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Food Service Management

Covers the principles and practices of managing food service operations, including menu planning, cost control, food safety, for efficient service delivery.
















A ____________ is a means of communication about informing the customer about what food items are being offered in a food service unit.

  • Menu

When the guest is at the reception to check in, and if the check in progress takes time. What should the receptionist do?

  • A. Look at the guest
  • B. Say thankyou to the guest
  • C. Assist them
  • D. Offer something complimentary

In food service industry, people who have good culinary skills can work as a __________________.

  • Chef

12. She was the first dietician and creator of the modern hospital.

  • Florence Nightingale

"Hotel should always carefully take care of its guests."Determine the factor of service culture

  • Empathy

Choose all correct answers on how to increase the amount of money each guests spends.

  • Loyalty cards
  • Discount and Privilege cards
  • Discounts for very large purchases
  • Suggestive selling by service staff

11. He is the "Father of Industrial Catering".

  • Chef. Boy Logro
  • Gordon Ramsay
  • Robert Foster
  • Nicholas Sparks
  • Robert Owen

It refers to the number of transactions rang up in a cash register.

  • Transaction Count

Which of the following is not providing welfare catering?

  • Old age homes
  • Holiday camps
  • Industrial canteens
  • Prisons

TRUE OR FALSEThe Latin word of restaurant is resturare which means to restore.

  • TRUE

15. What type of restaurant does the Jollibee food chain belong to?

  • Fast Food Restaurant

Manufacturing Manager's Tasks are Securing Raw Material, Manufacturing Product and Marketing to End User

  • True
  • False

A standardized recipe is a recipe that has been tried, tested evaluated and adapted.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Which of the following is not a quality essential to succeed in food industry?

  • A friendly disposition
  • Good communication skills
  • Good mathematical skills
  • Good managerial skills

A shareholder is an example of ___________.

  • External Customer
  • Internal Customer

What does it take to become a successful off-premise caterer?

  • Sense of Humor.
  • Willingness to Take Calculated Risks
  • Ability to Plan, Organize, Execute, and Control.
  • All of the above

Legal requirement that has to be obtained to ensure employees are protected during work hours.

  • health permit
  • business license
  • occupational health and safety
  • insurance

_______ is serving food at a location away from the caterer's food production facility.

  • On premises catering
  • Off premises catering
  • Industrial catering
  • Corporate catering

These are the cost of sales in the food service industry.

  • Food Cost and Beverage Cost

A management approach to long-term success through customer satisfaction.

  • Customer Focused Organization
  • Total Quality Management
  • Consumer Behavioer

Choose all correct answers on how management increases the number of guest

  • Adding seats and drive
  • Adding seats and drive
  • Suggestive selling by service staff
  • Extending operating hours
  • Creative menu pricing techniques
  • Discount and Privilege cards

This is the Reward for any service

  • Profit

"Is it safe?"What GPOV is this in the hospitality industry?

  • Restaurant
  • Transportation
  • Travel Agency

"Addressing guest concern"is a service provided by a ____________.

  • Cashier
  • Concierge
  • Customer Service Representative

It is a written record of the number of portions of each menu item sold every time that item appears on the menu.

  • Sales History

These costs are clearly related to business volume.

  • Variable Costs

____is measured out, washed chopped and place in individual bowls.

  • Mise en place

Trend in on-site catering that allows guest to be involved in the preparation of their dishes such as using of the desired sauce and garnishes.

  • textured buffet
  • small, deconstructed plates
  • raw vegetable mixed up
  • interactive foods

The role of a central kitchen is

  • To increase the possibilities and feasibility of the staff and commodities to used.
  • To increase the productivity of the kitchen and reduce the work load of the staff
  • To cut down on staff and other food costs by purchasing all the raw materials and prepping meals for the other branches of the restaurant.
  • To lower the risk of business and to improvise the factors associate with the caterings.

One of the best ways to develop catering business is to develop catering ___________in the best way to keep the business growing especially at times of off season.

  • portfolio

_______ refers to any function such as banquet, reception, or event that is held on the physical premises of the establishment or facility that is producing the function.

  • On premises catering
  • Off premises catering
  • Industrial catering
  • Corporate catering

In ancient times, _________________ were the food service providers to travellers and pilgrims.

  • Dharamshalas

Many have left the catering field, burned out by the constant stress and high energy demands.

  • True
  • False

______ selling is an example of Omnipresent communication.

  • Online

Exploring different cultures through food is known as _________________

  • Cuisinology

What is the formula in assuring that a company has given enough compensation.

  • Revenue - Costs = Profit
  • Profit - Revenue = Costs
  • Revenue + Profit = Costs
  • Profit + Costs = Revenue

2. Which of the following countries in way back times, greatly contributed most to the development of the food habits and customs?

  • Great Britain, Denmark, and Switzerland.
  • Japan, Great Britain, Korea, and Taiwan
  • Great Britain, France, and Pennsylvania
  • Great Britain, France,Germany, and Sweden.

A product is sold 39% higher on the initial cost of 126.00. What is the selling price?

  • 175.14

10. Explain the history of the restaurant that we have today. What was the interesting story about the proprietor?

  • [No Answer]

1. A favorite site innumerable pilgrimages are called? ___________

  • Canterbury Abbeys

It is the very first contact with the customer, the first impression that we are going to give him/her and which will condition the meal.

  • A. Take care of the customer
  • B. Get in touch with the customer
  • C. Take leave on the customer
  • D. None of the above

These are the results of units sold. Some define it as the amount generated from a transaction in exchange of food or product and services rendered.

  • Revenue

Using the Four Quadrants of S-C Relationship. If the Sales are Down and the Cost are up, it is a good sign of business.

