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Introduction to the Philosophy

It focuses on logic and conceptual analysis which include knowledge theory, ethics, the nature of language, the nature of the mind and a life commendation.

human person



















The philosopher who considers our body as the source of endless trouble.

  • a. Plato
  • b. none of the choices
  • c. Socrates
  • d. Aristotle

Feudalism was considered a way of life during this period.

  • a. Medieval
  • b. Renaissance
  • c. Dark Ages

It refers to the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason.

  • a. prudence
  • b. frugality
  • c. fortitude

Which of these is not an integral part of prudence?

  • a. docilitas
  • b. shrewdness
  • c. wisdom

An event that represents the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism

  • a. absurd
  • b. decomposition
  • c. death
  • d. deceasement
  • e. decaying

Taoists adhere to these as basis for their doctrine of wisdom.

  • [No Answer]

Deep ecology is the argument for the intrinsic value or inherent worth of the environment.

  • True
  • False

Albert Camus' chief work involving absurdism.

  • a. Enigma
  • b. The Lyrical and Critical Essays of Albert Camus
  • c. The Myth of Sisyphus
  • d. The Stranger

It refers to a controversial field which tries to find neural correlates and mechanisms of religious experience

  • a. any of the choices
  • b. Absurdism
  • c. Neuroscience
  • d. Neurotheology

Which is a focal point of agrarianism?

  • a. none of the choices is correct
  • b. simple living
  • c. both choices are correct
  • d. fundamental goods of the earth

In this book, wisdom was defined as the understanding of causes.

  • metaphysics

Chris Argyris and Donald Schön conceptualized the idea of single-loop learning and double-loop learning in what year?

  • a. 1990
  • b. 1978
  • c. 1982
  • d. 1988

The principle introduced by Edmund Husserl which is considered a major philosophical movement in the twentieth century.

  • a. mysticism
  • b. negative theology
  • c. stoicism
  • d. phenomenology

Tom Regan introduced the so-called "non-identity problem," which states that we do not have obligations to future people because there is no definitive group of individuals to whom such obligations are owed.

  • True
  • False

The word "transcendence" comes from the Latin term "transcendere" which mean what?

  • a. mystic
  • b. ultimate
  • c. eternal
  • d. to go beyond

Command, which is the direct application of good counsel and judgment, is the principal act of prudence.

  • True
  • False

This refers to a specific manner of consideration when it comes to how one sees something.

  • a. point of view
  • b. vantage point
  • c. world view
  • d. propositional attitude

Solertia is the Latin term for shrewdness, which is an integral part of prudence.

  • True
  • False

What is the other term used for epistemological holism?

  • a. materialism
  • b. ontological
  • c. semantic
  • d. confirmation

It is grounded in the idea that everything in the world can actually be reduced analytically to its fundamental physical, or material, basis.

  • a. Predeterminism
  • b. Reductive physicalism
  • c. Logical determinism
  • d. Metaphysical libertarianism

He is the founder of phenomenology.

  • a. Alex Gillepsie
  • b. Vittorio Gallese
  • c. Edmund Husserl
  • d. Jurgen Habermas

In consequentialism, this consists of the action itself and everything it causes.

  • a. Consequences
  • b. Personal rights
  • c. All of the answers correct
  • d. Human thinking

Habilitation is concerned with people who have acquired disabilities.?

  • True
  • False

Which is not true about opinions?

  • a. They are statements of actuality and experience.
  • b. Opinions are based on beliefs and feelings.
  • c. They do not have to be based on logical reasoning.

The Fallacy of Ad Hominem involves the rejection of some person's position not by virtue of the argument itself, but by virtue of some unlikeable aspect of the person.?

  • True
  • False

Aside from the Supplemental Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), what is the other program of the US federal government to assist persons with disability?

  • a. American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)
  • b. Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
  • c. Humana

This philosophical movement arose to protest against the general state ?of intellectualism and spirituality during the late 1820's.

