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Management Information Systems

Combines computer technology with management decision-making methods to analyse, design, implement and manage information systems in a corporate environment.







information technology


computer science

business analytics

associate degree


Some companies require workers to create reports of their finding to transfer knowledge into manageable ___.

  • a. online resources
  • b. folders
  • c. indexes
  • d. dictionaries

True or False: In recent years, enterprise applications have constituted a far larger part of IT expenditures on packaged software.

  • True

Even if storage cost is not as attractive as that of CDs, portability and the fact that their ports are ubiquitous in PCs might push one toward selecting a ______.

  • a. USB flash drive
  • b. memory card
  • c. flash disk
  • d. Zip disk

True or False: The most important development in hardware to support supply chain management has been a technology called radio frequency identification (RFID).

  • True

IT companies that provide both hardware and software have seen revenue from ____ service portion of their business grow faster than from the sale of hardware and software.

  • a. user-development
  • b. licensing software
  • c. outsourcing
  • d. tailoring software

True or False: Fiber optic technology uses electricity to represent bits.

  • False

True or False: The terms “data” and “information” mean the same thing.

  • False

True or False: Data-mining software searches through large amounts of data for meaningful patterns of information.

  • TRUE

Wireless technologies enable what some people call mobile commerce, or __.

  • M-commerce
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

True or False: Project management tools enable the creation and manipulation of local or shared databases.

  • False
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

Organizations make proactive initiatives to keep their products from becoming a __, which is any product that is sold for about the same price by a multitude of vendors in a highly competitive market, usually with a thin margin of profit.

  • commodity

__is a process by which one starts with a table that shows broad information and successively retrieves tables of more specific information.


When ______ a software package, the buyer gains several benefits such as immediate system availability, high quality, low price, and available support.

  • a. outsourcing
  • b. commissioning
  • c. developing
  • d. licensing

To turn data into useful information, the system utilizes its ____, which offers a single fixed model, a dynamically modified model, or a collection of models from which either the DSS or the user selects the most appropriate one.

  • model management module

True or False: Knowledge management software makes storage and organization of unstructured data more of a challenge.

  • False

A(n) __consists of one or more rigid platters installed in the same box that holds the CPU and other computer components, or attached externally to the computer, usually through a USB port.

  • hard disk

When building a new database, users must first build a _____.

  • a. schema
  • b. model
  • c. structure
  • d. relationship

The practice of outsourcing routine activities, such as customer order entry or human resource transactions, is called __.

  • business process outsourcing

True or False: Telecommunications has made business processes less efficient.

  • False

True or False: Direct marketing is a data-mining application that identifies the reasons customers switch to competitors and predicts which customers are likely to do so.

  • False
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

True or False: Companies prefer their decision support systems (DSSs) to access the data warehouse rather than the transactional database.

  • TRUE

__consists of post-implementation debugging and updating (making changes and additions), including adding features that were originally desired but later postponed so budget and time limits could be met.

  • Maintenance

Organizations can leverage _____ to communicate with consumers immediately.

  • a. social media
  • b. radio
  • c. television
  • d. newspapers

__can be rewritten and hold its content without electric power.

  • Solid-state storage

To ensure compatibility with other applications within an organization, the organization’s IT professionals should adopt and supply_________tools to interested users.

  • a. standard development
  • b. licensed development
  • c. commissioned development
  • d. in-house development

Which of the following is true of multimedia software?

  • a. Multimedia is not associated with hypermedia.
  • b. Multimedia does not use embedded links.
  • c. Multimedia integrates all types and forms of information.
  • d. Multimedia limits the method of communication.

When both the sender and recipient use the same secret key, the technique is called ____.

  • symmetric encryption

True or False: Businesses that handle business transactions and store large amounts of data in a central computer often use mainframes, which some IT professionals fondly call “big iron.”

  • True

True or False: The fact that countries have different laws has little impact on global business in general, and on e-commerce in particular.

  • False

True or False: The design and implementation of information technology need not support an organization’s deployment of globalization.

  • False

The __model provides application software developed and maintained by a third-party provider and offered to organizations for a recurring fee.

  • Software as a Service

True or False: The developers of proprietary software make the source code of their software public.

  • True

True or False: When investing in securities, such as stocks and bonds, it is important to know the prices of securities in real time.

  • True

A _____ is the general logical structure in which records are stored within a database and the method used to establish relationships among the records.

  • a. database model
  • b. database system
  • c. database query
  • d. database catalog

The ____ part of the DSS that allows the user to interact with it is called the .

  • a. model management module
  • b. information management module
  • c. data management module
  • d. dialog module

Managers should focus on the asset they must protect, which in most cases is ____, not applications.

  • a. systems
  • b. software
  • c. information
  • d. hardware

__in general means hiring the services of another organization or individual to perform some of the work that otherwise would be performed by the hiring organization or its employees.

  • Outsourcing

Which of the following conditions must exist for an information system to be a strategic information system?

  • a. The organization's top management must be involved only during the implementation stage.
  • b. The information system must simply provide information.
  • c. The information system must serve an organizational goal.
  • d. The organization’s information system unit must only work with managers of the same unit.

Businesses such as and that transact business only through an online environment are called ____ retailers.

  • a. brick-and-mortar
  • b. big data
  • c. structured
  • d. pure play

Expert systems and neural networks are two techniques researched and implemented in a field called __.

  • artificial intelligence

A unique key can serve as a(n) __.

  • [No Answer]

__________ help to find the populations and regions that are most likely to purchase a new product or service.

  • a. Geographic information systems
  • b. Expert systems
  • c. Database management systems
  • d. Market research systems

True or False: Similar to auctions among companies, some Web sites serve as auction hubs for individuals.

  • True

True or False: Several manufacturers of computer equipment offer individual keyboard-embedded and mouse-embedded fingerprint devices.

  • True

__is a calculation of the difference between the stream of benefits and the stream of costs over the life of the system, discounted by the applicable interest rate.

  • ROI

True or False: Instant messaging (IM) offers users real-time online interactivity.

  • True

Companies that want to operate globally must adapt their information systems to changing formal or __standards.


In addition to communication that takes place between computer components, communication occurs between computers over distances called __Correct.

  • telecommunications

Programs that can handle many different types of data are called _______.

  • a. supermedia software
  • b. packaged software
  • c. multimedia software
  • d. utility software

Images on a monitor are made up of small dots called _______.

  • a. granules
  • b. grains
  • c. pixels
  • d. dots

_________ refers to an organization's initiative of adding to a product or service to increase its value to the consumer.

  • a. Incrementing value
  • b. Appreciation of existing products or services
  • c. Scaling value
  • d. Enhancement of existing products or services

True or False: Neural nets have been very effective in detecting fraud of many types.

  • TRUE

As an independent memory device, flash memory takes two main forms: as a memory card, and as a(n) ______.

  • a. index port
  • b. USB port
  • c. index drive
  • d. USB drive

Organizations often organize their data warehouse as a collection of __, smaller collections of data that focus on a particular subject or department.

  • Data marts

The electronic lines or traces used for communication inside a computer is called the __.

  • BUS

In the ____ phase of decision making, the method for considering a data is designed.

  • design

True or False: Countries have different regulations on what may or may not be imported and which tariff applies to which imported product.

  • True

__is a magnification or expansion of the amount, types, and level of detail of data that is collected and stored.

  • Big data

Among the general statistical models, a(n) ______ model is the best-fit straight-line relationship between two variables, such as sales and the money spent on marketing.

  • a. linear regression
  • b. quadratic
  • c. exponential curve
  • d. logarithmic statistical

True or False: Switching costs can be explicit or implicit.

  • True

According to the ____, all legal matters are confined to the country from which a site operates.

  • a. privacy laws
  • b. country-of-origin principle
  • c. country-of-destination principle
  • d. American Uniform Code Council (UCC)

A(n) _____ includes a description of a database's structure, the names and sizes of the fields, and details such as which field is a primary key.

  • a. query
  • b. entity
  • c. schema
  • d. metadata

A ____ is a bogus record in a networked database that neither employees nor business partners would ever access for legitimate purposes.

  • a. honeytoken
  • b. phish
  • c. flame
  • d. canary trap

True or False: Mathematicians call a sequence of steps a parameter.

  • False
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

The enforces a privacy law called the Directive on Data Privacy.

  • a. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
  • b. Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
  • c. European union (EU)
  • d. United States (US)

Light is not susceptible to EMI (electromagnetic interference) and __, which is why fiber optic communication is much less prone to error than twisted pair and radio transmission.

  • RFI

True or False: The dialog module of a decision support system (DSS) is responsible for displaying the results of an analysis.

  • TRUE

The __considers several factors such as the item’s cost, the discount schedule for large quantities, the cost of warehousing ordered parts, the cost of alternative uses of the money, and other factors

  • economic order quantity
  • affecting the cost of ordering the item.

____ software closely conforms to an individual unit’s subculture, which makes the transition to a new system easier for employees.

  • a. User-developed
  • b. Licensed
  • c. In-house
  • d. Commissioned

_______ is a process for outsourcing a variety of tasks to a distributed group of people, both online or offline.

  • a. Debugging
  • b. Crowdsourcing
  • c. Load balancing
  • d. Consumer profiling

Clicking different areas of a map can zoom in and out as well as bring up related information in the form of other maps or text, utilizing the ____ capabilities of the web to the fullest.

  • a. multimedia
  • b. hypertext
  • c. hypergraphics
  • d. storage

True or False: Thinking globally and acting locally are ideas that contradict each other.

  • False

The job of a(n) __involves the creation of new systems or the modification of existing ones.

  • [No Answer]

In ____, the client’s website is stored on the host’s same physical server along with the sites of other clients.

  • shared hosting

The first generation of mobile communication technologies used _____.

