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Administrative Assistant

Providing essential administrative support, managing communication, organizing schedules, and ensuring efficient operations in a professional setting.










attention to detail

time management



administrative support

computer skills

welcome to_______

  • to our company.
  • please.
  • this is John.
  • are you John Carter?

It's an administrative assistants job to:

  • Monitor your bosses emails and calendar
  • Wash your bosses car
  • Shop for groceries for your bosses grandson
  • Walk your bosses dog

It is part of letter

  • Letter of offering
  • Letterhead
  • Letter of order
  • Letter envelop

PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE5. Sara was _____________ (run) because she was late for her classes.

  • ran
  • run
  • runs
  • running

Plug into the socket then slide the Power button

  • 1-4-5-3-2
  • 3-5-1-2-4
  • 3-2-5-1-4
  • 2-1-3-5-4


  • 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • 5 4 6 7 1 2 3
  • 2 3 4 1 6 5 7
  • 2 3 4 5 6 7 1

PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE4. Aisha's son is __________ (talk) on the phone rightnow.

  • talking


  • Alif Diana

15. While Bill _________basketball, his mother ______home.

  • was playing,came
  • am playing,will come
  • plays,comes
  • played,came

A photocopier is used to;

  • Take photos the way a camera does.
  • Screen unwanted phone-calls.
  • Make paper copies of documents.
  • Correct spelling and grammar mistakes in documents.

What is meant by 'qualities' when searching for new employees?

  • The ability to make a good cup of tea
  • The abilities learned through learning and training
  • The responsibilities of a potential employee
  • The personal characteristics of a potential employee

SIMPLE PAST TENSE3. The weather (be) ____________ strangely fine this morning when I opened the windows.

  • is
  • am
  • was
  • should

What are the following words/expressions you can use in giving suggestion?

  • Should, Ought to, Why don’t you
  • Suggest, Must, have to
  • A, B are correct
  • Don’t, perhaps you need, I think

would Friday at 3.15 suit you?

  • Yes, 12.12 suit me
  • No, I have a meeting on that day. How about Friday?
  • Yes, I'll be there on Monday
  • No, I'm afraid I shan't be in London on Friday

11. My sister ________ (cook) when the phone rang.

  • was cooking

Nurse: Good afternoon. Abdul Aziz Hospital. Can I help you?Usman: Good afternoon. I am Usman. Can I speak to Dr.Edward?Nurse: He is busy right now ....Usman: It’s not necessary. I’ll call him back later.

  • Would you like to leave a message?
  • Would you like to call him back?
  • Wait a minute?
  • You must leave a message

Caller : Hello. Could I .... to Mr. Aziz, please ...?Nita : I'm sorry, he is out. Could you call back at four?Caller : All right. Thank you.

  • speak

10. Sam ________ (live) in Kuantan.

  • lives

Receptionist : Good morning.What can I do for you,sir? Guest : I'd like to talk to the Personnel Manager,please. Receptionist : .I am sorry he is at the meeting now. ....? Guest : Yes.My name is Hendarto.Please ask him to call me back

  • Can I leave a message
  • Could you call him later
  • Have you met him before
  • Would you like to leave a message


  • I am sad to tell you the truth
  • I would like to talk about the ticket service
  • I am calling to confirm my trip to Disneyland
  • I am disappointed with the service last night


  • Could you speak to Mr.Aziz,please?
  • Can I take a message from you
  • .Could I speak to Mr.Aziz,please?
  • Would you like to call him again

What part of the computer is this?

  • Central Processing Unit
  • Computer
  • Tower
  • Box

9. The bus__________(arrive) late at the bus stop last night.

  • arrived

A person specification for a specific job will include.......

  • Duties, skills, qualities and experience
  • Skills, qualities, qualifications and experience
  • Responsibilities, skills, qualifications and experience
  • Skills, qualities, responsibilities and experience


  • LCD Projector
  • Binding Machine
  • Fax Machine
  • Photocopier

Three examples of skills are....