  • a. stoicism
  • b. transcendentalism
  • c. German Idealism
  • d. mysticism

This refers to the capacity to know everything that there is to know and is a property often attributed to a creator deity.

  • a. Realism and Non-realism
  • b. Logical Positivism
  • c. Omniscience
  • d. All of the answers are correct

State of being conscious, and therefore alive, but completely paralyzed with the possible exception of their eyes

  • a. locked-in syndrome
  • b. paralyzed
  • c. none of the choices
  • d. locked-out syndrome

What is the Greek term for "all" or "total"?

  • a. Completare
  • b. Acheveé
  • c. Holos
  • d. Integrum

The essay where Arthur Schopenhauer stated, "You can do what you will, but in any given moment of your life you can will only one definite thing and absolutely nothing other than that one thing.

  • a. On the Freedom of the Will
  • b. No correct answer
  • c. Dictionnaire philosophique
  • d. Both of the given choices are correct

IFSW is a global organisation striving for social justice, human rights and social development through the promotion of social work, best practice models and the facilitation of international cooperation.What does IFSW stand for?

  • a. International Federation of Social Workers
  • b. International Firm of Social Workers
  • c. International Foundation of Social Workers

According to Gabriel Marcel, this refers to the "ultimate other self."

  • a. Conscience
  • b. Love
  • c. God
  • d. Heart

King Solomon's teachings about wisdom was further narrated in this book of Holy Bible.

  • ecclesiastes

In this book, Aristotle maintains that nature has made all things specifically for the sake of man and that the value of non-human things in nature is merely instrumental.

  • a. Metaphysics
  • b. Politics
  • c. Sophist

It often refers to an experience with the divine or supreme being, which is conceived as absolute or infinite.

  • Transcendence

Environmentalism is the position that humans are the most important or critical element in any given situation; that the human race must always be its own primary concern.

  • True
  • False

The organization behind "Global Disability Action Plan 2014-2021" which intends to help countries direct their efforts towards specific actions in order to address health concerns of persons with disabilities.

  • a. UNESCO
  • b. UNICEF
  • c. WHO

His "looking out" notion in reflective practice was inspired by the work of Barbara Carper's fundamental ways of knowing.

  • a. Donald Schon
  • b. none of the choices
  • c. Christopher Johns
  • d. Chris Argyris

According to Peter Vardy, weak anthropocentrism argues that humans are at the center of reality and it is right for them to be so.

  • True
  • False

The organization behind"Global Disability Action Plan 2014-2021" which intends?to help countries direct their efforts towards specific actions in order to address health concerns of persons with disabilities.

  • a. UNESCO
  • b. World Health Organization
  • c. UNICEF

According to Socrates, the secret to this is in developing the capacity to enjoy less.

  • a. any of the choices
  • b. contentment
  • c. happiness
  • d. none of the choices
  • e. intelligence

Per UNICEF, what is the maximum age for the so-called "children with disabilities?"?

  • a. 18
  • b. 17
  • c. 16

In the US, This was signed into law in 1990 with the aim to end discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

  • a. Magna Carta for Disabled Persons
  • b. Republic Act No. 7277
  • c. Americans with Disabilities Act

The Fallacy of Part and Whole consists in applying one standard for one group or individual, and another standard for an opposing group or individual.

  • True
  • False

It is used in phenomenology to refer to the terminus of an intention as given for consciousness.

  • a. transcendence
  • b. stoicism
  • c. noema
  • d. intentionality

The author behind the doctoral dissertation "On the Problem of Empathy" which served as an extended basis of intersubjectivity.?

  • a. Edith Stein
  • b. Colwyn Trevarthen
  • c. Flora Cornish
  • d. Alex Gillespie

Ecologic extension focuses only on the worth of the environment in terms of its utility or usefulness to humans.

  • True
  • False

She claimed that a human-centered anthropocentric perspective would have to support broad environmentalism for it to be viable.

