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Introduction to Transport Services

Knowledge of the transportation its role in the tourism, planning and policies. Includes transportation systems, various aspects of tourism forms of transport.

transportation system

cruise transport

airline transport

land transportation

transportation industry

road accident

road prevention

hospitality management

Why doesn't the USA have many maglev trains?

  • They won't work on regular tracks.
  • They are imported.
  • They are expensive.

For every 10 miles per hour you drive how many car lengths should you follow another vehicle?

  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1

The other warehouse is much smaller, and for which the work is predictably only in disperse.

  • True
  • False

This is the most labor-intensive activity in the warehouse.

  • product listing
  • order-picking
  • product shipping

If a motorist sees an accident is imminent; they can do these except one.

  • jump out
  • stop
  • speed up
  • turn

After the selling season the warehouses spend most of their time building ____________ again for the following year.

  • cargo equipment
  • inventory
  • machinery

What does DCS stand for?

  • De-Centrelasied Storage
  • Direct Control Systems
  • Departmental Carrier System
  • Departure Control System

Opens unlimited opportunities for companies scalability and innovative digital resources usage.

  • Regulation Compliance
  • Cloud-Based Systems Adoption

When out at night, you should try to wear....

  • black clothes
  • PJ's
  • jumper clothes
  • bright and/or reflective clothing

What are the steps that you need to do BEFORE crossing the road?

  • Stop and look from left to right.
  • Walk slowly.
  • Run.

When a driver pulls over at night time they do not need to make themselves visible.

  • False
  • True

The __________ of products changes with customer tastes and marketing plans; but because the orders are typically known a day or more in advance, it is possible to plan ahead.

  • life-cycle
  • suite
  • price
  • tax plus interest

Cargo securement is important because:

  • Damaged cargo results in claims against the company, hurts our reputation, and impacts our profitability.
  • The customer is paying for safe and timely delivery of goods.
  • All the answers are importance of cargo securement.
  • If not properly secured, an incident or crash could result from falling or shifting cargo.

This type of ship built to reach a high standard of conventional basis, with considerably more rugged and resistant design structures to withstand the particularly harsh conditions of travel in oceans around the world.

  • ocean class
  • line voyage

What percentage of driving is based on what you see?

  • 70
  • 50
  • 90
  • 100

Modern freight trains are powered by:

  • diesel-electric power
  • electric power
  • gasoline-electric power
  • mechanical power

A typical service parts warehouse manages two distinct order streams: stock orders, by which dealers replenish their shelves; and ________________, in which an equipment owner or independent repair shop urgently requires a few special parts to repair a broken piece of capital equipment.

  • local orders
  • foreign orders
  • emergency orders
  • special orders

This is one of the world’s success stories with respect to cruise shipping. It is the third largest cruise port in Europe, with 1.7 million cruise passengers in 2014.

  • Italy
  • Australia
  • Venice
  • Milan

Depend primarily on distance and on the amount of goods or the number of people being carried.

  • transportation terminal
  • transportation costs

This typically supplies product to retail stores, such as WalMart or Target.

  • grocery stores
  • supermarket
  • shopping malls
  • retail distribution center

A ______________ warehouse in which the skus arrive on pallets and leave on pallets.

  • unit load
  • cargo load
  • box load

A tired driver is as dangerous as a drunk driver.

  • False
  • True

In 1960’s, ___________ region developed itself as a strong destination under increasing demand.

  • positioning voyage
  • Caribbean

They usually operate over fixed routes and on regular schedules.

  • steam power
  • carrier organizations.

Is ensuring the accuracy of performance history records. When a truck gets sold for the second time, potential customers may have questions about how this vehicle was used.

  • Address Delivery
  • Blockchain in Logistics

Which among the following are the mandatory elements while creating a PNR?

  • seat map
  • remarks
  • contact details
  • ticketing element
  • pricing

If there are no pedestrian crossings, which is the safest place to cross the road?

  • along the highway
  • on a clear, straight road
  • in between white lines on the middle of the road

Cruising first established as passenger transport by high class ships on more ports in the __________ and Caribbean.

  • US
  • cruising

Is a means to receive near real-time locations for entire fleets and separate items in transit. The extra security protocols will also help avoid losses across the board.