  • a. circuit switching
  • b. digital voice encoding
  • c. GSM and CDMA protocols
  • d. packet switching

________ fulfill organizational needs for reliable data communications while relieving the organization of the burden of providing its own network management and maintenance.

  • a. LANs
  • b. Leased lines
  • c. VANs
  • d. Dial-up connections

Many banks use automated ____ to determine a client’s creditworthiness.

  • decision aids

In the _____ phase of transferring data from a transactional database to a data warehouse, specialists “cleanse” the data and modify it into a form that allows insertion into the data warehouse.

  • a. loading
  • b. transformation
  • c. extraction
  • d. injection

Current microcomputers have words of _____ and 64 bits.

  • a. 48
  • b. 32
  • c. 16
  • d. 24

__Correct are facts or conclusions that have meaning within a context.

  • Information

WiMAX is a(n) ____ technology.

  • wireless broadband communications

____________, which are used to accumulate data about expenditures involved in producing specific products, make excellent use of IT to compile pricing data.

  • a. Cost-accounting systems
  • b. Supply chain management systems
  • c. Human resources systems
  • d. Enterprise resource planning systems

True or False: If the return on investment (ROI) of an economic analysis is negative, the system is economically feasible, or cost justified.

  • False

__is the study of the comfort and safety of human beings in their working environment.

  • ergonomics

Identify an advantage of certifications.

  • a. Provides knowledge that remains up to date
  • b. Increases competition outside a closed group
  • c. Protects potential employers against charlatans
  • d. Provides simple ways of measuring competence
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.33/1.00.

Agile methods developed out of ___, an application development approach that emerged in the 1980s aimed at cutting costs and time.

  • prototyping

A(n) __is one piece of information about an entity, such as the last name or first name of a student, or the student’s street address.

  • Field

True or False: A barrier to potential new market entrants is the high expense of entering the particular market.

  • True

True or False: Languages such as HTML and XML are incompatible with geographic information systems (GISs).

  • False

Compared to the Universal Product Code (UPC), the additional bar in the _____ identifies a product’s country of origin.

  • a. EZ code
  • b. EAN bar code
  • c. RFID code
  • d. GTIN-14 bar code

_________ defines the degree to which a goal is achieved.

  • a. Effectiveness
  • b. Differentiation
  • c. Enhancement
  • d. Productivity

Multinational corporations must use ____, which are systems that serve organizations and individuals in multiple countries.

  • global information systems

True or False: Authorities usually deal with unauthorized use of computers as theft.

  • False

A cut-over conversion is also called __conversion.

  • Flash cut

True or False: Vendor selection criteria include functionality, architectural fit, price, services, and support.

  • True

True or False: Encryption slows down communication because the software must encrypt and decrypt every message.

  • True

Large __might have many constituent LANs and MANs on different continents.

  • WANS

True or False: Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) have to be modified to support global supply chains.

  • False

True or False: A problem that arises with international information interchange is that countries treat trade secrets, patents, and copyrights differently.

  • True

The purpose of __________ is to pinpoint the people and organizations most likely to purchase what the organization sells and to promote the appropriate products and services to those people and organizations.

  • a. accounting
  • b. marketing
  • c. finance
  • d. e-commerce

Information that can be gleaned from stored data is ____.

  • a. knowledge
  • b. experience
  • c. intelligence
  • d. wisdom

The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) has a special department to prevent _____ of the securities under its supervision.

  • a. the preservation
  • b. insider trading
  • c. legal trading
  • d. the analysis

Companies that provide IT services are commonly called ____.

  • a. vendors
  • b. users
  • c. clients
  • d. dealers

In most cases when both positions are encountered in one organization, the chief technology officer (CTO) reports to the __.

  • chief information officer

True or False: The process of associating a character-based name such as with an IP address is called domain name resolution, and the domain name resolution service is DNS (Domain Name System).

  • True

____ includes cookies and other, more sophisticated applications that are installed on your computer unbeknownst to you and transmit information about you while you are online.

  • a. Honeypot
  • b. Spyware
  • c. Groupware
  • d. Honeytoken

Companies can reduce their inventory by communicating with their suppliers through a shared system and letting them know the exact number of units of each item they need and the exact time they need them.

  • supply chain management

To prepare for mishaps, either natural or malicious, many organizations have well-planned programs in place, called __.

  • business recovery plans

True or False: A majority of web users prefer to access the web in English rather than using any other language.


The term ________ refers to the sequence of activities involved in producing a product or service.

  • a. resource planning
  • b. warehousing
  • c. supply chain
  • d. activity chain

Two qualities to check when purchasing a laser or ink-jet printer are speed, measured in ______, and density, measured in dots per inch (DPI).

  • a. pages per minute (PPM)
  • b. characters per second (cps)
  • c. words per minute (wpm)
  • d. Kbytes per second (Kbps)

Indirect costs in time and money spent adjusting to a new product that competes with the old is an example of implicit __.

  • switching costs
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

In the permissive model of software ________, anyone can use modify, and make the software into a product that can be sold for profit.

  • a. programming
  • b. distributing
  • c. licensing
  • d. dealing

The __________ is an important input to material requirements planning (MRP) applications that includes a list of all raw materials and subcomponent demands.

  • a. bill of materials (BOM)
  • b. targeted market list (TML)
  • c. economic order quantity (EOQ)
  • d. convenient order quantity (COQ)

The essence of strategy is innovation, so __is often gained when an organization tries a strategy that no one has tried before.

  • competitive advantage

When the process of manufacturing products is complete, the next link in the supply chain is __.

  • shipping

When a call is placed on a cellular phone, the signal is first transmitted to the closest , which sends a signal through landlines that dial the desired phone number.

  • a. hotspot
  • b. transceiver
  • c. router
  • d. modem

The most important metric in the airline industry is _________, which is how much it costs to fly a passenger one mile of the journey.

  • a. cost per available seat-mile (CASM)
  • b. cost per available seat (CAS)
  • c. cost per mile (CM)
  • d. cost per hour (CH)

When executives talk about productivity tools, they really mean computer programs, commonly known as software _____.

  • a. devices
  • b. utilities
  • c. sites
  • d. applications

Analyzing an organization’s data and identifying the relationships among the data is called ____.

  • data modeling

True or False: A join table combines data from two or more tables.

  • True

True or False: The purpose of marketing is to track every financial transaction within a company—from a few cents expenditure to a multimillion-dollar purchase, from salaries and benefits to the sale of every item.

  • False

__________ use physical characteristics of people, such as fingerprints and retina scans, for authentication and access to physical places and online information systems.

  • a. Object codes
  • b. Compilers
  • c. Access codes
  • d. Biometrics

True or False: Modern customer relationship management (CRM) systems can help capture the entire customer experience with an organization, from response to an online advertisement to automatic replenishment of products to proactive service.

  • True

True or False: Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology enables us to conduct transactions and to make payments quickly.

  • True

Identify the risk factor in decision support systems that lead to ethical issues.

  • a. Real time data processing
  • b. Lack of sensitivity tests
  • c. Errors in personal data
  • d. High processing costs

The concept in which an application service provider offers the use of computer programs through a network (the Internet or private network) is known as ____.

  • a. infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • b. platform as a service (PaaS)
  • c. security as a service (SECaaS)
  • d. software as a service (SaaS)

True or False: While many versions of Linux can be downloaded free of charge from the web, most firms prefer to purchase a packaged version.

  • True

The purpose of __________ is to track every financial transaction within a company, from a few cents to multimillion dollar purchases, from salaries and benefits to the sale of every item.

  • a. human resources management
  • b. marketing
  • c. project management
  • d. accounting

True or False: With encryption, the original, unencrypted message is called ciphertext.

  • False

The country-of-origin and country-of-destination principles deal with the issue of ____.

  • a. e-commerce jurisdiction
  • b. time zone differences
  • c. payment mechanisms
  • d. national standards

_____________ provide customers with cheaper combined service and the convenience of one-stop shopping.

  • a. Parameters
  • b. Alliances
  • c. Automations
  • d. Prototypes

An ES is constructed with a set of rules, but as data on real successes and failures of decisions is accumulated and fed into the system, the __refines the rules to accomplish a higher success rate.

  • neural network

__, the time during which ISs or data are not available in the course of conducting business, has become a dreaded situation for almost every business worldwide.

  • downtime

In the context of data management, _____ refers to all the occurrences sharing the same types of data.

  • a. schema
  • b. metadata
  • c. encapsulation
  • d. entity

True or False: Few hosting firms provide subscribers with e-mail addresses.

  • False
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

A _________ is an array of components that work together to achieve a common goal, or multiple goals, by accepting input, processing it, and producing output in an organized manner.

  • a. process
  • b. project
  • c. node
  • d. system Correct

A collection of related records, such as all the records of a college’s students, is called a(n) _____.

  • a. field
  • b. item
  • c. character
  • d. file

A(n) __creates a temporary table that is a subset of the original table or tables.


In airlines, the purpose of DSSs is to find the proper pricing to maximize the overall revenue from selling seats for each flight.

  • yield management

True or False: A data store is any event or sequence of events in which data is either changed or acted on.

  • False

While blogging is publishing text and other visual material, _____ is publishing sound and video.

  • a. hosting
  • b. crowdsourcing
  • c. podcasting
  • d. posting

True or False: Enterprise resource planning systems cannot be used for managing daily operations.

  • False

True or False: The electronic bill presentment and payment allows bills to be presented automatically, directly from the companies’ information systems to payers’ email addresses, and therefore save labor, paper, and postage.

  • True

True or False: New processor-making technologies let engineers increase the processing speed of computers while enabling computers to use less energy and give off less heat.

  • True

A challenge with traditional file storage is _____.

