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In preparation for submitting the media program's budget to the proper administrators, a media specialist should include all of the following except: (10.2)

  • Inventory logs to inform of lost, stolen, or damaged materials.
  • List of books borrowed by the valedictorian to display types of materials that lead to successful performance at school.
  • Class scheduling logs to show frequency of integration of classroomstudies with the library media program.
  • None of the above

Currently, Facebook approximately has how many users?

  • 6 million
  • 600 million
  • 100 million
  • 1 billion

When selecting materials for a school library media collection which of the following must be considered? (8.4)

  • Cultural and ethical needs
  • Social value
  • Intellectual value
  • All of the above

You don't have to be an official representative of an organization to create a Facebook page for that organization.

  • True
  • False

Which of these privacy settings is not peculiar to Twitter?

  • Disable direct message
  • Remove follower
  • Protect my tweets
  • Password protect

Adding text to your video is also referred to as:

  • Audio Swap
  • Adding Annotations
  • Mobile Set Up
  • None of the above

Responding to a negative comment on a community forum can be termed as ________________ ?

  • Online Reputation Monitoring
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • None of the above

The place on Facebook where you can leave public messages for your friends is called?

  • Wall
  • Domain
  • Ocean
  • Web

What social networking site has a feature called "Answers" that allows users to ask other members for professional advice?

  • Wikipedia
  • ChaCha
  • Yahoo
  • Linked In

Which of these is a password protect measure?

  • Setting strong passwords
  • Using multiple accounts
  • Making all information private
  • Tagging friends less often

When posting a website link on Facebook I should select the following:

  • Post a comment
  • Post a link
  • Post a photo
  • None of the above

Which of the following is not a social media application?

  • Flickr
  • My Space.
  • Linked In.
  • All of these.
  • None of These.

What technology field is concerned with social media privacy?

  • Data science
  • Cyber security
  • Ethical hacking
  • Database management

RSS Stands for?

  • Really Simple Syndication
  • Realistic Standards System
  • Reading Simple Style
  • Reading Social Style
  • Running Story Space

Which of the following is determined first in deciding a media production format? (5.4)

  • The size and style of the artwork.
  • The production equipment.
  • The production materials.
  • The method of display.

After reading The Pearl a tenth grader asks, "Why can't we start sentences with "and" like John Steinbeck?" This student is showing the ability to: (4.1)

  • Appreciate.
  • Comprehend.
  • Infer.
  • Evaluate.

Which of these are all real Twitter applications?

  • Twhirl, Tweetylicious, Twitterpost
  • Phweet, Twhirl, Tweetdeck
  • Tweetylicious, Tweetdeck, Tweet-r

In order to edit your video information including (description and title of your video) you would need to first select:

  • My Channel
  • Account
  • My Videos
  • None of the above

One of the ways to diffuse a current crisis with an irate customer is to................

  • Reach out to the customer through Twitter
  • Reach out to the customer within 12 hours
  • Invite them to your blog or controlled site
  • All of the above

Staff development is most effective when it includes: (6.1)

  • Continuing support
  • Hand-outs
  • Video tutorials
  • Stated objectives

How should you make your Facebook account private and secure?

  • By tagging friends always
  • By using security applications
  • Make a strong password.
  • Going offline intermittently

You have created a PowerPoint presentation that you want to embed on a web page. A site that enables you to do that is?

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Slideshare
  • Soundslide
  • PPTme

YouTube receives approximately how many views each day?

  • 2 million
  • 200 million
  • 2 billion
  • 2 trillion

An online database that provides print and electronic journal subscriptions is: (8.5)

  • Kids Connect
  • KQWeb.
  • EBSCO.
  • NICEM.

Leveraging Social Media and today's technology can, without a doubt, help you engage with more home buyers and bring more value to sellers thus increasing your capacity to close more deals and earn more money:

  • True
  • False

What is the most popular day for tweets?

  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday

One way you can reduce social media noise when it comes to monitoring your brand is to _____________ ?

  • Conduct keyword research
  • Choosing keywords wisely
  • Narrowing down your keyword list
  • All of the above

Which of these is not a privacy feature on Whatsapp?

  • CheckUp
  • Last seen
  • Live location
  • About

To maintain the center's participation in advancing ideas in library media services, a media specialist must dedicate many hours to which of the follow activities? (7.2)

  • Read select number of professional resources, including journals,magazines, and research books.
  • Communicate new studies and ideas to classroom teachers.
  • Consult with other library media specialists.
  • All of the above

The principal is completing the annual report. She needs to include substantive data on use of the media center. In addition to the number of book circulations, she would like to know the proportionate use of the media center's facilities and services by the various grade levels or content areas. This information can most quickly be obtained from: (1.2)

  • The class scheduling log
  • Student surveys
  • Lesson plans
  • Inventory figures

The greatest benefit of learning media production techniques is that it helps: (5.2)

  • The school reduce the need to purchase commercial products.
  • The producer clarify his learning objectives.
  • The teacher individualize instruction.
  • The school library media specialist integrate information skills.