  • Drone Delivery
  • Visibility and Anti-Theft GPS

__________ stores in particular face seasonalities that are so severe that it would be impossible to respond without having stockpiled product.

  • fast food
  • retail
  • cattery

When tightening chains with a ratchet binder, always:

  • push up on the handle, allowing your shoulders and back to do most of the work.
  • Pull down on the handle, letting gravity work for you.
  • Leave a little slack in the chain in case adjustments need to be made.
  • Have someone else do the work.

What type of motorist often tailgate?

  • Attentive motorist
  • Inattentive motorist

It is the most common and most popular type of boat market, known as floating resorts designed and equipped to suit the needs of the majority of passengers.

  • mainstream class
  • US

Despite the rising cost of ___________, and reducing yields, cruise companies have managed to gain trust and more passengers.

  • positioning voyage
  • insurance

When a PNR is split, two new PNR numbers are generated.

  • True
  • False

What is the maximum number of elements that a PNR can contain?

  • 99
  • 999
  • 9,999
  • 9

At a pelican crossing, what does a FLASHING green man mean?

  • Walk slowly.
  • Do not start to cross the road.
  • Walk fast.
  • Run.

This one cannot be stacked on top of anything else, to protect against juices dripping onto product below and contaminating it.

  • dried beef
  • boxes of oil
  • live chicken
  • cartons of orange juice

Why were steam trains replaced by diesel engines?

  • They produce a lot of pollution.
  • One of the answers is unacceptable.
  • All the given answers are acceptable.
  • They require a lot of maintenance.
  • They are minimalist.

When is it safe to cross at a zebra crossing?

  • When the cars are on-going in the right corner.
  • When the cars are on-going in the left corner.
  • When traffic on both sides has stopped.
  • When it is traffic.

If product is staged for quick retrieval, customers will receive good service at _________ cost.

  • low
  • high
  • same

How fast did the 1st steam train go?

  • about 25 mph
  • about 5 mph
  • about 10 mph
  • about 35 mph

The selection of equipment and the organization of material flow are largely determined by the following details except one.

  • The cost of the products and their taxes.
  • Throughput and service requirements, including the number of lines and orders shipped per day.
  • The footprint of the building and capital cost of equipment.
  • Inventory characteristics, such as the number of products, their sizes, and turn rates

This is a sea trip taken with the express purpose of getting from port A to port B.

  • line voyage
  • Carnival

That portion of a traffic way designed, improved, and ordinarily used for motor vehicle travel.

  • roadway
  • highway
  • street signs

The second warehouse is organized around a small set of predictably popular skus that are easy to plan for and for which the challenge is to manage flow.

  • True
  • False

Is the regular path that is followed by a movement of people or goods. Ideally it follows the shortest possible distance—a straight line, or what is known on the curving surface of the Earth as a great circle.

  • transportation costs
  • transportation route

What happens to traffic fines in a construction zones?

  • they separated
  • nothing
  • they were colored
  • they double

Is a must rather than one of the latest trends in transportation. Commercial transport companies should stay up-to-date on recent requirements and regulations adopted, changed, or removed by any local, state, or federal government.

  • Self-Driving Trucks
  • Regulation Compliance

What are the possible consequences of overloading and poor cargo weight distribution?

  • Citations and monetary penalties
  • Decreased in fuel efficiency
  • All are possible answers.
  • Increased change of incident due to difficult vehicle handling or poor steering

Where is the longest railroad?

  • Russia
  • Philippines
  • USA
  • China

Why should you follow the green cross code?

  • To cross fast
  • to cross slowly
  • To cross the road safely

If you secure your cargo well enough, you should not have to worry about sudden braking, sharp turns, bad weather or rough roads. Since your load is securely tied down, you can drive any way you like.

  • True
  • False

The risk of hydroplaning starts at how many mph?

  • 55
  • 85
  • 95
  • 35

This may also be a problem when transportation is unreliable. In many parts of the world, the transportation infrastructure is relatively undeveloped or congested.

  • Call Time
  • Purchase and Order
  • Response Time

This warehouse may handle food, fresh flowers, vaccines, or other product requiring refrigeration to protect its very short shelf life

  • utility cargoes
  • live animals
  • car shipping
  • perishable

What should you do if your car goes into a skid?