  • a. high data accuracy
  • b. low data misrepresentation
  • c. low data redundancy
  • d. high data integrity

In user development of applications, the lack of ____ makes system maintenance difficult at best and impossible at worst.

  • documentation

General-purpose applications are available as __; that is, they come ready to install from an external storage medium such as a CD or a file downloaded from a vendor’s website.

  • packaged software

A(n) __Correct consists of several subsystems, components of a larger system, with sub goals, all contributing to meeting the main goal.

  • system

True or False: A direct link to a wireless router or access point creates a hotspot.

  • True

A company achieves __by using strategy to maximize its strengths, resulting in a competitive advantage.

  • strategic advantage

Sometimes a(n) _____ is automatically created using data, such as the date and time of a transaction or the name or password of the user updating the file.

  • a. denial of service
  • b. audit trail
  • c. atomic transaction
  • d. global transaction

True or False: Compilers and interpreters are types of programming language translators.

  • True

A carefully drawn can provide a useful representation of a system, whether existing or planned.

  • a. structure chart
  • b. business process model
  • c. data flow diagram
  • d. directed acyclic graph

The most basic metric that can be measured at a site is the number of ____.

  • a. servers
  • b. impressions
  • c. cookies
  • d. podcasts

_________ is used to try to interpret handwritten and printed texts not originally designed for source data entry.

  • a. Radio-frequency identification
  • b. Optical character recognition technology
  • c. Ergonomics
  • d. Technology convergence

A ___________ is responsible for researching, planning, and recommending software and systems choices to meet an organization’s business requirements.

  • a. system administrator
  • b. network administrator
  • c. systems analyst Correct
  • d. network analyst

In __, the raw data is organized in tables that show information in summaries and ratios so that the inquirer does not have to wait for processing raw data.

  • dimensional databases

The goal of is not to gain small incremental cost savings, but to achieve great efficiency leaps—of 100 percent and even 1000 percent.


_______ primarily involves modifying programs to meet new business needs, but also debugging of errors that were not detected when testing the developed code.

  • a. Displacement
  • b. Reassembling
  • c. Recoding
  • d. Maintenance

One of the most interesting developments in worldwide telecommunications is __through the Internet: anyone with access to the Internet can download one of several free applications that help locate and download files from any online computer.

  • [No Answer]

Linking among documents involves __technologies, and embedding information such as sound and video clips in documents uses multimedia technologies.

  • hypermedia

In the field of engineering, DSS models might simulate the ____ environment.

  • a. business
  • b. logical
  • c. physical
  • d. financial

Data warehouses could be regarded as a type of ____, where new useful information is the precious find.

  • a. mine
  • b. vault
  • c. wheel
  • d. reservoir

The conceptual blueprint of a database is called a(n) ____.

  • a. uniform resource diagram (URD)
  • b. structured query language (SQL)
  • c. entity relationship diagram (ERD)
  • d. unified modeling language (UML)

______ determines the look and location of text, pictures, animations, and other elements on a Web page.

  • a. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  • b. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • c. Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  • d. Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

_____________ are normally responsible for developing cost analyses, design considerations, implementation timelines, and feasibility studies of a computer system before making recommendations to senior management.

  • a. Systems analysts Correct
  • b. Project managers
  • c. Database designers
  • d. Network administrators

__takes place when an operation switches from using an old system to using a new system.

  • Conversion

When soliciting vendor details, the project manager sends a ____ to the vendors identified, requesting general, somewhat informal information about a product.

  • a. request for proposal (RFP)
  • b. request for quotation (RFQ)
  • c. request for information (RFI)
  • d. request for comments (RFC)

The number next to ______ refers to data speed in multiples of 51.84 Mbps, considered the base rate bandwidth of a very high connection speed service.

  • a. Wi-Fi
  • b. DSL
  • c. OC
  • d. BPL

_______ is a standard for software that digitizes and compresses voice signals and transmits the bits via the Internet link.

  • a. SoIP
  • b. IRC
  • c. TCP/IP
  • d. VoIP

True or False: IEEE 802.15 is a family of wireless protocols, collectively known as Wi-Fi.

  • False

A repeated field that links records between two tables, is a primary key in one table, and a(n) ____ in the other field.

  • a. foreign key
  • b. primary key
  • c. composite key
  • d. imitable key
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.33/1.00.

True or False: Linguistic translation of a website alone can capture cultural sensitivities.

  • False

True or False: Online analytical processing (OLAP) applications are powerful tools created specifically for shift employees.

  • False
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

When failure occurs because an organization tries to be on the technological leading edge, observers call it the __.

  • bleeding edge

True or False: A typical geographic information systems (GIS) consists of a database of quantitative and qualitative data from which information is extracted for display.

  • True

Which of the following is true of open source software?

  • a. Open source software has more bugs because independent programmers are not allowed to review the code.
  • b. The developers of open source software do not make the source code of their software public.
  • c. The motive for developing and improving open source software is monetary.
  • d. Open source software can offer more innovative features by incorporating ideas from a diverse set of experts.

True or False: Eight-bit bytes are not sufficient for languages with larger numbers of characters, such as Chinese.

  • TRUE

A(n) ____ is a small file that a Web site places on a visitor’s hard disk so that the Web site can remember something about the surfer later.

  • cookie

Mostly, customer relationship management (CRM) systems support three areas: ________, sales, and customer service.

  • a. manufacturing
  • b. marketing
  • c. processing
  • d. human resources

A(n) ____________ interfaces and interacts with other systems.

  • a. closed system
  • b. open system
  • c. host system
  • d. cloud system

Clients should not expect vendors to list the service level and ____; the clients must do it.

  • a. quality
  • b. degrees
  • c. quantity
  • d. metrics

True or False: If the first statement that an interpreter checks is free of syntactic errors, it inteprets the statement into object code and makes the computer execute it.

  • True

Identify a principle of the Directive on Data Privacy that conflicts with U.S. practices.

  • a. Organizations can purchase personal data from third parties and never notify the subject.
  • b. Businesses can refrain from informing people of the ways their data will be used.
  • c. Personal data can be processed only if the subject has given consent.
  • d. Personal data can be used for processes other than the original one.

The control unit uses special circuitry called a(n) __, which synchronizes all tasks.

  • CPU clock

True or False: An alliance can be created to enable customers to use the same technology for purchases from different companies.

  • True

When a pattern of defects is discovered in a product, _________ helps pinpoint the plant at which it was produced and the particular lot from which it came.

  • a. universal product code (UPC)
  • b. radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • c. electronic product code (EPC)
  • d. electronic product code (EPC)

____ is meant to guarantee that the experts have passed tests that ensure their skills.

  • a. Systems analysis
  • b. Feasibility studies
  • c. Certification
  • d. Standardization

_________ is based on UNIX and can be obtained free of charge.

  • a. Windows CE
  • b. Android
  • c. Linux
  • d. Solaris

The ___________ of a specific raw material is the optimal quantity that allows a business to minimize overstocking and save cost, without risking understocking and missing production deadlines.

  • a. bill of materials (BOM)
  • b. economic order quantity (EOQ)
  • c. convenient order quantity (COQ)
  • d. targeted market list (TML)

True or False: Instead of differentiating a product or service, an organization can add to the product or service to increase its value to the consumer.

  • True

______are often designed to quickly present predefined business metrics, such as occupancy ratios in hotels and hospitals, or inventory turns in retail.

  • a. Toolboxes
  • b. Dashboards
  • c. Shared whiteboards
  • d. Performance indicators
  • uestion 1
  • Correct
  • Mark 1.00 out of 1.00
  • Not flaggedNot flaggedFlag question

True or False: When a line is capable of carrying multiple transmissions simultaneously, it is said to be broadband.

  • True

The __of a medium is the speed at which data is communicated, which is also called the transmission rate or simply the bit rate.

  • bandwidth
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.33/1.00.

Enter the acronym only

  • SSD
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

True or False: In dedicated hosting the host dedicates a server to the client, and the client can fully control the content on the server’s disks.

  • True

__is an expert system that includes instrumentation that connects to the patient’s body and feeds various data about the patient’s condition into the ES to be analyzed for pulmonary diseases.

  • Puff

True or False: The majority of problems in the business world are structured.

  • False

In the ______ phase of data warehousing, specialists compare the data in the data warehouses with the original data to confirm completeness.

  • a. loading
  • b. transformation
  • c. divisional
  • d. extraction

Thinking of an organization in terms of its suborganizations or subsystems is called _________.

  • a. organizational validating
  • b. organizational thinking
  • c. systems validating
  • d. systems thinking Correct

_____ software records individual keystrokes.

  • a. Clickstream
  • b. Keylogging
  • c. Honeytoken
  • d. Public-key encryption

The developers of ______ can obtain the source code free of charge, usually on the web.

  • a. proprietary software
  • b. open source software
  • c. multimedia software
  • d. hypermedia software

Which of the following patents does hold that prevents competitors from entering its business space?

  • a. Online reverse auctioning
  • b. Half-price product exchange plan
  • c. One-click online purchasing
  • d. Zero processing fee

Typically, __________ ISs receive records of routine business transactions—such as the purchase of raw materials or services, or the sale of manufactured goods—from transaction processing systems (TPSs).

  • a. marketing
  • b. accounting
  • c. human resources
  • d. sales

True or False: Companies that choose not to fully develop their own recovery plan can outsource it to companies that specialize in either disaster recovery planning or provision of alternative sites.

  • True

Companies that are first to adopt advanced systems that reduce labor enjoy __or as long as their competitors lag behind.

  • competitive advantage
  • f

True or False: FTTH is point-to-point transmission between two stationary devices, usually between two buildings, as opposed to mobile wireless, in which people carry a mobile device.

  • False

By using cookies and recording shoppers’ movements, ____ software can create electronic consumer profiles for each shopper and buyer.