  • Communication, IT and Enthusiasm
  • Organisational, Interpersonal and Flexibility
  • Problem-solving, Communication and Organisational
  • Approachable, Professional Attitude and Time Management

It's not for rejecting a time/date

  • I'm afraid I can't, I'm out of town that day
  • 3rd of May is not good for me, I'm sorry
  • I'm sorry, I've got another meeting then
  • That sounds great

What should you do firstly when you start making an appointment?

  • Telling what you want or your purpose
  • Giving some background of yourself or your company
  • Requesting specific time
  • Rescheduling the appointment


  • Pins
  • Staple Remover
  • Stapler
  • Hole Punch

It's for suggesting an alternative time/date

  • How about next Friday, instead?
  • Maybe 11:00 am, instead?
  • All are correct
  • Could you do it at 09.00 am tomorrow?

Oh no! I ... ! I put the wrong letter in the wrong mailbox!

  • ordered dinner
  • sent the CV
  • received a cheque
  • made a mistake

11. I _______ reach class by 10 am.

  • Shall
  • Will
  • have
  • am

12. Listen! The children ________ (make) so much noise.

  • are making

Choose the correct statement!

  • Before Cassano leaves South korea, he will meet mrs. Hong
  • Before Cassano leaves South korea, he would meet mrs. Hong
  • Before Cassano will leave South korea, he meets mrs. Hong
  • Before Cassano left South Korea, he will meet mrs. Hong

What does JAA stand for?

  • Junior Administrative Ambassador
  • Junior Administrative Assistant
  • Junior Ambassador Assistant
  • Junior Activities Action

PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE8. The phone rang while I ________________ dinner.

  • had
  • was having
  • am having
  • will have

20. She __________ (go) into town every week.

  • goes
  • go
  • will go
  • is going

Ms. Suda asked_______

  • to our company.
  • me to meet you
  • this is John.
  • are you John Carter?


  • arrange
  • rearrange
  • cancel
  • agree

It is not a compound sentence

  • I really need to go to work but I am too sick to drive
  • He didn't sleep last night, for he watched a horror movie
  • Nina wakes up late, and she goes to school by bus
  • After you finish cooking for dinner. You can call me

(sayang sekali) I have another meeting at that time

  • Fortunately
  • Unfortunately
  • Unforeseen
  • verylove


  • Hole Punch
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Binding Machine
  • Block Note

Next Wednesday would be __

  • acceptable
  • perfect
  • suit

What kind of computer is this?

  • Chromebook
  • Laptop
  • CPU
  • Desktop Computer

Come this way,_______

  • to our company.
  • please.
  • this is John.
  • are you John Carter?

Which is the correct one?

  • Inzaghi heard the wolves were growling last night
  • Inzaghi heard the wolves was growling last night
  • Inzaghi hear the wolves were growling last night
  • Inzaghi heard the wolfes were growling last night

SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE1. She __________ with her parents in London.

  • lived
  • lives
  • living
  • live

Andre : I need to book a room for this weekend.May I know the rate? Banu : ........... And which room would you like to have, single or double? Andre : Sure.My name is Andrea Thomas and I'd like single room,please.

  • Will you put me through Mr.Brown?
  • Can I talk to the manager?
  • May I leave a message?
  • May I know who's speaking?

Fill the blank of the following conversation bellow !Amanda : Some people say friends are always honest with each other. Do you agree?Caitlyn : ………..Amanda : Ah, that’s pretty strong language.

  • I don’t agree, because friends are human, so they can lie or betray their friends
  • I agree, because it’s good behavior
  • I completely agree. Friends need to be completely honest. One little lie and the friendship just disappears.
  • I completely don’t agree.

The term for the personal characteristics of an individual is ...............

  • Qualities


  • Sharpener
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Paper Shredder
  • Recycle Bin

__ does Monday sound to you?

  • How
  • What
  • When

Secretary: Hello, DBI corporation, how may I direct your call?Dessy: Could you connect me to extension 7? I would like to speak to DarylSecretary: …Dessy: Thank you, I’ll hold the line

  • Would you like to leave a message?
  • Wait a minute please, you will be connected to extension 7
  • I’m sorry extension 7 is not available
  • I’m afraid the extension is busy at this moment


  • DATE

It is used by the chairman to give instruction

  • circulation slip
  • daily mail record
  • disposition slip
  • control card

It's not for agreeing to a time and date

  • I'd like to see you at 14th of December, is it suit you?
  • That's fine. I'll see you then
  • Perfect, let's do it then.
  • That sounds super tome.