  • Barbara McKinnon

Aldo Leopold wrote this book in 1949 which emphasized the importance of giving importance to land as an entity.

  • A Sand County Almanac

In the context of philosophy of language, this refers to the position that sentences have meaning that are independent of their relations to other sentences or beliefs.

  • a. Context principle
  • b. Epistemological reductionism
  • c. Semantic holism
  • d. Atomism

It refers to the quality or state of being contained within the boundaries of a person, the world, or the mind.

  • a. transcendentalism
  • b. immanence
  • c. idealism
  • d. stoicism

He developed the concept of transcendental? Philosophy which he liberated from the convergence of neo-Kantianism.

  • a. Carl Zimmer
  • b. Harald Holz
  • c. David Hume
  • d. Jean-Paul Sartre

The personification of wisdom among ancient Romans

  • minerva

In W.V.O Quine's name, "O" stands for what?

  • a. Oscar
  • b. Orville
  • c. Owen
  • d. Orman

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, prudence begins with an understanding of the first principles of practical reason, also known as?

  • a. solertia
  • b. synderesis
  • c. providentia

This is concerned with people with developmental disabilities.

  • a. Rehabilitation
  • b. Habilitation
  • c. Occupational therapy

The state when the mind is in communion with universal and eternal ideas

  • a. none of the choices
  • b. thinking
  • c. meditation
  • d. contemplation

Another word for escaping existence.

  • a. divorce
  • b. leap of faith
  • c. suicide
  • d. escapism

It concentrates on the fundamental goods of the earth, communities of more limited economic and political scale than in modern society, and on simple living.

  • a. agrarianism
  • b. none of the choices
  • c. agrarian reform
  • d. economics

Its focal points include simple living and fundamental goods of the earth.

  • a. rural society
  • b. agrarianism
  • c. virtual reality
  • d. industrial society

He maintains that determinism is true because quantum phenomena are not events or things that can be located in space and time, but are abstract entities.

  • a. David Hume
  • b. Ted Honderich
  • c. Niels Bohr
  • d. William James

This theory states that of any two things a person might do at any given moment, one is better than another to the extent that its overall consequences are better than the other's overall consequences.

  • a. Rule consequentialism
  • b. Morality right action
  • c. Plain scalar consequentialism
  • d. No correct answer

The author of "The Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ—Against the Fanatics" which stated that the Eucharist was actually and not virtually the body of Christ.

  • a. Henri Bergson
  • b. Denis Berthier
  • c. Martin Luther

He posits the uniqueness of all animals and broadens the scope of the moral obligation of care to include all individual beings

  • a. Josephine Donovan
  • b. Rita Manning
  • c. Marti Kheel

This is considered a means towards achieving a certain end, thus determining the success of bringing about a particular purpose?

  • Instrumental Value

Environmental ethics refers to the crucial role of ethics in the study of relation of human beings and the environment.

  • False
  • True

Moralism proposes to understand morality and assess the ethical quality of actions.

  • True
  • False

Foresight is the ability to take all relevant circumstances into account.

  • True
  • False

The primary source of energy within agrarian societies

  • a. none of the choices
  • b. plant biomass
  • c. biofuel
  • d. plants

A statement that expresses someone's belief, view, or judgment about something/someone.

  • Opinion

It states that human meaning is derived from a fundamental fear of death, and values are selected when they allow us to escape the mental reminder of death.

  • a. Terror Management Theory
  • b. Fear Management Theory
  • c. Neuroethics
  • d. Theory of Forms

The exact name of the sacrament in the Roman Catholic Church involved in Martin Luther's " The Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ—Against the Fanatics"

  • a. Holy Eucharist
  • b. Holy Baptism
  • c. Reconciliation
  • d. Anointing of the sick

This book written by Immanuel Kant was used to argue for a deep interconnection between the ability to have self-consciousness and experience a world of objects.