  • a. XML
  • b. SQL
  • c. CGI
  • d. CRM

True or False: Redundancies increase expected downtime in business information systems.

  • False

True or False: Companies raise barriers to entrants by obtaining legal protection of intellectual property.

  • True

One objective of data mining is _____, the discovering of patterns in data that can lead to reasonable predictions.

  • a. seeding
  • b. forecasting
  • c. producing
  • d. recovering

__systems are designed to support any and all relationships with customers.

  • CRM

Companies that sell online maintain large warehouses and pay for picking, packing, and shipping, three activities known as _____.

  • a. pure play
  • b. profiling
  • c. auctioning
  • d. fulfillment

_________ tags contain circuitry that allows recording of information about a product.

  • a. Reengineering
  • b. Radio frequency identification
  • c. Digital intermediate
  • d. Open source

A DSS’s ____ is a database or data warehouse that provides the data for the intelligence phase of decision making.

  • data management module

The major advantage of mobile phone is that _______.

  • a. they use Internet-based phone services
  • b. they are attached to offices
  • c. they are attached to people
  • d. they create a virtual private network

OLAP applications are usually installed on a special server that communicates with both the user’s computer and theserver or servers that contain a data warehouse or ____.

  • a. information silos
  • b. house databases
  • c. dimensional databases
  • d. relational applications

The two units in the CPU are the arithmetic logic unit and the _______.

  • a. mainframe unit
  • b. storage unit
  • c. source unit
  • d. control unit

The Greek word tele, which means “______,” is part of such words as “telephone,” “teleconference,” and other words referring to technologies that allow communications over large distances.

  • a. distance
  • b. path
  • c. away
  • d. far

True or False: A computer connected directly to the Internet backbone—the highest speed communication channels—is called a host.

  • True

Knowledge management tools build __and help employees access them.

  • knowledge bases

True or False: A paradoxical aspect to IT outsourcing is that while contracts are signed for long periods of time, they typically involve rapidly changing technologies.

  • True

The combined storage of both data and the procedures that manipulate the data within an object is referred to as _____.

  • a. compression
  • b. encapsulation
  • c. zipping
  • d. packaging

True or False: RSS software called an aggregator or feed reader automatically checks for new content and downloads files from a designated site in the same way as is done for text files from online newspapers.

  • True

True or False: A data warehouse is a large, typically relational, database that supports management decision making.

  • TRUE

The standard ______ was developed for devices that communicate with each other within a short range of up to 10 meters (33 feet) in the office, at home, and in motor vehicles.

  • a. MBWA
  • b. Wi-Fi
  • c. WiMAX
  • d. Bluetooth

True or False: A firm gains bargaining power with a supplier when the firm has many competitors.

  • False

An organization that offers the use of software through communication lines is called a(n) __.

  • ASP

True or False: When you purchase an application, whether a computer game or a business program, you purchase a compiled version of the code, that is, the object code.

  • True

Instead of spending money on the purchase of data storage devices, a company can contract with a(n) ____ and have all or some of its files stored remotely on the provider's devices.

  • SSP

True or False: Much of the extraction, transforming, and loading (ETL) activity involved in data transfer can be automated.

  • True

Applications that can be integrated with other software to create new useful applications are called ______.

  • a. mashups
  • b. compilers
  • c. utilities
  • d. coders

True or False: Hardware, in computer terms, refers to the physical components of a computer.

  • True

True or False: The messages sent to access data in a database are called protocols.

  • false

According to the provisions of the Data Protection Law, individuals or organizations that receive __not directly from the subject must identify themselves to the subject.

  • Personal data

True or False: Traditional retailers, often called brick­ and­ mortar businesses, have extended their “storefront” by launching an e­-tailing arm.

  • True

As computers convert to operating systems that support _____, displaying different character sets should be less of a problem.

  • a. EBCDIC
  • b. ASCII code
  • c. Unicode
  • d. eight-bit bytes

A(n) ____ diagram is used to describe the flow of data in a business operation.

  • Data flow

___________ records sums owed to the organization and by whom.

  • a. Accounts payable
  • b. Accounts programmable
  • c. Accounts receivable Correct
  • d. Accounts writable

__provide draws for customers that include combined services that are cheaper.

  • Alliances

True or False: Since access to information can connote power, the database administrator must be astute not only technologically but politically as well.

  • True

Programs designed to perform specific jobs, such as calculating and executing a company’s payroll, are collectively called ______.

  • a. application-specific software
  • b. packaged software
  • c. utility software
  • d. general-purpose application software

The protocol used to transfer and download Web information is ____.

  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol

True or False: In-house development teams can usually complete a new application project in less time than an IT vendor can.

  • False

Brand-name success is a perfect example of __.

  • [No Answer]

The Europeans adopted the 13-digit ____ as a standard for universal product codes.

  • European Article Number

DAS, NAS, and SAN often include __, whereby data is replicated on different disks to enhance processing speed and fault-tolerance.

  • RAID

When a radio frequency identification tag is attached to a product, it contains a(n) ________.

  • a. source code
  • b. object code
  • c. universal product code
  • d. electronic product code

True or False: The use of e-mail, instant messaging, and voice mail has brought some secondary benefits to business communications by establishing a permanent written or electronic record of, and accountability for, ideas.

  • True

Businesses use ______ to analyze data.

  • a. facts
  • b. beliefs
  • c. ideas
  • d. models
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

True or False: Organizations avoid telecommunications because these increase costs and office space.

  • False
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

True or False: Inaccuracies affect data integrity.

  • True

_____ is a set of disks that is programmed to replicate stored data to provide a higher degree of reliability.

  • a. CIFS
  • b. SAN
  • c. RAID
  • d. SSP

True or False: In a highly competitive industry that traditionally has had a narrow profit margin, JetBlue managed to gain strategic advantage by reducing cost and therefore reducing the price to the customer.

  • True

True or False: For an information system to be an strategic information, one of the conditions is that the information system must serve an organizational goal rather than simply provide information.

  • True

BI software has become so popular in large companies that Microsoft decided to integrate such software into its popular database management system, _____.

  • a. DB2
  • b. DBMS
  • c. MySQL
  • d. SQL Server

The combination of customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) systems is referred to as _____.

  • a. decision support systems (DSSs)
  • b. enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • c. business intelligence (BI) systems
  • d. geographic information systems (GISs)

Knowledge management attempts to transfer individual knowledge into __.

  • Databases

True or False: With digital subscriber line (DSL), the data is transformed into analog signals.

  • False
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

__webpages can be built with several programming tools: CGI, Java servlets, PHP, and ASP (Active Server Pages).

  • Dynamic
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

True or False: An application service provider (ASP) installs software on a client’s computers.

  • False

_____ can be very tiny, about the size of a rice grain, or several square inches, depending on the amount of information they need to contain and the environment in which they are used.

  • a. Radio Frequency Identification tags
  • b. Infrared Data Association cards
  • c. Micro tags
  • d. Bluetooth ports

The ability of websites to serve as prompt exchanges of information has supported another popular business model, the ____ or name-your-own-price auction.

  • reverse auction

__equips traveling salespeople with information technology to facilitate their productivity.

  • Salesforce automation

True or False: Web designers need to be sensitive to cultural differences.

  • TRUE

In ____, the voltage of the power decreases, or there are very short interruptions in the flow of power.

  • a. brownouts
  • b. blackouts
  • c. keystroke logging
  • d. spear phishing

Companies might offer two versions of their sites, one for wide bandwidth and another for ____.

  • a. short wave
  • b. narrow bandwidth
  • c. weak bandwidth
  • d. wide frequency

A(n) ____ is required when it is not possible to exploit expertise by coupling quantitative data from a database with decision models.

  • a. sensitivity analysis
  • b. what-if analysis
  • c. decision support system
  • d. expert system

____ often help ensure that a user does not receive the same unsolicited information multiple times.

  • a. Podcasts
  • b. Cookies
  • c. Hosting
  • d. Phishing

True or False: Practically any mobile-based system that gives a company competitive advantage is a strategic information system.

  • True

__is the process of selecting, exploring, and modeling large amounts of data to discover previously unknown relationships that can support decision making.


True or False: Input devices, most commonly computer monitors and printers, deliver information from the computer to a person.

  • False

Among the methods for system development, ____ is clearly the best option for many small companies.

  • a. software on demand
  • b. in-house development
  • c. purchasing software
  • d. outsourcing

A _____ line is made of 24 channels (groups of wires) of 64 Kbps each.

  • a. T1
  • b. T4
  • c. T3
  • d. T2

A(n) ________ is the software that enables the OS to control a device.

  • a. interpreter
  • b. driver
  • c. server
  • d. compiler

CIOs often cite ____ as an effective way to bring down the amount of work their subordinates must do.

  • a. security assertion markup language (SAML)
  • b. single sign-on (SSO)
  • c. mandatory access control (MAC)
  • d. secure sockets layer (SSL)

To __is to make a digital audio recording, usually of voice, and post the file on the Web so that people can download it and listen to it.

  • Podcast

True or False: Companies in the same industry competitors often collaborate in establishing a website for one or several purposes.

  • True
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

OLAP applications can process ____ records per second.

  • a. 40,000
  • b. 10,000
  • c. 30,000
  • d. 20,000

__receive signals from outside the computer and transfer them into the computer.

  • Input devices

Some companies offer specifically designed ______ to analyze shoppers’ behavior at their sites based on captured data such as pages viewed, options clicked, and the sequence of pages shoppers viewed.

  • a. decision support systems (DSSs)
  • b. geographic information systems (GISs)
  • c. enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • d. supply chain management (SCM) systems

Changing and manipulating the data in an information system is called ________.