  • Paper Shredder
  • Binding Machine
  • Photocopier Machine
  • Printer


  • Correction Fluid
  • Stapler
  • Binder clips
  • Paper Cutter


  • Could you tell me about your product ,please
  • Who's speaking
  • Could I speak to Mr.Iwan,please
  • Could you put me through to Doni

it is not an expressions to confirm an appointment

  • yes, Monday is fine
  • Wednesday suits me
  • Thursday would be perfect
  • I'm afraid she's in a meeting

What about __ next week?

  • Meet
  • Meeting
  • To meet

The abilities learned through learning and training are called ...........

  • Skills


  • [No Answer]

__ Monday suit you?

  • Are
  • Is
  • Would


  • Can I talk to Susan Olivia
  • Shall I call you with your last name?
  • May I know who's calling ,please?
  • Can you tell me her name,please?

Operator : Pemalang Hotel. Can I help you? Chandra : Good morning, Could you put me ....... to Mr.Andi, please? Operator : I’m sorry he’s out now. May I have your name, please? Chandra : This is Chandra.

  • through


  • Create holes of sheets paper
  • Binding sheets paper together
  • Cut paper into strips
  • Make paper copies of documents


  • Scanner
  • Paper Shredder
  • Hole Punch
  • Binding Machine

Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence:"How do you spell your ... ?"

  • subject
  • sample
  • name
  • niece

A set of instructions or programs

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Output Devices

What is Microsoft Outlook used for?

  • To keep a track of office expenses.
  • It’s part of the diary management system.
  • Used to assist with company audits.
  • The management of emails and personal information.

I'm afraid I can't __ it next Tuesday.

  • make
  • meet
  • suit

17. The police ______ four thieves last night.

  • was catching
  • caught
  • is catching
  • will catch

Which word doesn't belong in the group?

  • wide
  • short
  • small
  • narrow

She's a specialist______web design.

  • in
  • on
  • at
  • for

Is 10 am a good __ for you?

  • date
  • hour
  • time

I wonder____you like chocolate or not.

  • is
  • in
  • if
  • it

Administrative assistants need to be:

  • Organized
  • Sympathetic
  • Pushy

It is not a part of letter

  • Letterhead
  • Place and date
  • Addressee
  • Offer

A shredder is there to;

  • Destroy paper documents by cutting them into small pieces.
  • Staple pieces of paper together.
  • Fax documents.
  • Open envelopes.

"Bisakah kita bertemu tanggal 16?"

  • Are you available on the 17th?
  • Can we meet on the 16th?
  • Are you free next week?
  • Would Friday suit you?

Which of the following sentence is used in offering something?

  • Let me accompany you to our CEO’s office
  • You better wait here
  • Good morning, can I help you?
  • Would you like to drink a coffee while waiting our CEO?

19. It ______ since 9 o' clock

  • will rain
  • will be raining
  • rained
  • has been raining

What is the procedure for handling incoming mail?

  • You must document all the mail in this log.
  • You are welcome
  • Yes, it can.
  • Sorry to bother you.

16. I _____ food when he came in.

  • am cooking
  • cooked
  • had cooked
  • was cooking

SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE7. Please ring me up as soon as he ____________ (arrive)

  • arriving
  • arrived
  • arrive
  • arrives

It is for suggesting a time/date...

  • I am sorry, I have got another meeting
  • I wish i could
  • Could we meet at 10am on Monday the 3rd of July?
  • Yes, lets try that

Synonyms of "colleague"

  • produce
  • vending
  • cleck
  • fellow worker

Which of these is the largest planet in the Solar System?

