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Information Technology Practicum

Is designed to improve student performance by using computer-generated projects to deliver computer-based solutions that meet the needs of different users.

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Which of the following should NOT be included on a résumé?

  • childhood hobbies
  • volunteer experience
  • job-related skills

Be __. Give the employer a reason to want to meet you.

  • original

The planning process usually includes the following steps: Self-Assessment, identifying and exploring career options; setting goals and planning action steps to achieve those goals; taking action in accordance with the career plan (e.g., write a resume).

  • Career planning

A job or occupation regarded as a long-term or lifelong activity or pursuit.

  • career

Make sure that there aren't gaps or overlaps in your __. Attention to detail is vital when it comes to this.

  • dates

Employers have said that when they hire, they place the greatest value on skills that cut across all majors. Which is an example of those types of skills?

  • written and oral communication skills
  • knowledge of specific, highly specialized technical terminology
  • advanced calculus

Writing a great resume is an art form, particularly now that __ are so crucial to a resume's success.

  • keywords

An occupation that requires extensive education or specialized training to practice in the profession.

  • Profession

What you do have are __ competencies that will work in a variety of jobs and industries.

  • transferable

Networking is best defined as which of the following?

  • the process by which people add each other into their Internet and social media contacts
  • the process by which people build relationships with one another for the purpose of helping one another achieve professional goals
  • the process by which people communicate with each other about interpersonal problems

__ should highlight your accomplishments, not draw attention away from them.

  • Formatting

Your __ is really part of your resume. Therefore, it is equally important.

  • cover letter

__ are a combination of skills, abilities, and knowledge needed to accomplish a specific task.

  • Competencies

Besides the pay, what other factors do college graduates typically consider critical when making career choices?

  • size of office, chance of early retirement, and opportunity for bonus checks
  • personal satisfaction, enjoyment, opportunity to use skills and abilities, and personal development
  • number of vacation days and likelihood of becoming famous

Even if you don't snail-mail your resume to employers, you should have __ on hand to bring to interviews.

  • hard copies

They are generally characterized as having a significant number of years of work experience, and/or are 40 years of age or older.

  • experienced workers

From a careers perspective, they may ask "why do you want to work in the healthcare industry?"

  • Career counseling

Don't state salary information or a __. You don't want to be passed over based on a range that they are either unable or unwilling to pay.

  • salary history

Which of the following will be most beneficial to help you grow your professional network?

  • connect with your parents’ friends as network contacts
  • consider getting business cards
  • update your LinkedIn profile picture every day

__ are words of wisdom that experienced resume writers have gathered over many years of writing job specific resumes.

  • Resume tips

Kyle is in the last year of his pre-med major and plans to be a doctor. He interns at a hospital to gain experience and help pay for school. While at the hospital, Kyle sees a lot of nurses who are frustrated with some of the medical equipment and tools, and Kyle has a few ideas for designing better medical tools. Instead of going on to medical school, Kyle decides he wants to start a business designing and selling medical equipment to hospitals. Which of the following statements is true of Kyle?

  • Kyle’s major was pre-med, so the only career option available to him is to be a doctor. Any other career choice would waste his time and talents.
  • Kyle made a huge mistake majoring in pre-med. Now that he’s planning to be an entrepreneur, he would have been better off majoring in business.
  • While Kyle’s career path has changed from what he originally intended, his major still provides him with necessary skills and knowledge he can use in his new career path.

Cheyenne doesn’t know what she wants to major in yet, but she knows that she has never enjoyed English or history classes. Which strategy is Cheyenne using to choose a major?

  • taking new classes to discover her interests
  • exploring careers that interest her
  • narrowing choices by deciding what she doesn’t like

An organized economic activity connected with production, manufacture, and/or construction of a particular product/service or range of products/services.

  • Industry

It refers to possessing a set of core skill groups that are transferable from job-to-job and from industry-to-industry.

  • Employability

A resume containing 25- __ keywords is the general rule for a job-specific resume, so if you have fewer than that number, try to fill each section of your resume with relevant keywords in varying forms.

  • 35

For the font, select a reasonable size. Anywhere between 9 and __ points should be acceptable.

  • 12

Which of the following are examples of “hard skills”?