  • a. cloud computing
  • b. data processing Correct
  • c. data warehousing
  • d. resource planning

In order to overcome connectivity issues and reduce security risks, some clients prefer to use a(n) ___ rather than the Internet to connect to application service providers.

  • Leased Line

In a(n) monitor, the inner side of the screen has a layer of tiny phosphoric dots, which make up the pixels.

  • CRT
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

The is the most important part of any computer.

  • a. external storage
  • b. monitor
  • c. central processing unit
  • d. ROM

True or False: The three phases involved in building a data warehouse from transactional data are extraction, transforming, and loading.

  • True

True or False: For many companies, IT is not their core competency and should not be a focus of their efforts.

  • True

True or False: Computers collect, store, and process data into information according to instructions people provide via computer programs.

  • True

True or False: Strategic information systems are defined by their technical features per se, and not by how they are used.

  • False

__applications are programs that enable workers to collaborate in real time over the web.

  • Groupware

True or False: Coaxial cable connects to network devices with RJ-45 plug-in connectors.

  • False

A ____ is a specific area of knowledge.

  • a. domain
  • b. protocol
  • c. neural network
  • d. domino

Practically all search engine sites, such as Google and Yahoo!, use __software, and continue to improve the software to provide more precise and faster responses to queries.

  • Autocategorization

The model uses the object-oriented approach to maintaining records.

  • object-oriented database

A temporary IP address assigned to a computer connected to the Internet intermittently for the duration of its connection only is called __.

  • Dynamic ip address

Processing more than one program, or processing several parts of a program, at the same time is often called __, whereby each process is a thread.

  • Multithreading

When using a(n) _____, the user enjoys the knowledge and experience that have been accumulated by other people over many years.

  • a. human intelligence system
  • b. expert system
  • c. accounting system
  • d. human resource management system

True or False: A decision is easy to make when one option will clearly bring about a better outcome than any other.

  • TRUE

_____ has fewer restrictions on storage space and transactions, and since only one site resides on the disks, no other site can affect its functionality.

  • a. Co-location
  • b. Shared hosting
  • c. Virtual private server hosting
  • d. Dedicated hosting

True or False: Legacy systems are older systems that organizations decide to continue to use because the investment in a new system would not justify the improved features or because the old systems have some advantage that cannot be obtained from newer systems.

  • True

_____ helps the users know what they can find and analyze in the data warehouse.

  • a. A composite key
  • b. Metadata
  • c. A foreign key
  • d. Encapsulation

True or False: Outsourcing is a concept that might encompass more than just commissioning the development of an application.

  • True

Ford created a joint venture with General Motors Corp. and DaimlerChrysler to establish __, a website that serves as an electronic market for parts suppliers who can bid online on requests for proposals posted by the automakers.

  • Covisint

__s software that the developer gives to potential adopters for trial use.

  • Beta software
  • i

__is the proportion of time that the ASP’s systems and communication links are up and running.

  • Uptime

______ is a structured, disciplined approach that facilitates the adoption of new or modified systems by various groups and individuals within an organization.

  • a. Prototyping
  • b. Knowledge extraction
  • c. Change management
  • d. Data mining

True or False: Since no provider can guarantee 100 percent uptime, ASPs often promise 99.9 percent uptime.

  • True

The bandwidth of a communication medium is measured as _______.

  • a. data per second
  • b. rates per second
  • c. codes per second
  • d. bits per second

True or False: A repeater amplifies or regenerates signals so that they do not become weak or distorted.

  • True

True or False: The great majority of business and individual software is open source, that is, software that is developed and sold for profit.

  • False

Before licensing a particular software package, the company should test the system using ____, which is comparing actual performance against specific quantifiable criteria.

  • benchmarking

True or False: Object-oriented databases (ODBs) do not store records, but data objects, which is an advantage for quick updates of data sets and the relationships among them.

  • True

Hardware or software that blocks access to computing resources is called a(n) ____.

  • firewall

Organizations can achieve competitive advantage if they are powerful enough to __suppliers to their mode of operation or buyers to their product.

  • lock in

A(n) __is the software that enables the OS to control a device, either one installed inside the computer or an external device such as a flash memory drive.

  • driver

True or False: In the capacity of project leaders, senior systems analysts are put in charge of several analysts and programmers.

  • True

A _______ is an independent memory device and is also known as a thumb drive.

  • a. memory card
  • b. hard drive
  • c. USB drive
  • d. circuitry card

True or False: An advantage of a flat-panel monitor is its lower power consumption.

  • True

In most expert systems, the knowledge base is built as a series of ____ rules.

  • If-Then

True or False: Companies find that the data that they collect directly from consumers provides a full picture of customer needs.

  • False

The speed of receiving from a network is called __.

  • [No Answer]

The popular name of an interface for business intelligence tools is ____.

  • a. dashboard
  • b. graphic user interface
  • c. command line interface
  • d. whiteboard

In an environment where most information technology is available to all, __that are originally developed to create a strategic advantage quickly become an expected standard business practice.

  • strategic information systems
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

A computer network within a building, or a campus of adjacent buildings, is called a ______.

  • a. WAN (wide area network)
  • b. MAN (metropolitan area network)
  • c. LAN (local area network)
  • d. PAN (personal area network)

The most common computer-related type of repetitive-stress injury is _______.

  • a. headache
  • b. upper-body discomfort
  • c. carpal tunnel syndrome
  • d. double vision
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

The customer’s ability to determine the timing and services of their needs from a business organization through a website is referred to as _____.

  • a. customer impression
  • b. self-service
  • c. customer profiling
  • d. fulfillment

True or False: Many enterprise resource planning systems are used by service representatives in combination with a telephone.

  • False

Companies should not rely on end users to develop applications that ____.

  • a. are vital for the organization's survival
  • b. are needed immediately
  • c. can be maintained by the users themselves
  • d. will be used briefly and discarded

True or False: A fixed variable model offered by the model management module of a decision support system does not change.

  • True

The process of _____ enables organizations to plan and carefully design their global sites to cater to local needs and preferences.

  • a. localization
  • b. socialization
  • c. globalization
  • d. glocalization

_____ are measures taken to ensure that only those who are authorized can use a computer or network or to certain applications or data.

  • a. Access controls
  • b. Near field communication
  • c. Code reviews
  • d. Honeytokens

A(n) _______ is one for which there is no algorithm to follow to reach an optimal solution.

  • a. unstructured discussion
  • b. structured plan
  • c. structured report
  • d. unstructured problem

True or False: Cookies are always temporary; they are installed only for one session, and are removed when the user leaves the site.

  • False
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

__technology enables one server to be virtually split into many addressable servers, each for a different client and with its own domain name.

  • Virtual private server

True or False: When end users develop applications, they should be encouraged to develop applications that interface with other organizational systems.

  • False

In the database approach, a(n) ____ is any object about which an organization chooses to collect data.

  • entity

____ are the main reasons behind the slow adoption of new forms of electronic payments.

  • a. Cashless payments
  • b. Flexible payment options
  • c. Security concerns
  • d. Immediate deductions

Coding a message into a form unreadable to an interceptor is called ____.

  • a. demodulation
  • b. modulation
  • c. encryption
  • d. classification

If your last and first name, as well as address and other details appear in the files of the department where you work as well as in the payroll file of the Human Resource department, there is duplication of data, or __.

  • Data redundancy

A(n) ____ is developed to emulate the knowledge of an expert to solve problems and make decisions in a relatively narrow domain.

  • expert system

In office LANs, one computer is often used as a central repository of programs and files that all connected computers can use; this computer is called a(n) __.

  • Server

In _______ manufacturing, suppliers ship parts directly to assembly lines, saving the cost of warehousing raw materials, parts, and subassemblies.

  • a. total
  • b. targeted
  • c. ahead-of-time
  • d. just-in-time

A(n) ____ is a Web page that invites surfers to post opinions and artistic work, as well as links to sites of interest.

  • Blog

The ________ is the maximum number of bits that the control unit can fetch from primary memory in one machine cycle.

  • a. binary limit
  • b. data word
  • c. byte
  • d. pixel

True or False: While accounting systems focus on recording and reporting financial changes and states, the purpose of human resource management systems is to facilitate financial planning and business transactions.

  • False

A single Wi-Fi router can be connected to a(n) __, which in turn is connected to a wired network and usually to the Internet.

  • AP

Outcomes rarely respond in equal measure to changes in ____, which are categories of data considered when following a sequence of steps.

  • a. parameters
  • b. data sheets
  • c. indexes
  • d. units

Different ____ can significantly impact what a company may or may not display from its servers.

  • a. laws regarding free speech
  • b. time zones across global regions
  • c. payment mechanisms used in e-commerce
  • d. national standards followed across nations

______ are point-to-point dedicated digital circuits provided by telephone companies.

  • a. Microwaves
  • b. Optical carriers
  • c. T1 and T3 lines
  • d. Nodes

For some business needs you must use a(n) __, a combination of two or more fields that together serve as a primary key, because it is impractical to use a single field as a primary key.

  • composite key
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

__are total losses of electrical power.

  • Blackouts

A supply chain management is an enterprise application because the systems that support each business process:

  • a. always take the form of a sequence.
  • b. consist of sophisticated statistical models.
  • c. record data collected at the boundaries of organizations.
  • d. are connected to each other to form one large IS.

_______ are high-frequency radio waves that can carry signals over long distances with high accuracy.

  • a. Microwaves
  • b. Mediumwaves
  • c. Kilometer waves
  • d. Shortwaves

The greatest disadvantage of tailored applications is their ____.

  • high cost

__are sequences of steps, formulas, models, and other tools that systematically reduce the alternatives to a manageable number.

  • methods

Medical ____ help diagnose patients and suggest treatments.

