Ghaziabad

Implementing 'Kanban' system can be effective method for

  • Creating Kanban cards to signal the need to move materials in a facility
  • Manage Inventory, create flow and eliminate wastes
  • Implementing lean, reducing excessive movement and transport
  • Implementing pull systems, reducing inventory and lead time

This account is used to summarize the cost of direct materials, direct labor and factory overhead incurred in producing the goods.

  • Manufacturing costs
  • Manufacturing overhead
  • Cost of goods manufactured
  • Cost of goods sold

Choose the correct statement(s) from below.

  • Bump helmets, caps, hats are allowed alternatives to hairnets and beard nets
  • Gloves should be changed when it is soiled, torn and while taking breaks
  • Safety glasses and Masks are not mandatory when handling hazardous chemicals
  • Perfumes, Scented lotions are not allowed to be worn in production

____ are central points where output from various senders is collected and then distributed to the receivers

  • Hubs
  • Cloud Computing
  • Application Service Providing
  • Portals

Which of the following are used to mold the sand mixture into shape of the casting and may be made of wood, plastic, metal?

  • Vents
  • Patterns
  • Cores
  • Chills

_____________ is a digital mobile phone technology that allows improved datatransmission rates as a backward-compatible extension of GSM.

  • EDGE
  • HTML
  • Transmission ControlProtocol/Internet Protocol.
  • UMTS (Universal Mobile Telephone System)

Chewing gum, holding toothpicks or cigarettes behind ears are not allowed in production.

  • True
  • False

Factors affecting location of industries

  • Availability of raw material
  • Availability of raw material
  • Labour
  • Power
  • Transport
  • Market and Government policies

The contribution of manufacturing to the GDP of some East Asian economies is ___________.

  • 25 to 35 percent
  • 5 to 10 percent
  • 5 to 15 percent
  • Above 50%

Primary payment method are listed below EXCEPT:

  • Cash payment
  • Bank transfer
  • Debit Note
  • Credit card based methods

What are industrial regions ? ( by definition )

  • a number of industries located close to each other

Which type of industries ( based on raw materials ) uses minerals

  • Agro Based
  • Forest Based
  • Marine Based
  • Mineral Based

India has the second largest installed capacity of spindles in the world, after ______.

  • USA
  • China
  • North Korea
  • Pakistan

Disposable lab coats must be one of the following?

  • Of a bright color.
  • Changed once a week.
  • cover your normal clothing.
  • worn inside and outside of the premises.

Which of the following is NOT a pricing strategies in the eCommerce?

  • "take-it-or-leave-it"
  • Auction
  • Individual Negotation
  • None

SRM is defined as the management of the relations between an organization and its suppliers.

  • True
  • False

Which type of industries ( based on raw materials ) uses products from the seas and oceans

  • Forest Based
  • Marine Based
  • Mineral Based
  • Agro Based

Sales Forecast can be computed using Net Profit less Total Assets.

  • TRUE

___________________ focus on the nearby environment in which the firm operates.

  • Microenvironment
  • Macroenvironment

is a standard protocol for business transactions that is designed for transfer of business documents.

  • cXML (commerce eXtensive Markup Language)
  • BMEcat
  • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

Products with low demand should be:

  • Produced in the quantity needed
  • Batch processed and held in stock until needed
  • Assigned higher cost per unit
  • Discontinued or purchased from another supplier

2. In permanent mold casting method __________

  • a)molten metal is poured in a metallic mold, retained in the mold long enough for the outer skin to solidify and finally mold is turned over to remove molten metal still in molten condition
  • b)molten metal is poured and allowed to solidify while the mold is revolving
  • c)Molten metal is forced into mold under high pressure
  • d)none of the mentioned

Manufacturing is Important

  • Technologically
  • Economically
  • Historically
  • All above points

The greater number of potential customers the smaller market shares and sales.

  • TRUE

Push based supply chains are demand driven rather than forecast driven.

  • True
  • False

What are some industrial regions in India ?