  • a. Critique of Pure Reason
  • b. Being and Nothingness
  • c. no correct answer
  • d. Transcendental Deduction of the Categories

This book by Voltaire claimed that "Liberty then is only and can be only the power to do what one will."

  • a. Dictionaire philosophique
  • b. Cartesian Meditations
  • c. On the Freedom of the Will

Materialism refers to the monistic theory that the world consists purely of matter.

  • False
  • True

According to Aristotle, prudence begins with an understanding of the principles of practical reason, better known as synderesis.

  • True
  • False

Which of these is not a proposition under the deep ecology principle?

  • a. simple living
  • b. no correct answer
  • c. human population control

Environmental ethics is a branch of applied philosophy that studies the conceptual foundations of environmental values

  • True
  • False

Martin Heidegger, in "Being in Time," referred to this as something that shows itself in itself.

  • a. appearance
  • b. phenomenon
  • c. incongruence
  • d. none of the choices

The ability to discern and apply higher laws to matters that fall outside the scope of the more common or lower rules that typically guide human action is called synesis.

  • True
  • False

George Sessions articulated the principles of the new Deep Ecology Movement along with Arne Naess.

  • True
  • False

The Philippines' "Magna Carta for Disabled Persons" is also known as ____.

  • a. RA No. 7277
  • b. RA No. 9262
  • c. RA No. 8750

One of the main architects of quantum theory who suggested that no connection could be made between indeterminism of nature and freedom of will.

  • a. William James
  • b. George Berkely
  • c. Niels Bohr
  • d. Robert Kane

The work of Edith Stein which served as an extended basis of intersubjectivity.

  • a. On the Problem of Empathy
  • b. No correct answer
  • c. Phenomenology of Spirit
  • d. Psychoanalytic Dialogues

Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical "Laudato si'" critiques consumerism, environmental degradation, and global warming.

  • True
  • False

He posits that causality was a mental construct used to explain the repeated association of events, and repeated association of events, and that one must examine more closely the relation between things regularly succeeding one another.

  • a. William James
  • b. David Hume
  • c. Immanuel Kant
  • d. Robert Knae

Which of these fields of study does not entail the use of the term intersubjectivity?

  • a. Anthropology
  • b. Psychology
  • c. Philosophy
  • d. Biology

Edith Stein's doctoral dissertation which served as an extended basis of intersubjectivity.

  • a. "On the Problem of Empathy"
  • b. both of the choices
  • c. "Cartesian Meditations"
  • d. none of the choices

Sheila Collins emphasized the importance of feminism to the environmental movement and various other liberation movements, arguing that the domination of women by men is historically the original form of domination in human society.

  • False
  • True

He is the philosopher who formulated the so-called "context principle" in semantic holism.

  • a. Gottlob Frege
  • b. Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • c. Donald Davidson
  • d. W.V.O. Quine

The principle of holism was summarized in "Metaphysics", written by which philosopher?

  • a. Friedrich Nietzsche
  • b. Plato
  • c. Aristotle
  • d. Socrates

It is the philosophy that all events of history, past, present and future, have been decided or are known (by God, fate, or some other force), including human actions.

  • a. Reductive physicalism
  • b. Metaphsyical libertarianism
  • c. No correct answer
  • d. Predeterminism

Which of the following is the South African statesman who introduced the term "holism" in a book he wrote in 1926?

  • a. Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • b. Gottlob Frege
  • c. Jan Smuts
  • d. Donald Davidson

What is the Greek term for "wisdom?"

  • a. sophia
  • b. Athena
  • c. philos

Consequentialist ethical theories maintain that whether an action is right or wrong is for often independent of whether its consequences are good or bad.

  • True
  • False

The number of steps involved in Graham Gibbs' full structured debriefing.

  • a. 5
  • b. 6
  • c. 8
  • d. 7

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Mentally Retarded Persons took place in what year?