  • being a good listener, applying common sense, having an ability to work under pressure
  • changing a tire, being detail-oriented, displaying reliability
  • using Adobe Photoshop, operating a buzzsaw, speaking Mandarin Chinese

__ are useful when you have to write and format a resume but do not have the time.

  • templates

When submitting your resume online, try concentrating on industry-specific websites or professional/__ organizations, depending on how specific the skills and requirements are for your industry.

  • trade

Bert works as a cashier in a bookstore for an hourly wage. He likes his work, but he doesn’t want to be doing the same thing five years from now. On the other hand, Ernie works in a different bookstore. He started as a cashier and was promoted to a manager. Ernie has been learning about marketing, and five years from now he hopes to be working on marketing projects for his current bookstore or perhaps a different bookstore. Which of the following statements best fits this scenario?

  • Bert has a career; Ernie has a job.
  • Bert has a job; Ernie has a career.
  • Both Bert and Ernie have careers.

Use a template if you lack the time to write a highly __ resume.

  • individual

Which of the following can career quizzes help you do?

  • tell you what you should do with the rest of your life
  • create a list of your skills and match your skills to job types that use those skills
  • identify professions with the highest life satisfaction ratings in your city

The process of identifying and implementing career activities that cause change for the purpose of growth.

  • Career Development

Which traits are typical of the exploring stage of career development?

  • feeling stagnant and taking stock of where you are and where you want to go
  • selecting or entering a field and looking for upward growth
  • identifying your interests and aptitudes and trying out jobs

Do your research on line, in publications and in professional associations to learn as much as you can about the __ and job you are applying to.

  • company

You are a college-ready student if you have the necessary knowledge, skills, and professional behaviors to do which of the following?

  • earn a certificate or degree in college
  • win a debate against your professor
  • write a convincing cover letter and résumé

Daryll has a lot of interests, but is having a hard time narrowing down what he wants to study and what type of career he wants to have. Which of the following can best help him choose a career?

  • a Buzzfeed quiz, a social media poll, a magazine article
  • his childhood interests, his personality traits, his pre-existing skills
  • a friend’s opinion, an online article, a portrayal of career on TV

Katie is nervous about her upcoming job opportunities and wants to make sure that her résumé is perfect. What is the best advice for her?

  • Use action verbs and phrases.
  • Let typos remain to show that you’re not too picky or uptight.
  • Put in as many details as possible.

Amin works as an advertising art director. He got his current position when a headhunter spotted the artwork he posted on his popular art blog and Instagram account. Which method did Amin use to develop his professional network?

  • He asked family members and friends, coworkers, and acquaintances for referrals.
  • He participated in online social media.
  • He joined professional organizations.

Applicants often sound robotic in attempts to sound __.

  • Formal

Be clear and __. Be short and to the point in describing your responsibilities.

  • concise

Present your jobs in reverse __, beginning with the most recent.

  • chronological order

Provide strong __. Most family and friends will be happy to vouch for you as a 'good person,' but you really want to find three people who will sit down and give a written assessment of you as a person, and your job

  • references
  • capabilities.

It may take you a few tries to craft your __ into something that reads well and sums up your professional and personal capabilities, but it's worth it when you can present something uniquely "you" that will entice employers.

  • resume objective

While you can network anywhere, which of the following are the best places for professional networking?

  • frat parties, sitting on the bus with strangers, Instagram
  • professional conferences, fundraising events, LinkedIn
  • online dating websites, shopping malls, nightclubs

Dimitri was initially interested in pre-med with plans to become a doctor. He job-shadowed a doctor at a hospital, and he was fascinated by the careful combination of drugs the doctor used to treat patients. Dimitri remembers that he has always done well in his chemistry classes. He chooses to major in organic chemistry. Which steps did Dimitri take to help him choose a major?

  • seeking inspiration and using his school’s resources
  • in-depth career exploration and identifying talents and interests
  • taking new classes to discover new interests and exploring careers that might interest him

Which of the following are skills that employers in a wide range of fields are looking for?

  • writing and speaking clearly
  • fluency in at least two foreign languages
  • mastery of dozens of computer programs

Which of the following should you include on a résumé?

  • education, work experience, relevant skills, contact information
  • social security number, date of birth, medical conditions
  • wage/salary expectations, what you expect from the position

For new college graduates with entry level resumes, have a __ write a recommendation, along with a peer who you worked with in a group setting, and a supervisor from an internship.