  • a. expert systems
  • b. resource planning systems
  • c. model systems
  • d. data management modules

While a database itself is a collection of several related files, the program used to build databases, populate them with data, and manipulate the data is called a(n) __.

  • Dbms

The implementation of a new IS, also called ____, consists of two steps: conversion and training.

  • a. delivery
  • b. replacement
  • c. turn-in
  • d. migration

The most important and pervasive set of protocols for telecommunications and networks today is called _____.

  • a. WPA
  • b. CDMA
  • c. TCP/IP
  • d. NFC

True or False: Expertise in narrow domains can be programmed in expert systems.

  • True

A _____ can connect dissimilar networks and can be programmed to also act as a firewall to filter communications.

  • a. repeater
  • b. modem
  • c. router
  • d. switch

Since ________ reduces the amount of paper in organizations, some of its most enthusiastic adopters are companies in paper-intensive fields such as law, retail, insurance, and banking.

  • a. printing
  • b. imaging
  • c. multithreading
  • d. processing

_____ involves high volumes of data compiled from traditional, ordinary business activities, as well as newer, nontraditional sources.

  • a. Big Data
  • b. Schema
  • c. Metadata
  • d. Data dictionary

__is sometimes called TV cable or simply “cable” because of its common use for cable television transmission.

  • Coaxial cable

In the ___ phase of transferring data from a transactional database to a data warehouse, the builders create the files from transactional databases and save them on the server that will hold the data warehouse.

  • a. extraction
  • b. injection
  • c. transformation
  • d. loading

Probably the easiest way to protect against loss of data is to automatically duplicate all data periodically, a process referred to as data __.

  • backup

True or False: Loyalty programs, such as frequent flier and consumer clubs, help organizations amass a steady flow of data about their customers.

  • TRUE

If someone from outside a company accessed the company’s computer without authorization and used it for any purpose whatsoever, the act would be __under the laws of every state in the United States.

  • criminal
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

True or False: Offshoring has caused layoffs of programmers in Western countries and created much bitterness among those professionals and supporters of local labor.

  • True

An expert system uses a(n) __, which is a collection of facts and the relationships among them.

  • knowledge base

__is marketing over the telephone and it makes extensive use of IT.


In banking, ____ is employed to find profitable customers and patterns of fraud.

  • a. information integration
  • b. data mining
  • c. resource recovery
  • d. web scraping
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.33/1.00.

The combination of _______ and clock rate determines throughput.

  • a. ROM size
  • b. RAM width
  • c. bus width
  • d. bus depth

A major effort of most businesses, especially retail businesses, in using customer relationship management (CRM) systems is to collect ____ about customers.

  • a. business intelligence
  • b. artificial intelligence
  • c. knowledge management parameters
  • d. personal information

A _____ is a type of malware that spreads in a network without human intervention.

  • a. logic bomb
  • b. trapdoor
  • c. worm
  • d. Trojan horse

When a system is developed by a software vendor for a wide market rather than for a specific client, conversion often takes place at ___.

  • a. alpha sites
  • b. delta sites
  • c. gamma sites
  • d. beta sites
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

The term __is associated with a high-speed networking connection, which is required for fast transmission of large files and multimedia material.


If the cost-accounting procedures of a particular company are so specific that no commercially available software can perform them, the company must develop ____ software.

  • a. adapted
  • b. own-interface
  • c. dynamic code
  • d. custom-designed

True or False: Data warehouses replace transactional databases.

  • False

Online databases that are used with web browsers _____.

  • a. do not require an interface
  • b. do not use queries
  • c. can directly understand user input
  • d. are no different from other databases

True or False: Renters of dedicated servers usually have root access, which means they act as unrestricted administrators of that computer.

  • True
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

_______ use a modular approach, which offers ease of maintenance and efficiency in applications development.

  • a. Utility languages
  • b. Graphic languages
  • c. Application languages
  • d. Object-oriented programming languages

A(n) ______ is a network used only by the employees of an organization.

  • a. supranet
  • b. internet
  • c. extranet
  • d. intranet
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

True or False: All countries welcome a policy of free access to information as a means to reaffirm their sovereignty.


True or False: The greater the number of interdependent systems, the greater the expected downtime.

  • True

A decision support system’s _____ module is a database or data warehouse that provides the data for the intelligence phase of decision making.

  • a. data management
  • b. dialog
  • c. knowledge base
  • d. model management
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

Which of the following is true of operating systems?

  • a. Operating systems based on UNIX are known to be unstable.
  • b. Windows operating systems are considered to be more user- friendly than Mac operating systems.
  • c. Stable operating systems do not cause a computer to freeze or produce error messages.
  • d. Operating systems are not expected to function if the user makes a mistake.
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

Which of the following is a result of forming strategic alliances?

  • a. One-stop shopping is rendered inconvenient.
  • b. The combined service is more expensive.
  • c. The same technology is used.
  • d. Organizations do not enjoy synergy.

True or False: An important element of online retailing is the absence of a selection facility similar to a brick-and-mortar store.

  • False
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

Businesses use _______ to save on travel costs and lodging, car fleets, and the time of highly salaried employees incurred on bringing together employees working in different organizations or at different sites in the same organization.

  • a. hotspots
  • b. graphic communications
  • c. videoconferencing
  • d. access points

True or False: Popular output devices include the keyboard, mouse, trackball, microphone, and various types of scanners.

  • False
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

On the web, an example of alliances is a(n) __________.

  • a. object-oriented program
  • b. progressive task agreement
  • c. online analytical agreement
  • d. affiliate program

True or False: Database fields are limited to holding text and numbers.

  • False

True or False: The simplest WAN is a satellite linkup between LANs in two different countries.

  • False

True or False: Optical bar recognition senses data encoded in the series of thick and thin black bars in bar codes.

  • True
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

__________ are expenses incurred when a customer stops buying a product or service from one business and starts buying it from another.

  • a. Standard costs
  • b. Opportunity costs
  • c. Marginal costs
  • d. Switching costs

__________ refers to the competitive advantage that a company can achieve by persuading customers that its product or service is better than its competitors'.

  • a. Product differentiation
  • b. Product specification
  • c. Product validation
  • d. Product segmentation

Bluetooth is considered a _____ technology, because it typically supports a network used by only one person.

  • a. wide area network
  • b. metropolitan area network
  • c. local area network
  • d. personal area network

One objective of data mining is __, the finding of groups of related facts not previously known.

  • Clustering

True or False: Multiple characters make up a record.

  • False

The developers of __do not make the source code of their software public.

  • [No Answer]

Business intelligence __help executives quickly receive metrics, ratios, and trends in mostly graphic format.

  • Dashboards

On the Web, _____ includes identifying the sites your audience frequently visits.

  • a. spamming
  • b. phishing
  • c. hosting
  • d. targeting

The motive for developing and improving _________ is not monetary, but rather the satisfaction of solving programming problems and the recognition of one’s contribution.

  • a. packaged software
  • b. proprietary software
  • c. multimedia software
  • d. open source software

True or False: To retrieve records from a relational database, or to sort them, you must use a key.

  • True

True or False: The permissive model of software licensing permits anyone to use, modify, and make applications with the code, but not to use it in proprietary products for sale or licensing.

  • False

When a(n) __tag is attached to a product, it contains a electronic product code.

  • RFID

In 1976, Europeans adopted the 13-digit European Article Number (EAN), while American companies used the 12- digit __.


True or False: Geographic information systems (GISs) are often the best decision aids for map-related decisions.

  • True

True or False: The goal of reengineering is to gain small incremental cost savings.

  • False

______ is a secured protocol used for confidential transactions.

  • a. HTTPS
  • b. VOIP
  • c. HTTP
  • d. FTP

Which of the following is a good practice to consider when designing websites for an international audience?

  • a. Use automated methods to translate content.
  • b. Do not tailor each local site to local preferences.
  • c. Plan the site before developing.
  • d. Do not be egalitarian.

____________ involves adoption of new machinery and elimination of management layers.

  • a. Offshoring
  • b. Debugging
  • c. Reengineering
  • d. Prototyping

True or False: Consumers of the final goods and services are involved in B2B trading.

  • False
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

__________ are used as a shared resource, connecting hundreds of users to a variety of computers from desktops, laptops, and other servers.

  • a. Personal digital assistants
  • b. Microcomputers
  • c. Servers
  • d. Workstations

The ability to scramble and code messages through keys that are shared only between the sender and receiver is referred to as _____.

  • a. transmission
  • b. decryption
  • c. transcription
  • d. encryption

_____ include ERP, SCM, and CRM applications and typically cost millions of dollars.

  • a. Inventory software applications
  • b. Basic software applications
  • c. Project software applications
  • d. Enterprise software applications

True or False: With single sign-on, users are required to identify themselves every time they access each of several different systems.

  • False

With a(n) __, a user controls the cursor by moving his or her finger along a touch-sensitive pad.

  • trackpad

Communication on the Internet primarily follows the network protocol, __, which is actually a set of related protocols.

  • TCP/IP

Many North American and European countries have outsourced development of well-defined applications to professionals in other countries, an act often referred to as ___.

  • Offshoring

_____ transfers visitor inquiries from a busy server to a less busy server for identical information and services.

  • a. Load balancing
  • b. Co-location
  • c. Pure playing
  • d. Shared hosting

Computer telephony integration (CTI) is a technique enabling a computer to use the digital signal coming through a telephone line as _________ in a computer system.

  • a. identification
  • b. input
  • c. output
  • d. feedback

Transactional data is copied into a ______, which is a separate data repository.

  • a. data dictionary
  • b. database schema
  • c. traditional database
  • d. data warehouse

Agile methods are an efficient approach to development when a system is ____, when it deals with unstructured problems, and when the users cannot specify all the requirements at the start of the project.