Agents should have a/an ______________________ to promote their business.

  • Official Facebook page
  • Event Page
  • 2 separate profiles
  • Don’t have a page to promote business

Learning takes place well beyond the walls of the classroom or the hours of the school day. All of the following are ways to accomplish this except: (4.6)

  • Establish an online library catalog that can be accessed from home
  • Set a library schedule that matches that of the school day.
  • Collaborate with public libraries and community colleges.
  • Invite representatives from other information agencies to promote their programs.

What is DEN?

  • Discovery of E-commerce domain
  • Discovery Education Network
  • Matrimonial site
  • None

With nearly 9 out of 10 homebuyers turning to the internet to purchase their home, selling agents can bring even more value to sellers by:

  • Creating a virtual tour and posting it on YouTube
  • Marketing their video link on Facebook
  • Sending their YouTube video link to their database of clients
  • All of the above

At last count, Facebook had over this many active users?

  • 10 million
  • 80 million
  • 200 million
  • 400 million
  • 600 million

A kindergarten class has just viewed a video on alligators. The best way to evaluate the suitability of the material for this age group is to: (4.4)

  • Test the students' ability to recall the main points of the video.
  • Compare this product to other similar products on this content.
  • Observe the body language and verbal comments during the viewing.
  • Ask the children to comment on the quality of the video at the end of the viewing.

Partners for a school library media program may include: (7.4)

  • Universities.
  • Local businesses.
  • Community organizations.
  • All of the above.

Which of the following should participate in the development of local policies and procedures? (13.3)

  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Parents
  • All of the above

Long range plans should span how many years? (9.3)

  • 2 - 4
  • 3 - 5
  • 5 - 10
  • 10 - 15

You are writing a message on Twitter; What is the maximum number of characters you can use?

  • 120
  • 140
  • 240
  • 280

At which URL can Internet users access videos created by federal agencies?


One of the following is NOT a Online Reputation Management best practice:

  • Addressing the issue directly on your site
  • Encourage actual customers to leave real reviews about your company
  • Do not leave rebuttal
  • Create positive content around your brand

As a member of the school's curriculum team, the library media specialist's role would include all of the following except: (9.6)

  • Ensuring a systematic approach to integrating information skills instruction.
  • Advising staff on appropriate learning styles to meet specific objectives.
  • Advising staff of current trends in curriculum design.
  • Advising staff of objectives designed for specific content areas.

A general statement or outcome that is broken down into specific skills is known as: (9.1)

  • A policy.
  • A procedure.
  • A goal.
  • An objective.

Which of these options include privacy settings on Whatsapp?

  • Account
  • Chats
  • Notifications
  • Data Usage

Recognition of children's book authors and illustrators is presented by: (8.1)

  • The FAME intellectual freedom committee.
  • The Sunshine State Book awards.
  • The Pineapple Press.
  • The DOE division of media services.

When uploading a link, the image can be changed by changing the thumbnail (if multiple thumbnails are displayed):

  • True
  • False

Social Media Managers need to create a special ___________ process to deal with irate social media community members.

  • crisis management

When you're viewing your Instant Messenger list on Facebook, a green dot indicates that the user is:

  • Logged in and is available for conversation
  • Not logged into their Facebook account
  • Logged into their account and possibly available for conversation
  • None of the above

In assessing learning styles for staff development, consider that adults: (6.2)

  • Are less affected by learning environment than children.
  • Are more receptive to performing in and in front of groups.
  • Learn better when external motivations are guaranteed.
  • Demand little feedback.

The most efficient method of evaluating support staff is to: (12.3)

  • Administer a written test.
  • Survey faculty whom they serve.
  • Observe their performance.
  • Obtain verbal confirmation during an employee interview.

The average person spends approximately 15 minutes on YouTube each day?

  • True
  • False

Which of the following tasks should a volunteer NOT be asked to perform? (12.1)

  • Decorating bulletin boards
  • Demonstrating use of retrieval systems
  • Maintaining bookkeeping records
  • Fundraising

In social media conversation prism, a site like StumbleUpon is considered as ________________ ?