  • both are acceptable answers
  • none of the answers are acceptable
  • take your foot off the gas
  • turn away from the direction of the skid

A flight that represents a marketing agreement between two airlines that compete over the same route is ....

  • connecting flight
  • joint flight
  • leased/blocked space

What are your primary pre-loading responsibilities?

  • Make sure you have plenty of extra pallets.
  • Conduct a thorough pre-tip and housekeeping inspection of the trailer.
  • Check your watch to make sure you're on time because pick-up appointments are difficult to reschedule.
  • Confirm your delivery time.

Which one is not an acceptable tool that may be used to secure cargo?

  • All the given answers are acceptable tools.
  • cordage
  • wire rope
  • webbing
  • chains

Drivers should inspect their tie-downs regularly because:

  • they can get stolen at truck stops and rest areas
  • none of the above
  • your company might make you pay for missing tie-downs
  • overtime, tie-downs can become worn and damaged

The state of New York requires that all drug stores _______________________________.

  • label all unit boxes with price.
  • label each individual item with a price.
  • label each color with a price and tax.
  • label all liquid medicine with a price.

That part of a traffic way which includes both the roadway and any shoulder alongside the roadway. Includes designated parking areas on a roadway or between the roadway and curb.

  • pedestrian
  • road
  • street lamp
  • pavement

It has become one of the fastest growing sectors within tourism and it is a special experience with its own.

  • voyage
  • cruising

Cruise is a ___________ on a ship undertaken wholly for reasons of leisure and recreation.

  • Caribbean
  • voyage

How are roads funded?

  • government fund and private sector donation
  • taxes and tolls
  • taxes and government fund

_______ Corporation owns a diverse collection of cruise lines each of which is designed for a different market.

  • Carnival
  • mainstream class

They can also buffer against sudden changes in supply.

  • unit load
  • warehouses
  • cargo shipping

An external engine burns the fuel:

  • outside the engine
  • inside the engine

Which one is not part of the crash prevention formula?

  • Act in Time
  • Be Prepared
  • Be Alert
  • All of the answers are acceptable.

A stock keeping unit, or sku, is the smallest physical unit of a product that is tracked by an organization.

  • True
  • False

Determining how to secure concrete pipe will depend on:

  • what the pipe is used for
  • how long the trip is
  • the length and diameter of the pipe
  • the weight of the pipe

Were used in European mines as early as the mid-1500s. Men or animals pushed wagons loaded with ore along wooden tracks.

  • transportation route
  • railroads

What are the three indicators that identify flights that are controlled by some type of marketing agreement?

  • non-stop flight, dry lease, code-share/wet lease
  • code-share - wet lease, joint flight, code-share-leased/blocked space
  • code-share - wet lease, connecting flight, code-share - leased/blocked space
  • dry lease, connecting flight, code-share - leased/blocked space

Providing better service means being more competitive. Heavy trucking businesses should consider adding a fleet of small vehicles to conquer a bigger piece of the market.

  • Cloud-Based Systems Adoption
  • Address Delivery

To prevent against the loss of cargo, vehicles must be loaded and secured in a manner compliant with the FMCSA regulations to prevent cargo from:

  • spilling
  • blowing off the vehicle
  • All the given answers are possible.
  • leaking
  • falling from the vehicle

This also provides opportunities to postpone product differentiation by enabling generic product to be configured close to the customer.

  • monitoring device
  • warehouse
  • locker
  • cargo shipping

This requires labor, capital (land and storage and-handling equipment) and information systems, all of which are expensive.

  • cargo truck
  • warehouse
  • shipping cost

They hold spare parts for expensive capital equipment, such as automobiles, airplanes, computer systems, or medical equipment.

  • automobile distributor
  • service parts distributor
  • foreign product distributor
  • local product distributor

More smooth and hassle-free is mostly manifested through the rise of mobility-as-a-service (MaaS).

  • Blockchain in Logistics
  • Integrated, Frictionless Travel

Blocking and bracing refer to techniques, structures, or devices placed against or around cargo, and are used to prevent it from falling, tipping, shifting, and moving horizontally.