  • a. complex
  • b. small
  • c. large
  • d. well-funded

True or False: Hypermedia enables linking text, pictures, sounds, animations, and video.

  • True

A(n) __with a modem is very slow (usually no faster than 56 Kbps), so most users and small businesses today are turning to faster connections that use digital signals throughout the connection, such as DSL

  • Dial-up connection
  • and cable connections.
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

A(n) __is involved in creatively deciding how to represent the organization on the web.

  • webmaster

__combine ideas for making potentially winning business decisions and ideas for harnessing information technology to implement the decisions.

  • Strategic information systems

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are productivity tools in the Microsoft Office ____.

  • a. compilation
  • b. driver
  • c. suite
  • d. prototype

True or False: In direct access, records are organized sequentially.

  • False

A(n) _____ is the field by which records in a table are uniquely identified.

  • a. query
  • b. object
  • c. database model
  • d. primary key

The relational database model consists of __which are used to contain records.

  • Tables

______ allow Internet access to anyone within range who uses a wireless-equipped device, provided logging in is not limited by controlled access codes.

  • a. Intranets
  • b. VPNs
  • c. Hotspots
  • d. VANs

Some companies might want to use entire physical servers all for themselves and therefore can opt for _____.

  • a. shared hosting
  • b. virtual private server hosting
  • c. progressive hosting
  • d. dedicated hosting

True or False: Design support systems (DSSs) sort out a good risk as a person or institution that is likely to default on a loan.

  • False

IEEE 802.3, known as __, is the only LAN protocol of significance.

  • Ethernet

One way to increase market share is to lower prices, and the best way to lower prices is to ________.

  • a. update to latest technologies
  • b. outsource jobs
  • c. reduce costs
  • d. promote self-training

True or False: 3GLs are significantly less procedural than 4GLs.

  • False

__________ specifically refers to the efficiency of human resources.

  • a. Enhancement
  • b. Compatibility
  • c. Competence
  • d. Productivity

The purpose of _______ is to manage computer resources and perform routine tasks that are not specific to any application.

  • a. packaged software
  • b. system software
  • c. multimedia software
  • d. production software

True or False: Enterprise resource planning applications are expensive.

  • True

A(n) __is software that combines data that is input by the user with the data relationships stored in the knowledge base.

  • Inference engine
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

True or False: A protocol called Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used for transactions on the Web.

  • True

_____ allows clients to take advantage of the vendor’s experience that the vendor hasgained through work with many clients in different environments.

  • a. In-house development
  • b. Outsourcing
  • c. Licensing
  • d. User development

__receive records of routine business transactions—such as the purchase of raw materials or services, or the sale of manufactured goods.

  • ISs

_____ encryption is defined as encryption that comprises two keys: a public key, and a private key.

  • a. Super
  • b. Parallel
  • c. Asymmetric
  • d. Cascade

True or False: Small businesses cannot use targeted marketing due to their low budget.

  • False

Business intelligence applications access large pools of data, usually transactional records stored in large databases called _______.

  • a. supply chains
  • b. subsystems
  • c. digital systems
  • d. data warehouses

_________ is a popular medium for connecting computers and networking devices because it is relatively flexible, reliable, and low cost.

  • a. Coaxial cable
  • b. Twinaxial cable
  • c. Optical fiber
  • d. Twisted pair cable

True or False: Technical support involves the quality of the equipment that the hosting company provides, security measures it maintains the sophistication of server and load management, and the technical skills of its personnel.

  • True

True or False: People are often denied credit based on the decisions made by machines.

  • True

To link records from one table with records of another table, the tables must have at least one field in common, and that field must be a ____ field for one of the tables.

  • a. imitable key
  • b. primary key
  • c. main key
  • d. foreign key

The usage of __in web technologies ensures that data exchanged between the SCM systems of two organizations are interpreted correctly.

  • XML

The data-mining application that identifies which prospective clients should be included in a mailing or email list to obtain the highest response rate is known as ____.

  • a. consumer clustering
  • b. trend analysis
  • c. direct marketing
  • d. customer churn

The code is large enough to identify more than 100 times the number of products and manufacturers that the 12-digit UPCs could.

  • Global Trade Item Numbers

The main advantage of Java and JavaScript is that the code produced, called __, can be executed well regardless of the operating system the computer uses.


Storage area network (SAN) identifies large quantities of data, called _______, and therefore can transfer and back up large amounts of data at a time.

  • a. data segments
  • b. word blocks
  • c. data blocks
  • d. word segments

An alternative for households that cannot obtain cable or DSL connections to the Internet is _____.

  • a. T3 lines
  • b. fixed wireless
  • c. optical carriers
  • d. T1 lines

__consists of diagrams that describe the following types of software: use case, class, interaction, state, activity, and physical components.

  • Unified Modeling Language
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

True or False: When an application is developed especially for an organization, specific program goals and custom requirements are considered during the development process.

  • True

The of a modern business shows a network of information subsystems that exchange information with each other and with the world outside the system.

  • a. information hub
  • b. subsystem
  • c. database
  • d. information map

is the most common programming language for creating Web pages and other information viewable in a Web browser.

  • HTML

True or False: Artificial intelligence (AI) focuses on methods and technologies to emulate how humans learn and solve problems.

  • True

__enables application software to run on a computer and manages the interaction between the CPU, memory, storage, input/output devices, and other computer components.

  • System Software

True or False: Database management systems structure files, store data, and link records.

  • True

__enables users to complete a particular application or task, such as word processing, investment analysis, data manipulation, or project management.

  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

A dynamic __application responds to commands by composing tables “on the fly.”

  • OLAP

While ____ might sound benign, many privacy advocates claim that it violates privacy rights.

  • a. cookie profiling
  • b. consumer profiling
  • c. load balancing
  • d. reverse auctioning

True or False: The larger the number of companies competing within an industry, the better off each company is.

  • False

A(n) ___ is a way to authenticate online messages, analogous to a physical signature on a piece of paper, but implemented with public-key cryptography.

  • digital signature

___________ have been used to provide service via the Web, such as helping residents find locations of different services on a city map or plan travel routes.

  • a. Decision support systems
  • b. Business intelligence systems
  • c. Geographic information systems
  • d. Expert systems

Organizations must use software tools to process data into meaningful information to make _____ useful.

  • a. data warehouses
  • b. expert systems
  • c. information silos
  • d. decision systems

The most important element of an outsourcing agreement for both parties, but mostly for the client, is what professionals call the ____.

  • service-level agreement

True or False: The greatest advantage of tailored applications is their low cost.

  • False

In the __phase of decision making, decision makers collect facts, ideas, and beliefs.

  • Intelligence

The recent trend in less rich countries is to adopt ____ to avoid high costs.

  • a. a single standard for information systems
  • b. software with restricted source code
  • c. free open source software
  • d. paid licenses

True or False: Controls translate business policies into system features.

  • True

True or False:

  • True

__________ are used to execute transactions in which financial institutions transfer huge amounts of money using electronic funds transfer (EFT).

  • a. Expert systems (ESs)
  • b. Cash management systems (CMSs)
  • c. Business intelligence (BI) systems
  • d. Decision support systems (DSSs)

True or False: The important factors in choosing a networking medium are availability, current and potential bandwidth, and vulnerability to electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI).

  • True

__Applications can easily answer questions such as, “Where are my weakest performing sales offices?” and “What products are selling well?”

  • OLAP

When organizations use a customer relationship management (CRM) system, the _______ of such systems provide data for the DSS.

  • a. knowledge bases
  • b. neural networks
  • c. inference engines
  • d. databases

The inclusion of foreign keys to create join tables might cause considerable __, a complexity that has not diminished the popularity of relational databases.

  • Data redundancy

Raw data is __Correct in information systems to create useful information.

  • processed

A technological challenge to information systems is the way characters are usually represented by _____ in computers.

  • a. whole words
  • b. bits
  • c. bytes
  • d. Unicode

To group knowledge into manageable data, companies use ___ software.

  • a. data mining
  • b. OLAP
  • c. clickstream
  • d. autocategorization

The meaningful information gleaned from data warehouses using software tools is referred to as ____.

  • a. unstructured data
  • b. raw data
  • c. business intelligence
  • d. performance indicators

The process of a group of colleagues meeting and working collaboratively to generate creative solutions and new ideas is known as ______.

  • a. teleconferencing
  • b. think tank
  • c. groupthink
  • d. brainstorming

______ is a standard method of wireless communications, specifically for high-speed data transmission for mobile phones.

  • a. WiMAX
  • b. Long-Term Evolution
  • c. Bluetooth
  • d. Near-field communication
  • Accounting for previous tries, this gives 0.67/1.00.

When application developers write code, they use the __ for the operating system on which the application will run.

  • [No Answer]

According to the European union, people ____.

  • a. need not know that their personal data is being used by third parties
  • b. need not be disclosed the ways in which their personal data will be used
  • c. have no rights to obtain confirmation that data about them is being processed
  • d. have the right to object to the processing of personal data

The purpose of ____ is to know the consumers better so the business can serve them better, while streamlining its marketing and sales operations.

  • Consumer profiling

Once criminals have a person’s identifying details, such as a Social Security number, driver’s license number, orcredit-card number, they can pretend to be this person, which is a crime called ___.

  • identity theft

The ability to limit users’ views to only specific columns or records gives a(n) __an advantage: the ability to implement security measures.

  • DBA

Which of the following is true of objective-oriented programming languages?

  • a. They require more code than other languages.
  • b. Their primary emphasis is on the procedure for performing a task.
  • c. Operations are linked to the data that they run on.
  • d. Data and the operations to manipulate the data are kept separate from each other.

__automates the classification of data into categories for future retrieval.


True or False: Web page development packages expedite development of webpages.

  • True

An increasing amount of ____ in the financial services and many other industries are made in real time using DSSs.