  • A blog site
  • A social network site
  • A social bookmarking site
  • All of the above

Which of the following is a library policy, not a procedure? (13.1)

  • Providing a vehicle for the circulation of audio-visual equipment.
  • Setting guidelines for collection development.
  • Determining the method for introducing an objective into the school improvement plan.
  • Setting categorical limits on operating expenses.

In the production of a teacher/student-made audio-visual material, which of the following is NOT a factor in the planning phase? (5.3)

  • Stating the objectives.
  • Analyzing the audience.
  • Determining the purpose.
  • _Selecting the format.

Staff development activities in the use of materials and equipment are most effective if they: (6.1)

  • Are conducted individually as need is expressed.
  • Are sequenced in difficulty of operation or use.
  • Result in use of the acquired skills in classroom lessons.
  • Are evaluated for effectiveness.

As much as possible, information skills should be taught as: (2.1)

  • Lessons independent of content studies.
  • Lessons to supplement content studies.
  • Lessons integrated into content studies.
  • Lessons enriched by content studies.

Which of the following is characteristic of a short-range plan? (9.4)

  • Accomplishable in three or more years
  • Adheres to a rigid set of objectives
  • Identifies immediate cost and funding sources
  • Contains an abstract list of goals

The first step for students designing their own videotape product is: (5.3)

  • Preparing the staging of indoor scenes.
  • Assembling a cast.
  • Creating a storyboard.
  • Calculating a budget.

A library procedures manual should contain which of the following? (13.4)

  • Mission
  • Specific media policies
  • Specific media procedures
  • All of the above

The primary way to separate your personal from business is through:

  • Creating Lists
  • Privacy Settings
  • Having two profile pages
  • Both A and B

What was Twitter's original name?

  • Tweeter
  • Tweet
  • Twttr
  • Twit
  • Twtr

To change the text that's displayed when you attach a link to Facebook you can select the areas that are highlighted in yellow and then make modifications:

  • True
  • False

In a school with one full-time library media assistant (clerk), which of the following are responsibilities of the assistant? (12.1)

  • _Selecting and ordering titles for the print collection
  • Performing circulation tasks and processing new materials
  • Inservicing teachers on the integration of media materials into the school curriculum
  • Planning and implementing programs to involve parents and community

It is important that library media specialists stay abreast of current trends when designing library programs or selecting resources. Which of the following is NOT a publication classified as an outstanding trend evaluator? (7.1)

  • Education Digest
  • Phi Delta Kappan
  • Educational Leadership
  • Teacher Magazine

A request from a social studies teacher for the creation of a list of historical fiction titles for a book report assignment is a request. (7.6)

  • Ready reference
  • Research
  • Specific needs
  • Complex search

Flickr allows users to create a map of exactly where a photo was taken?

  • True
  • False

You are the administrator of a Facebook group. What is the maximum number of members you can have in your group if you want to send a mass message to the entire group.

  • 500
  • 1,000
  • 5,000
  • 10,000
  • 50,000

The award given for the best children's literature (text) is: (8.1)

  • The Caldecott.
  • The Newbery.
  • The Pulitzer.
  • The Booklist.

The best way to acclimate a media center volunteer to the workings of the media center is to: (6.3)

  • Provide the volunteer with a brochure regarding the workings of the media center.
  • Provide the volunteer with a manual that outlines their duties.
  • Provide a hands-on orientation session for the volunteer.
  • Provide a video for the volunteer that outlines their duties.

Contemporary library media design models should consider which of the following an optional need? (14.1)

  • Flexibility of space to allow for reading, viewing, and listening.
  • Space for large group activities such as district meetings, standardized testing, and lectures.
  • Traffic flow patterns for entrance and exit from the media center as well as easy movement within the center.
  • Adequate and easy to rearrange storage areas for the variety of media formats and packaging style of modern materials.

The role of the Media Committee or Media Advisory Committee is to assist with all of the following except: (9.5)

  • Determine program direction.
  • Evaluate the media specialist.
  • Direct budget decisions.
  • Collaborate with the media specialist.

In formulating an estimated collection budget consider all of the following except: (11.1)

  • Attrition by loss, damage, or age.
  • The maximum cost of item replacement.
  • The number of students served.
  • The need for expansion to meet minimum guidelines.

Which fiction genre do authors Isaac Asimov, Louise Lawrence, and Andre Norton represent? (8.2)

  • Adventure
  • Romance
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy

To create and set up a YouTube Channel you would need to first select:

  • My Channel
  • Account
  • My Video
  • None of the above

To enter and edit your YouTube profile information (including your biography and company information) you would need to first select:

  • My Channel
  • Account
  • My Videos
  • None of the above

Current trends in school library media include all of the following except: (3.3)

  • Collaboration.
  • Face to face instruction.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Technology integration.