  • True
  • False

Use of glass cloches turns food presentable and safer is an example of current trend called _____

  • make it mini
  • covered cuisine
  • keep it sustainable
  • nothing to hide

The primary factor for caterings are

  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Cleanliness and safe work environment
  • Following safety regulations
  • Well menu planning

A principle of TQM means studying the needs and wants of its consumer.

  • Process Centered
  • Communication
  • Customer Focus

14. This type of restaurant is meant for dancing and the music is somehow recorded. The DJ is the one who creates the mood of guests.

  • Discotheque

If the customer have a reservation. What should the receptionist ask first?

  • A. For how many guest mam/sir?
  • B. Under what name?
  • C. For how many table mam/sir?
  • D. None of the above

In food industry it is important to complete this to avoid food contamination

  • A. Helmet
  • B. Gasmask.
  • C. PPE
  • D. Facemask.

It is one of the highest expense for a typical foodservice operation.

  • Labor Costs

7. TRUE OR FALSEThe restaurant that we know today began in 1765 in Paris, France.

  • TRUE

Advance forecasting is more accurate for off-premise caterers

  • Revenue forecasting somewhat easier.
  • They can generate even more profit by providing otherservices.
  • Because parties aregenerally booked weeks, months, or years in advance.
  • None of the above.

Which type of food service is a pani- puri seller providing?

  • Conventional food service
  • Commissary food service
  • Ready prepared food service
  • Assembly-service

6. Factories, Businesses, Houses, Schools, Hospitals, and Prisons are an example of what food service industry?

  • Institutional Catering

_______________ __ in management involves allocation of financial resources and accounting.

  • Budgeting

Advantages of off- premises catering

  • Additional revenues and Business by contract
  • Limited inventories and Controllable costs
  • Direct paymentAdvance forecasting
  • All of the above

What is the meaning of OPEX

  • Operating Expenses

Commercial catering businesses main aim is to earn profit by providing food and beverage to the guests as per their demand

  • TRUE

Catering issue that experiences off season.

  • management
  • food waste
  • finances
  • scarcity of orders

What is the variance percentage of this item:Sales this year: 79345.54Sales this year: 83218.68

  • 4.7%

The advantage of menu planning is that it is ___________ ,___________ and ________________ .

  • labour saving, time saving and cost-effective

It is defined as revenue resulting from the exchanges of the products and services.

  • Sales
  • Selling
  • Profit

Identify the factor in service culture based on the situation:"Guests should be safe when it comes to transactions with the hotel staff"

  • Assurance
  • Responsiveness
  • Empathy

These costs are normally unaffected by changes in sales volume.

  • Fixed Costs
  • Variable Costs
  • Preliminary Costs
  • Oxidentary Costs

TRUE OR FALSE9. The credit of the first restaurant in the U.S goes to Del Monte's, established in New York in 1827.

  • TRUE

Mr. and Ms. are the respectful titles we can use to address our customers.

  • True
  • False

What are the two main types of catering?

  • On premises and off premises
  • Residential and Non residential
  • Commercial and non commercial
  • Welfare and subsidies

You will find a wide variety of cuisines in a-

  • 7 or 5 star hotel
  • 3 or 4 star hotel
  • A good restaurant
  • A road side dhabba

There are 5 best practices for welcoming the guests when they arrive. Which one is not included?

  • A. Smile with a greeting
  • B. Offer to assist them
  • C. Smile with them
  • D. Ask questions

What is the meaning of FiFo

  • First in First Out

_____________is an agreement between a customer and a caterer to provide catering services, specifying all expectations, procedures, fees, liabilities and dates of reception.

  • catering contract

5. This category of the food service industry is committed to earn more profit.

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional

3. The diet of the royal households was very dependent on meat and during Lent season they are dependent on_________.

  • A. Fruits and Vegetables
  • B. Cattles
  • C. Fish
  • D. Bread

4. What are the two categories of the food service industry?

  • Royal Households and Noble Households
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Industrial and Institutional
  • Commercial and Institutional

Current trend that includes use of high-boy tables for one, eight-foot tables with two seats at either end, and large communal tables with chairs spaced at least six feet apart in a zigzag pattern on either side to give each guest some extra space is known as _____.

  • new seating layouts
  • keep it sustainable
  • nothing to hide
  • availability of roaming dessert carts

" Are the entrance fees worth it?"Identify the area based on the guest's point of view.

  • Entertainment
  • Fast food
  • Hotel

Off-site trend that offers mixed food items arranged in one board to promote safety is called_____

  • Natural flavor and low sugar
  • charcuterie galore
  • challenging buffet set up
  • individually packaged items

A device commonly used for cookery which is commonly found in kitchens, for applying heat to the base of pans.

  • A. Cooktop
  • B. Rangetop
  • C. Flattop

13. Chinese Restaurant, Indian, Polynesian, Japanese and French restaurant are an example of ___________ restaurant.

  • Specialty

Securing Raw Material is a task of a Retail Manager

  • Yes
  • No

The advantage of a central kitchen is ____________ up a kitchen on each service site.

  • The lower risk.
  • The reduced investment.
  • The increase in quality
  • The receiving of commodities.

In welcoming of guest. Who should be greeted first?

  • A. Ladies
  • B. Men
  • C. Both a and b
  • D. It depends

Which of the following is not prone to bacteria?

  • a. Rice
  • b. Meat
  • c. Chicken

____________ is defined as the business of providing food and drink, typically at social events and in any activities offered either on-site or at a remote site

  • catering

After all the expenses like advertising, management salaries, rental, utilities and labor required to generate the sales to name but a new are deducted. What was determined?

  • Gross Profit
  • Net Profit
  • Selling Price
  • Revenue