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Secondary Education

Combines pedagogical training with sales techniques, preparing educators to effectively teach sales and marketing concepts in secondary schools.






lesson plans


learning outcomes



classroom management



co-curricular activities

parent involvement

At what age does secondary education start in Iran?

  • At the age 8
  • At the age 13
  • At the age 16
  • At the age 12

What provides funding to school districts?

  • The basic grant formula
  • The technical grant formula
  • The public gran formula
  • The private grant formula

The secondary education should be accountable to the complete progress and to__________a student’s responsibility

  • Degenerate
  • Develop
  • Refine
  • Deteriorate

How many states were there when the constitution was signed?

  • 13

At what age does secondary education start in Japan?

  • At hte age 12
  • At hte age 7
  • At hte age 8
  • At hte age 14

School health professionals often state that the ____________________ began in 1850.

  • Health inspection
  • Modern school health era
  • Era of medical inspection
  • Institutionalizing comparable program

What are the major three structures of secondary level of education existing in India?

  • [No Answer]

Which title is about school library resources?

  • Title 2
  • Title 1
  • Title 3
  • Title 4

In what year was Bush reauthorized act issued?

  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003

An important intervention during the emergence of tuberculosis.

  • Health chores
  • Open-air classroom
  • Vaccination
  • Safety education

Identification of strengths and weakness of learners will comes under which category of functions of secondary education?

  • [No Answer]

when you officially agree to take something that you have been offered

  • acceptance

It is actively involved in determining the design of a school health program and in supporting and reinforcing the goals of program.

  • Administrator
  • Health teacher
  • Community
  • Family

Who was the president when the constitution was being wrote?

  • James Madison
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • George Washington

In what years was President Obama's reauthorized law issued?

  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2014
  • 2013

The vision of ‘Universalisation of Secondary Education ‘provides ____________in terms of ____________,_________________,______________to all learners at the corresponding age level.

  • good quality education, Accessability, Affordability, Availability

How was Obama's reauthorized act called?

  • The every student succeed act
  • The every student success act
  • The any student succeed act
  • The everyone succeed act

a job that is available for someone to start doing; a room in a hotel or building that is not being used and is available for someone to stay in

  • vacancy

something that must happen or exist before something else can happen

  • precondition

what year was the constitution created in?

  • 1801
  • 1699
  • 1787
  • 1710

to get something that you want, especially through your own effort, skill, or work

  • obtain
  • acquire
  • receive
  • establish
  • establish

Lessons about fire prevention, traffic safety and bicycle safety are included in this particular subject.

  • Emergency Management System
  • Basic Life Support
  • Safety Education
  • Introduction to Public Health

How many times did title I needed to get reauthorized for the first 15 years of the act?

  • Every 2 years
  • Every 6 years
  • Every 3 years
  • Every 5 years

Which title is about financial assistance?

  • Title 1
  • Title 2
  • Title 3
  • Title 4

At what age does secondary education start in Chile?

  • At the age 8
  • At the age 14
  • At the age 11
  • At the age 16

Mention the recommendations of Secondary Education Commission on the ways through which education can improve vocational efficiency?

  • [No Answer]

_Select the objectives of Higher Secondary Education in India

  • Higher secondary education is an integral part of school education and the stage is characterized by diversification of the course into academic and vocational streams.
  • It promotes values such as common cultural heritage, egalitarianism, inculcation of scientific temper, democracy and secularism.
  • It facilitates inter-regional mobility by providing equal access to every one.
  • It contributes to national development by imparting specialized knowledge and skills.
  • It reflects the critical socio-economic, cultural, moral and spiritual issues.

Which agenda gave birth to this act?

  • War on Poverty
  • War on gangs
  • War on community neglect
  • War on child poverty

At what age does secondary education start South Africa?

  • At the ages 13-14
  • At the ages 11-12
  • At the ages 15-16
  • At the ages 10-11

the feeling that the purpose of your life is to do a particular type of work, especially because it allows you to help other people

  • vocation
  • acceptance
  • prevail
  • applicable

exists among a group of people at a certain time

  • prevails
  • transfers
  • converts
  • valids

accepted by or involving most people in a society

  • mainstream

At what age does secondary education start in Venezuela?

  • At the age 8
  • At the age 14
  • At the age 7
  • At the age 12

List out the educational boards working in Indian secondary educational system

  • [No Answer]

Which president designed act I

  • Donald Trump
  • George Bush
  • Lyndon B Johnson
  • Bill Clinton

to take action or make changes that you have officially decided should happen

  • implement
  • prevail
  • convert
  • prior to

Which political agenda gave birth to this act?