  • Mumbai - Pune
  • Mumbai - Pune
  • Nagaland - Assam
  • Bangalore - Tamil Nadu

------------casting process is used to make typical parts such as gears, cams, valves, etc

  • Investment casting

Manufacturing adds value to the material by

  • Changing its shape or properties
  • Changing its shape or properties, or by combiningit with other materials
  • Both a and b
  • All above

What is being declared in the Statement of Income if the Expenses exceed the Income?

  • Net Income
  • Gross Income
  • Net Loss
  • Bankruptcy

Categories of production systems

  • Production facilities
  • Manufacturing support systems
  • People, equipment, and procedures
  • A+B

Which among the following is/are NOT allowed in production?

  • Artificial Finger nails, Nail polish, Artificial eyelashes
  • Jewelry like earrings, necklace, watch ( Exception - plain wedding ring, Medical Bracelets)
  • Glitter and embroidered clothing and similar accessories
  • All of the above

5 Macro-Environment

  • socio-cultural, economic, ecological, technological, political and legal

Industrial locations are influenced by availability of _______.

  • Market
  • Labour
  • Raw materials
  • All of the above

National Jute Policy was formulated in _________ with the objective of increasing productivity, improving quality, ensuring good prices to the jute farmers and enhancing the yield per hectare.

  • 1992
  • 2004
  • 2006
  • 2005

Molecules chemically transform (cure) into a rigid structure – cannot be reheated

  • Thermoplastic polymers
  • Thermosetting polymers
  • Elastomers
  • All above

Proper handwashing process should include use of soap, warm water and clean paper towels.

  • True
  • False

What is manufacturing ?

  • production of goods in large quantities from raw materials to usable products

If you clean up a seashell and glue sequins on it, your finished decoration now has

  • quality assurance
  • added value
  • a commission
  • capital

It is a virtual computer (a piece of software), which helps to deliverWeb content that can be accessed through the Internet.

  • Webserver
  • WSDL (Web Services Description Language)
  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • None of the Above

Using kanban, production demand is triggered by:

  • The production planner
  • Forecast
  • Removal of product by the downstream customer
  • Any of the above

In which of the following technique, the pattern is covered tightly with a thin sheet of plastic?

  • vacuum molding
  • impact molding
  • blow molding
  • rotational molding

A _____ is a piece of software with comprehensive E-Commerce functionality.

  • marketplace
  • digital
  • Hubs
  • none of the above

Donald is working on a production line where allergens are packed. He should be

  • Wearing gloves and appropriate apron
  • Wearing open toe shoes
  • Wearing soiled clothing
  • Using earphones while working

Most of the things we use every day

  • were made at home
  • were grown at a local farm
  • were manufactured in factories
  • are of very poor quality

5. Which of the following statement is wrong?

  • The hot chamber die casting machine is used for casting zinc, tin, lead and other low melting alloys
  • The cold chamber die casting machine is used for casting aluminum, magnesium, copper base alloys and other high melting alloys
  • The castings produced by centrifugal casting method have open and coarse grained structure
  • The castings produced by centrifugal casting method have fine grained structure

It is the sum of the total manufacturing costs plus the beginning work in process less the ending work in process.

  • Cost of goods manufactured

______changes materials by using chemicals, like etching the circuit boards in your computer.

  • Conditioning

1.Typical parts such as impellers, cutters for machining operations are made by --------------

  • ceramic mold casting

Which scenario is an example of a craft?

  • a person hand sews custom-ordered hats
  • a worker inspects clocks at the end of an assembly line
  • programmers write code for the latest software product
  • a worker in a cafeteria serves food on a plate

It is the cost of products that have been completed and are waiting to be sold to customers.

  • Finished goods
  • Work in process
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Raw materials
  • Manufacturing cost

A (n) _____is a payment to the salesperson based on sales.

  • commission

______ are the user interface for an access to different application systems.

  • Enterprise Applicaiton Integration
  • Portals
  • Hubs
  • Cloud Computing