  • a. data automation
  • b. decision making
  • c. long-range forecasts
  • d. materials management

Some software companies, such as Tacit Systems, Hivemine, and Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions have developed , tools that facilitate knowledge sharing through intranets.

  • Employee Knowledge Networks

True or False: Online analytical processing (OLAP) is increasingly used by corporations to gain efficiencies.

  • TRUE

Spreadsheets and word processors are _____.

  • a. software-testing applications
  • b. application-specific applications
  • c. program-coding applications
  • d. general-purpose applications

True or False: Symmetric encryption is also called “public‐key” encryption.

  • False

True or False: An exchange is an extranet for organizations that offer for sale and bid on products and services of a particular type.

  • True

Contracts for ____ software development might be incompatible with agile development methods.

  • a. outsourced
  • b. licensed
  • c. rented
  • d. open source

Which of the following is considered a strategic advantage of the first-mover?

  • a. Technological literacy
  • b. Guaranteed long-term success
  • c. High market value
  • d. Superior brand name

Information systems that help seize opportunities are called __.


Studies show that __is not the most common reason for outsourcing.

  • saving money

To ensure against interruptions in power supply, organizations use ____ systems, which provide an alternative power supply for a short time, as soon as a power network fails.

  • UPS

____ are excellent tools for building both the data and the models that decision support systems need.

  • a. Spreadsheets
  • b. Data lists
  • c. Word files
  • d. Notepads

A(n) _____ is created “on the fly” as a result of a query and exists only for the duration the user wishes to view it or to create a paper report from it.

  • a. join table
  • b. object table
  • c. entity table
  • d. two-way table

Perpetrators use other people's computers in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Professionals call such computers ____.

  • zombies

True or False: Ideally, the ISs of manufacturing organizations and their suppliers would be linked in a way that makes them subsystems of one large system.

  • True

_________ is the raw material in the production of information.

  • a. Program
  • b. Data
  • c. Node
  • d. Money

True or False: In the IT arena, outsourcing has a single meaning.

  • False

Companies such as Razorfish, DoubleClick, and Engage Software use ____ to collect consumer data.

  • a. spyware
  • b. middleware
  • c. riskware
  • d. malware

True or False: Domain names always start with www.

  • False

The cost of damage is the aggregate of all the potential damages multiplied by their respective ____.

  • probabilities

True or False: Storage and retrieval on sequential storage devices are slow but the devices are inexpensive, which makes tapes suitable for backup purposes.

  • True

True or False: A schema describes the structure of the database being designed: the names and types of fields in each record type and the general relationships among different sets of records or files.

  • True

In relational database, a record or row is called a _____.

  • a. relation
  • b. table
  • c. attribute
  • d. tuple

True or False: Material requirements planning (MRP) programs use long-range forecasts to put long-lead material on order.

  • True

True or False: In November 2000, the European union (EU) passed a law that lets consumers file lawsuits against an online business only in the country of the online business.


The first phase in the supply chain is ________.

  • a. delivering goods to customers
  • b. processing of raw materials into goods
  • c. procuring raw materials
  • d. reducing costs of manufacturing processes

Material requirements planning (MRP) programs use _______ to put long-lead material on order.

  • a. short-range forecasts
  • b. long-range forecasts
  • c. long-range demands
  • d. just-in-time accounting

True or False: One of the most useful manipulations of object-oriented databases (ODBs) is the creation of a new table from two or more other tables.

  • False

An organization can learn much about its customers, sellers, and itself by mining data warehouses and using OLAP software, but such techniques still do not satisfy another important challenge: how to manage __.

  • Knowledge

____ is a tool used to translate MS-Word documents to multiple languages.

  • a. Linux
  • b. Unix
  • c. Wordfast
  • d. WordPad

True or False: Serving customers better and faster, as well as learning more about their experiences and preferences, is facilitated by decision support systems (DSSs).

  • False

In a _________, a market rarely remains the domain of one organization for long; thus, competition ensues almost immediately.

  • a. free-enterprise society
  • b. planned economy
  • c. command economy
  • d. mixed society

Intelligent __allow employees to enter questions in free form or close to free form.

  • Interfaces

To optimize employee benefits, some companies use special software, incorporating a(n) __that determines the optimal health and retirement plans for each employee based on factors such as marital status, age, occupation, and other data.

  • expert system

The ____________ is responsible for all aspects of an organization’s ISs and is often a corporate vice president.

  • a. chief administrative officer
  • b. chief security officer
  • c. chief information officer Correct
  • d. chief information security officer

The part of the BI software application that parses the questions entered by employees is known as the ____.

  • a. network layer
  • b. data link layer
  • c. session layer
  • d. semantic layer

_____ enables business partners to set standards for data formats in Web pages.

  • a. XML
  • b. SQL
  • c. CGI
  • d. Perl

The _______ mediates applications and the computer, and controls peripheral devices.

  • a. operating system
  • b. application software
  • c. utility system
  • d. multimedia software

True or False: The only language that computer hardware understands is a series of electrical signals that represent bits and bytes.

  • True

True or False: Most mathematical and physical problems are semi-structured.


______is the attempt by organizations to put procedures and technologies in place to transfer individual knowledge into databases.

  • a. Data mining
  • b. Knowledge management
  • c. Data warehousing
  • d. Knowledge extraction

_____ are applications that combine features of two or more online applications.

  • a. Mashups
  • b. Neural networks
  • c. Databases
  • d. Spreadsheets

The time between generating an idea for a product and completing a prototype that can be mass-manufactured is known as engineering lead time, or _______.

  • a. time to produce
  • b. time to market
  • c. time to sell
  • d. time to distribute

An extranet might be viewed as connecting ____ of business partners.

  • a. intranets
  • b. supernets
  • c. usenets
  • d. internets

True or False: From a technical point of view, online databases that are used with Web browsers are different from other databases.

  • False

Both data-mining and OLAP software are often integrated into ____ for the purpose of collecting business intelligence about customers.

  • a. CRM systems
  • b. SCM systems
  • c. ERP systems
  • d. HRM systems

True or False: Designing a website for an international audience usually requires less planning than a national one.

  • False

True or False: Companies that are growing fast and rely on software for deployment of their operations often hire the services of ASPs.

  • True

The lack of a ____ in Big Data can make data collected from nontraditional sources a challenge to analyze.

  • a. traditional data structure
  • b. granular level of storage
  • c. data warehouse
  • d. nontraditional data

To accelerate their work, programmers can use one of several __, such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Embarcadero Delphi, Micro Focus COBOL, ASNA Visual RPG, and Visual C++.

  • Visual programming languages

_____ are entered to manipulate data, including adding, deleting, and updating data.

  • a. Queries
  • b. Reports
  • c. Primary keys
  • d. Foreign keys

True or False: Shipping is the next link in the supply chain after the completion of the process of marketing products.

  • False

Rather than containing a set of IF-THEN rules, more sophisticated ESs use ____, which are designed to mimic the way a human brain learns.

  • a. sensitivity analysis
  • b. communication networks
  • c. what-if analysis
  • d. neural networks

True or False: A small ad hoc team usually performs a quick preliminary investigation to determine the need for a new system.

  • True

The CPU and primary memory are usually plugged into a circuit board in the computer case called the ______.

  • a. monitor
  • b. motherboard
  • c. multicore processor
  • d. control unit

_____ is one of the primary languages used to compose and retrieve web pages and support the presentation of pictures with marked areas.

  • a. XML
  • b. HTTP
  • c. SGML
  • d. CSS

The research company IDC argues that almost half of the work that ____ do in organizations has already been done, at least partially.

  • knowledge workers

Online retailing, called __, continues to grow throughout the world for several reasons: greater availability of faster communication lines to households, growing confidence in online purchases, and the increasing ability to

  • e-tailing
  • find the item one searches and rich information about it.

A _________ is a body of clients that is large enough to attract many other clients.

  • a. critical alliance
  • b. client set
  • c. critical mass
  • d. client subsystem

In the context of B2B trading, online advertising is done mainly in two ways: through _____ and through banners.

  • a. e-mail
  • b. search engines
  • c. spam
  • d. newsgroups

The most popular OOP languages are Java, Visual Basic, and ______.

  • a. HTTP
  • b. C++/C
  • c. XML
  • d. HTML

Many organizations have found that if they accumulate _____, they can use it for important management decisions, such as researching market trends or tracking down fraud.

  • a. field tables
  • b. transaction data
  • c. transaction indexes
  • d. field indexes

A con artist telephones an employee, pretends to be from his own organization's IT unit, and says he must have the employee’s password to fix a problem. This is an example of ____.

  • a. data encryption
  • b. social engineering
  • c. data mining
  • d. social pathology

eBay’s success demonstrates the strategic advantage of the __, an organization that is the first to offer a new product or service.

  • first mover

The first step in systems analysis is ____, which determines whether there is a real need for a system and whether the system as conceived is feasible.

  • a. research
  • b. search
  • c. quest
  • d. investigation

A(n) __________ system is used at all levels of an organization, and often by non-managerial staff.

  • a. enterprise resource planning
  • b. supply chain management
  • c. customer relationship management
  • d. decision support

True or False: Mobile commerce allows people to use their mobile devices to experience an event and react immediately.

  • True

________ is a feature that enables a user to access additional information by clicking on selected text or graphics.

  • a. Groupware
  • b. Graphics accelerator
  • c. Hypermedia
  • d. Graphical user interface

__are constraints and other restrictions imposed on a user or a system, and they can be used to secure systems against risks or to reduce damage caused to systems, applications, and data.

  • Controls

A(n) ____ problem is one in which an optimal solution can be reached through a single set of steps.

  • structured

A person who holds the position of __must have both technical understanding of current and developing information technologies and business knowledge.

  • CIO
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