  • War on poverty
  • The integration act
  • The naturalization act
  • War on terrorism

the law says it must be done

  • mandatory

not involving anything or anyone else

  • solely
  • exclusively
  • only
  • soully
  • soully

What is title 6 about?

  • Aid to blind children
  • Aid to children with special needs
  • Aid to handicapped children
  • Aid to disabled children

The students of the secondary education should have the sense of co operation, __________, self control and Hard work

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Hard work
  • None of these

_______________ vaccination became a prerequisite to school attendance during the outbreak of this communicable disease.

  • Small pox
  • Dengue
  • Measles
  • Anti-rabies

Which President designed act I of the law?

  • President Clinton
  • President Lyndon B Johnson
  • President Obama
  • President Bush

At what age does secondary education start in Romania?

  • At the ages 7-8
  • At the ages 12-13
  • At the ages 11-12
  • At the ages 14-15

At what age does secondary education start in Colombia?

  • At the ages 8-9
  • At the ages 11-12
  • At the ages 7-8
  • At the ages 13-14

How was Bush's reauthorized act called?

  • The no-child left behind act
  • The no-one left behind act
  • The no poor left behind act
  • The no boys left behind act

How many titles were after 1965?

  • 1
  • 3
  • 2
  • 5

What are the three criterias for the fulfillment of Universalisation of Secondary Education ?

  • [No Answer]

Which title is about language instruction?

  • Title 2
  • Title 3
  • Title 4
  • Title 5

How many founding fathers were in the United States?

  • 7
  • 5
  • 10
  • 2

In what year was title 7 added?

  • In 1965
  • In 1968
  • In 1966
  • In 1967

if several people or things constitute something, they are the parts that form it

  • constitute
  • capacity
  • volume
  • transfer

One of the objectives of Secondary Education is to encourage the individuals to struggle for the social__________________of the country

  • Expansion
  • Development
  • Training
  • None of these

At what age does secondary education starts in Somalia?

  • At the ages of 7-8
  • At the ages of 12-13
  • At the ages of 14-15
  • At the ages of 15-16

Regarding co-education at the secondary stage, the 1952-53 Education Commission has suggested that

  • To start, resource, in several states could not afford
  • There should be objection to extend co­educational school
  • To maintain separate schools for boys and girls
  • The situation in our country warrants establishment of more boys schools than co-educational school.

-----------------------is the main characteristics of Higher Secondary Education in India

  • Diversification of courses

Suggest the qualities needed for the learners to develop the democratic citizenship as suggested by the mudaliar commission?

  • [No Answer]

At what age does secondary education start in Zimbabwe?

  • At the age 7
  • At the age 8
  • At the age 12
  • At the age 10

Until and unless the primary education is not extended to 8th class, the secondary education has to be divided in to two classes, namely

  • Elementary and Secondary education
  • Primary and Secondary Education
  • Secondary and Higher Secondary Education
  • Primary and Vocational Education

permission given to someone to enter a building or place, or to become a member of a school, club etc

  • admission

The Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education identified the desired outcomes where _______________ was the first of seven cardinal outcome objectives.

  • Health

Determination of each student’s proper social role will comes under which category of functions of secondary education?

  • [No Answer]

Which act was introduced in 1981?

  • The EECIA
  • The ECIA
  • The CCIA
  • The ACIA

At what age does secondary education start in Bangladesh?At the age

  • At the ages 8-9
  • At the ages 14-15
  • At the ages 15-16
  • At the ages 12-13

When was the ECIA introduced?

  • In 1981
  • In 1983
  • In 1984
  • In 1985

These relationships are evident in the policies and programs of the school.

  • Health education and Physical Education
  • Personal and Mental Health
  • Health status and educational achievement
  • Growth and development

How many titles did the act orginally count?

  • 7
  • 6
  • 5
  • 4

The era of school medical inspection began earnest at the end of the nineteenth century with___________________ as in-charge in medical inspection.

  • School nurses
  • Medical inspectors
  • Health administrators
  • Physicians

The right to bear arms

  • second amendment

The syllabus of secondary education must consist of -------------------and Elective subjects

  • _Selective
  • Compulsory
  • Optional
  • Elementary

_______________ have been the focus of numerous and varied efforts to promote and secure the health of young people.

  • Optimum health
  • Individual Education Plans (IEP)
  • Early screening programs
  • Health promotion

describing or relating to only the main features or parts of something, not the details

  • general
  • overall
  • mandatory
  • valid

When was title VII added?

  • In 1967
  • In 1969
  • In 1970
  • In 1971

Subjects required under the enacted law in United States.____________ and ____________Write the complete name of the subject including "and"

  • Health Education and Physical Education