Which of these is usually not kept private on social media?

  • Photos
  • Username
  • Invitation
  • Invitations

One recommended way to close the response loop after the customer issue has been resolved is to ____________

  • Send a thank you card!
  • Close the response chain on the platform it originated from
  • Send a personalized email to the customer
  • None of the above

Which of these social media platforms features end to end encryption?

  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp

Current trends in school library media include all of the following except: (13.5)

  • Collaboration.
  • Face to face instruction.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Technology integration.

AASL / AECT guidelines recommend that student library aides be: (12.1)

  • Rewarded with grades or certificates for their service.
  • Allowed to assist only during free time.
  • Allowed to perform para- professional duties.
  • Assigned tasks that relate to maintaining the atmosphere of the media center.

Which writer composes young adult literature in the fantasy genre? (8.2)

  • Stephen King
  • Piers Anthony
  • Virginia Hamilton
  • Phyllis Whitney

A high school science teacher is about to begin a frog dissection unit. Three students refuse to participate. When asked for assistance, the library media specialist should: (3.1)

  • Work with the teacher to design a replacement unit with print and nonprint material on frog anatomy.
  • Offer to allow the student to use the library as a study hall during their class time.
  • Recommend that the student be sent to another class studying frogs without dissecting.
  • Abstain from condoning the student's refusal to work.

Which of these privacy settings is peculiar to Whatsapp?

  • Last seen
  • Password protect
  • Remove follower
  • Protect my tweets

Collection development policies are developed to accomplish all of the following except (13.2)

  • Guarantee users freedom to access information.
  • Recognize the needs and interests of users.
  • Coordinate selection criteria and budget concerns.
  • Recognize rights of individuals or groups to challenge these policies.

A social bookmarking website that allows signed-up users to bookmark and tag webpages; additionally, it allows users to highlight any part of a webpage and attach sticky notes to a specific highlight or whole page.

  • Digg
  • Delicious
  • Redd-it
  • Diigo
  • Google Reader

Skills that provide students with the ability to solve problems are known as: (4.2)

  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Multiple intelligences.
  • Loertscher's Taxonomies.
  • Authentic learning.

The most appropriate means of obtaining extra funds for library media programs is: (11.2)

  • Having candy sales.
  • Conducting book fairs.
  • Charging fines.
  • Soliciting donations.

Which of the following is the professional organization of Florida school library media specialists? (3.2)

  • FSME
  • FMQ
  • FIRN
  • FAME

To communicate budgetary needs and concerns, the best option for the media specialist is to: (11.3)

  • Send memos to staff.
  • Determine needs based upon their own observations.
  • Work closely with the media advisory committee.
  • None of the above

Ongoing evaluation is necessary to produce a quality media program. Which of the following can evaluation be used for? (10.3)

  • Lobbying for budgetary or personnel support
  • To make changes to the use of the media center materials
  • To determine circulation regulations
  • All of the above

To upload your selected image to your YouTube Channel and to have it displayed as your entire background, you must:

  • _Select show advanced options link
  • Upload your logo
  • Check the box to tile the background with your desired image
  • All the above

You want to create your social network-a website for doing this is?

  • Scribd
  • Tumblr
  • Ning
  • Vimeo
  • None of the Above.

Which periodical contains book reviews of currently published children and young adult books? (7.7)

  • Phi Delta Kappan
  • School Library Journal
  • School Library Media Quarterly
  • American Teacher

The first step in planning a training program for untrained support staff is: (7.5)

  • Assessing the employee's existing skills.
  • Identifying and prioritizing skills from the job description/ evaluation instrument.
  • Determining the time schedule for the completion of training.
  • Studying the resume and speak to former employers.

Who is Mark Zuckerberg?

  • Founder of Apple
  • Founder of Google
  • Founder of Facebook
  • Founder of Twitter
  • Founder of MySpace

An accredited elementary school has maintained an acceptable number of items in its print collection for ten years. In the evaluation review, this fact is evidence of both: (10.1)

  • Diagnostic and projective standards.
  • Diagnostic and quantitative standards.
  • Projective and quantitative standards.
  • Projective and qualitative standards.

YouTube allows you to swap your audio file with pre-selected music available under the audio swap feature:

  • True
  • False

According to AASL / AECT guidelines, in his or her role as instructional consultant, the school library media specialist uses his or her expertise to: (3.4)

  • Assist teachers in acquiring information skills which they can incorporate into classroom instruction.
  • Provide access to resource sharing systems.
  • Plan lessons in media production.
  • Provide staff development activities in equipment use.

A statement defining the core principles of a school library media program is called the: (9.1)

  • Mission.
  • Policy.
  • Procedure.
  • Objective.