  • a. 1971
  • b. 1975
  • c. 1981

What kind of holism states that no individual statement can be confirmed or disconfirmed by an empirical test, but only a set of statements?

  • a. confirmation holism
  • b. total holism
  • c. semantic holism
  • d. philosophy of language

James Lovelock's "Gaia Hypothesis" states that "the planet earth alters its geo-physiological structure over time in order to ensure the continuation of an equilibrium of evolving organic and inorganic matter."

  • True
  • False

This refers to problems in body function or alterations in body structure, such as paralysis or blindness.

  • a. Disability
  • b. Handicap
  • c. Impairment

Peter Vardy argued that humans tend to assess things wrongly in terms of their usefulness to us.

  • False
  • True

He claimed that humanity and all other beings are aspects of a single unfolding reality.

  • a. Rita Manning  
  • b. Aldo Leopold
  • c. Warwick Fox    

According to Andrew Brennan, libertarian extension is one of the three general ethical approaches in valuing our natural resources.

  • True
  • False

He referred to wisdom as "the right use of knowledge."

  • Charles Spurgeon

According to Arne Naess and George Sessions, humans have the ultimate right to reduce the richness of other life forms to satisfy the vital needs of the former.

  • False
  • True

Edmund Husserl's best-known text on intersubjectivity.

  • a. Cartesian Meditations
  • b. Horizon-Intentionality
  • c. Logical Investigations
  • d. Intuitive Fulfillment

Known as the "father of phenomenology"

  • Edmund Husserl
  • King Solomon's teachings about wisdom was further narrated in this book of Holy Bible.
  • Answer:
  • Ecclesiastes

This holds that the mind is a nonphysical substance, the seat of consciousness and intelligence, and is not identical with physical states of the brain or body.

  • a. Dictionnaire philosophique
  • b. Logical determinism
  • c. Metaphysical libertarianism
  • d. Cartesian dualism

It states that everything that exists is no more extensive than its physical properties, hence, there are no non-physical substances.

  • a. Physicalism
  • b. Incompatibilism
  • c. Panpsychism
  • d. No correct answer

Kant used transcendental arguments to show that sensory experiences would not be possible apart from our contributing to them their spatial and temporal form, as narrated in this book.

  • a. Heaven and Hell
  • b. Being and Nothingness
  • c. Critique of Pure Reason
  • d. Transcendental Deduction of the Categories

He suggested that no connection could be made between indeterminism of nature and freedom of will.

  • a. William James
  • b. David Hume
  • c. Ted Honderich
  • d. Niels Bohr

What doctrine states that a word acquires its meaning only within the context of a proposition or sentence?

  • a. reductionism
  • b. complex system
  • c. context principle
  • d. philosophy of language

This is where the circumstances must be weighed to determine the correct action.

  • a. circumspection
  • b. caution
  • c. prudential judgment

This refers to the representation of the world or a way the world could possibly be.

  • a. opinion
  • b. argument
  • c. proposition

His book "Heaven and Hell" gives a detailed description of the afterlife, how people live after the death of the physical body.

  • a. Emanuel Swedenborg
  • b. Jean-Paul Sartre
  • c. George Putnam
  • d. Ralph Waldo Emerson

This refers to a state of reality characterized by interiority, subjectivity, sentience, feeling, experience, self-agency, meaning, and purpose.

  • a. Psychological consciousness
  • b. All of the answers correct
  • c. Philosophical consciousness
  • d. Physical consciousness

Arne Naess refers to this as the fight against pollution and resource depletion, the main goal of which is the health and affluence of people in the developed countries.

  • a. utilitarianism
  • b. deep ecology movement    
  • c. shallow ecology movement  

This book by Terry Borton popularized a learning cycle composed of the questions "What" "So what?," and "Now what?"

  • a. Reach, Touch and Teach
  • b. None of the choices is true
  • c. The Reflective Practitioner
  • d. Both of the choices are true
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