  • True
  • False

The ____________ provider might service multiple customers from one facility, thereby gaining economies of scale or complementary seasons that the customers would be unable to achieve on their own.

  • 1PL
  • 2PL
  • 3PL
  • 4PL

The use of _____ to drive vehicles was applied as early as 1769 when a Frenchman, Nicolas Cugnot, demonstrated a steam carriage intended for use on common roads.

  • railroads
  • steam power

Is the place where goods and people are transferred from one carrier or mode to another.

  • transportation costs
  • transportation terminal

Road rage occurs when....

  • people are nice and friendly
  • people are excited
  • people lose their tempers or become frustrated
  • people are early on the road

A mark left by tires on a road, typically from rapid deceleration.

  • gas leak
  • scars
  • skids
  • road lines

A ______________ is a kind of high-speed warehouse in which product flows with such velocity that there is not point in bothering to put it on a shelf.

  • skus
  • warehouse
  • crossdock

Is still under perfecting and it has to overcome certain obstacles, such as improving driverless software to make it able to efficiently operate on urban roads with heavy traffic.

  • Regulation Compliance
  • Self-Driving Trucks

An identified event that produces injury, death, or damage.

  • approach angle
  • crash
  • crush evaluation
  • approach speed

Where should you walk when near a road?

  • in the left corner
  • in the right corner
  • on the pavement

This means that the company locates a ship in another part of the world for a short season.

  • insurance
  • positioning voyage

The ____________________ may dictate large batch sizes to amortize large setup costs, so that excess product must be stored.

  • advertising
  • branding
  • economics of manufacturing
  • economics of marketing

A typical food DC operates separate areas for ambient temperatures, chilled (around 2 degrees C, 35 degrees F), and frozen product (_________________).

  • 18 degrees C, around 0 degrees F
  • -18 degrees C, around 0 degrees F
  • 20 degrees C, around 0 degrees F
  • -20 degrees C, around 0 degrees F

These orders are typically for items that are ordered infrequently (otherwise they could have been provided by the dealer from stock inventory).

  • local
  • stocks
  • emergency
  • special

One of the major challenges in managing a __________ is that demand can change quickly, but supply takes longer to change.

  • product listing
  • supply chain
  • shipping cost

How fast can maglev trains travel?

  • over 300 mph
  • over 500 mph
  • over 200 mph
  • over 400 mph

One coupon of an E ticket will not be used by a passenger and segment has been cancelled. Can I void/process the refund for unused flight coupon?

  • maybe
  • no
  • yes

This delivery was conducted in England within Amazon’s new program called Prime Air which implied that a customer could get a package in 30 minutes. After Amazon’s success, various companies started investing in drone delivery to increase the cost-effectiveness of their business and customer experience as well.

  • Integrated, Frictionless Travel
  • Drone Delivery

What is the name of the code that we use when crossing the road?

  • The green cross code
  • The yellow cross code
  • The red cross code

How many seconds determines a safe following distance in the rain?

  • 4
  • 2
  • 3
  • 1

Why are tractor-trailer important?

  • They haul everything.
  • The are massive.
  • They are inexpensive.

While driving, you are forced to make a sudden stop. You feel and hear your cargo shift forward as a result. In this situation, the safest thing to do is:

  • Pull over as soon as safely possible and inspect the cargo.
  • Nothing, since the trailers nose is too strong for any cargo to break through.
  • drive until your next scheduled stop or break and check the load at that time.
  • Find a safe place to back up and slam on the brakes to move the cargo back to its original position.

In what type of traffic should motorist look 12 seconds ahead?

  • city
  • country

The “supply chain” is the sequence of processes through which product moves from its origin toward the customer.

  • True
  • False

A catalog fulfillment or ____________________ typically receives small orders from individuals by phone, fax, or the Internet.

  • e-commerce distributor
  • service parts distributor
  • local distributor
  • foreign shipping

These tend to be large and fairly predictable replenishment of popular consumables.

  • stock orders
  • emergency orders
  • local orders
  • foreign orders

What is the transcontinental railroad?

  • connects east and west coast of China
  • connects east and west coast of the Philippines
  • connects east and west coast of USA
  • connects east and west coast of Japan

This is to move from place to place.

  • Transportation
  • Communication