  • professor

Such transitions involve a series of integrated steps to get back on their feet including to include transferable skills assessment, stress and time management, and re-education.

  • Career Transition

If you are looking for more information on choosing a major or career path from others who can best relate to your current situation, you should talk to

  • fellow students and graduating seniors.
  • faculty and academic advisors.
  • professionals in a career center.

__ are basic academic and behavioral characteristics from which to build competencies.

  • Foundation skills

In addition to financial- and employment-related reasons, which of the following is the main purpose of college?

  • a way to delay entering the workforce
  • intellectual and personal growth
  • attainment of more advanced subjects than were available in high school

When describing your prior job experience and duties, use __ language.

  • active

Whether you e-mail, fax, or mail your resume to prospective employers, you should try to keep your __ plain and easy to read.

  • font

A specific job by which someone earns a living.

  • occupation

Which of the following is a professional accomplishment that could go on a résumé?

  • being elected prom king or queen
  • an award earned in your field
  • winning a pie-eating contest

From a careers perspective, once an individual decides he/she wants to pursue a career in healthcare, the coach will show the individual how to organize his/her activities in order to explore options and find jobs within that industry, providing encouragement along the way.

  • Career Coaching

Which of the following are transferable skills?

  • batching print PDF files
  • identifying bone markings that indicate age
  • problem-solving and adaptability

Always include numbers, percentages, and specific amounts in your job descriptions to back up your __.

  • achievements

(Formatting) Simple __ will best separate your duties and skills.

  • bullets

Freya isn’t sure exactly what career she wants after she graduates, but she knows she enjoys learning languages and likes helping people. She especially wants to work with people from other countries such as immigrants or refugees. She is considering working as a translator or some kind of aid worker. Which of the following options best lists the majors Freya should consider?

  • linguistics, sociology, social work
  • business, physics, criminal justice
  • biology, psychology, political science

“Why should we hire you?” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” “What attracted you to this company?” These are all examples of

  • brainteaser interview questions.
  • behavioral interview questions.
  • basic interview questions.

Handling different aspects of a career activity successfully, usually in the form of meeting pre-established activity objectives.

  • Career management

As an entry level, the approach you take will depend on your college major, your part-time work experience while in high school and college and on the __ you’ve developed.

  • competencies

An approach that is generally used while writing industry-specific resumes is to "__" the resume with keywords early in the document.

  • front-load

Which best describes a résumé?

  • a lengthy essay detailing everything you have ever done that would make someone want to hire you
  • a professional autobiography in outline form that shows your education, work experience, job-related skills, accomplishments, and more
  • a professional letter you write to introduce yourself and tell a prospective employer why you qualify for a position

In your cover letter and resume, mirror (truthfully) the skills and requirements that the __ is looking for.

  • employer

Most colleges and universities have ________ programs with networking resources to help you make important connections pertaining to your future career.

  • post-graduate
  • internship
  • alumni

Your goal is to __ yourself based on these competencies and on your achievements so far, both educational and in part-time jobs, either paid or volunteer.

  • market

Before opting for a specific resume template, find out if it is suitable for the __ you’re applying for.

  • position

Don't add __ and interests. When an interviewer asks you to tell them about yourself, it is always work-related -they really don’t want to know about your love for sailboats

  • hobbies

They are generally characterized as having one year or less of work experience, and/or newly graduated from high school or college.

  • entry-level workers

Which of the following should you AVOID in your cover letter?

  • highlights of your skills or accomplishments
  • reasons why you left your last position
  • information about how you learned about the position or company

Always personalize your resume for the position you are applying for. This will allow the potential employer to associate your __ with their job opening.

  • experience

The __, which focuses attention on skills and achievements, rather than a chronological listing of jobs ideal for recent grads.

  • functional resume format

Keep it to __ page. No one wants to scan through two or more pages of your long-winded accomplishments and experience unless you have many years of experience.

  • one

How long should you continue to learn after college?

  • until your career takes off
  • your whole life
  • just until the diploma is in your hand

Which of the following are “soft skills”?

  • being a good listener, demonstrating common sense, having the ability to work under pressure
  • changing a tire, being detail-oriented, piloting an airplane
  • using Adobe Photoshop, operating a buzzsaw, speaking Chinese

When it comes to writing a good cover letter, make it __.

  • personable
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