  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Mercury
  • Jupiter

_____carry all these books. They're too heavy.______help me?

  • I can, Can't you
  • I can't,Can you
  • I,Could you
  • We,Can you

Caller: Hello…?Nita: I’m sorry, he is out. Could you call back at four?Caller: All right. Thank you.

  • Could you speak to Mr.Azwar, please
  • Can I take a message from you?
  • Could I speak to Mr.Azwar, please
  • Would you like to call him again?

Is next Tuesday __ ?

  • available
  • convenient
  • sound good

Which one of these is an example of a task?

  • Attention to detail
  • IT skills
  • Sourcing information
  • Time management

A job advertisement will ALWAYS include.........

  • Job title, duties, skills and qualifications required
  • Job title, skills, quailities and holidays
  • Job title, pay, duties and holidays
  • Job title, responsibilities, skills and benefits

VINCENZO …… to Italy yesterday. Fill the blank with the correct word

  • Flew
  • Visited
  • Wanted
  • Flied

it is not to state the purpose of your call

  • I am calling to arrange a meeting
  • I'd like more information about your new product
  • I think, tomorrow morning is suit me
  • I wanted to ask you if we could postpone our meeting

Excuse me, do you know______the next show begin?

  • what
  • where
  • when
  • which

I'm afraid I can't meet next Tuesday. __ Thursday?

  • How about
  • Is convenient
  • Does suit

14. When I_______(come) home this evening, my parents had gone out for a walk.

  • came
  • will come
  • have come
  • come

Synonyms of "construction"

  • produce
  • vending
  • cleck
  • establishment

which one is correct?

  • Cyndi ate rice everyday
  • Cyndi eats rice everyday
  • Cyndi eats rice tomorrow
  • Cyndi eaten rice two days ago


  • Hold the line,please
  • Sorry to keep you waiting
  • Who's speaking,please
  • Yes,I'm speaking

when you accept a business letter, where will you note it down?

  • outgoing mail record
  • incoming mail record
  • disposition slip
  • circulation slip

Something urgent has __

  • Come to
  • Come up
  • Turned up

Can you tell me_____you live?

  • what
  • where
  • when
  • why

Under what ministry is BLKK?


13. At the moment I______ (revise) English grammar.

  • am revising
  • revise
  • was revising
  • revises

My mother's sister is my...

  • wife
  • aunt
  • grandmother
  • daughter


  • MEET
  • SIGN

Can we __ another time?

  • appoint
  • fix
  • suit

Skills are the abilities gained though learning and training!

  • True
  • False


  • Binding Machine
  • Printer
  • Paper Shredder
  • Pin

Which one is manual machine?

  • Image:
  • Image:

Receptionist : Good morning, Nirwana Hotel. Can I help you?Caller : Room 1023, please.Receptionist : I'm sorry, there is no answer.............................?

  • What can I do for you
  • How do you spell it
  • Can I take a message
  • He is not in at the moment


  • Hole Punch
  • Staples
  • Staple Remover
  • Stapler


  • Staples
  • Hole Punch
  • Marker
  • Stapler

Synonyms of "manufacturing"

  • produce
  • vending
  • cleck
  • fellow worker

A job description is the collection of information including the tasks, skills and pay for the job

  • True
  • False

Synonyms of "accountant"

  • produce
  • vending
  • cleck
  • fellow worker


  • Pins
  • Plastic Tapes
  • Double Tapes
  • Sticky Notes

If you need to ship something FRAGILE, you need...

  • an envelope
  • bubble wrap
  • sticky tape
  • a bank statement

After the FIRST comes the...

  • second

A devise that is connected to a laptop and which prints out information onto paper is called a;

  • Printer
  • Laptop
  • Camera
  • Switchboard


  • Full block style
  • Indented style
  • Semi blocked style
  • Semi indented style

I'm Alex and ,_______

  • to our company.
  • please.
  • this is John.
  • are you John Carter?

Choose the correct option to finish the conversation:"Mr Hanson is on another line at the moment"

  • I'll resend it now.
  • Can you put me on hold?
  • I'll call a plumber.
  • Just press this button.

What is the capital city of Indonesia?