Which of the following is an esential concept in AASL-AECT national guidelines? (1.1)

  • The school library media program should strive to become an autonomous unit, requiring as little need for interlibrary access as possible.
  • The school library media program should provide intellectual, social, cultural and economic freedom of access to information and ideas.
  • The school library media program should attune itself to the cultural and ethnic demands of its geographical locaction.
  • The school library media program should measure its effectiveness by the emphasis it places on the using financial resources to increase its access to current technologies.

Google Alerts is a type of Social Media Management tool.

  • True
  • False

An elementary teacher, planning a unit on the local environment, finds materials that are too global or above his or her students' ability level. The best solution to this problem is to: (5.1).

  • Broaden the scope of the study to emphasize global concerns.
  • Eliminate the unit from the content.
  • Replace the unit with another unit that teaches the same skills.
  • Have the students design their own study materials using mediaproduction techniques.

When creating media for graded class projects, the grade becomes a form of motivation or: (4.5)

  • An external reward
  • An internal reward
  • An intrinsic reward
  • None of the above

The number one video website in the world is:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo movie

National guidelines for school library media programs are generally developed by all of the following except: (1.2)

  • AASL
  • ALA
  • AECT
  • NECT

Common information skills include all of the following skills except: (2.3)

  • Tool literacy
  • Visual literacy
  • Validity questioning
  • Evaluation skills

When designing a class lesson it is important to include activities that cover a range of learning styles. Virtual field trips and handheld devices would most benefit which learning style? (2.2)

  • Auditory/linguistic
  • Logical/mathematical
  • Visual
  • Kinesthetic

Which of these is not a privacy feature on Instagram?

  • Block comments
  • Remove a follower
  • Public profile
  • Stop direct messages

What is YouTube's Slogan?

  • Broadcast Yourself
  • Just Video It
  • Think Different
  • Anytime Video
  • IVideo

You can modify your YouTube account, so comments must be approved before they are visible.

  • True
  • False

A school with 500 - 749 students should have how many media specialists? (12.2)

  • 1 part-time media specialist
  • 1 full time media specialist
  • 2 full time media specialist
  • No media specialist required

Which of the following would be an example of an activity that would use Bloom's taxonomy level of Recall or Knowledge? (4.3)

  • Producing a presentation
  • Retelling a story
  • Rewriting the ending of a story
  • React to the author's language or style

All of the following are periodical directories except: (8.6)

  • Ulrich's
  • TNYT
  • SIRS
  • PAIS

Factors that influence the atmosphere of a library media center contain all of the following except: (14.2)

  • Aesthetic appearance.
  • Acoustical ceiling and floor coverings.
  • Size of the media center.
  • Proximity to classrooms.

The most important consideration in the design of a new school library media center is: (14.1)

  • The goals of the library media center program.
  • The location of the facility on the school campus.
  • State standards for facilities use.
  • The demands of current technologies.

All of the following are authors of young adult fiction EXCEPT: (8.2)

  • Paul Zindel.
  • Norma Fox Mazer.
  • S.E. Hinton.
  • Maurice Sendak.

Which of the following is an example of quantitative data that would be used to evaluate a school library media program? (1.2)

  • Personnel evaluations
  • Usage statistics
  • Surveys
  • Interviews

The art of social media is ___________ your positives for a far wider reach.

  • amplifying

All of the following are authors of fantasy except: (8.2)

  • Ray Bradbury.
  • Ursula LeGuin.
  • Piers Anthony.
  • Ann McCaffrey.

With regards to the organization of resources in a school, Florida School Media Programs: A Guide for Excellence recommends: (7.2)

  • All school-owned media should appear in the media center catalog and housed in the media center.
  • Certain types of school-owned media should appear in the media center catalog and housed in the media center.
  • All school-owned media appear in the media center catalog regardless of where it is housed.
  • Certain types of school-owned media should appear in the media center catalog regardless of where it is housed.

The Florida DOE's statewide union database is called: (7.5)


The Caldecott Book Award was given to which book in 2002? (8.2)

  • The Three Pigs by David Wiesner
  • Had a Little Overcoat Simms Taback
  • Golem by David Wisniewski
  • Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann

A lesser amount of people will interact with your post on Facebook if you include a photo:

  • True
  • False

A policy is: (13.1)

  • A course of action taken to execute a plan.
  • A written statement of principle used to guarantee a management practice.
  • A statement of core values of an organization.
  • A regulation concerning certification.

To increase the efficiency of your Facebook posts you should:

  • Tag and include people and or official Facebook pages
  • Post worthy content
  • Engage and respond to others
  • All the above
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