  • Jakarta
  • Palembang
  • Denpasar
  • Padang

What is the function of the following images?

  • make paper copies of documents
  • remove staples from paper
  • cut paper into either strips or fine particles
  • display images to audience

18. All the students ________ the class work when the teacher came in.

  • are doing
  • were doing
  • will be doing
  • have done

SIMPLE PAST TENSE2. Last year I (go) _________ to America for my holidays

  • went

What id the noun?

  • direct sales
  • guest
  • meet
  • welcome

Aryo : Good morning.This is Aryo calling.May I talk to Mr.Agus,please? Receptionist : ...the line,please I'll try to put you through to Mr.Agus at his office.

  • Hold

In an office, for safety reasons it is important to:

  • Make sure that the windows are kept open throughout the day.
  • Say good morning to your colleagues in the morning.
  • Know where the fire exits are located.
  • Be apart of a social group

This is a ___________.

  • keyboard
  • monitor
  • headphone
  • scanner

Which one is the office communication tools?

  • Image:
  • Image:
  • Image:
  • Image:

I'mresponsible_____the company finances.

  • to
  • of
  • for
  • too

Azwar: Hello … I am calling from Taman Fajar CompanyLaiya: Hello. Graha Computer. What can I do for you?

  • Can I speak to Mr.Emil
  • Hello. I am Laiya
  • This is Azwar
  • This is Emil

Screening calls is a way of;

  • Finding out the number of the person calling you.
  • Identifying unwanted sales or nuisance phone calls.
  • Getting vital information and statistics from callers.
  • Giving callers the information they are looking for.

Which one is Electric Machine?

  • Image:
  • Image:

Pleased_____meet you,_____.

  • to,too
  • to,of
  • too,to
  • for,too

Excuse me,_______

  • to our company.
  • please.
  • this is John.
  • are you John Carter?


  • Letter Tray
  • Binding Machine
  • Binder
  • Tape

Which of the following time signals are used in simple past tense?

  • Last night, tomorrow, the day before
  • The day after tomorrow, everyday, last month
  • For, lately, recently
  • Past year, last night, hours ago

One practical way to bring down office expenditure is to;

  • Turn off lights, computers, monitors and all electronics at the end of the day
  • Get staff to send out letters rather than emails.
  • Turn off unused lights and computers or laptops at the end of the day.
  • Send everyone home one hour early from work.

Good online password protection for computers will help to protect your company from:

  • People trying to physically break into your office.
  • Online hacking and corporate sabotage, both from inside the company and out.
  • Unnecessary office expenditure.
  • Computers and associated IT equipment malfunctioning.

Create holes on sheets of paper

  • Image:
  • Image:
  • Image:
  • Image:


  • Photocopier Machine
  • LCD Projector
  • Over Head Projector
  • Printer


  • Mr. Graham

Dependent clause/ sub clause

  • When I came to his house
  • I saw him
  • They brought the cases yesterday
  • Where did you buy it?

FUTURE PERFECT TENSE6. Amisha __________ exited the room.

  • Shall
  • Will be
  • Shall have
  • Will have

8. Seema ________ playing with her sister.

  • Shall be
  • Will be
  • had
  • has

6. When do we use simple present tense?

  • When an action has happened.
  • When an action is happening right now.
  • When an action may happen in the future.

The opposite of DARK


"dapatkah saya berbicara dengan tuan Jones?

  • am I speaking with Mr. Jones?
  • could I speak to Mr. Jones?
  • I can speak with Mr. Jones?
  • who is speaking to Mr. Jones?

Synonyms of "sales"

  • produce
  • vending
  • cleck
  • fellow worker

Oliver: Hello, good morning. I’m Oliver from Queen corporation. I would like to speak to the HRD manager, please.Ross: The HRD manager is not at the office this time …Oliver: Please tell him to call me back

  • Can you wait a moment?
  • Can you hold the line?
  • Can you call me back?
  • Can I write your message?

PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE9. The phone rang while I ________________ dinner.

  • had
  • was having
  • am having
  • will have

What is the verb?

  • retail business
  • stairs
  • have a seat
  • purchase
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